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I’ve officially decided to declare this week “Sooric Week”  in my house. I never expected to get the beautiful scenes we got in the latest episode of True Blood ever again on the show, and as next week Eric and Pam are heading to Dallas and Bill is standing on Sookie’s doorstep with a bunch of flowers, it looks like my favorite fictional couple’s reunion will be very short-lived.

Thankfully I’m not the only one determined to make the most of it, one final time, as the talented Team Eric video makers have already been hard at work.

Here’s our first little gem from xBenQCatx

And this is another gorgeous compilation from Afterthebattle

Big, big thanks to both of them from the bottom of my Sooric shipping heart!


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20 comments on “Video Of The Week Special

  1. i want to know how the writer’s don’t see what we see in this couple… KY

  2. It’s so obvious, their on screen chemistry should melt the film..these videos are wonderful.

  3. Ohhh makes me want to cry! My viking must live in this darn show!!! Hes Everything on this show IMO i guess the bill sook romance scene will be next wk ughhh

  4. So my guess is that last scene bw eric sookie this wk is what alex was talking about in the interview when he said eric realizes hes not the man for her

  5. Evie-As I’m ready to hear more about Sookie/Bill and Eric/Pam forced “romance” nonsense in next week’s ep, I especially appreciate the timing of your post. I am hopeless and cynical when it comes to the show, but I appreciate the work of everyone here at ESL and the work of video-makers like xBenQCatx and Afterthebattle. Take care. 🙂

  6. Evie, I wanted to Thank you for giving us these which are probably the last ever new footage Sookie and Eric footage that we will get. As I have said maybe at least a hundred times already, I don’t care if Eric and Sookie don’t get back together, I just want Eric cured and for them to end the show with him still alive.

    I still have a feeling that they are going to still close out this show as a “show within a show” cause I just can’t get the last casting call out of my head. Which at this point, I will take that ending. Just so they don’t kill Eric in t he end…….

  7. Lovely videos Evie…thanks 🙂

    I especially loved the second one…it is so well made and every shot is awesome 🙂

  8. Both videos were gorgeous, I told myself I wouldn’t anymore, but the new scenes are tempting me to make another video. I know that is likely all we’ll get, but at least it’s something. If that was goodbye, I think I prefer it over her kicking him out of her house and that having been it.

  9. If that was the last Sooric scenes ever then I’m okay. It could have been a lot worse, I was expecting worse. I still have no idea how she could not pick Eric with all of the amazing things he has said to her, about how her life is worth so much… how she should be independent and get her life back…. he is the only male on the show pushing Sookie to be the best version of herself, to be stronger.

    If Eric rides off into the sunset with Pam as his BFF for life, that’s fine. I just want him alive and I still love Pam so it would be okay. With Eric and Pam’s chemistry on-screen it actually made me slightly accepting of them being more than best friends. That’s really Kristin and Alex driving that though… because you can tell in all of their scenes how close they are in real life.

    • I agree, I can see Eric/Pam happening more now with this episode. If they do go there, I wouldn’t be completely against it. As for Sookie, she thinks Eric is going to die, and if that really is the last time she sees him, she probably figures that being with Bill is her only other choice. I’d like to think that’s the case instead of her actually wanting to be with him, but honestly, her choosing to be alone would be a much better decision. Sadly, I don’t think that’s going to happen.

    • I honestly don’t think that is the last time Sookie will see Eric. That for me was not “resolution”, they both had things they wanted to say and I think if anything it opened up their feelings again. I listened to an interview Anna gave with Huffington yesterday and she said that Sookie still had a connection with Bill and Eric and they both had to be resolved. I believe there is at least one more, possibly heart-breaking, scene on the way before the end.

      • Hmm me neither Evie. There has to be something more. But I don’t want Sookie to “resolve” things things with Eric in the goodbye way of things. That’s one resolution I don’t want to see.

        Truthfully, after this Sunday’s episode, I am just dreading the next ones. I know they are going to stomp all over our hearts again. I know they are going to pull that ‘I love you but I also love Bill’ shit again 😦 . And I don’t want to watch that happening.

        All of this, if Eric is saved in time. Frankly speaking, the man seriously is down the dumps right now. He needs a silver lining desperately. I can;t watch a whole season of True Blood with a weak and deteriorating Eric Northman.

        • Yeah, that’s why I kind of hope that is all we get with them. I just know if they have one final scene, it’s going to be depressing. I just need him to be cured.

          • All i can think about is if she stays with Bill and Eric lives and hangs out in Fangtasia with Pam we know every goodbye scene they may have is meaningless because they would be too close knowing the ways of Bill Compton he will end up hurting her and she would just run to Fangtasia and Eric would receive her with open arms

      • I saw the video of the interview and it was really good, but it was very weird how the interviewer was asking about Bill and Sookie, and Anna’s response was that they a deep connection but so did Sookie and Eric, i really don’t know what to think anymore but the E/S shipper in me still has hope

  10. Yep i agree im ok w this being it rather than seeing him give her his blessing to be w bill i cant deal w that ill take this instead

    • After this episode, I don’t see Eric doing that, especially if he wants her to have a normal life. Unless Bill actually does become human, but I don’t see that happening, either. I’m not sure how it’s possible, then again they made him King and a God when it made no damn sense, so you never know.

  11. Bill becoming human would be the most abusurd thing ever totally the worst possible finale they could make i still hope he dies and has an afterlife as a human with his family that clearly after those flashbacks we know he still misses them

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