The One With The Antidote


True Blood Season 7 Episode 6 “Karma” was an episode of many parts, some were great , some were so-so, and some were plain awful. And yeah, the awful bits involved Bill and the great bits involved Eric (I’m sure you’ve visited us before, you know how this works).

We started off well enough, Eric Northman once again proving you can never take the Viking out of this particular vampire, as unfocused, ill and exhausted, he continued where he left off last week in dispatching a few more of those pesky ninja guys who turned up uninvited to the Dallas convention. We like Eric when he kicks ass!


Unfortunately the ass kicking is short-lived as Pam has been captured and they both end up sat in front of a big old glass window waiting for their first sunrise together (in around 7 hours time). We know they are not going to frazzle, so there’s no need to get worked up about it.

Post credits and Bill calls his lawyer – he needs an appointment to get his affairs in order. Jessica overhears him saying that he now has Hep V. (This would actually all be quite entertaining if I wasn’t completely sure the f*cker just isn’t going to die no matter how hard I wish for it).

Jason is worried about going home to his mildly psychopathic girlfriend Violet, but his concerns seem unfounded when she is waiting for him in the kind of lingerie that women know men really, really like. It looks like Romeo Stackhouse is off the hook.

Back to Dallas and it’s almost dawn. Pam is pissed, this is not the way she intended to die. But then the doors fly open and Mr Gus Jnr. makes his first appearance. He’s the North American President of the Yakanomo Corporation, which means that thanks to the tainted Tru Blood crisis he is currently the North American President of jack-shit! He needs Eric’s assistance to rectify the situation, he wants Sarah Newlin and he wants her dead. Eric is not forthcoming with any information he might have. Pam, not quite so keen to meet her true death, will help Mr Gus out if she has his word of honor that they won’t be killed. Eric wants to kill Sarah Newlin, Mr Gus wants to kill Sarah Newlin, Eric wants to be the one to snap Sarah Newlin’s neck, Pam wants them both to stop measuring their dicks and make a deal (Now this is a Pam I can get behind). So Eric gets the kill, Mr Gus gets the body, and they prepare to raid Amber’s house when the sun goes down tonight. Straight up, I like Mr Gus, (Will Yun Lee) he has style and panache, and anyone with the balls enough to go dick to dick against Eric Northman is a welcome addition to the season’s already strongest story-arc.


Somewhere over the other side of town we see a desperate Sarah break into her sister’s house. Amber is still up and as Sarah learns she has Hep V, the ailing Amber collapses unconscious on the floor.

Over in Bon Temps Jess calls Jason to call Sookie to come round so she can tell her about Bill. Jason does as he’s asked, but we learn Violet is awake downstairs and when he leaves she smashes up her room. Andy walks in on Adilyn and Wade having sex and chases him out of the house. Lettie Mae and Lala have entered a V induced trance, courtesy of James’s blood. They find Tara, still on the cross and Lettie Mae helps her down. Later in the trance Tara leads them to their old house and after Rev. Daniels rudely awakens them that is where Lala and Lettie decide to go next. Nicole tells Sam “this town is fucking crazy” and gives him until tomorrow to decide if he is leaving with her or not. Sookie and Jason visit Jess, who tells them Bill has Hep V. Sookie realizes she gave it to him and asks Jason to take her to the clinic for a test. Bill is sat waiting for his lawyer’s appointment when he notices that the Hep V veins are spreading quickly. The guy waiting next to him gets up and moves away – possibly because he’s worried about the speed of Bill’s spreading disease, but more likely because he’s just realized he is sitting next to a complete  asshole who nobody likes.


After the blood test Sookie doesn’t want to go home. Instead she and Jason discuss true love. Sookie thinks it’s weird as she can still feel Bill when he’s nearby (it’s not really though is it Sookie? You just had a load more of his blood). She thinks there is something about your first love that is extra special. She loved Alcide and she supposes she loved Eric in her own way.


Jason has never felt that kind of love. Sookie tells him that life is too short to spend it with someone he doesn’t love.

Meanwhile Bill has finally got in to see his lawyer. They have some boring discussion about the technicalities surrounding his will and adopting Jessica. I started to write my grocery shopping list. Anyway it all ends with Bill not liking what he hears and so he stabs his lawyer to death and leaves. Yep, that’s right, but just remember that all those human flashbacks were just to show us what a top, top guy Mr Compton actually is. Redemption is sweet in Bon Temps.

