The One Where We Had A “Face Off”

Episode review

When I first read the synopsis of True Blood Episode 7.05 “Lost Cause” – I was thinking…yep, that’s probably what it’s going to be…a “lost cause”. I probably wouldn’t enjoy this episode and I would need a lot of booze in order to watch this. I was wrong…

Other than a few scenes I didn’t enjoy (like Bill and Sookie and Bill’s numerous flashbacks)…this episode surprised me in the fact I didn’t want to throw something at my TV screen. In fact, there were a number of scenes where I was LMAO or just flat out enjoyed!

Read on to find out what happened during this episode.


The episode opened up with my favorite vampire family; Eric, Pam and Willa. Eric and Pam tried to get info from Willa on Sarah Newlin, as you may remember, her daddy was sleeping with Sarah last season. Willa was angry at both Eric and Pam for deserting her when she was just a young vampire, leaving her all alone…which I can totally understand. What I couldn’t understand was WHY would Willa want Eric to release her? WTF? Are you crazy girl? YOUR MAKER IS ERIC FUCKING NORTHMAN!!

Eric gives Willa her wish, in exchange she tells them Sarah has a sister named Amber, who is a vampire. Which is interesting, because Sarah has always said that her sister was dead. She’s in Dallas. Eric calls Ginger to get their travel arrangements organized, but Ginger decided to give him a hard time too. Ginger doesn’t want him to go without having sex with her first. He may not come back alive.

Ahhh…Ginger, how I love you! She says, “Do you know what a sex slave is without the sex?” After which, Pam replies, “a slave?”




This, of course, gives us our annual Ginger screaming and riding a coffin scene…which in and of itself is hysterical and can only be captured in the gif below.


Sookie comes home and sees Alcide’s belongings around her house, especially his leather jacket, which reminds her he ain’t ever coming home again. Lafayette and James show up to offer her comfort and support. Lafayette urges her to go to sleep. Having slept through the day and into the evening, she wakes up to see Alcide’s dad is there. She finds out they are having a party and have invited the whole town. Sookie is upset and doesn’t want to have one. Death is supposed to be a sad thing. Lafayette wants to say ‘fuck you’ to death. And to celebrate life. Bill shows up at Sookie’s door and gives her flowers. GAG. Sookie (ever the proper hostess) invites him in, but she has to get her face on.


Eric and Pam show up on Amber’s doorstep. She tells them about how Sarah covered up the fact Amber was a vampire, because she was married to Steve Newlin, and was a member of the Fellowship of the Sun. Eric asks her if she’s going to help them find Sarah. She asks him if they’re going kill Sarah, and Eric tells her it might happen. Amber agrees. (I sense some sisterly hate going on here.) Pam really likes Amber, like REALLY likes her, but Amber isn’t sure if she likes Pam yet. When was the last time she heard from Sarah? It was just that morning. Sarah was looking for a place to hide, but Amber turned her down. Where else could she go? Amber told them Sarah would go to their parents.

Conveniently, they’re going to a gala that night, put on by Bush’s Library for Rep. Ted Cruz. They only invite assholes though.

Eric responds with…



Lettie Mae wants to go to the party at Sookie’s house, because she wants to say goodbye to Tara. The Reverend tells her that there will be both vampires and alcohol there, so she can’t go. She relents, but then sees a bottle of pills in the cupboard, she grabs them and drugs the Reverend’s food.

Over at Sookie’s house, the party is in full swing. Everyone’s drinking and having fun. Bill is doing a douchebag dance.

^^ Douchebag Dance

^^ Douchebag Dance

Jane vows to change her ways after what they’ve been through starting…tomorrow. Bill, being the life of the party, decides his flashbacks are more entertaining than the people around him. You probably don’t care what happens in the flashback and neither do I. Needless to say, Bill speaks out against going to war and is a Yankee sympathizer.


Violet tries to comfort Sookie, but it becomes awkward when she calls her ‘sister’ and talks about the hundreds of boyfriends she’s lost. Bill ushers Sookie away, while Jason gives Violet shit. Violet doesn’t care, she just wants to dance.

