True Blood Season 7: Comic Con Week’s Ahead Trailer


True Blood HBO appeared in Ballroom 20 at the San Diego Comic Con earlier today. During their panel they revealed a trailer for the week’s ahead and we have the trailer for you to see!

WARNING: If you don’t want to know and/or you don’t want to puke – don’t watch below!

Spoiler sign

Here…you’re probably going to need this.

Stillwell, Charles

…and this too.


That should get you ready…now you can watch this gag-fest below.

Did I see Eric telling Sookie there’s a handful of vampires and Sookie, who are the only ones he cares about? That must be the last Eric and Sookie scene we heard about in those You Tube spoilers.

As for the rest…


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96 comments on “True Blood Season 7: Comic Con Week’s Ahead Trailer

  1. Yeah, I’m so not watching. I really hope there were lots of boos in the audience because this is beyond ridiculous.

  2. She can’t wait to cure Bill not Eric? I hope some of it is a dream she is having, like kissing Bill. But the bonus it looks like Eric gets cured anyway. Hoping Voilet gets staked!

  3. I am feeling so unbelievably homicidal right now! I would be ripping hearts and faces if I could. But since I cannot do any of these things, I am going to save myself the torture and not watch this crapfest when it airs. Then later, I am going to put on HBOGO, forward through the shit to watch ASkars and him only, and finish with this fucking show!
    I am so done.
    How did this happen with us guys? We have been fucked over again. And I do not appreciate it at all. Never watching anything from Alan Ball or Brian Buckner ever again. Just like I’ll never be reading anything from CH again.

    Am I getting too worked up here? Am I being rude/impolite/ill-fucking-mannered? Shit maybe! But I can’t help it. I really cared about Eric. How the hell am I going to finish my fanfiction stories if I hate Sookie fucking Stackhouse this much right now?

    • In a word…nope. You’re not getting too worked up or being rude, etc. We got screwed…both on the show and in the books. As for your fanfictions…if I had an answer for that, I’d tell you…but as a fanfic writer myself, I have the same problem. Sorry…

    • Yeah, I can no longer write fan fiction for them, either. I just really hate her, but I’m not about to let some stupid show get me all worked up, I have enough problems in my life as it is to let this keep getting to me. You can just not watch, it’s all we can do at this point and trust me, it really helps. I’ve just been watching Eric’s scenes online because I can’t give him up, no matter what they do. But unlike CH, these writers actually haven’t been leading us on. They’ve always made it clear how much they love Bill and that he’s her friggin’ soul mate. We knew they would end up together, so nothing should really be a surprise. Just as long as Eric survives, I can handle anything else. It’ll all be over soon and we can finally put this train wreck behind us.

      • What also helps…is getting involved in another fandom (Olicity) where they actually are writing about the most popular couple and are giving fans what they want (kinda). Isn’t that right Tammy? 😉

        • LOL, I was just about to say that and from what I heard, even Stephen Amell said that the only woman in Oliver’s life from now on is Felicity, so I think he just admitted to them being end game. Oh, I hope that’s true, right now I care way more for them than I ever did for Eric and Sookie.

          • You know…me too! LOL That’s scary…You know I vowed not to get involved in another fandom right? But they are just SO GOOD and everyone (including the cast and writers) loves them too. LOL

          • Yep, all except Katie Cassidy who is not an Olicity fan, but I bet she’s just jealous because Laurel doesn’t get nearly as much love.

      • You are right Tammy. The writers of this show did not lead us on. But it is still so so tough to watch. And what they weren’t prepared for was Alexander Skarsgard fucking decimate Bill’s screen appeal. He was the true work of art here, because of whom I kept coming back and watching, inspite of knowing the writers had lost it in the middle of S4.
        Yeah I am going through a shitload of personal issues and this was the only escape that got my mind off my problems. Guess I need to find something else. And quickly.
        But yes, I will heed your words and not watch.

        • I don’t think anyone saw Alex’s popularity coming, even CH blamed him for why everyone loved Eric, but she really brought that all on herself. People loved him before the show, if she wanted people to hate that character, she could have easily written him differently instead of waiting until the last book to completely screw him over. It’s just proof that she was really only in it for the money and I will never read anything else she writes again. As for TB, I never had any hope for Eric and Sookie, those people live in their own delusional world where if two actors are together in real life, that must mean they belong together on the show, even when they have absolutely no chemistry whatsoever on screen.

