True Blood Promo Episode 7.06 “Karma”


By now, some of you have finished watching True Blood Episode 7.05 “Lost Cause”… Here’s a look at the promo for next week’s Episode 7.06  “Karma”!

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT! If you don’t want to know – don’t watch below!


Find out what’s going to happen next week below!

For those who haven’t watched tonight’s episode…we found out Bill has Hep V! Yay! And Eric looks really good in a cowboy hat! (drools) It’s my turn to write the review (hehe) so while I get busy working on that – please feel free to share your thoughts on tonight’s episode!


Bill is a dumbass if he didn’t think he’d get Hep V. LOL It looks like he’s as far along as Eric is (Stage 2). Speaking of whom…looks like the Japanese version of men in black, the Yakuza – have Eric and Pam chained up to meet the sun in this promo…uh oh.

Thoughts? Please share ’em below!

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  1. Ha, the only bad thing about this is that Sookie will be trying to save Bill now instead of caring to save Eric. I guess that’s who she wants to find the miracle for and I really hope she doesn’t, he really needs to die already. I’m curious as to how Bill kept that a secret for so long.

    • From the trailer it appeared to be just now showing up. I really hate that I was right

      • Kind of convenient how it just now shows up, we know he won’t die, so it’s pretty obvious where this is going. I’m pretty sure now that Eric won’t survive, I really hate this show. And if they gave Bill Hep V to make people feel sorry for him, they are sadly mistaken.

      • I don’t think Bill knew he had it until just now.. I hope he does die from it and Eric gets cured ….I think Eric will get cured episode 7.07 because it says that basically he has a change of heart about dying ….another thing about Bill’s boring ass flashback was he told his wife that she was the love of his life and he wants to be with her in life and death….was that put in there for a reason? These writers write stupid shit at times but I hope he dies…probably wont but I dont think him and Sookie ends up together.

    • He didn’t know because he was too busy having flashbacks to when he was in the Civil War. 😛

  2. So Sookie gave him hep v? Her blood is making it travel faster? Please die Bill already.I wish she would have at least a thought of Eric tonight. Wish she would have slept in the cubby. And please don’t let Jason die? What do you think of the crying and hugging scene of Jessica and Sookie is about? Jason or Bill? Hoping for a cure for Eric and one more Sooric scene!

    • At this point we’re assuming that Sookie was the one who gave Bill Hep V. I think Jessica and Sookie were hugging because of MEN. Alcide was on Sookie’s mind and Jessica had caught James cheating because she didn’t love him as much – just like Sookie’s feelings for Alcide.

      • I didn’t think about Sookie being the one to give it to him, would explain the title for the next episode. Karma is a bitch.

        • I think Sookie hasn´t Hep V , she is a fairy a she hasn´t normal human blood. When she was in the hospital after Bill´s rape the doctor said she hasn´t any known blood type . And she said she never been ill in her life, I think Sookie is immunized against the ilnesses.

  3. Oh, plz die bill. Every freaking clip involves bill. If fans feel sorry for Eric, we have to fill the same way for Bill. UGH, “(Bill) is like a f*ing fungus that just won’t go away”-Pam

  4. I knew it that b**tard hogging Sookie all for himself to treat his illness. I really hope Eric gets cure than douchbag. I’m really sick of Billy boy hogging all the glory.

  5. I see no hope for Eric because through this entire series as far as the Creator, Executive Producers, and writers are concerned it has been all about Bill. Of course it will continue in that direction to the end. Sookie will save Bill, while no one will save Eric. Where Sookie, Bill, and Eric are concerned this show is 100% predictably. What really makes me want to barf is the fact that Bill has continually told Sookie that she is the love of his life yet in the boring as dirt flashback he tells his wife she is his first and only true love. What an ass

  6. Truthfully I was expecting a different buzz here about Bill getting HepV too. I wonder if his fans are upset about it?? I will not ck any of his sites as they actually get me sick to my stomach usually. I still think Eric will get cured and I guess it’s a possiblity Bill will too. Although I don’t see the point of it really. Just like everything else on TB nothing is making sense this season unless there will be an “Unhuh moment” coming up.