Family and friends gather around, talking about Alcide and how he was a hero, and fighting to protect Sookie. Lettie Mae shows up and says a few words about Tara, how she was a hero too. She was fighting to protect her, when she didn’t deserve it for how Tara was raised.

Andy tells Jessica he forgives, but will never forget. She can stop feeling guilty. Andy tells Jessica he plans on proposing to Holly that night, but he didn’t have time to go shopping for a ring. Jessica gets Sookie and Jason to give Andy their grandmother’s ring, which Jason is supposed to give to the one he marries. It doesn’t matter to Violet…Jason is hers – ring or not.


The music stops and Andy gets down on one knee to propose marriage. Holly says yes before he could ask her, but Andy tells her that he wants get it all out there. He does, she hugs him and everyone is happy – except for Sookie.

Arlene takes Sookie upstairs, where they talk about Alcide and Terry. Arlene gives Sookie some sound advice. “You never get over the loss of someone you love – you just learn to live with it.”tumblr_n96wq6lYkW1r8mnhbo7_500

James talks to Lafayette about his relationship with Jessica. She gives him just enough love to keep him hanging around, but it’s not enough. Lafayette compares it to paying the minimum amount on a credit card bill – just enough to keep the card from getting cancelled. James tells Lafayette he was having a gay sexual relationship around the time he was turned. Lafayette and James kiss.

Eric and Pam get ready for the gala. He gets Pam an expensive dress and jewelled purse. In another classic Pam one-liner, she says she looks like a “Republicunt”. (My new favorite word and the second LOL moment.) She tells Eric to undress. He takes off his shirt and she cries out in horror, “oh fuck Eric, you’re stage 2.” Eric has her cover the veins that will be visible. He tells her he’s going to die, she has to accept it.


Arlene and Sookie do shots of tequilla. They see the vampire who saved Arlene’s life, by giving her his blood. He thinks she’s the most beautiful woman he’s seen in three hundred years. Arlene rushes off to tinkle (her words, not mine).


Jessica asks Arlene if she’s seen James. She saw him with Lafayette. Jessica walks outside and sees them fucking in her car. They fight and she has Jason rescind James’s invitation to the house. Jason tries to comfort Jessica. Lafayette tries to comfort James, but he wants to be left alone. Jessica thinks James is confused, not gay. Lafayette goes to see Jessica. He tells her that James isn’t the man for her. Doesn’t Lafayette deserve some happiness too? If she doesn’t love James, let him go and Lafayette will take over.

Willa arrives at Sookie’s looking for Arlene. Sookie asks her if she’s seen Bill.

Great…another dumbass Bill flashback. In this one, we find out Bill and his family were taking the Underground Railroad along with some slaves. They are caught when one of them is shot. Bill is asked to hand over the map, but he lights it on fire instead. Any and all deserters will be shot – no matter their color.


Sookie finds Bill outside. Blah, blah, thank you for seeing me in a way I can’t see myself sometimes…blah. Must I suffer through this scene? Being friends with the opposite sex is foreign to Bill. They exchange a hug. Bill finally leaves the party…THANK GOD!

Sookie goes back inside and hears Lettie Mae’s thoughts. Sookie needs to find Willa before it’s too late. Oops…too late. Lettie Mae stabbed Willa with a knife. But the knife only goes into Willa’s shoulder and heals right away.



After Lafayette and Lettie Mae leave, Nicole freaks out about everything that’s happened. The kidnapping, the Hep V vampires, the deaths and the party…etc. Sam takes her home.

Jessica and Jason talk about Violet. Jason wonders if she’s “off”? Jessica agrees. Jason’s glad Andy gave the ring to Holly before he could give it to Violet. He and Jessica kiss.


Eric and Pam arrive at the gala. Eric is dressed in a cowboy hat and a bolo tie. Pam says that after all they’ve seen and done, this is probably the most disturbing. (Another LOL moment.) They spot Sarah’s father, but Pam has to mingle to find the mother.

Meanwhile Sarah is with her mother in the washroom. Sarah needs some help from someone powerful. Sarah’s mom asks her if she’s responsible for all of the monsters who are scaring the country. Sarah admits she is, but she’s not a monster. She’s a Buddist (LOL). The Yakuza are after her.

Jessica and Jason have sex, while Violet comes up the stairs. She hears them through the door.

