True Blood Clip: “Lost Cause” Episode 7.05


True Blood HBO released this video clip from Episode 7.05 “Lost Cause” the other day. We’ve been torn whether or not we should share it with you…because it’s VERY gag-inducing. Hell, you’ve probably already watched this yourselves…so you know what I’m talking about. πŸ˜‰ BUT we figured we better warn those who haven’t seen it yet.

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT! If you don’t want to know – don’t watch below!


Are you SURE you want to see this? Okay then…don’t say I didn’t warn you…but here’s your friendly ESL barf bag. You’re definitely going to need it!

Stillwell, Charles

I think this gif sums up this scene very accurately…


As if your barf bag wasn’t full already…thanks to Rez and missron80 and Alexander Skarsgard France’s Facebook page…you can watch an even more gag-inducing clip here: BLECH!!

I hate how they’re constantly trying to shove Bill down our throats (and Sookie’s).

Sorry if this makes you sick too…but we felt we should warn you.

Already I can tell this episode is going to be a “Lost Cause” (just like the show)! LOL

Thoughts? Please share ’em below.


48 comments on “True Blood Clip: “Lost Cause” Episode 7.05

  1. That gif makes everything worth it…lol! As usual, I am not going to bother watching the clip, just like I don’t care to watch the episode, that’s all we can really do at this point. I don’t know why they constantly keep releasing clips of those two, no one cares. It’s like they really don’t want us to watch anymore.

  2. As much as I would love to see Eric with Sookie at least Bill isn’t a jerk this season. Plus, he looked like he had some sorta evil look when he walked in. Ugh. I hope we get more Eric and sookie moments. I hope her blood heals him or something.

  3. Nothing exciting here. I think that last week was the big E/S episode. She is going back to not even thinking about him again. I am not sure about Eric dying but I don’t think that Sookie will have anything to do with curing him. I do think that Jason will die and I have a feeling that Hoyt coming back for Maxine’s funeral will play a part. Perhaps Hoyt tried to kill Violet in retribution and Jason gets in the way. This would be so sad since Hoyt doesn’t remember him and just so ironic given everything that has happened between them. I think that may be the catalyst for Sookie to just want to check out of everything. She might not feel that she has anything to hang around for if she has no family left. I base this on one of the scenes from upcoming episodes showing Sookie and Jessica crying hysterically and holding each other. The only connection they have is Jason and Bill and I don’t see them killing Bill.

  4. there was an even worse clip on Live with Kelly and Michael this morning. Kinda reminded me of what Tara said in season 1 “he came to call on Sookie. Smellin all nice, lookin like someone from one of those plantation movies”

  5. Just watched an even worse one from the end if the evening where she thanks Bill for being a friend and seeing her best blah blah blah and hugs him. BUT, it didn’t feel romantic. It did kinda feel friend-zoneish. Yeah, its seeming all coupley and they act all coupley at times but a teensy part of me is starting to think MAYBE we wont get the Bookie ending we wwre fearing.

  6. Ugh….back to the the usual crap. I thought I would regret canceling HBO because of the Eric/sookie moment everyone’s talking about. But thanks to u guys…I’m glad I did. Besides, it was just one episode. Sookie never cared or mentioned anything about Eric while he was gone. Sookie would have a heart attack if bill isn’t around. She would forget about everyone else and give all her blood.

    • I feels bad,because I didn’t watch the last ep and I heard a lot of good things about it. 😦

      I got a sick feeling that Sicko Billy boy will seduce Sookie, because Eric isn’t around to protect her and they will have sex. *vomit*….I still don’t trust that sicko and I think he’s hiding something from Sookie and the town,because I heard Sookie will make a shocking discovery and Ep 7 called “Krama” (I think someone will get betray and I known Krama can be b**ch)…Douchbag still makes me think of The Governor from The Walking Dead when the townspeople worships him. It made sick… I freaking hate that character.

      I also have an awkward feeling that Pam and Eric will have a fling,because when Pam touches his chest….I have nothing’s against them, I luv them as daughter-maker relationship… I really hope Pam finally realizes prefer women over after she spent with Eric…I hope Eric sent Willa to live with Ginger,I would luv to see Ginger give Willa a prep talk and get along. Probably Willa will stop being a brat and get known more about Eric and Pam through Ginger. Ginger started out like that when she 1st met them and she consider them as a family.