          • EXACTLY!!! CH did it to herself by writing him the way she did. Also I call BS on her whole Sam and Sookie was her plan along…ok sure maybe at first but wench you strung us all along with Eric and Sookie for at least 8 books my thing is why waste so much time building a relationship in a series if it was never your intention to have them together.

            Also I heard from CH’s own mouth at a book signing that she was surprised by how much people loved Eric.

          • I don’t blame you, Tammy. I don’t like the writers want to make the show revolves around the couple’s luv lives. I am really sick of Buckner keeps gagging about it….Look at Dexter, the writers tried to made the show revolved around Jennifer and Michael as Dexter and Deb,but they made it cr*ppy.

          • Yeah, it’s such a load of crap that CH had it planning to be Sam the whole time. I guess we were just reading something completely different because I never once saw that, they had no chemistry. Sookie just basically settled for him, I don’t care what she says.

          • Tammy, I completely agree with you… except I will never read CH again, not only because she was in it for the $$$ (and it worked!) but because, IMO, she isn’t a good writer. I have friends, a couple of whom are getting published, that have only written a small fraction of what CH has written but they are 10x the writer that CH is. Seriously. I only stuck with the books because I LOVED Book!Sookie SO. MUCH. BETTER. than Trueblood!Sookie and I had to see how the books ended. I HATE TB!Sookie. Yes, for CH, Sam/Sookie was endgame but at least Book!Sookie was much smarter than this one.

            And yes, the way she had Book!Eric turn was awful. He was great until then… and she just does a brilliant job of destroying her characters, IMO of course.

          • Yeah, I don’t think her writing is all that great, I only stuck it out with the books for Eric and Sookie and got completely screwed. CH should really take a lesson from her friend Jeaniene Frost, now she knows how to write and did not leave me disappointed at all. I didn’t love Book!Sookie that much toward the end, but she was definitely better than TB!Sookie.

  4. I posted some theories on “Karma ” that based on that possible spoilers.

    I also wrote in 1 of my theory that I believe Billy boy will might short-live as a human and becomes a vamp again by Violet,because I think he will ask Jessica stake him to his suffering before he becoming human… Probably Sookie rushes back and finds out he’s dying (from blood loss from stake). So they makes a deal with Violet. But I think she will demand Billy kills Sookie,Eric will shown up and save her.

    Do you want to read my theories I came up?

  5. Omg…WTF! WTF! so the spoilers are true. Sh*t … so freaking pissed right now!

  6. Ok. The BS snog has me being reintroduced to my lunch.

    BUT! Yes this trailer seems very depressing but it seems to be trying to make us believe Bill and Sookie are the endgame. Which would be a bookend since it started that way. However, will a show which prides itself on surprises really let us think something only to actually have it happen?

  7. I shouldn’t have watched that I was already feeling sick today!!

    • Yeah, it really helps to not watch. I’m glad I’m just sticking to the Eric scenes, but it sucks that it looks like he has another one with Sookie. I hoped that last episode was it because I could have dealt with that goodbye, now it’s just going to be worse when she once again chooses Bill. I wish he would just forget about her, she’s not worth it.

  8. Can’t watch the trailer personally, but saw some gifs on tumblr. That was more than enough for me. Thanks for the info, Erika (and the barf bag, and the Jack Daniels-always necessary 🙂 ). I read somewhere that on the TB Comic-Con panel, Paquin apparently said Harris did the “right” thing putting Sookie with Sam. Whatever. I saw Sookie kissing her rapist. I just don’t have it. “Love” the pandering Eric/Sookie scene. Another whatever from me. Sorry, I don’t think I can do this anymore. 🙂 I admit defeat. I’m dipping my toes in Masters of Sex and getting more into Ray Donovan. I also watch a lot of TV “junk food” to escape (too much probably-lol) and documentary/real-life stories-type stuff. I like the ID Channel and Snapped on Oxygen. When I can “handle” it, I read Eric/Sookie fanfic. I watch Alex’s films over and over (just watched The East again). I want as many spoilers as I can get. The truth sets me free. Have a nice rest-of-weekend everyone. 🙂

  9. But on a lighter note, did anyone see this?

    Love Kristin!
    *apologies if I broke rules by posting the link.*

  10. Wow, I totally agree with everyones’ comments above. So instead of repeating it all in my comment, I will say I agree 110% with everyone and either watch/or don’t watch the final 5 episodes. Its’ fine with me, I know I didn’t read CH last crapfest book either, so I understand.