It’s finally night-time again (hurrah!) and Amber and Sarah are having a sisterly heart to heart. Sarah has some not very nice vampires trying to kill her, Amber tells Sarah she is the one who made everybody sick. Sarah declares she is a “new me” but Amber says that can’t absolve her from all the shit she has done. Then Sarah delivers her trump card because……..deh,deh,deh, there was an antidote for Hep V……. and Sarah drank it all……she is the antidote sweetie and she will heal you!


Jason arrives home to find Violet has gone, she left a note saying the relationship wasn’t working out for her. Again the hapless Romeo thinks he’s got away with his passionate moment with Jess. But Violet has a plan, she’s down at Fort Bellefleur and persuades Adilyn and Wade to accompany her to her safe-house, and to leave their mobile phones behind so they can’t be tracked.

Over to Dallas again, and the really, really, really cool kids arrive at Amber’s house, cue cool “Karma” music.


Amber answers the door and is completely healed. Eric wants to know ……..


The End.

I wish…..

….. but we still have time for Bill to arrive home to find Sookie and Jess waiting for him. The camera pans away leaving the 3 of them together in the house to mope around and deal with his Hep V crisis, because you just know that he will suffer with it so much more than everybody else does. Yeah whatever. Did I mention Eric Northman is really f*cking awesome in his limited screen time this episode? I think I probably did. There’s no supposing for me – there are just 4 more weeks to go and I intend to appreciate the hell out of him every night and every day, and pray to Godric that the Viking will still be standing on August 24th when the finale credits roll.



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  1. Great episode. Lots of revelations in relation to the mendacious Mr. Compton. The POV changed in this episode. Bill no longer was able to whitewash the situation. Loved the Viking and Pam as always. Very disappointed in Mr. Gus. Supposed to be the big bad. Did not come off that way in this episode. Maybe the next. Of course, he has to get compared to the likes of Russell Edginton/Denis O’Hare. That’s a tough act to follow as the big bad of True Blood. Sookie gets a pass from me for her comments about Eric. She just had Bill’s blood once again. We all know what happens when Bill’s blood is in play. Can’t wait to find out what Tara was trying to tell Lala and Lettie Mae. I really hope its something about Bill. Digging up secrets I hope. Overall, very satisfying episode.

    • I’m not sure Mr Gus is going to be a big bad? That could just have been media hype? Unless once their common enemy is dealt with, he and Eric will deal with each other? Why would they bother though? I really liked him. We’ll see how it develops I guess.

  2. Thanks Evie for a great recap. Most of what I saw and heard last night was the usual Bill and Sookie boring stuff, blah, blah. blah…….Then there was the exciting stuff with Eric even being so exhausted and sick fighting those ninjas. It was really exciting to see him in that fight scene (side note: he is going to be such an action hero in Tarzan, I can hardly wait) and with him striking a deal with Mr. Gus. When I read about Pam and Erics’ unlikely alliance, I kinda figured it would be with him, so that was no surprise to me. I, too, am glad that now Eric has the possibility of the cure with drinking Sarahs’, oh excuse me, Noomis’ (LOL) blood.

    I feel that now Eric is going to survive and he and Pam can go off together and continue on and get away from Bon Temps once and for all and that is ALL I care about in this series now. Eric safe and sound and living safely in my thoughts and memories in my mind.

    Other than that, I don’t give a crap what happens to Billy, who hasn’t changed one bit as we can tell murdering his lawyer and her assistant. And sad sack Sookie who truly deserves to be stuck with Bill forever.

  3. Sarah Newlin is the big bad …no doubt about it ! I like this story line, reminds me of good old days when TB was so fun to watch …and it gives our 2 favorite characters the best acting too. I enjoyed every minute of Pam and Eric on this Episode, and I think that Anna Camp can compare with Denis O’Hare regarding the quality of her acting. I’m really glad to see a female as the vilain for a change, she’s all girly (and buddhist now) but a real bitch upside down.
    Concerning the Sookie/Bill arc, I still do not believe that Bill will be alive at the end of this show. The actor mentionned that he stopped filming like a week before others and went on holidays in Montana.

