Brief synosis for the final True Blood episodes


Brief descriptions of the final ever True Blood episodes have appeared on-line today. So without further ado, here are our first hints at how the show is going to end later on this summer.


E6 Karma-Sookie makes a shocking discovery; Eric and Pam make an unlikely alliance.
E7 May Be the Last Time- Sookie looks for a miracle; Eric and Pam close in on Sarah; Adilyn and Wade find refuge with Violet.
E8 Getting Closer … to the Ground- Sookie risks her life for Bill; Eric reconsiders his options; Lettie Mae gets closure.
E9 Love Is to Die- Bill alienates Sookie; Hoyt remembers the past; Eric faces a dilemma.
E10 Thank You Sookie and the people of Bon Temps close one chapter while opening several new ones


Thanks to Beaufortplace for posting. We aren’t sure of the original source yet, but we will add it when we can.

It looks like we will have Eric Northman to enjoy until at least episode 9. I don’t like the sound of his dilemma but thank Godric that he will still be around!






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44 comments on “Brief synosis for the final True Blood episodes

  1. This gonna Sh**ty me. These couple’s lovely-dovey cr*p ruined True Blood for me. Everybody are very sick of tired of “Billy luv Sookie”. This sh*t gonna out of hand!!!

    Probably Eric have to choose Willa or Pam. *Eyerolls*.

    I really hope these summaries aren’t all right…..I remembered last year they said Sookie escapes from Bill in ep 4 and then they said Sookie went the land of faeries to recuit them,but instead we got f**king Warlow’s past.

    • Oh, I forgot wrote down. I rather see Sookie give Douchbag Hep V after she cures Eric and blown up Billy Boy with her faery ball instead than getting f**king turn by him.

      I want Eric or Pam turns Sookie at the end. 😦

  2. Sookie looks for a miracle huh? I wonder if its for a certain Viking? I really hope so!

    • Rutger Hauer has said that Niall will be back for ep.7, and this is when Sookie is looking for a miracle, so fingers crossed it is to do with Eric and his illness.

    • More likely for Bill but I hope she includes Eric in that look !

      • Why is she looking for a miracle for Bill?

        • Because that is how these things seem to go but we shall see. Not trying to be negative Evie just preparing myself for what we might see

          • But he’s not the one who’s sick, unless something else horrible happens to him. I wish he would just die already.

          • This is what I was thinking that something happens to him, why she looks for a miracle and then risks her life for him in the episode that follows.

          • God, I hope not, but I wouldn’t be surprised. There are other people who are more deserving to be saved than that idiot, I just wish Sookie could see that for once. I can’t even blame it on the blood anymore, she’ll always be stupid.

          • I hope not either. A friend of mine (a Bill fan but a super nice one) thinks that Bill will find out that his wife was turned into a vampire and go back to her. Sookie will end up with a stranger

          • I’d be okay with the first part, but I don’t see Sookie ending up with someone we haven’t met before.

          • I heard there was a casting call for a man in the last episodes so who knows

          • With this show, it could be anyone, but I no longer care who Sookie ends up with. I just want Eric to survive.

          • I don’t either for the most part. Whatever happens, happens. We have never had control of this show lol

          • There was another theory out there that based on some spoiler someone heard about the final ep, that True Blood will turn out to be a show, as in all the characters we love are actually actors and the ‘woman playing Sookie’ will be married to someone who looks like Eric blah blah blah. If when the final ep airs that turns out to be true, I will be throwing a shoe at whichever computer I happen to be at……

          • Hmmmmm, I am not sure I can get behind that but then again it would explain how crappy it all became

      • Nymeria, your friend came up a good theory. 🙂

  3. What if Eric’s dilemma is whether or not to turn Sookie? If Bill alienates her, could it be because she somehow contracted HepV? Is that why she’s looking for a miracle? I know. wishful thinking. But still….perhaps all this B/S promotion was just that…BS?! I would give the writers a standing ovation if it was and we get our E&S HEA.

  4. Yeah, this is definitely going back to season 1. WTF!!

  5. Sookie risks her life for Bill, what a surprise, then Bill alienates Sookie? really?. I hope Sookie saves Eric.

    • Isn’t he just the sweetest? Alienates the woman who apparently risks her life to save his, what a prince. She needs to realize that some people are just not worth saving, but that would take a miracle.

      • yeah and Bill is definitely not worth saving, maybe she’ll wake up and realize that after he alienates her. Although with Sookie she might just forgive him again.

  6. Sounds like a lot of stuff is goin’ down. Before we get our hopes up too high, remember these synopsis of episodes are often (on purpose) misleading. Although I do like the sound of Bill alienating Sookie. The one thing that bothers me, Sookie and the others in Bon Temps close one chapter but open several others…That’s sounds like they aren’t going to answer and closeout the storylines all the way and leaves dangling ends. I hate it when shows do that, just close it all up and let it go. But as I said above, a lot of the time, especially this show, it may not seem what it says.