  11. I really hope Fans b**ch Buckner and the lovely dovey Steve and Anna out for ruining True Blood with “Billy luv Sookie” sicomance that they created at the panel.

    Did you ask B a lot of fans yells at them for ruining their favorite show?

  12. There goes the DVD sales! Can’t believe they didn’t think about that.

  13. Not sure anyone will read this but have to ask why why does this show have to do this to us?
    Fine I get the show wants to be controversial but you could have done anything else and we would have been fine with it hell you could have sookies blood turn vampires into fairies if they drink enough of it.
    But this there are just no words why couldn’t sookie be their for bill as a friend that I would have been more than happy with I’d rather her stake him but at this stage I’ll take anything.
    Seven years we have given this show and this is what we get and the thing that really annoys me is that because they’ve written these two characters with such incredible chemistry that has never wavered from their first scene to the last we saw. A part of me still hopes that this is all a bluff.

    • If only that were true, but we can pretty much guess it’s not a bluff. I see it as Sookie feeling guilty for infecting him and wanting to be with him any way she can, even if it is just one last time, but we know he’s going to be saved so that’s pointless. It’s sad to know that she never cared for Eric enough, she just accepted that he was dying and didn’t even care to try and find a cure for him, but when it’s her precious Bill that’s dying, she’s willing to do anything she can to save him when he has done nothing to deserve it. I really wish Eric would forget about her and move on with Pam, somewhere far away from that shitty town.

      • Even if sookie infected him she shouldn’t feel guilty for that all he has caused is misery and pain not just to her but the people around him.
        There is nobody that i can think of in that world he has done any good for and it sickens me that she is willing to let her soulmate die for somebody who every single problem she has can be traced to him.
        To me he is the baddie of the show and no other can top him even lornea had some good qualities.

        • That’s just how Sookie is, she feels guilty for pretty much everything that happens in that town. She always forgives Bill for everything, which just shows how pathetic she is. He’s the one who should be blamed for most of what’s been going on.

  14. Hi! Long time reader…first time posting! Just wanted to start off by saying I love this site! Reading all the posts and comments, spoilers and interviews, rants and raves… I love it all! Can someone tell me where I can find these you tube spoilers I keep hearing about? Thanks!

  15. You were right! We needed the barf bag and I’d need to be in a whiskey coma to help bleach my brain from that. It goes to show my belief to not watch past season 4 episode when she told Eric she loved Beehl. Yep after that, stick a fork in me I was done. I’ll admit to going online to watch Alex’s scenes cuz how can you not watch that man.
    I buried my nose in fanfic after the stab in the back CH gave us and I’ll do the same after the shit sandwich Buckner and TIIC give us.

  16. I just hope they dont plan to have eric sacrifice his life for sookie if that happens ill freak!!!! Im tired of him telling her anything just give him his separate life and why bother showing them together? So he can worship at the altar of sookie? The most unlikeable female character in forever?

  17. I’m justa happy cause after this trailer i have no hopes anymore so i’ll just enjoy Alex’s scenes and watch the rest not thinking how they screw us over, the things that i noticed on the trailer there’s at least to more scenes between Sookie and Eric, one on Bill’s house where we see Eric fly and Sookie is wearing a black robe after probably slept with Bill and the other where Eric tell Sookie that he cares for her and she’s dressed,the scene that has me confused is one where we see a woman in a chair with a baby and a men (who looks like Bill) walks in but for the color of the scene looks like a flashback or maybe the future cause the woman looks like Sookie can anyone confirm if it’s Sookie? cause if it is thats shitty she and Bill with a baby barf bag please

    • andreitacnm, the lady with the baby and Billy/Sookie “kiss” in the trailer, I believe it’s tonight ep…. I remembered there’s a casting call for the younger himself and his wife for flashback. I think the lady in the preview’s his wife and I think it’s a defintly flashback….The “kiss”, I got a gut feeling she will kiss that a**hole after she feels guilty after she gave him hep V. I would imagine Billy Boy ends up become bloodthrusting psychopath and feasting off Sookie (like he did season 3) after she kissed him at the end of tonight’s ep. :/ Probably Eric will come to her rescue,I would dreamt of.