      I got done with the 2nd Tarzan books,I luv those books. I really like how the 2nd book ended,but I feels bad that his cousin died. ..I heard Alex’s Tarzan will be closely based on the 3rd book,”The beasts of Tarzan ” and will be call “Tarzan: The Untamed “. I heard Jane and him are married in the movie like in the book, but they has a son in the books. I wonder what has happen to their kid in the movie, because the plot didn’t mention it. Did their kid dies like in Disconnect ? Or there’s a twist that Jane is pregnant and that could explain why John revert back into Tarzan to back to protect their unborn child… I don’t known…But I am looking forward to it. I think it’ll be like RDJ’s Sherlock and H**lboy. It also makes me thinks of my favorite movie I was grown up, ” Hook”. πŸ™‚

  7. Beautiful pictures on the top you guys πŸ™‚ …Thank you for that…
    And thanks for the heads up…I was already sucking on a lemon while reading this so I didn’t throw up. Their hug seriously was looking so forced. As if once they had shown Eric and Sookie hug, they just had to slip in a Bill Sookie hug, to balance the scale of the triangle or something!
    Fucking Pathetic!

    • I’m glad you like the new banner πŸ™‚ Such a beautiful scene! It was made for us by Jamie_rose89 and she also did our gorgeous FB banner.

      • I love the new banner too. ❀ Jamie_rose89 did a great job. I also like the new red background (I don't know the correct tech term for that πŸ™‚ ).

    • hi Sakshi πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      I think I will read the Beasts of Tarzan after Tarzan and Jewels of Opar. I just found out the Alex’s Tarzan will base off of The Jewels of Opar,not the Beast of Tarzans. I heard that Book,the Jewels of Opar has a greedy Belium officer that captured John to find the buried teasure (that I read on Wiki),but John got hit on the head and that’s how he reverted into Tarzan.

      I also heard the main villain is a Belium captain (like in the book,but with the different name) who tricked John and captured him, held him for ramson for diamonds. Probably he will strip naked and becomes Tarzan. πŸ™‚ No one mess with the King of the Jungle. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      Thank you for info, Sakshi. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      I am going to post the summery of Alex’s Tarzan on Eric and Sookie Lovers’ page to share with you guys. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  8. No surprises here…unfortunately I think that eric is staying in a friend zone and bill is forced romantically…nobody wants it really but we got it…my brother who is a causal viewer is not surprised either and wonders why i am upset with this…saw some spoilers on tumbler (not sure if legit) it looks like we’ll have b/s hea with them even rising a child…proposal at jason/violet wedding (gag) and eric becoming a film star…sounds all dreadful but consisering last year finale totally possible… stake me pls!!

    • I read those spoilers too maja on tumblr ..I hope with all my heart that they are only lies wow what a shitty end for Sookie -raising a child with that Evil Asshole of William Compton..Come on what did that poor child did to deserve this…and Eric becoming a movie star….I laugh so hard that my husband asked if I was ok..WTH HBO if it this is true what kind a show we’ve been watching in all these years?? Take care everybody

      • The guy who wrote that speculation has said he wasn’t reporting it as fact, he speculated certain things about the finale from the information he had for up to 8 episodes. He now claims he has information about the last 2 episodes that proves his speculation was wrong and that the show does NOT end the way he thought it would. He also claims he isn’t happy with the ending and it is confusing. Who knows? He could just be a big attention seeker?

        • Evie-I was typing my lengthy reply when you posted. πŸ™‚ You got to the point quicker than I did. Thanks.

        • Oh thank god for that!! Although I have nothing against Eric becoming a movie star, I strongly believe that Sookie or Bill are the last people on the planet who can be allowed around a child, let alone raising one… 😦

      • I saw the potential spoilers on tumblr too. I have been noticing this person’s comments for a while now on the IMDb TB page (he posted these potential spoilers two weeks ago on the Reddit TB page). This person does seem to have some insider info; I believe he said that he has seen scripts but not scenes. He correctly “predicted” Maxine’s death and Hoyt’s return before those scenes aired. He also correctly “predicted” that Sookie and Alcide would be “over” around episode 4. However, he said that there would just be a break-up with Sookie and Alcide; he said nothing about Alcide dying. He originally said that he deliberately avoided the scripts for episodes 9 and 10 because he personally wanted to be surprised, but then he said that the main conflict gets resolved in episode 9 and the first few minutes of episode 10, and then the rest of ep. 10 is sort of a “where are they now?” with where the characters land. (So, he contradicts himself.) He’s still a fan. A day or two ago, he said he found out what happens in the series finale (not by choice). He says what he posted on Reddit two weeks ago was just his predictions based on the scripts for episodes 1-8 and not actual spoilers. He doesn’t seem thrilled about what happens in the finale. He seems to be a Bill/Sookie fan, so maybe they’re not endgame (ad nauseum, I’m personally still predicting Sookie/Sam). He’s not saying what happens in the finale. For me personally, my heart is hardened re: TB. I’m taking his Reddit “predictions” as gospel until or unless proven otherwise. It helps me to let go. Not holding my breath, but maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised in the end. πŸ™‚

        • Forgot to add: he also said he considered spoiling the ending online to try to force the TB PTB to change the ending.

