SDCC: Day Two


I’m back, with some more goodies from Comic-con! It could be some stuff I did not get to post yesterday as well as some new stuff!

As to what B was up to yesterday, I think I filled you in but how about a recap? Her plans were to donate at the Blood Drive True Blood is a part of (running through Sunday), attend the Giver panel and camp out for the GOT panel!

Let’s start with the Blood Drive! If you were on Twitter then you might have seen her tweets during this time. She was quite entertaining! She donated blood, all in the name of Eric Northman and she got Swagged !




She then went to the Giver panel where she gained more useful information about the movie.


Well that was yesterday and today is now here. What is she up to today ? I do believe she is sitting in Hall H awaiting the TWD and GOT panels! Then, afterwards another night of camping out for Ballroom 20 for the True Blood panel.

This just happened as well. Our very own B is this weeks Trubie!


You can read all her great answers at True to the End and do leave comments because she let her preference for Eric show!!

Tune back in for more from #SDCC2014 where we will have news and pictures from all the joys of the day! Plus, what B’s next plans are!


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  1. congratulations B on getting trubie of the week, I’m glad it went to someone who is so loyal to Eric.

    • I second Charlotte’s comments. Congratulations, B, on Truebie of the Week. I also appreciate your sharing the info on The Giver. I look forward to that film next month. And good on you for donating blood. 🙂 Best of luck with the TWD and GoT panels today and TB tomorrow. And thanks, Nymerias, for reporting B’s findings. 🙂

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