Eric glamours Sarah’s father. The Yakuza arrives and shoots up the gala. Eric and Pam take off. The Yakuza shoots Sarah’s father in the head. Sarah and her mom make a run for it. The Yakuza kill her mother too. Sarah keeps running through the hallways, until she meets Eric.


He lifts her up “Terminator” style (see image above) and then the Yakuza show up. Eric drops Sarah, then in one fell swoop…kills the Yakuza. One of them, he rips out his jaw like he ripped out that heart back in Season 4.


Ewww… This reminded me of the movie, “Face Off”.  I thought this scene was awesome because it was the return of BAMF Eric Northman.

Sookie’s party is over. She goes upstairs and takes Arlene’s advice – wearing Alcide’s jacket which will make it feel like he’s still there.


Bill is in his bathtub. Oh great…it’s another flashback. He finds his wife at the family graveyard. He’s wearing a Civil War uniform. He tells her he’ll get through this war and vows he will return to her and their children. He wakes up and looks in the mirror. To his horror…(and my extreme glee)…Bill’s got Hep V!


As you can see…a lot happened during this episode. Eric and Pam impersonating “assholes” was my favorite part of course, Eric in a cowboy hat gave me a few hot Swede dreams. And the song playing in my head when I first saw him was “Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy)” by Big & Rich. Never heard the song before? You can watch the official video below. (This would be a great song request for an Eric Northman video…any takers?)

I enjoyed Arlene’s scenes – especially when she was getting drunk with Sookie. It’s great that the show paid tribute to the fallen characters of Tara and Alcide. But Bill’s flashbacks had nothing to do with the plot or the show and were totally pointless. Overall, I’d say that even the Bill scenes weren’t enough to take away from the episode, and most of all…Bill and Sookie only shared a hug, not a kiss or have sex. HALLELUJAH!

Anyways…those were my thoughts. What did you think? Please share your thoughts below.


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  1. Thanks for your review Erika!! I just want to say one thing!!! I’m hating how BB and the writers are showing Eric and Pam this year!! Everything is so OOC Eric releases Willa and leaves her penniless that she has to ask for a job at ” Bellfleurs” WTF in the meanwhile in Dallas Eric buys a very expensive evening gown and purse that worth thousands of dollars….. I get that Will was angry with both Eric and Pam but I wanted Willa to reconnect to her maker before he dies but that is not allowed by the writers..They are showing us Eric and Pam of S1 the ones who didn’t give a fuck about anything or anyone!! As for Bill they showing us very boring flashbacks so we’ll all see what a good “human” was!! I don’t care This redemption arc is getting on my nerves the only way to have Bill redeemed is to have him die but knowing the show here is where Sookie comes: feeling guilty because she gave him Hep-V she ‘ll do anything to find a cure..I wanted Sookie to find a cure for Eric and not for that asshole(but he’s no asshole anymore) but I always forget that Sookie /Bill are SOUL MATES!! Oh gosh I need a barf bag ..Lettie Mae Lettie Mae where is the point of having her around…I mean someone please kill her!! Jason what the hell are you doing ? Hooking up with Jessica is suicidal..Bill has hep-V !!so I guess what go around comes around..Take care eveybody !Let’s not get angry it’s only a show (I hope the spoilers going around on Tumblr are not true.cuz if they are TB will pass in history for the worst show ever)

    • I’m glad about Eric and Pam reverting back to who they were in the first season, especially Eric. I miss his bad ass moments, people forget that he’s a vampire, not a saint, he shouldn’t give a damn about anyone, but right now he has a good reason.

    • You’ve made me think. This season is mirroring the first season in many ways (I hate when they do this because to me it’s the height of laziness, not cleverness). I wonder if the last thing we see is Laffy attacked/killed in the final episode…..

      • Jackie69-If by the spoilers going around tumblr, you are referring to the person called “no” from YouTube, I’m inclined to believe that person. I really don’t have much to say about the show one way or the other right now. I watch Alex’s scenes once, cringe at how deeply OOC and wrong (I feel) the writing is, and keep it moving.

        Thanks for the recap, Erika. 🙂 Wish I had more to say, but keeping it real, I don’t.

