True Blood Season 7 Press Release For Episodes 7 & 8


In the latest press release from True Blood HBO – they have revealed the episode summaries and titles for episodes 7 & 8.

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT! If you don’t want to know – don’t read below!



Thanks to Spoiler TV – here they are;

Episode #77: “May Be the Last Time”
Debut: SUNDAY, AUG. 3 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT)

Eric (Alexander Skarsgård), Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) and Mr. Gus (Will Yun Lee) close in on Sarah (Anna Camp) in Dallas. Adilyn (Bailey Noble) and Wade (Noah Matthews) find a temporary haven, and unexpected hospitality. Refusing to accept the inevitable, a desperate Sookie (Anna Paquin) turns to unexpected resources in search of a miracle. Bill (Stephen Moyer) recalls the inexorable forces that led him to his marriage 170 years earlier. A familiar face resurfaces in Bon Temps. Sam (Sam Trammell) faces a quandary.
Written by Craig Chester; directed by Simon Jayes.

Episode #78: “Almost Home”
Debut: SUNDAY, AUG. 10 (9:00-10:00 p.m.)

With his prey in sight, Eric reconsiders his end-game strategies against Sarah. Sookie puts her life at risk in hopes of saving Bill. Lettie Mae (Adina Porter) and Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) urge Reverend Daniels (Gregg Daniel) to join them in their V-fueled search for Tara (Rutina Wesley). Violet (Karolina Wydra) eyes payback against those who betrayed her, while an old love is reborn for others.

Written by Kate Barnow; directed by Jesse Warn.

The part I find most interesting is where it says that ‘Eric reconsiders his end-game strategies against Sarah.’  WTF does THAT mean? Also, please note the title change to episode 7…it’s now titled, “May Be The Last Time” – instead of “One Last Time”.

As for the rest…


What do you think is going to happen? Please feel free to share your theories and speculations below.

43 comments on “True Blood Season 7 Press Release For Episodes 7 & 8

  1. I was thinking it means once Eric finds out Sarah is the antidote, he’ll decide not to kill her and keep her as a healing dispenser. Also, I think the romance reborn is obviously Hoyt and Jessica.

    • But Jess and Jason already DTD right? Would she go back to Hoyt again?

      • Doubtful, even if he gets his memories back. I think it means Bill and Sookie, like we didn’t already see that coming.

        • I don’t think so because Sookie was already mentioned and in the brief summaries that were previously released the one for the 8th episode said Hoyt remembers the past, and we already know that Sookie runs to Bill in seven, but why do they keep having this flashbacks of Bill and his wife ? to kills us from boredom

          • Well, they KNOW what to do to keep from killing us with boredom but, in their infinite wisdom, decide that Bill and Sookie are soul mates (somebody gag me) and so the audience will continue to be bored. Thank GOD these writers aren’t relationship experts; if they were we’d all be doomed.

  2. You know what I think about Sookie risking her life? Maybe she will try balling up all her powers to cure motherfcking Bill, as a result, putting herself at risk and for sure loosing her telepathy and fae spark forever. Well, knock yourself out stupid human! Ain’t like you’ve actually used your telepathy for any good in a while. However, the road to normalcy is not as shiny as it looks to her right now. Because without the telepathy, she is even more useless and a damn burden on the others, than say Arlene or Holly or even Nicole.

    Eric may get confused about whether draining Sarah and having his revenge or save her for the others too, to act as the antidote…At some point, he would get to know that Bill is dying. The Eric from the first three and a half seasons of the show might have rejoiced the prospect of Bill dying, pulled a chair, popped a true blood and enjoyed the show. But now, since he is pussy whipped, and Sookie might give him the puppy eyes, he will think about saving Bill as well….This is all speculation though.

  3. Well, I agree with witchofbontemps about the fact, Eric doesn’t want to kill Sarah, probably only til they can duplicate the antidote serum from her blood and I agree that in the picture I saw of Hoyt and Jessica together it looked like Hoyt was remembering her so I think he will remember his love for her etc. As far as Sookie I believe she does seek help from Niall to heal Bill and it is dangerous to her life as when she does heal him she will become totally human (yuck, get me the barf bag right about now….)

    One of the things thats’ puzzling me tho is this inexorable thing (did he knock up Caroline and have to marry her????) that led him to his marriage to Caroline????

    It sounds like the usual ol’ TB Billshit of waiting til the last episode to finally resolve the dangling issues which they will just hurry on through and leave us unsatisfied at the end of this show.

  4. I’m convinced that Eric will be kill off because the people who run the show have been so upset that he garnered a bigger fandom then their precious Bill. The irony is, no matter how desperate they were to make Bill’s character the hero, for so many fans everything they did to make him look good just made him more sanctimonious and boring. Sookie will find a way to save him and the two of them will have their HEA. IMO this show could have been so good if only Mr Creator AB had not gotten reality and make believe confused.

  5. well hopefully they’ll give Sarah’s blood out or something. yay! go Pam and Eric and little cowboy dude lol. I’m worried a little about addy just because of the promo. at least know about Niall coming back. So who knows what will really go down. I can’t wait!