      • No, my guess is she does more than just kiss him, hence her sitting with him shirtless and that’s probably when Eric shows up, to see her wearing one of his robes. I’m tired of him always getting screwed over. Bill is done being a psychopath, didn’t you know that? He’s just a good guy now.

        • That is my guess as well but then there’s the other scene where he tells her he cares about her and i wonder if that is before or after the robe scene, i know that E/S is not happening i hust wish they would remain in good terms but after watching that i’m scared the serie would end with then not only apart but Eric angry with Sooie( with all the reasons in the world) so that way is possible she and Bill are together forever eww

  18. How many of us think Bucky will get another job show running?.
    I think that he and the writers must have broken the cardinal rule that no matter how many spectacular bad choices they make the lead character has to be somebody that we have the utmost faith that they will find a way out.
    Judging by that trailer they have really failed in that.

    • Well, I will definitely not watch anything else he gets put in charge of. I still can’t believe this guy wrote for Friends, that’s one of my favorite shows.

  19. In the comic con panel Stephen said that Bill had to glamour his wife so she would not remember him and did the same for Sookie and those were really hard scenes to shoot my question is that scene with Sookie has already happened? cause i don’t remember and in the trailer he said i wanna set her free now i wonder he if glamours Sookie into forgeting him and have a life alone or with Eric since it seems he gets cured (some people even said he’s turned human) or glamours her into forgeting him and Eric an allows Sookie to have a life on her own

    • Yeah, except she can’t be glamored, unless this would happen after she supposedly loses her powers. But the writers are just so stupid, I wouldn’t be surprised if they forgot that she can’t be glamored.

  20. I dont want her with eric at this point i want him happy and free with pam and i want willa to rejoin them!

  21. my thoughts *post 7.06* is that there could be a slim chance that Eric and Sookie might still end up together. From the 7.07 promo, it looks like that will be the episode where Sookie and Bill kiss (she is wearing the white dress from the Comic Con trailer) and then the synopsis for 7.08 is that Bill will alienate Sookie (presumably to do with that conversation with Eric about Sookie’s light). What’s more is that I just find it really hard to believe that the showrunner would just blatantly giveaway the endgame. I mean he’s not an idiot, he knows that tons of fans are incredibly invested in who Sookie ends up with… and isn’t it early for Sookie to finally choose who she wants in 7.07? Plus, not to mention, her kiss with Bill is in the trailer. I just really feel like they would want to surprise us. The Sookie/Eric scenes we got in 7.04 were a complete surprise and they were amazing! I don’t know… maybe I’m just reading into this too much cause I have a tiny bit of hope for Eric and Sookie since he’s always been the one to love her best and has always put her first–something Bill cannot claim (still can’t believe he called her an abomination!). And as someone who’s read the books, I always wanted the Eric and Sookie ending that CH robbed us all. Sookie said it herself, even when Bill was at his best she still couldn’t completely trust him.. so why would the writers ever dream up an ending with her and Bill? I’m still gonna hold out a tiny bit of hope for Eric and Sookie

    • He is an idiot, they think they’re doing a good job and that people actually want her with Bill, first loves do not always mean forever loves. I really think they are oblivious to everything. Plus, B/S were hardly together at all and when they first met, he forces his blood down her throat after he watched as she got beat up, we should have known she would always be stupid once she forgave him for that. Anyway, It was too soon for any real feelings to have developed on their own, I just can’t believe Sookie keeps forgetting that it’s always the blood. She has the worst amnesia of anyone I’ve seen, even more than Eric did. I for one would never go back to someone who called me an abomination, but she’s always been a glutton for punishment. It being the final season, they probably care even less about surprising us. I think everything we’ve heard and seen is exactly what’s going to happen. It’s nice to still have some hope, but I just can’t anymore. I’ve been screwed over too many times by these writers, that’s also counting CH.