  4. Andrea, it doesn’t matter that Steven quit filming a week earlier, as they all shoot the scenes in bits and pieces according to the actors availability even Anna mentioned that the party scene at Sookies house took three months to complete in order to get every one on the schedule. Therefore, Steve could have prefilmed his scenes in advance. Don’t forget even Alex was done with his filming about a month before everyone else so he could get to England to start filming Tarzan too. So that has no bearing on who was there at the end of actual filming.

    • You are right, of course, I must still be delusionnal … but somehow I can’t see the writers going for the obvious ! They still managed to surprise us this week with Sarah being the antidote …

  5. Great episode….
    Why couldn’t Eric always be like he was last night?
    Kicking ass and taking names….and then dealing with the consequancies?

    Can’t beleive that Sarah Mills Newlin IS the cure for Hep-V!!!!
    This changes everything…..Now Eric will have to bargin for her life
    with the guy who’s dad brought TrueBlood to the world….
    I can see them capturing Sarah,,and locking her up and then getting
    Dr. Takkashhai & Dr. Ludwig making an antodote for the virus???

    will jason end up with Jessica? Don’t think so.
    Hoyt’s coming back to bury his momma….

    And Andy/Holly will find Adilyn/Rocky before Violet kills her.

  6. I am done. I can no longer claim to be an Eric and Sookie lover. Sookie is too stupid and capricious for her own good.

    What she said about loving Eric in her own way was complete BS. I’m over this shitty show.

    • I agree with you. I thought to myself – was that really necessary for Sookie to say “I suppose I loved Eric in my own way”? She couldn’t have just said she loved him too – period. Because we all know she did. The offhand way she said it made it feel like it was never anything serious. Very convenient way for the writers to minimize the Sookie/Eric relationship so they can continue onward to their eventually nauseating Sookie/Bill reunion. Eric really loves her but deserves so much better. As long as he survives I will be happy. He and Pam need to make it to the end and get the heck out of Louisiana.

  7. The YouTube spoiler person and the weeks-ahead Comic-Con trailer have zapped me even further re: this show (didn’t think that was possible-when will I ever learn? lol). I haven’t even had the urge to watch Alex’s limited scenes in this ep yet, THAT’S how further down the potential spoilers (which so far seem to be on track, for me) and the trailer have me. I’m tired.

    Thanks for sharing your recap, Evie. 🙂

    • I am curious about the YouTube spoilers. I haven’t been able to locate it. Can you tell me where I can find it? I’m just curious.

      • Maureen-I don’t know how to do links, and even if I did, I’m not sure if I should. I don’t want to try to “take over” a site where I’m just a guest, of course. The potential spoilers on YouTube come from a person who goes by the name “no”. His comments (some of which he has deleted) are under some True Blood clip on YouTube. I can’t remember which one (sorry). I think there might be a link for this clip with “no”‘s comments on the IMDb True Blood board somewhere; can’t remember where on IMDb specifically (again, sorry). I’m also not being specific about what “no” potentially spoiled because I don’t think the lovely ladies here at ESL would want me to say it, and of course I very much respect that. Not everyone wants to be (potentially) spoiled, and obviously, that’s okay. Take care. 🙂

        • No worries shinealite! I would never expect you to post any potential spoilers here. I know that wouldn’t be appropriate. My curiosity was simply getting the best of me so I considered going to have a look. But meh. Honestly, as long as Eric is alive and well and happy by the time the final credits roll on this train wreck of a show, I will be a happy camper. 🙂

    • hi Shinealite, I haven’t reply you for awhile. Sorry about that.

      I think you could be right that Eric and Pam will get marry and it looks like the knife similar to the marriage between Eric and Sookie in the book. I think they will might use Sarah as a sacrifice for a wedding ritaul. (I remembered I read a book has that)…. But I think they will file a divorce after he changes into human to be with Sookie in the series finale(like some people said Billy’s going to glamor Sookie),because she known what is best for him and he want to walk in the sun again….I think they will get marry in ep 8, but it starts showing signing that Eric is becoming human and Pam ends up starts to turning him. I think he will have a change of heart after he finds out Sookie’s in danger when Willa shown up and tells them that the town in danger.

