True Blood Episode 7.07 “One Last Time” Promo


By now some of you have finished watching True Blood Episode 7.06 “Karma” – let’s find out what’s going to happen next week? Here’s the promo for next week’s episode titled,  “One Last Time”.

WARNING: If you don’t want to know – don’t watch below!


Check out the promo for episode 7.07 below!

Hmmm…looks like Sarah’s sister is cured of Hep V! Hope Eric gets healed as well!

As for the rest…this sums my thoughts up perfectly below.


Kind of like tonight’s episode…AM I RIGHT?

It’s Evie’s turn to recap this week, so until she posts her thoughts…feel free to share your thoughts about tonight’s episode and this promo below.

What do you think?


31 comments on “True Blood Episode 7.07 “One Last Time” Promo

  1. yeah it will be disappointing the only good part will be pam and eric again… i have said loving their romps together this season and their flash backs. let’s just keep focuses on those parts. lol.

  2. So Sarah’s sister is on a torture rack…Hope she breaks down and tells them of Sarah’s location so that Eric can heal quickly.
    Whats this Violet up to now? 😦
    Sookie and Bill snogging is gonna come in the next episode. And I think it is a blood dream. Because Sookie was still in her blue T shirt at night. But that might be my over hopeful shipper heart wishing for pigs to start flying..

    This Sookie, she just doesn’t fucking learn does she? Whenever she drinks Bill’s blood, she forgives him and falls in lluuurrvee with him all over again. How dumb can a person be to keep getting fooled over and over and over again.

  3. Meh-here too.

    I think we know what the “one last time” refers to…

    (only, it won’t be the last time…)

    Thanks for the info, Erika. 🙂

  4. “One Last Time” for Sookie to prove what an idiotic fool she is.

    • With her, it’s never one last time, but since the show is ending soon, we thankfully won’t have to witness the stupidity anymore.

      • Last night i’ve made my peace with E/S theyre not gonna end up together and i don’t want to after her comment about how she loves him in her own way what makes Eric different in her eyes that she can just love him like Alcide or Bill ( he’s a thousand times better but she doesn’t seee that so i dunno), she and Bill deserve each other, as for Eric i hope he end’s up happy and healthy

  5. Sookie you are a dumb bitch – you and Bill deserve each other. She and Sam had better not end up together – she is toxic. She doesn’t give a fvck about anyone but Bill. As for the rest I enjoyed Eric’s scenes specially the fight scenes. Jessica I just don’t care. Tara I just don’t care. Lettie Mae and the Rev I care even less. I’m not involved with the Jason storyline either. I just want the show to end and to think I used to be nervously anticipating the next episode expecting Sookie to finally stake Bill for what he’d done or at least deliver a hefty blow to his groin and then in Season 4 episode 1 I realised that wasn’t going to happen. Since then it’s just been a matter of watching the show deteriorate season after season. The only storyline left is her and Bill with Eric and Pam as a minor side plot. I really wish I hadn’t watched the show and got so involved with it and the female lead. There is nothing worse in the world than a woman who has the shit beaten out of her mentally or physically who gets up and goes back to the guy that did it to her with a smile on her face. Like I said at the top – Sookie you are a dumb bitch.

  6. Ok don’t shoot me here but reading the recaps their was something good that did happen to bill and sookie.
    She’s the one who gave him hep v so if he dies she in a round about way she will have killed him.
    Delighted Eric will hopefully have the cure and since Sarah will probably die in the next episode or two bill will hopefully have no chance of getting the cure that way.

    • Yes, but we know Bill won’t die. I’m sure she’ll find a way to save her one true love, everyone else be damned.

    • Or maybe the cure doesn’t work on Bill because of the faery blood but somehow i think she will cure him and he will become human mehhh what a bunch of bs

      • It could be liliths blood that would stop any cure think about it for some reason the hep v in bills blood is moving way to fast it can’t be because he’s to young and it can’t be having so much fairy blood otherwise Eric would have met the true death.

        • I think is because he drank Sookie’s infected blood that is making him sick faster, but then again Sookie looks for a miracle, she risks her life for Bill and then he pushes her a way that is weird maybe she doesn’t find a miracle or nothings work on him and he doens’t want her to see him die, or he became human and doesn’t want her to know but that’s highly unlikely cause he would just be with her if that were the case, anyway i read somewhere that maybe Sookie marries Bill so she can inherit and then give the property to Jessica that sound pretty crappy if you ask me

      • ^^^What andreita_cnm said. HUMAN Bill.

        Sookie will save her one true abuser…err…love.