      • Yeah, you might be right about the writers not caring anymore. To be honest, it seems as though they stopped caring as soon as season 5 rolled around. I don’t know why I’m holding on to this slim amount of hope but I think it’s just because I can’t even believe that anyone would ever have Sookie choose Bill. You’re point about the blood is totally on the money.. it was the same in the books. Even after he raped her she still forgave him. But she didn’t choose him at least. She was nice to him, she stupidly let a lot go and kept close to him.. but that was it. Stephen said it himself!–that Bill was a horrible choice for her. The writers are trying so hard to force it this season by making him seem like such a martyr, and I just don’t get it. I was hoping that maybe the suggestion that Bucknell made that he wouldn’t say the exact nature of the close relationship between Bill and Sookie would be.. that maybe Bill would turn her and he would be her maker but not her chosen guy? I’m not sure… Maybe Sookie won’t end up with Eric, but I at least hope that they’ll have a few more good scenes together. We already know that Eric will tell her about his feelings for her, and I just hope it doesn’t end up being some incredibly stupid scene where she totally ruins it with crap about Bill. A girl can dream, right?

        • What I really want is for Eric to tell her off, I’m tired of him always pouring his heart out only to get stomped on. He deserves better than that, and I’m with you that I can’t understand how anyone could choose Bill over Eric, he’s not even in the same league at all. I just want a good ending for Eric, hopefully somewhere far away from that shit town.

  22. Nail in the coffin: sookies quote of tonights epi: ‘I loved alcide and I guess I loved Eric in my own way, but you never forget your first’…… And that to me folks is all that needs to be said in this crap fest

  23. Is it just me or am I the only one that still has hope for Eric and Sookie endgame even after watching the trailer? I read a spoiler in season 8 Bill “isolates” Sookie… How do we not know that he’s got her trapped on his couch? Also even if Eric and Sookie don’t end up together, I still think Bill dies and I don’t see that she ends up with him at all. I think everything is too obvious … I think we are in for a surprise. Something shady is STILL going on with Bill. Are we 100% that was Bill she was kissing? I kept rewinding and couldn’t tell. Also, you have to remember- she’s been drinking his blood again (which he loves) and so of course she’s having some feelings for him again…

      • K, now that I got my emotions under control…. I envy you for ur positive perspective for the rest of the show, but we have to face the reality. The boat has sunk for us. If u saw the trailer from comic con…Sookie is wearing bill’s robe when she’s outside of his house talking to Eric. That’s enough proof that the friend zone is over. Plus Bucky said that their characters had such good chemistry that Anna and Stephen got married. So he incorporated that for this season… sucks but thank goodness I’m not watching it.

        • It just seems too obvious to put them together. I really hope she ends up with Eric but I feel very positive she will not end up with Bill- I may be wrong though.

          • Yeah, sorry, these writers don’t have any tricks up their sleeves. They don’t care about being obvious at this point, they’ve said many times it will always be Bill, at least we can be pretty sure that they’re not lying to us. I really don’t know why anyone would want her with Eric at this point, anyway, he deserves better.

          • Shana-I have had no hope for an Eric/Sookie endgame on TB since DEA Spoilergate last year. They’ve barely had scenes together since the end of s4, let alone an actual storyline together. Between the YouTube potential-spoiler guy “no,” this Comic-Con trailer, and Sookie’s “I suppose I loved Eric, too, in my own way” in the most recent ep, I feel even more strongly that I have been right about this. I still have this stubborn sneaking suspicion that Buckner might throw an eleventh-hour curveball and jam Sookie with Sam at the last second in the series finale, after Nicole is conveniently killed off or “sent away” just in time, but other than that, I think Buckner forced True Beel all the way. Sad but true. Take care. 🙂

  24. I don’t want her ends up with Hoyt. I remembered there’s some people saying Sookie will might wind up with Hoyt (that’s I thought,too.)….But I think they are pulling a “Sam” with Eric by getting cure or being human instead Billy…I still think the writers are going for a Book Sam’s route with Eric,because Sookie known everything and he always honest with her,because he’s always full of surprises like she known Sam very well in the books than the show. It seen like the writers are trying to make douchbag into Eric from the book (Alan Ball tried to accompliented there),because all those his gross scenes are rip-off of the books.