      I think Billy boy will become human,but he starts to grow old rapidly (to due faery blood) and Violet ends up turning him into a vamp. And then, she let him feed off on Sookie. I think She will be a Big Bad in the finale by holding the town for randsom for faery blood (that would be a big twist)….Probably Eric will convince his luv to Sookie after he saves from being drain by Billy and then he will tell he’s human now. I think Billy will glamor her after she uses her ball on Violet and told her that she belongs to Eric (that’ll might shown the flashback when she 1st met Eric at Fangasta in season 1)….I would imagine she runs back to Eric and kiss him.

      I known you said it could be a endgame for Sam/Sookie,but I don’t known. I think Sam would die sooner. He isn’t a important character on the show. Probably he will more likely dying and Jason would might end up with Nicole to rising Sam’s shifter baby 2gether. Or Sam and Nicole winds up both dying and Jason will end with Willa (if he gets turn)…..Beside I don’t want to see Sookie ends up with some random guy. I really hope the rumor aren’t true, I would rather see Pam gets a Eric look-a-like instead.

      Well, I got Tarzan books to keep me going and I always got The Last Ship and Falling Skies to watch on Sunday. I think I will catch True Blood when the last 2 eps will air. I really hope Eric survive.

      • Hi, Shelli. 🙂 We still “see” each other around here at ESL. It’s all good. I love your speculations. They are much more interesting to me than the actual show. I’m sorry, but the show has me so down (about the show itself, not my actual life, of course 🙂 ) that I don’t have much energy to speculate about it anymore. The show raises my blood pressure, and that can’t be good. 🙂 I don’t know that Eric and Pam will get married; I’m not sure they have time for that, or if they would even want/care about that. I don’t think Billy will ever do anything good for Eric, but since Bucky is whitewashing Billy, all is possible, I guess. I agree that Sam is not an important character on the show, but apparently the people who worked on the show disagree with this entitled former viewer. 🙂 I think Jason and Willa could be really interesting. I don’t expect it, but maybe I could like that. 🙂 Take care.

        • You could read some more theories, Shinealite. 🙂 I wrote couple of them that based on those YouTube rumors…Probably you could check them out, they are on Krama preview page.

          .I had mentioned before Sookie could make a deal with Violet to save Billy by turning him into her progeny to spare Jason’s life or Billy will make a deal to save Sookie to in exchange for his life by becoming her progeny. But I think she will backstab them,because she’s 1 crazy b**CH and there’s something’s up with her..She freaking remind me of Sicko Billy’s ex maker Lorena….I saw she attempts to turn Jason in Comic Con….Probably she ends up forcing Billy turning Sookie to make her to be with Jason. That’s Jason wanted, 1 big happy family. What a dumba**.

          I think Billy will turn his self in to Gus and Yakzua for paying damage that all the damages he done to spare Eric’s life… But I would better to see Gus and Yazkua goes after Billy instead killing Sarah (I would luv to Pam opens her mouth and tells them to Billy’s fault)….If the writers did that, I think that could be the reason that Eric’s at Billy’s house to warn Sookie about they’re coming for Billy.

          You has mentioned Amber’s cured in preview, right? I wonders Eric stakes Amber, she didn’t blow up,but she dies as regular human by a stake gets stuck in her heart and she bleed to death when he pulls it out of her chest….I think That could be why he drains Sarah,because he don’t want to nobody to drink from her to protect anybody from becoming human if they drink from Sarah (her blood would affect the vamp race)….Because I saw pics of him in the sunlight when they shoots ep 8. Is vaccine making Eric human? That makes me wonder.

          Do you read the Tarzan books? They are awesome!!! 😀

          • Shelli-I wanted to acknowledge you acknowledging me. 🙂 I’m so burnt out on this show, I don’t really bother speculating much about it anymore. I actively seek out spoilers and am just bracing myself at this point. I’m more than ready to move on from this show. When it’s over, I will be relieved. I never want to think about it again. When it does cross my mind in the future, I’ll just think what an epic, retconned failure it was, how amazing it could have been, and I’ll continue to make it a point to avoid future works by the people who decided the outcome of this show.

            Moving on…I haven’t read the Tarzan books yet. I look forward to doing so. 🙂

  8. When I read sookies line about she loved Eric in her own way did she forget she tried to stake bill when he tried to kill Eric.
    I don’t remember her ever doing that for bill.

    • She tends to forget everything, only so much of it can still be blamed on Bill’s blood. She knows what it does by now and yet she keeps taking it, the girl is just stupid.