  7. Yeah the moment is when sookie rallies herself to cure bill and realizes hes the love of her life meanwhile she did not give it a second thought to try and help eric they screwed is this season for sure! I know taras mom said something about willas blood could the cure jave something to do with her????? I hope they dont sacrifice her bc i want her to survive for erics sake as for bill fans im sure they are not worried bc they know he always survives!!!!

  8. WTF is this show’s story line about? I don’t get it. Seriously I don’t…It used to be about vampires and humans and werewolves…the human and the supernatural…ordinary and the extraordinary…
    All that remains is wonky needy humans with no real goals in their lives, infected dying vampires and already dead werewolves!

    Again, whats the fucking point here?

  9. The whole party was such a bore. Sookie is very good at forgetting things – especially where Bill is concerned. Although a reluctant hostess, she would do well to remember while celebrating life that it is she that got him killed in the first place with her mind numbingly bad plan. If he hadn’t tracked her to keep her safe he wouldn’t have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. So Bill it turns out was anti-war we now discover – that’s handy for this reinvention of him that the writers are pursuing. At this rate he’ll end up as whiter than white before the series ends. Not that I want to watch it but Sookie and Bill together is fine with me – they deserve each other. He needs control mentally and physically of his human and she loves it that way. She’s barely spoken to half the people at the party for 7 seasons now but she keeps spouting this shit as with Arlene that they have been friends for years. I care nothing about Jessica – she was only bought into the show because Bill needed to be a maker too – like Eric – and so we could witness Bill’s torment at having to turn a human. She, Lettie-Mae and Violet can happily die as far as I’m concerned of course Bill needs to as well but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if a cure is miraculously found before the show ends.

  10. So if Bill has Hep V, that means Sookie is now a carrier? Nice. He’s infected her with a communicable disease, like the boyfriend who bangs prostitutes on the side without a rubber and brings AIDS home to his girlfriend. And we’re supposed to feel sorry for him? Is that it? Because…why would we? The writers will save his sorry ass AGAIN. He burned in the sun, TWICE, exploded into a bloody puddle and was staked but like a cockroach, he’s still here. Why should a little Hep V get in the way of twue wuv?! GAG!

    • They’re saying that Sookie is the one who infected him, which would make her all with the guilt and wanting to save him, like we don’t always get enough of that.

    • Actually when the infected vamps attacked the clearing, the blood went in her mouth making her a carrier and she infected Bill.

      • I also believe that but now she will try to find a cure for Bill because of guilt i hope at least she will think of Eric too

  11. What if the cure was blood from a vampire relative, like maker or sibling? Sort of like the silver poisoning from the books.

    Lorena secretly turned Caroline and she turn up (like Judith in the books) to heal Bill.

    Sookie’s light ball thing heals Eric. Pam ends up with Sarah’s sister who is cured by Sarah.

    Just my little fanfic mind running wild…

  12. At least we got some good Eric and Pam scenes again, those two together are a force to reckon with!

    • I must be the only one in the fandom that is over Pam and her petty ass jealousy. She may love Eric but she does not deserve him either. *ready for stones to be thrown at me now*

      • You’re not the only one Nymerias. I wish they would’ve written Pam like she was in the books. Still snarky but more of a friend to Sookie and not lowering herself to petty jealousy. Eric has always been more of a father/brother. He loves Pam but he’s not in love with her.

        • Exactly, that is how Pam and Eric began and how they should end. Sure they had sex but it was still a fatherly love or brother sister love.

        • I have never shipped them in the romantic sense

          • I NEVER even had that thought until these last two episodes. I always loved that unique friendship they had, just this insane best friend for life basically… and I never wanted it pushed beyond that. This last episode actually made me think twice about it though….in this TV realm I can kind of see them together not being totally ludicrous.

            However I think a lot of that is KB and AS’ real life friendship shining through and their awesome acting. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize the difference with such intense emotions between two characters, even more so when it’s a male/female bond.