    I remembered Sookie traveled a lot in the books when she was with Eric,but she always wanted to settle in a normal life. She believes she was behind life,because her friends and family are married and have children. Pretty sure that she always want a normal life,but she keeps getting trap in Billy’s web. I really hope Eric’s the 1 who would free her.

    • You have to stop thinking it’s going to be anything like the books, it hasn’t before and it won’t be now. I don’t even know where Hoyt came from, that’s not happening, nor will she likely get with Sam. Even if his girlfriend does die, he’s not just going to hook up with Sookie after losing her and his baby, I would hope he’d respect them more than that and Sookie comes with way too much drama. I think the ship really sailed for those two after last season when he turned her down. Nope, it will always be Bill.

      • Yeah pretty much all the ships have sailed except B/S, Eric wouldn’t be happy being a human in Bon temps he deserve so much better and they’re not turning Sookie into a vampire, i still think they have a surprise for us on the finale, maybe Sookie just ends up with a ramdom guy and Bill dies

      • Tammy, there’s a poll on EW that what’ll happen when Hoyt shown up. 1 of them says Hoyt will ends up with Sookie and says that would be a twist at the end….I thought it at 1st. Because He concessed to Jessica that he has a crush on Sookie and asked her out,but she turned him down in season 2.

        • I wouldn’t go by anything they put in a poll, I’ve seen some weird things that never happened. Hoyt may have used to have a crush on her, but I doubt he does now and he has a girlfriend in Alaska last time we heard. He would likely end up dead if he got involved with Sookie. Although, as I have said before, anyone is better than Bill.

        • Hi, Shelli. 🙂 I saw that EW poll too. I think they put “Hoyt getting with Sookie” as an option in the poll as a joke. I don’t think the writers are going there (I don’t think). I think they brought Hoyt back just for season 1 nostalgia’s sake, since Bucky seems to think that seasons 2-6 don’t count. Take care. 🙂

  25. Question- who is staking someone at the end? And who is being staked? I couldn’t pause it quick enough.

    • I think is Eric staking Amber, Sarah’s sister

      • Someone said he stakes her to end her suffering, but that doesn’t make sense if she was cured. That sucks, I liked her, it’s Sarah that should die.

        • Maybe it’s to character-assassinate Eric. Gotta always level the playing field with Eric and Beel. Nanny nanny nanny, neener neener neener. 🙂 No, seriously, it might not look like what it seems, of course.

          • Well, that wouldn’t assassinate his character, she only just showed up. It’s not like anyone would have gotten attached to her already, unlike Molly in season 5. That is one of the many things I will never forgive the douchebag for. No matter what they make Eric do, he’ll never be worse than Bill in my eyes. But yeah, it’s probably not what it seems. Not that I can judge, I didn’t actually watch the video.

          • tammy-*whispers*-I didn’t watch the video too. (What else is new with me?) 🙂

            They’ll never character-assassinate Eric with me and some other viewers. I just see comments online from people who actually believe that Eric would do some of the things the last batch of writers have Eric doing and get mad at him, or, conversely, justify his OOC (JMO) behavior. It’s frustrating to me, but there’s nothing I can do about it, of course (except whine 🙂 ).

            I saw Amber’s scenes with Eric and Pam in ep. 5 (not her scenes in ep. 6) and I like her already, but, yeah, she just showed up, I’m not attached to her. IIRC, Amber is not giving away Sarah’s location (at least not yet), Amber seems to be cured of the Hep-V, Eric wants to know why (I think that’s where we’re at in the story-I might be missing something). Eric might simply be threatening Amber to the brink of the True Death to get to Sarah.

            I LOVED Molly. One of many things I hate Beel for (oh, but Authority nest behavior made Beel do that, Beel was afraid of Salome and the Authority, it’s not Beel’s fault, it’s NEVER Beel’s fault).

            Eric is good (real, flawed, just like most of the rest of us). Bill is evil and never has to deal with the consequences of his actions. It’s that simple to me.

            Take care. 🙂

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