      • She didn’t stake Eric, but she did use her light on him to save Bill without knowing what it would do.

        • I was did wonder about that how come it never hurt him when normally it would have blown him across the room?.

          • Bess do you really want to go into that? Do you think the writers even remember the shit they wrote last episode, let alone S4? Of course nothing came out of their starting a blood bond and of course he wasn’t hurt by her fairy lights and of course the show runners forgot those pesky little plot points…

            Just like they keep on forgetting that vampires die for the day, or have a great sense of smell and hearing (so Jess hears Bill talk on phone but Bill doesn’t hear or feel her coming) etc etc…

          • It just drives me nuts that for the past 3 seasons we have seen things that make absolute no sense and frankly bore me all we’ve seen is bills phoney goddom and what must be his 100th quest for redemption.
            We know that this show can write awesome female characters pam is a prime example and what do we get a woman clearly suffering from Stockholm syndrome.
            I had hoped we would finally see a sookie who gets over her misplaced shame over herself who fights for those who she truly loves and who truly love her and just kicks arse.
            Is it just me or has bills only storyline been his quest for redemption in the last 7 seasons?.

          • Bill’s only storyline has been a study of weapon’s grade Asshattery 🙂

          • I really wish I could ship Eric with somebody else but even now I still hold out hope for them cause wheather we like it or not I think he would be happiest with her and the sad thing is she would be happiest with him and she can’t see it.

          • I feel the same way too. 😦

          • I wrote earlier. I wonders Antidote will make Eric becoming into human,because I saw the pics of Alex in the daylight when they were shooting ep 7 between 8. When I saw the Comic Con preview, Eric starting waking up (like you had seen season 4 premire). I think the vaccine will take awhile for it to start working,because there still are black veins on his chest in the pic. Maybe the Hep V will slow down by the effects of vaccine,but I think it will end up relieving his organs (mean makes them injuncting). I think that’s where Dr. Lugwig come in for the examine.

            If Sookie use her ball on Eric, he’ll immune to it when he becomes completely human.

  9. Really lame this episode. I just can’t stand it that she must feel guilty for Bill because she was the one infected. So it now turns out that she loves him because he is sick. or what? And what was Eric in all of this? Just a shoulder to cry on? Not a care in world for him.

    I thought this was supposed to be True Blood not some lame chick drama. The writers should be fired for this alone.

    As most of you have said, I’m done with this show from today forward. I watched this episode on fast forward but it was still too long.

  10. I can’t believe Sookie gave in that b**tard and now he trapped her in his web of lies. That’s he wanted it….I known why she is like this way….She has mental issue that haven’t been threaten since she was a little girl; because her parent tried to killed her and her uncle molested….I heard girls like her with the history of abusive on ID that they mostly likely ends up with a very abusive husband or boyfriends and refused to leave them….But In Sookie’s case, she ends up with two abuser (Warlow and Billy). Sookie need some help big time. Maybe she talks about it with Niall or the shrink. Or get glamor after she lose her power…. I have a funny feeling that Sicko Billy’s going to force to turn Sookie into a vamp like Warlow in the last year’s dreadful finale. I really hope viking come to her rescue.

    I wonders Antidote will make Eric becoming into human,because I saw the pics of Alex in the daylight when they were shooting ep 7 between 8. When I saw the Comic Con preview, Eric starting waking up (like you had seen season 4 premire). I think the vaccine will take awhile for it to start working,because there still are black veins on his chest in the pic. Maybe the Hep V will slow down by the effects of vaccine,but I think it will end up relieving his organs (mean makes them injuncting). I think that’s where Dr. Lugwig come in for the examine.

    I have this theory in my head that I got the idea from Being human (I miss the half of the final season,but my brother told me how it ended)….If Sookie’s blood will make Billy human, maybe he’ll age rapidly and dies like her grandpa from season 4. I wonders faery blood has a same effect with those fruits they ate in the faeryland in season 4.

    I wonders Eric will get through Sookie with his thoughts and help her snap of out of Billy’s dream if Eric becomes human.