            I will say I like book Pam best, agree with you all there! And i’ll be 100% happy if the shows ends with Eric and Pam both alive and just still great friends. That bond between them is just great to watch on screen.

          • I guess that is my problem, despite the nasty ending of the books, Pam was not bitchy

          • I agree, smanfan, I also didn’t really see them as being more than friends until these last few episodes. If it does happen, I wouldn’t be completely against it.

      • Me too Nymerias. n the books, Pam only hated Sookie when she caused confused/angry/unstable feelings in Eric, because those emotions affected her as well. But in the show, even when Eric is happy and calm, Pam is still forever on his case about Sookie. Doesn’t make sense.

      • I can see how it might be annoying, but I’m willing to forgive Pam for that fault. Other than that she is an awesome character and kicks ass. And no matter what she is loyal to Eric and would put him before others, unlike Sookie.I tend to view it as each character has their faults, which ones can I deal with and still like? Pam is one of those for me, along with Eric and Lafayette.

        Sookie and Bill… nope it’s basically all garbage and no good traits in those two.

      • no I agree, I mean if she really love Eric then doesn’t let be happy with Sookie?

    • I agree with you Smanfan, Eric and Pam deserve themselves ! They are an old couple still having strong feelings for each other even without having sex anymore. Eric choosed her over Sylvie, even if it hurted him badly to do so. Would he turn on Sookie the same way again ? let’s hope we don’t have to find out … The problem with this couple is “no sex”. Pam was clearly most interested in Sarah’s sister last episode, pointing to the mere fact that she is gay, definitively gay. Her interest for Eric is not sexual anymore, has not been for a very long time …could it magically (and conveniently for the show) come back now ? I sincerely doubt it.
      Nevertheless, I could imagine them going back to their own tracks after everything is settle down with Bontemps and Sookie. As I stated below, if Eric is to be cured by turning human again, I can easily imagine him asking Pam to fix him back as a vampire shortly after …I cannot imagine Eric becoming a family guy. Sorry folks, I just can’t …

  13. Another great episode tonight ! Maybee there is still some hope … Buckner you have my full attention … again !! Don’t you dare to mess up !!

    Having said so, and after watching next week’s promo where are we standing right now ? Obviously, Eric and Pam are going to find a way out. Bill and Jessica are both infected. Could it have happened during the Fangtasia battle? because if Sookie was the cause for Bill’s infection I cannot see it happening to Jessica the same way since she got fed by Lafayette. Also, if Jessica is sick and had sex with Jason, he should be infected as well now, wouldn’t he ? Bad idea Violet to gain him back right now …just saying.
    While grandfather fairy Rudger Hauer may not have care less about what is happening to the vampires being infected, I seriously doubt he would leave his grandson Jason without any help or cure if he got infected by Jessica.Since he is supposed to be back for this season, now would be a perfect time for his appearance on the show.
    Last but not least, I still think that the japanese company producing the tru blood is also searching for a cure right now and should test it on Eric since they have him in custody instead of terminating him. Afterall, he was after Sarah Newlin as well …they should join forces !!
    Finally, Bill remembering his wife while both are looking at their own graves may indicate that this is where he truly belongs …next to the grave of his human wife’s.
    Go for it Bill, as Pam said you’ll never get Sookie back, this ship has sailed ….

  14. Last night’s episode was a joke, right? In last weeks episode she was all over Eric having missed him so. This episode she forgot all about him again. I guess along with Hep V she got a bad case of CRS too! Maybe the whole town will die at the same time.

    • This may have been addressed somewhere else in these comments, but isn’t Sookie wearing the leather jacket that Eric wore in Episode 4 and is thinking about him and not Alcide?

    • It’s the blood every time Sookie thinks she so in Love with Bill. I mean they make, her look like a complete idiot.

  15. Ladies:
    I don’t care who gave William Thomas Compton III Hep-V
    All I know is that he’s going to meet the Final Death!!! Yipee!!!!
    Good bye Mr. Compton !!!.

    Love hows Jason & Jessica got back to doing what comes naturally to them!!!
    Violet knows that it’s all over between her and Jason….