        • Yep I was referring to Mr. “no” from Youtube, I really hope that person is trolling because not only that ending a shitty one but it’s absolutely RIDICULOUS!!! What have we’ve watching in all these years!!!

          • Nothing would surprise me anymore, especially after that last horrible finale.

          • Jackie69-Thanks for confirming what I suspected. 🙂 If that is indeed the ending, I am beyond disappointed, but resigned, and would feel like I wasted my time. I wish I knew the ending now, bad or good, so I could have closure and move on. I don’t like this limbo feeling.

            tammydevil83-Nothing Bucky does surprises me either.

    • Bill will be asshole forever, because it´s in the head not in the blood… Bill and his flashbacks are unbelievably boring. Bill, when ju want to be with your family again, just do it! Like Godric… And don´t break parties with sorrowfull expression on your face!

  2. Thanks for the (always) entertaining and accurate review! Your thoughts are always right-on. But I have a couple comments to add.

    Nicole: STFU!! Nobody gives a sh*t! I’m so over this nobody character already. There was nothing wrong with trying to feel good after the tragedy they just went through. I guess she’s supposed to be Sam’s HEA but she’s only still around because she got pregnant. If they killed her off I’d barely notice, but once I did I’d be happy.

    Jessica: Get over yourself already! This is the same pattern she displayed with Hoyt. As soon as the guy loves you, he becomes a nuisance not worthy of your attention. Proceed to start treating him like crap. Only this time she got cheated on before she could do it herself. God, you’re not the best thing that ever happened to the entire male gender! Give us a break! Save the whining, please. Maybe this is being done to set her up to be with Jason. But she would probably do same thing to him once she had him hooked. Feel free to show up at my house with torches and pitchforks. That’s what I think.

    I’m totally shipping James and Lafayette.

    Also, it’s time for violet to die. Please! So sick of her!

    Eric was drool worthy in that cowboy hat, even though the bolo tie was a bit much. I hope he doesn’t die.

    I hate Bill but I’m not happy that he got hep-v. Now any sympathy or effort Sookie would have put forward to save Eric from the disease will be directed at Bill. Just a way for the writers to focus the attention back on him. They don’t care that he will never be redeemed in our eyes. They are hell bent on attempting it anyway.

    Thank you for all you do.


  3. This one sounds like another train wreck to me, I’ll have to watch the Eric scenes later because that’s all I care about.

  4. Your summation is perfect and I agree with every point you made. I am doing something that I haven’t done in a long time..watching an episode more than once. I did that with the last episode of course, but I this one has some of the elements that have been missing for so long. Key is the relationship between Eric and Pam, and the humor, both theirs and others in the cast. What I can live without, Lettie Mae. Why in the world we are seeing so much of her is beyond me. We are in the home stretch writers, don’t waste precious time on characters no one cares about.

  5. Whats this now? Billy helped with the underground railroad too? What that poor man wouldn’t do for his country huh? It’s actually quite sad how desperate they are to try to make him likeable. I’m a northerner/aka yankee but I secretly hope southerners will view him as a traitor, lol. Loved watching the tumblr scene of E with the jaw though. Oh and Eric and Pam are always fabuloso. Doesn’t seem like we are missing much more.

  6. my happiness over Bill having HepV was short lived once i realized that this might be the set up for Bill and Sookie to get back together, once she finds out she’s probably going to do the old “I can’t imagine a world without you in it” and she’ll completely forgive him for every wrong he has ever done to her. Because you know he’s not the same vampire that did all those horrible things (sarcasm).

  7. I can’t believe I’m writing this, but my absolute favorite scene was Arlene hiding behind
    sookie while the new vamp blew her skirt up. I LIKE a NEW character: what?! And her delivery of tinkle line? So pitch perfect and HYSTERICAL. It reminded me how often she brings the excellent comedy like LaLa. I’m glad she, at least, is getting a chance to shine this season.

    Am I the only one who noticed that Bill was reminiscing about his lost family in all these flashbacks? The common thread is that he loves and misses THEM. He isn’t sitting in the tub, remembering romance w/ Sookie….no he’s remembering when he told his wife she is HIS ONE TRUE, ONLY LOVE….uh, ok…..dare I hope they’ll bring back book plot there? Except keep him w/ her? A girl can still dream. I do think it’s significant that hes not hung up on Sookie in his thoughts! He longs to be the human he used to be because he’s been an evil, abusing, raping, serial killing vamp and longs to erase that, but that’s not about Sookie. I think really, Bill is just in love w/ himself.