  11. So I watched the Eric parts, great fighting scenes by the way, and fast forwarded/breezed through the rest.

    What I thought about Sookie’s convo with Jason about kinda loving Eric in the past, was this :-

    Here sit the last people in Bon Temps or the world for that matter, who should get a say on relationships per se. They are both untrustworthy, immature, thankless, repeat the same mistakes over and over again and never learn. To think that we, as viewers, are supposed to take their “relationship” talk seriously. We are supposed to feel something for Sookie and Jason for continually lying and endangering their significant others and going through them like yesterday’s clothing. Well FUCK YOU 1/8th fairy fuckers! You don’t get to throw pity parties on life’s unfairness and people sure as shit aren’t interested!

    I loved Eric fighting off the ninja warriors and still making dry sarcastic remarks on them! Always ready with the humor that one. I pray for his speedy recovery…

    Way to go Nicole! Just run away while you can or you’ll end up joining Sam’s dead girlfriend club.

    Jessica and Sookie hugging and crying on Bill’s stairs! Seriously? That’s all they could think of doing?

    Karma song for Bill? Three cheers for the sound department who clearly told us what they thought of Bill’s redemption!

  12. Bill with Hep V reminds me of a guy with Man Flu

  13. I think I too must write a shopping list!

    So, I’ve still not watched an episode yet (and given that I’m in the process of moving house, I probably won’t), and will be relying heavily on the recaps/news posted here. Thank you so much for the posts you write, they are always a joy to read, and the discussions they prompt even more so. Best bit: THE GIFs!

    ZOMG – go Viking! Love, love, LOVE the fighting! *sigh* can’t wait to watch the blond one in action on my big screen.

    Have short hair – don’t care… About doormat Sookie, that is. Seriously, girl is whacked!

  14. Thanks for the wonderful review! Just saw Eric’s and Pam’s clips on youtube..loved them Thank God Pam has such funny lines!! as for Sookie and her feelings for Eric:she can f..k herself..I’m liking more Arlene this year than Sookie..Sarah Newlin is so great …so the antidote is her I guess they can’t kill her and hopefully this is where Dr. Ludwig comes in !! Eric will get cured ! of that I’m sure but I really don’t want him to go back to talk to Sookie( I think this will happen in episode8) it’s a waste of time..we know that Eric will let her go as he really loves her but that asshole of Bill will no he’ll become a human so Sookie and Bill could have their HEA..This show is really becoming a big joke!

  15. I can’t believe these writers who keep giving Sookie Bills blood, but never seem to think it influences her feelings and honestly, there are many fans out there that don’t see it either or else how could they ever want Sookie with Bill.
    The writing is just pitiful. Even with Eric, as weak as he is , he can still overpower all those people, yet Pam, whose not even sick, gets captured by two of them.

    The highlight of the episode was that song, Karma, and how the words related so much to Bill and Sarah. That song was just awesome. If I had one ounce of faith in the writers, I would believe the parallels between Sarah and Bill, which were so strong, they almost slapped us in the face with them. And if Karma paid them both back Sarah would become a vampire and Bill would die from Sookie’s blood, but I don’t believe for a minute they will kill Bill.
    I guess the music guy knows what’s going on but not the writers.

  16. You all have said every thing I could say about this episode and more. I will ship Eric and Sookie till the very end. It’s what we are. Can’t help it. It’s just the way it is. Doesn’t matter how stupid Sookie is or how many times she shoots Eric down I still hope (this show has made me hate that word) in the end that they will be together. Had to get it out. Go ahead and slap me up side the head, I can take it. I do have one question though… Is there any color clothes that Eric wares that doesn’t look good on him? God what a man!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I thought this episode was almost as bad as the first one this season, except that it actually had Pam and Eric in it a little bit. The whole thing with Bill visiting the lawyer was just a lame waste of time to me. For god’s sake HBO, you’ve only got a few episodes left to wrap up a 7-year series and this is the crap you’re wasting time on?!! Good riddance to Nicole! At this point I wish she would just take Sam with her. That’s one less lame storyline they would need to wrap up. And WTH with Lettie Mae and Lafayette taking V and chasing after “Saint Tara” who just came down from the cross??? It was bad enough when Lettie Mae was tripping, but did Laffayette have to go, too? Besides Eric and Pam’s all-too-brief scenes, the only thing I liked about this week’s episode was the Karma song at the end. Think I might want to download that one from iTunes.

  18. We all be “praying to Godric that the Viking will still be standing on August 24th when the finale credits roll” Exactly like you said!! All hail the Viking!!
    Tnx for such an amazing review!!! Dead on!!

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