    Now on to Andy & Holly…..Finally the Sheriff will be a happy man.
    And I love what Jason told Adalin/Rocky….”If you two are doing the nasty
    that stops as of NOW”…..they looked at him like he was nuts?
    But then realized what he meant when Andy proposed.

    Love how Eric and Pam looked in Dallas….
    Loved her dress…Hope she got to keep it?
    Brown in not one of Alexander’s best colours…..but he still looked sexy.

    Hope that they can escape from who’s holding them???

  16. Bill was leaving his wife and children, to fight in the Civil War. He was human and at the time, his wife was the love of his life. Hundreds of years later, Sookie became the love of his life. He has never forgotten the life he had before, so what’s your problem here. I didn’t like Bill, when he was being an ass, but he came back off of that high. I would like to know how and why they want to kill off 2 of the main players. That’s not good for anyone. I want a happy ending, myself.

  17. Did anyone notice Bill said stuff in that civil war era bar, which was eerily similar to Rhett Butler’s comments at Ashley Wilkes’s party in GWTW. Only Rhett said it as Eric would have said it and Bill said it with his trade marked constipated expression…

    Just sayin’

  18. Wtf wa that…i thught HepV storyline wae lame that bill had it as well…wasn’s expecting this at all….really lost all hope…so sookie just never mentions eric again neither wants to help…she just sort of accepted that he is gone and will die somewhere…terrible…it will b all about saving bill now….hating this…and btw i hate anr romance thing with pam as well…

  19. Totally called the Amber-Eric alliance, just wonder what’s going to happen to them (and Pam) now? And Eric releasing Willa? Yeah, logically speaking she had him over a barrel, but still… In the end, I guess it was the only noble thing to do, and it’s not like she doesn’t have a stable head on her shoulders

    I still think Niall is connected to the hep-V: maybe as a form of revenge for what Warlow did to his little village?

  20. Now we know the miracle sookie’s looking for is definitely not for Eric. She’s going to do everything she can to keep billy boy alive only to alienate her. UGH! Sorry, but sookie is a complete dumb a$$.

  21. I found some possible “spoilers ” on Tumblr that someone posted on YouTube. I believe it’s same guy who posted predictions.

    I think he meant by confusing,bcause the Youtube user saying Eric has three alternative endings. a.) He dies by sacrificing his life to save another character (I really hope not), b. ) he got cure, or c.) he becomes human (like my painting)….I don’t known which ending they will use. …But I am worry they will option A and the guy said that too, because summaries for final eps. I really hope they will turn out to be red herrings.

    The person said Billy boy becomes human after Sookie loses her faery power (I think the way guy’s saying). I really hope he dies.

    He also says that Sookie’s blood will somehow mutated a virus that makes vamps reverted back humans.

    This person says we will see more of Eric and Sookie scene later on this season,and there’s also some flash backs that dated back to season 1.

    I also heard the writers cutted out a lot of scenes to makes the eps shorter to wrap this season (that’s why they cutted out Pam felt Tara’s death). At least, they cutted out graphic sex scene with Alcide and the boring war talk with Billy and James…He also mentioned Alex did a choreography scene and it took him and Ryan 8 hrs to did that sex scene. Ryan did a moan when he woke up,but it got edited out. I would luv to see that scene s.

    He also talked about Violet, Arlene BLAH BLAH BLAH like that.

  22. Yes I saw the spoilers on Youtube as well.. From username “no” who says he/ she was an extra this season and behind the scenes on TB since season 3 but was fired. Normally I don’t believe alot of what’s on the web but the things this person said seem more plausible than any other spoilers. Really hope they’re wrong.. As Shelli mentioned, They said Bill contracted Hep V from Sookie and fae blood interacts with Hep V differently than with regular blood. As a result, Bill’s infection progresses at a much more rapid pace. After the disease runs its course, Bill turns into a human. The disease mutates from Sookie’s blood and just when it looks like Bill is about to die, he becomes human. They also said Sookie will lose her powers by the end and become human. There’s alot more, He/ she answered many questions from other users.. If you’d like to read it the username is “no” and they mentioned they will be deleting their posts and channel soon.. Frankly I’m surprised at the amount of info they spilled..