  8. I like everybody else was delighted when we saw bill had hep v but then a really disturbing theory popped into my head and I really need somebody to tell me there’s more chance of pam becoming human.
    What if Eric allines himself with the yakuza (since the yakuza only killed some woman he was sleeping with and Sarah killed his sister in a round about way).
    So Eric and the yakuza hunt Sarah find her kill her. Now say the yakuza had been given a cure by whoever it was that made tru blood they give some to Eric.
    So Eric has the cure and somehow ends up back in Bon temps right he then learns about bills hep v
    And that’s Eric’s dilemma we’ve read about. We all know when it comes to sookie he has a massive blind side. She’s the love of his life he’s offered to end his own life at least three times and threatend to kill pam.
    If doesn’t think he’s the right man for sookie (ha) then he may try to save bill for her.
    What would be worse Eric meeting the true death or Eric meeting the true death for bill.
    So please somebody debunk this theory that my crazy head came up with and tell me even old ball and Bucky wouldn’t be that cruel.

    • Well is not that crazy because i don’t think Sookie would let him do that, she loves him too, in that case she would be like the season 4 finale when she choose to be alone, f it comes to Eric and Bill she can choose she likes to jump from one to the other even if she’s with one she cares about the other, i think Eric’s dilemma would be either to be cure and become human or die, or the same choise he made in ep 3 except with Sookie instead of Sylvie, i hope is one of those instead of giving his life for Bill that would be totally OCC, and don’t worry i’ve came up with some crazy theories myself that just make me feel sad or mad

      • Thanks for that out of the two options you mentioned I would like it to be simler to Sylvie except that Eric has two choose between turning her or killing her.
        If we go by warlow it seems that that’s the worst thing you could do to a fairy maybe sookie annoys the makers of true blood when she try’s to find a cure.
        I just hate the thought of Eric giving his life for bill a vampire who has never had loyalty to anyone from his maker (part of the reason she went nuts was because of how he treated her) to sookie (I don’t need to get into that) to his childe (who he tried to get rid of not an hour after she rose) not to mention his queen his sheriff nan and everybody he’s ever been around.

    • No, I don’t think his dilemma has anything to do with Bill, hopefully. If the rumors are true, we know Sookie will end up saving him. I think she would only be able to save one vampire, so Eric is screwed unless he finds another cure.

      • I hope your right about Eric not giving up for bill cause if we reacted to the end of season 6 the way we did I’d hate to see how we would react to that.

        • Yeah that would be another choice but i really don’t think Eric will die if there’s a cure it for the both of them or just Eric because Bill will go into a suicide mission we all hope

  9. After all, he was really only w/ Sookie a few weeks…never mind all the vile things he’s done to her. It’s hardly a real, enduring love for less than a month. Her only real relationship must have been Alcide, though its not clear how long they were together in those 6 months.

    I don’t think Bucky realized that HBO would pull the plug on season 8, so the train wreck from season 6 finale is even bigger, rushed mess than it already was…sigh.

    • Also, I’ve sometimes wondered if that’s why Sookie held off Eric and her feelings for him. She was ready to marry Bill in season 2 after just a few weeks of dating…really her hesitation is about doubting herself…so imagine my surprise last ep when Sookie let it all hang out w/ Eric…he is absolutely the only character she let herself be totally vulnerable with. I’m probably a total idiot, but that whole ep gave me renewed hope that we could get the HEA we long for. It could be a goodbye…or it could be Sookie finally realizing he ACTS like he loves her, he doesn’t just TELL her.

      • I don’t think you’re an idiot,Kristin.

        I believe Eric truly luv her. I think he rejected her luv,because he don’t want to see her suffer when he melts and he knew Sookie luv Billy boy more than him *vomit* and she already breaks his heart 3 times….1.) She kicked him out of her house in the end of season 3 (but he made up for her to brought her house); 2.) She rejected him after he recovered from his amnesia in season 4; 3.) She kicked him out of the house again….I don’t blame Eric at all, He don’t want to get his heart broken again.