  7. Not the best episode, but OMG it was glorious when Bill was getting out of the car, stumbling because he was weak and that Karma song ( )was playing “you deserve it”. It’s the little things in life.

    And WTF was with Bill killing the lawyer and her guard? Yeah she was a bitch but that was a little over the top, dontchathink? Yeah right, not an asshole anymore.

  8. They def retconn’d the e/s romance as i feared they would last night def proved that to me! Sookie just got over telling bill her feelings were not what they should be for alcide but she tells jason she loved him but eric not so much this wan does not know her own mind after 7 seasons she and bill do deserve each other! Well i hope highlighting them like this helps their careers i dont really think it will! But at least they will have their little moment when they felt they got the attention they deserved! Someone else mentioned sara newlins character steals the show and the female lead is a poor second to that i have to agree sara n is interesting to watch i honestly cant remember the last time i thought sookie was interesting or i was involved in her character! Poorly played and superficial true blood!!!! Very poorly played!

    • Anna Camp is brilliant, she almost steals the show, and I can’t wait for Eric and Mr Gus to catch up with Sarah again. I love to see Alex work against other strong performers like when he worked with Denis O’Hare, it brings out the best in him.

      • Evie-I agree that Anna Camp is a great actress. It IS a pleasure to see Alex get to act with fellow strong actors like her, Denis O’Hare, etc.

  9. I almost died last night when it turned out that Sarah Newlin IS the cure for Hep-V!!!
    Thank God that Eric/Pam came to some sort of agreement with the head of the now
    bankrupt corporation who made TrueBlood…..
    When they find out next week that Amber is all healed of Hep-V….that changes
    things….Eric may bargin for her life….as she is the key to healing all of the
    infected Vampires/Humans….and would Eric offer the cure to Bill & Sookie???

  10. I agree evie eric does get the most interesting storylines on the show!

  11. Yep, it seems that the episodes are starting their downward spiral. It floored me when Sookie came up with that damn line, blah. blah, blah, I love Eric in my way, blah. blah blah. Bullshit!! Eric is was and always will be too good for Sookie anyway.

    I am glad that now we have hope of Eric getting cured. That is all I really want, for Eric and Pam to continue on as they have for the past 100+ years and leave the losers(Sookie and her Bill) in Bon Temps and move on.

    Only 4 more weeks of this punishment and I will savor each and every Eric scene I can as he is the only one I will really miss seeing every Sunday nite when next summer rolls around.

    • Redthang914:
      Now this is where you and I disagree …..
      Eric is not too good for Sookie…..he’s always been in love with her…
      even before he came to Bon Temp’s or Shreveport….

  12. Evie, I agree with you, the Sarah Newlin story line is the most interesting of all and thus we are in for a treat with Eric and Pam chasing her ! Now that we know that Sarah is the cure,(I didn’t see it coming as well BIG and good surprise), it won’t be long for Eric to find her and cure as well. I believe it would be too late to save Bill, but Sookie is going to try with her grandfather’s help Niall in next episode. I’m worried about the short cap showing Sookie with baby and a man walking in by day light in the Comic-Con trailer…could it be Sam and his baby girl after Nicole bailed out for good ??
    No CH crap here please !!!

    • Idk it’s to late…sookie needs to sleep with bill first. Then he’ll become human, remember. I’m over this sh*t now. By watching a few clips and everyone’s coments…One can dream that bill will hopefully die. But considering bucky’s obsession with the real couple…it’s highly unlikely.

    • I’m not sure if it’s Sookie to me it looks like Caroline Bill’s human wife cause the guy is totally Bill, now if it is Sookie let us prepare for human Bill and Sookie to have children mehh

      • Never mind i watched the screencap it is Sookie but now i’m not so sure it is Bill, i don’t think it’s Eric so maybe you’re right and it’s Sam or some ramdom human

  13. After reading the recaps for episodes 7 and 8, I think that the pic is of Bill and Caroline andreita_cnm as in episode 8 it sounds like Bill is going to have another flashback and in MHO I think he knocked up Caroline before they got married and thats’ the reason he married her in the first place and that pic was the flashback to her holding baby Sarah with Bill looking on.

    • Yeah after reading the summarie for ep 7 i think that too but somehow that goes against las week episode where he told Caroline that she was her first and love forever, so i hope they won’t go change that just that he got her pregnant and it was something really scandalaous at the time, cause if they have establish something this season is that Bill loved her wife and children and he stll does that was the point of the flashbacks i guess

  14. I know now, it won’t end with, Eric and Sookie, but Bill and Sookie. That sucks, to me. This is, Eric and Sookie Lovers. Right?

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