    • What a whole lot of crap that´s a terrible ending after all the horrible things Bill has done he just gets to live another human life with Sookie have children replacing his original human family

      • I agree.. I’m beyond disgusted at how the writers are trying so hard to redeem Bill.. The only possible way imo would be to have him die from Hep V and go on to be with Caroline and his children in the afterlife. I was a bit hopeful for Eric/ Sookie after last week’s episode.. The chemistry between those two is incredible. Even now at the end, the writer’s refuse to give the fans what they want.. It’s a big FU to the Eric fans

        • I lost hope for E/S a long time ago, but I really no longer want him with Sookie. Her and Bill deserve to have a very boring human life together, and this way they can die easier. I don’t see Bill surviving as a human again for very long, that is assuming this person is even telling the truth.

        • Me too. I believe they really sucked the life out this show trying make a Bill and Sookie ending. it doesn’t even make sense that she was able to get the virus. she doesn’t get sick or have a blood type. Also, I makes her seems stupid and blind to real love . Eric is the one of the two willing to walk away from her every time she asks but not Bill o no not until he know he can’t have her too cause he’s dying what an A-hole. True love his someone who loves enough to give what not only you need but want. Even if it’s not them.

  23. OMG, WTF, FML???

    Hep V turning vamps human???

    This is just NUTS!

    Seriously, I’m beyond gobsmacked!

  24. I don’t buy it about Billy boy becoming human. I believe it’s the same guy who posted his predictions….I think his way to thinking.

    but I believe there could be 3 alternative endings for Eric. I would rather see Eric becomes human and starts a family with Sookie and get out of Bon Temp or being cure and turns Sookie into a vamp.

    • Why is that good? Eric will hate being a human, and I don’t want that for him, nor do I want him to turn her as she doesn’t deserve to be a part of his family. It’s obvious she only pretends to care about him when he’s around. Once he’s gone, she’s back to acting like he doesn’t exist and it’s once again all about Bill, let her have him.

      • I quite agree, Eric would hate it becoming a human and a family guy !!
        Given the choice, he would most certainly rather die ….except maybee for Sookie ….He said he would give up everything for her in season 4. But he had lost his memories by then right ?
        If Eric was to turn human, what would he to for a living ?? Any suggestion?
        Write books like Bill? Become a politician ? Buy the bar back from Arlene ? He just doesn’t fit anywhere in our small world ….
        I forgot that he is a billionnaire$ and that he ownes places in Paris, Barbados, even in Ireland (most certainly in Sweeden too 🙂
        So maybee he’ll just enjoy lying down and reading in the sun for the rest of his human life ??

        • When I said that, I would rather see the writers makes Eric as a human than killing him after he got cure. They did that last time in the finale after the vamp camp, and then they setted him on fire that ticked off a lot of people. I would hate to see that happen.

          I wouldn’t mi Eric to be human and learn to being human through Sookie,because I want Eric will be the last person that Sookie read his mind that he truly luv her who she is and She need to realize what a total b**ch she becomes….Probably Eric want Pam turn him back if Sookie want to back to Douchbag, unless Eric have a change of heart when he will find Sookie is pregnant (after they has sex last time during he’s becoming human at the the time) and shown up to Sookie’s rescue from getting turn. That’s I dreamt of.

          I think he would make a way better family man than Billy boy,because I like the way he treats Pam and Nora. But I wish he didn’t let Willa go like that. I known he letted her go because he is dying. I was hoping they will explore their daughter-father relationship. 😦

          I really hope we don’t get the same Billy luv Sookie sh*t from Comic Con. There’s a lot of people are pi** right now at Buckner and annoying lovely dovely couple. I would see people gives a lot of questions like “Will Eric make it” or “why you guy killing him off?”. I don’t blame them for wanting to known Eric’s faith. I freaking hate these writers playing dumb.

  25. Yeah, he would be bored out of his mind, even if he was with Sookie. I think after living for 1,000 years, he’s just ready for it to be over.