        I really hope she gets drain dry by Sicko Billy.

      • Good point, Kristen, when you think about it, Sookie and Bill were hardly together at all and she hasn’t been with him since the third season. And we’re supposed to believe this is a great love story? Their entire relationship has been filled with lies, manipulation, and abuse. The writers really must be delusional over there.

      • I think you totally just hit the nail on the head saying Eric acts like he loves her vs. Bill just saying it over and over again. That’s exactly what it is. Eric doesn’t exactly talk about his feelings, but he shows them through his actions. And I think that’s what Pam was kind of driving at when she told Bill he and Sookie weren’t going to happen.

        It could be good-bye, but you just articulated why I prefer Eric and Sookie so much to Bill and Sookie.

  10. I keep having this dreams where Eric and Sookie end up together hahahaha that can only happen in my dreams. Sometimes i think that Bill and Sookie are the end game and sometimes i think he will die, but E/S i don’t think they would work together unless they made her a vampire cause Eric as a human is just weird, and this Sookie is not the one from the books. Speaking of those books the horrible last one bothered me so much well i hated it because Eric didn’t get a happy ending clearly i was upset thar he and Sookie dindn’t get the HEA but he would have been happy at least i would feel better about the whole series but that just ruined all to me so i can’t read them anymore, hopefully the show won’t make the same mistake and give Eric a happy ending even if is far from Sookie, HEA for Pam too and Lala

  11. Great recap Erika, you got every single plot point in there. I totally agree that Alex/Eric looked awesome in that cowboy hat….Whew…… I couldn’t stop thinking/dreaming about him in that hat……….LOL

    I also agree that Lettie Mae has to go, I was so relieved when Tara died, cause she annoyed the crap out of me and now we’re stuck with her even more annoying mother who I think I hate more than I hated the Tara character. She adds nothing to the story, so I wish they’d just get rid of her annoying ass already!!

    Bill is his usual boring asshole self. I don’t think any character on this show has been as self-centered as him ever. Enough said about him. I’m hoping that Hoyt shows up this coming episode we could use a breath of fresh air. Other than that, I also agree that I can see the story coming around to the similarities to season one.

    I am waiting to see what happens this Sunday as we’re getting down to the last 4 episodes and then we’re done, fini, over………………..(sobs, sobs, sniffle)

  12. loved the last episode…especially the end where Bill Compton found out to his horror
    that he is now a carrier of Hep-V!!!! Have waited for this to happen for 7 years.
    Don’t want to see Eric & Pam die….
    Loved that Jason & Jessica are back together!

  13. WTF?? This is how it’s going to end??? Although, I don’t have HBO anymore. I’m so pissed that I spent so much time and money hosting previous season premieres. I thought it was going to balance itself out in the end. But this is a total FU to all Eric fans…Billy boy always gets what he wants: forgiveness, HEA, screen time, sympathy, innocence (writer’s BS)….Anything else that will make him “the good guy.” I really hope these spoilers are false.

    • That really shouldn’t be a shock at this point, the writers have always screwed us over. They give us hope, just to take it away a second later, that’s why I no longer have any. Even if these spoilers aren’t true, we still know Sookie will likely end up with Bill. I’m just glad I won’t be watching it.

      • I thought they would reevaluate their writing….at the end. Don”t they remember the fan’s reaction from season 6? But one thing is for sure….I’m also NOT watching this BS.

        • No, they don’t relly care at this point, not that they ever did much before. But it being the last season, they seem to care even less.

          • hmmm.. Then my only hope is for True-blood to loose a lot of viewers. “no” should’ve kept posting these spoilers so that everyone will know how F**ktarded this show is.