          • Thanks Evie and shinealite for this extra information !!I was really worried about these predictions only because it sounded like a bad joke for us fans…So if Sookie does end up with Sam..why does he say the ending is confusing…well other six episodes and we’ll all found out ,just hope the ending makes sense

        • Hmmm, I hadn’t seen the bit about the conflict being resolved at the end of 9 and beginning of 10. I’m kind of thinking that someone is going to sacrifice themselves for the greater good, just so long as it’s not Eric!

          I don’t expect to see Eric much in the follow-on stuff in 10 as I think most of it was filmed after Alex left the set, maybe just the odd Fangtasia scene with Pam.

          I think we can rule out the guy’s Reddit predictions, they were only speculation and he’s already admitted they were wrong.

          • I don’t get me wrong,Evie. This guy sounds like a totally nutjob. Everybody can make up crazy predictions. I did that last year with the finale and this season….I got the some ideas off of Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children….I known it’s all with the whole Alcide thing didn’t last long. I had feelings that Maxine will die and Hoyt will come back Temp Bon for that.

            I don’t buy Sookie will have the kid with Billy boy (unless it’s Alcide’s). There’s no vampires becomes humans and Eric’s becoming a movie star. Probably we would see CH could be a funeral director instead….Violet/Jason’s wedding??? I would see Hoyt killing that b**ch instead for avenging his mama’s death.

            Well, he said these predictions he wrote are wrong and he’s really disappointed about the wrong….I have a feeling we will get a end that everybody. I think the ending will be someone’s digging up Sookie’s grave, I think it’ll be Eric. Because I noticed there was dirt on Alex as Eric and his stunt double. I wonders it has to do Sookie becoming a vamp.

          • I meant the ending. Sorry about that. πŸ˜‰

          • Thanks for extra clarification re these spoilers…feel a bit better as i think it would be terrible and cheap ending…hope jason gets away from violet..cannot stand her

          • Evie-I’m not sure where my reply is going to land. Thanks for your response.

            I would like to see Eric still standing at the end of the show, too, of course. I also don’t expect to see much of him in ep. 10.

            I think you’re right about the guy on Reddit/IMDb. He did say that his Reddit predictions from two weeks ago were just that, predictions. He seems unhappy about what he has just learned about the end of the show, and that what he now knows about the end of show invalidates his Reddit predictions. He’s a big Bill and Bill/Sookie fan, so IF he’s on the level about the finale, that leads me to believe that 1) Bill/Sookie aren’t endgame (I suspected that already), and 2) maybe Bill might have a less-than-great ending. 5 weeks from now and we’ll know for sure. πŸ™‚

            Jackie69-No problemo. πŸ™‚

  9. Thanks for the extra large sized barf bag πŸ™‚

  10. Why do they torcher us like this? Why can’t they see what should be and what should never be? Maybe they really don’t care about the DVD sales.

  11. Erika-I can’t watch the clip (for personal reasons), but thank you for posting. Knowledge is power.

  12. Well, there sure was a lot of discussion about this topic and nothing for me to add. I just thought I’d check in. Just wanted to say Hi to everyone and hopefully I can join in the next subject sooner.

  13. I hate to say this but I almost wish we had not seen sookie and Eric together again if they are going to throw bill at us.
    It makes it that much harder to accept when we can still see such a powerful connection between them.
    why they keep showing us bill flashbacks if we hate him after six seasons I can’t see how a few flashbacks are going to make us love him and want him with sookie hell I would rather her die than end up with bill.

  14. I care a million times more what happens to Willa than I do Sookie. I’m not a shipper of anyone for Sookie but I agree that the scenes with Eric in the last episode were wasted film if her stupid fairy vagina is still going mental for Bill’s flabby dead ass. Taken as a whole you have to say that True Blood as a show was a failure and a big one. We don’t know what’s in store for the remaining episodes but I’ve seen enough to know that ultimately I’ll look back and say it was a waste of viewing time.

    • “Bill’s flabby dead ass” LMAO… I don’t find him attractive at all.

      • He’s not, that sums him up perfectly. He has no personality, one facial expression. Any woman would have to be insane to choose him over Eric, I like to see it as Sookie settling for Bill because the one she truly loves is dying and she can’t be with him. Yeah, I know that’s likely not the case, but it would make more sense than her actually wanting to be with Bill. I just don’t see how anyone could find him the least bit interesting, it really makes you wonder what the writers are smoking over there.

  15. Its typical sookie short term memory loss eric is out of sight so she no longer remembers him or cares i dont think she even realizes what hes been through noras death etc these writers give u no character development for sookie where eric is concerned only for bill do u see her rumonating that is really the biggest sign that they have no chance on this show

  16. Like I said before…THANK GOODNESS I CANCELLED HBO!!!! (You’ll need a bigger barf bag) πŸ˜‰

    • I have HBO now, but still have no intention of watching, especially not if it has to do with B/S. I get nauseous enough without seeing that. I’ll just continue watching the Eric scenes as I’ve been doing.

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