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Well, once again I am back with more action from yesterday at COMIC CON 2014! There was so much goodness yesterday, I can hardly contain myself. I will touch on some of it here and some on my personal blog (so as not to hijack this post with all things Outlander. I am obsessed, what can I say?

As you all know by now, our very own B is at #SDCC and we have been bringing you news as she is able to bring it to us. Remember, you can catch her LIVE tweets @VikingWenches!

Yesterday, B was in Hall H for such panels as ‘The Walking Dead’and Game of Thrones. Where The Walking Dead is concerned, the season 5 Comic Con Trailer was shown and all lucky fans got to see it, even the ones sitting at home, living vicariously through through their friends.




TWD Trailer


They started off the panel with a blooper reel and I am with B in that I hope the True Blood peeps were paying attention because I think we have all wanted to see a blooper real from that show for quite some time. I am sure Alex, Ryan and Nelson’s (in particular) were comedy gold. Oh hell, actually the whole cast but those would be my top three. I digress…again.

Blooper reel!

B’s Observations

Craig Ferguson moderated… In nudity “Porn of Thrones”… Big laugh.

George got questioned a lot about what happens when show exceeds written material. He reefs that show and book are 2 entities and Scarlet oHara (book she has 3 kids but movie she has 1… So which is the right version since both mediums are classics)

Gwen and Rory’s interaction about their battle scene was epic.

Kit was asked about his comments for male nudity.. He backed off since he said the writers/producers at the panel would end up having him out of his kit next season. J Bradley (Sam) is all for male nudity since it will up the boob count (lots of laughs)

Kit and Ygrite discussed last scene moment..




Yes, I have to mention Outlander because as I told you I am obsessed! B was not there for the Outlander yesterday but others folks were and it was told that it was all so damn good! I will touch up more on this on my blog but will leave you with the link to the trailer because you just have to read and watch this series.

Outlander Trailer

So where is B right now as I type this out? She is currently sitting in Ballroom 20 and on panel 2, Once Upon a Time!! Can you say Hook and Emma? Following that panel is The Fan Favorite Panel which I know includes Colin O’ Donahue (Hook), Misha Collins (Castiel) and Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser) plus more!



The panels in this room today are as follows:
3.Fan Favorite
4.American Dad
7.True Blood

It would suck to wait all day for the one panel you most want to see but that is the way of the Con! B says she is going to sleep after the panels today…lol! Tomorrow she will be visiting with Con friends, seeing exhibits she missed due to panels and saying goodbye to friends and watch True Blood!

Adding this from the Fan Favorite Panel because the ones I mentioned above are included as to what appears to be Brienne from GOT!

Picture from Outlander TV News Twitter

Picture from Outlander TV News Twitter

Come back when will have today’s action tomorrow!


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  1. How sweet of her. She having a fun time. 🙂

  2. I have that Team Eric shirt, the only team worth being on.

  3. Sounds like B is having a ball out there!! Thanks Nymerias for taking the time to relay to all of us whats’ going on. I found and watched Kristins’ interview with TV Line. I just love her, Bless her heart, she is just so emotional she just started tearing up whenever final was mentioned, i.e. final scene with Eric, final scene with the rest of the group etc, for playing such a hard ass bitch, she personally is such a tender hearted person. I hope she does get the chance to lighten her next character up a bit in a comedy. She deserves it after all the Doom and Gloom of being a vampire…. I’m sure there will be a lot more later to talk about after the True Blood panel today, so with that, I’ll say, talk to all of you later.

    • Your welcome! Gah, so much to keep up with and between all the good stuff that happened yesterday(some of which I am just now seeing, I had my nose in a book) I am feeling overwhelmed. And I am not even there.

      I am still trying to catch up on yesterday’s action as well as today’s! Trying to catch see if I can catch yesterday’s panels online. I don’t know how they all manage at Con lol

  4. Saw the teaser they showed at Comic Con. Sookie runs to Bill in another, skimpier white nightgown and tells him she will remain with him till he dies, they share a fucking french kiss, Eric flying off Bill’s porch with Sookie looking on in a bathrobe, Sookie telling Jessica that she will find a miracle for Bill, and Eric telling Sookie once fucking again that she is one of the very few people he cares about.

    I am so depressed right now…It feels like DEA all over again…I want to puke and cry and rip Buckner’s heart off Eric style!

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