  26. I can’t understand why all of you want Bill to die. I don’t want to see, Bill or Eric die. I have said this before, I want a happy ending for all of them. Another thing, I can’t believe this is the last season. Who puts an end to such a popular show? Dumb Ass’s, that’s who.

    • Seriously? Bill is a pathetic loser who does nothing but lie and manipulate, he doesn’t deserve to have a happy ending. The show is not nearly as good as it used to be, 7 years is long enough in my opinion. It should have probably ended sooner.

  27. Well ladies, it’s all set in stone now. All we can do is wait for the last five episodes to air, then we can weep. It’s going to be just like that last shitty book. We all are going to be let down hard. It’s the Bill show we are talking about here. The show was wrote for him, he has always been the star. I have hoped for everything Eric and Sookie since season two when Sookie had the dream about Eric. It did no good. You could see in that scene just how good they are together. We all see it, the writers and the powers that be behind the show don’t see it our way. I’ll just be glad if Eric survives til the end.

    • We know he at least makes it to the end, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they waited to kill him until the finale. It really is such a relief to not be watching, I no longer get my hopes up anymore because I’ve known how it would end for a while.

      • I’ll finish watching til the end, but by the sounds of things we are not going to be happy. sigh…….

        • I haven’t been happy for a while, so that’s nothing new. I no longer care what happens on this show, I have enough in my real life to worry about to let this stress me out anymore.

      • I don’t think alex was available to be part of the last episode. He was busy with his upcoming move,Tarzan. So I think he will die. Bill on the other hand, will be cured so he can alienate sookie.

        • China, They can shoot scenes in advance …so Eric going to London shooting Tarzan would not be a problem if he is to make an appearance in the last episode after all …
          And it would take a single night to shoot a scene as well …so, if my memory is correct, Alex was spotted late june very briefly in LA. Anyone to crosscheck this ?
          In any case, I don’t believe that Sookie will be ending neither with Bill or nor Eric still being vampires. So which one is going to make it as a human ?? It seems that if Bill got infected by Sookie and that her magic blood saves him afterall by turning him as a human after he dies as a vampire, then he is in the front seat …But once she realizes that her blood can turn vampire into human, it’s really up to her to choose ..that is if Eric agrees to be turn back human, which I seriously doubt he would want to …Pam could maybee turn him back ? Would it still be possible ? Now we are struggling with completely different issues here, aren’t we ?

          Anna Paquin said in a recent interview that she could not see True Blood becoming a movie BECAUSE AFTER THE LAST EPISODE IS AIRED THERE WOULD NOT BE MUCH OF A STORY LEFT TO TELL …meaning, our favorite vampires gone or turned humans right ??

        • CH tweeted that she did a scene with Eric and Pam in the finale, that’s how I know he at least makes it to the last episode, but it’s probably not a big part like last season’s finale. They filmed scenes out of order to accommodate his schedule.

      • I have to disagree with your pessimistic opinion. This last season could turn right afterall, not the way you want it probably (and trust me I am all for Eric here) but right as in “good story ending”. All we want is a clever closure now that we realized that our favorite couple is not going to happend. Maybee we’ll get a clever closure afterall … Last episode was written by a completely new writer, and she was actually very good at it. So, after the last 2 very good episodes we just saw happening (and I understand you are not watching in a form of protest which I totally respect) , I’d say there is still hope for that …and you should not give up Tammy !! Not now.
        I too was very disappointed by Charlaine Harris messed up book ending and I’m pretty sure it was a strong warning for the TB producers the way the fanbasis reacted in response. They don’t want the show to end in such a mess with bad critics as well. They’ll compromise and will come up with something satisfactory to the fans even to the Eric’s ones which are the most powerfull they are well aware of it by now, trust me. What is at stake here are the DVDs sales ….

  28. If Eric is cured from Hep-V and is turned back as a human as a result …We all assumed hereabove that he would hate it right ?. So, if he was to ask Pam to turn him back again, this would imply that he becomes Pam’s child and has to obey her as his maker : I don’t know about you, but this is something I would not want to miss for all the gold in China 😉

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