  14. If this theory about Billy Boy becomes human, I came up with another theory that it wouldn’t long last.

    Here’s my theories I came up for that theory:
    I think Eric’ll come to near death at Amber’s around ep 7 (I believe she will help them escape in the next ep) and Pam glamours Sarah(she’s also at Amber’s,but Sarah don’t known there’s a cure. So Pam calls Ginger gets Sookie and tells her she owes her (for turning Tara). Ginger shown up at Sookie’s,but she wasn’t there and Sookie’s at Niall’s to find a cure for her sicko Billy (he already just becomes freaking human.*eyesroll*). But Ginger runs into Jason and tells him that her boss need Sookie for her help. So Jason calls his sis that Pam wants her and Sookie shown up with Niall. And then, she saw Eric lying on his deathbed. She wonders that maybe it will work on Eric and let Niall give it a try (probably Eric’ll have sex with Sookie after he cures. Maybe Eric will becomes sexual active after he cures). After Eric’s dr. appartment with Dr. Lugwig, the Yakuza guys shown up and ruins everything. They will have a big fight and Sarah gets kill.

    But Here’s the three options come in for Eric’s faith… a.) he ends up risking his life to get Sookie away… b.) Niall let Eric and Pam get away and told them he will hold them off…Or c.) they got away and Eric finds out he is human from Dr. Lugwig’s examine.

    If it’s C.); Eric decides to be a vamp again to make Sookie happy as living a human life with Billy. So Sookie rushes to Bon Temp and shown up at Billy’s,but she saw Jessica’s holding dying Billy in her arm and she told Sookie that Billy wants her ends his suffering. She finds he’s already human,too. She will ask Violet if she turns him to save his life and leave them alone after that, she agrees. They dug up Billy’s grave,but Violet pushes Sookie in his grave and demand Billy feed off on her as his maker (she sounds like another Lorena to me). Jason and guys tackles her,but she injuries Hoyt when he was going to about shoot that b**ch and jess gave Hoyt some her blood. Violet thrown them in Billy’s dungeon with a bunch of Hep V vamp,but she ends up feeding off Adylinn and use her to open up the gateway to faeryland. (Because her true motive reveals that she wants to go faerieland to drink many faeries,because she want to rule the world.) Eric shown up with Pam and reveals he still is human, he starts free Jason and others. Jason tells him that Sookie’s in danger and leave Pam with jason and the others. He rushes to the graveyard and watch in horror when he saw Sookie gets feed off of Billy in his own grave. So he jumps on Billy with silver chain around his neck (he says “Get the f**k off of her”). When Billy’s unconsense, Eric gives Sookie some V to heal her (revieces from Laffy), but Billy wakes and ends up attack Eric. Sookie awake up and watches Eric stuggles to get Billy off of him. So Sookie ends up use all her faery power to snap Billy with her ball of light by saving Eric. She runs up and hugs Eric (even kiss him). When the townspeople tries to stop Violet’s going to use Adilynn to open the gateway,but Adylin gets away and they accientically releasing Mab’s army to bring chaos in the world. But Jason shown up with a bunch of vamps and gets in a battle,but vamps starts to feed off faeries and suddley becomes humans (like Eric and Billy was). Niall shown up and shut the gateway and Violet stakes by Pam.

    If it’s A by Eric sacficing his life to help Sookie get away at Amber’s; Probably she finds out Billy’s human and the town’s taken over by Violet, she have to waste her ball on Violet to save the town and Jason’s getting turn (We will might re-live through the nightmare again)…..I would rather see Sookie use her faery ball on Billy.

    If it’s B,I think it’ll going to be a simliar to Plot C,but I think Plot C borrows this idea from. I think Plot B’s Eric will get cure by Niall,but they makes the Yazkua a deal to makes faerie’s blood as the TruBlood products and in exchange to save Bon Temp from Violet and the faeries. i don’t think Eric will get the girl in this plot. 😦 I think he and Pam come later on after the faerie arrive with the help of Yazkua. I has a sick feeling that Billy boy will become the “hero” again and save Sookie from Violet to opening the gateaway and Sookie ends up sacrificing her self by using the faery ball on her,but it’s too late and it cause a massive war that (last about 2 eps). I think Eric’s going leading the hep V vamps to fight the faeries at the end after the townspeople risking their lives to protect,but she becomes Billy boy’s new pet at the end….I would imagine the writer edited the faerie war by shorten it than make it 2 hours long, I think it will do that in Plot C. I would rather to see Billy short-live and turns back as the evil vamp that he once was and then dies.

  15. Thanks for the review!!! As always magnifique!!

  16. TYes Eric in that cowboy

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