    Well, after tonites’ episode we’ll be half way thru this final season. I truthfully am not looking forward to seeing Erics black veins spreading, I know it will still upset me, I really wish I could harden myself and not let it concern me, but being so fully invested in this show, I guess I just can’t.

    Hopefully, we will have something positive happen in tonites episode and its’ not all doom and gloom since we had such a delightful one last week.

  7. I was hoping sookies shocking discover was something to do with bill but since she later risks her life to save him I sadly doubt it.
    I’m intrigued to know what bill does to alienate sookie cause there’s not much left he can do.
    If he can beat cheat and call her a abomination and she is still all happy flappy around him then what the hell does he do to finally alienate her (hopefully)?.

    • Maybe she tricks him with her ball of light by killing Billy in the end than using her ray on him like she uses on Eric.

      • That whole thing about sookie and the people of Bon temps closing a chapter I wish that was about bill.
        Cause to my mind half the trouble that’s happend would never have happend without bill these zombie vamps for example he is a big part of the reason they happend.

  8. You know, I read a fans post somewhere about how she is completely convinced we will get the Eris / Sookie ending we want. Now, while I very much doubt that a show that has been as unkind as it has been will suddenly end all fluffy bunnies and angels on rainbows, I am actually not as convinced as I was that it will end happily for Bill either. Hell, I posted my theories after all on my blog ( ) but those theories were formed through the eyes of someone who has become very cynical and fed-up with the writers treating all of us like morons. Taking a step back and looking at clips and spoilers with less biased eyes, I actually DON’T see Sookie falling back into Bill’s arms. Yes she is an idiot when it comes to him, as was book Sookie, but I think friend-zone is the ultimate destination for him now.

    There was a clip released for this week’s ep where Sookie thanks Bill for seeing the best in her, blah blah blah, then hugs him. This hug however had NOTHING on the Eric hug last week. THAT was the hug of a woman in love. The Bill hug was, well, friendly and didn’t scream romance. Admittedly it is hard to judge on short clips alone but a teeny part of me is starting to hope once again. Yes it is the final season so the writers can do whatever the hell they want to Eric, like killing him, but future dvd sales etc. all hang on fans and if they piss us off by killing him, well, it won’t bode well. I know that if I had become a fan nowish, and found out he was dead, I wouldn’t be buying the dvd’s or merch ever again.

    I think I might have to adjust my season 7 theories……….

    • I really hope they will turn out to be red herrings like they said about the faery camp last season. I still think the idiotic writers pulling our strings.

  9. Ladies:
    Tell me something….now if the last epsiode says “Thank you….and then opens up some
    new relationships” WHY IS THE SERIES ENDING???
    When to me that means that there’s more stories to be told????

  10. I found some possible “spoilers ” on Tumblr that someone posted on YouTube. I believe it’s same guy who posted predictions.

    I think he meant by confusing,bcause the Youtube user saying Eric has three alternative endings. a.) He dies by sacrificing his life to save another character (I really hope not), b. ) he got cure, or c.) he becomes human (like my painting)….I don’t known which ending they will use. …But I am worry they will option A and the guy said that too, because summaries for final eps. I really hope they will turn out to be red herrings.

    The person said Billy boy becomes human after Sookie loses her faery power (I think the way guy’s saying). I really hope he dies.

    He also says that Sookie’s blood will somehow mutated a virus that makes vamps reverted back humans.

    This person says we will see more of Eric and Sookie scene later on this season,and there’s also some flash backs that dated back to season 1.

    I also heard the writers cutted out a lot of scenes to makes the eps shorter to wrap this season (that’s why they cutted out Pam felt Tara’s death). At least, they cutted out graphic sex scene with Alcide and the boring war talk with Billy and James…He also mentioned Alex did a choreography scene and it took him and Ryan 8 hrs to did that sex scene. Ryan did a moan when he woke up,but it got edited out. I would luv to see that scene s.

    He also talked about Violet, Arlene BLAH BLAH BLAH like that.

  11. Honestly I dont truly get the Bill appeal and never have I have tried keeping an open mind since the beginng. Mainly I watched because I knew Anna from Xmen and Lala made me LMAO I knew nothing about the books the one I was given by the author I forced myself to finish dont like her writing style never read another. Once Eric came on board things got more interesting allot more interesting and Pam joined my emall group of favs. But what has never changed was my loathing for how dumb they make Sookie regarding Bil. I sincerely hope the Finale isnt going to be the mass of putrid vomit I think it will be but hope regarding TB died last year..

    • I’m sure it will be, but that’s exactly how I feel. You’re lucky that you stopped reading the books after the first one, so you didn’t get completely sucked in only to get screwed over by the end. I will definitely read nothing else she writes. I also will never understand the appeal of Bill, how anyone could choose that loser over Eric is beyond me.

  12. They left Eric til the very end so we Eric fans would not desert the show…
    Smart SOb’s…

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