  6. I’m just confused at the cronology of the whole thing cause to me at the en of next episode Sookie will to Bill slept with and in the 8th Eric goes there she’s withe the black robe i think he’s already cured and Bill is still so why is Sookie risking her life i thought the Niall stuff is next ep, things in the trailer and summaries don’t fit to me can someone come up with a good theory; and don’t get me started with Eric’s dilemma i’m worried after all this even if i’m 95% sure he’ll survive

    • andreita_cm, I really confuse,too. When I read the summary and I scares that the spoiler guy could be right that they’re going to kill off Eric by sacrificing himself to save Sarah. But when I saw the trailer, there are clips in the trailer that shown Eric with the mouth full of blood, he convinces that he has feelings to Sookie (I believe it will happen at the end of the series) and there’s a scene he shown up at Billy’s when Sookie answers the door with the black robe (that I haven’t seen). I also seen the clips of Eric still have black on his chest (I think he got affect again after he was cure or he still have it). I don’t known what’s going on.

  7. Who know? With this show, the trailers are never what they seem.

  8. its funny to think Bill brought on the end of vampires and Eric and Pam will be the ones to save them 🙂 I’ll enjoy that little piece 😀

    • Probably Gus and his ninjas will go after Billy instead than killing Sarah. 🙂 I think Eric’s at Billy to warn them,but I think Sookie will answer the door and Eric will tell her that they are coming after Billy. No where to hide,Billy. After he cures, Billy’s in Big doo-doo. LOL 😀

  9. I’m just so confused with this last season, and really not crazy about any of it. The writers have really, messed up everything, this year. I don’t think they really care how they have ended the series. Its supposed to end on a good note, where everyone is happy, and healthy. A complete, healing for everyone, of everything. Differences, hurt feelings, and love stories. Sorry.

  10. Probably when Eric stakes Amber, she didn’t blow up and dies as regular human by a stake gets stuck in her heart and she bleed to death when he pulls it out of her chest….I think That could be why he drains Sarah,because he don’t want to nobody to drink from her to protect anybody from becoming human if they drink from Sarah (her blood would affect the vamp race).

  11. Call me crazy but here’s a wild theory.

    Remember in S3 when Sookie first saw Claudine in Fairy and she warned Sookie that Bill would steal her light? Then S5 we found out Sookie has only finite powers? Then last year we find out she has 1 mega fairy light ball that will deplete her fairy powers and make her human?

    What if Bill’s Hep V spreads so rapidly, he goes full on zompire, attacks and Sookie shoots her mega ball on instinct? He would have in fact stolen her light. She would essentially kill him, sending him back to the grave to be with his human family (hence the reason for all the boring flashbacks). Sookie becomes an ordinary human and Eric glamours her into forgetting all the painful memories, telling her she’s just been watching a new TV show and was dreaming. That would also explain the spoilers we’ve heard about She-who-must-not-be-named in a scene with Eric & Pam.

    Bill’s dead.
    Eric & Pam live
    Sookie is “normal” which is what she wanted all along (that’s why Eric glamours her).

    That would be an acceptable ending.

    • Yeah, except these writers can’t remember anything from last week, let alone season 3. I still say we all know where this show is going, I would love for them to surprise us with a somewhat decent ending, but it seems pretty doubtful.

    • That sounds really good 🙂 … Any way Bill is killed sounds really good to me 😀

  12. Just curious. .Who is going to see Dr Ludwig, Bill or eric?

  13. The Clip showed Dr. Ludwig at Bills’ bedside China.
    You know, after reading everything everywhere about this last season of TB, I’ve come to a conclusion that may seem lame to some of you but let me throw it out there and see what you think.

    I think that the writers, producers, AB, BB and whoever else is responsible for writing TB are really quite crafty and manipulative in their writing. Think about it, in the beginning all of us Eric and Sookie fans wanted them together for a HEA, when we all knew that they were never the end game, as Ball himself told us all that in the very beginning that it was Bill and Sookie. When the shit hit the fan is when Alex joined the cast and he became the biggest star of the show and had the largest fan base. So the writers played that way for awhile to keep us happy and watching and then when it came down to the last couple of seasons (I’m condensing here, not to make it too long) especially this last season they had to turn it around and screw up the story again, i.e. Sookies’ I loved Eric in my own way etc. BS. You get my drift.

    Anway, now with the way they are writing it, most everything I read online, since they gave that Hep V to Eric is “I don’t care if he is not with Sookie, I just want him to be cured and happy and fly away from Bon Temps forever with Pam”.

    That was the total intension they have manipulated us into this way of thinking. I think that sucks!!!!! But to me it makes sense. What do you think??? Let me know if I’m out in left field or what……….

    • Yeah, that makes sense, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was their plan all along. Either way, I’ll take it.

    • Long lives our Viking!!!!!!

    • I wouldn’t mind that one bit. It’s best for eric to get away from that godforsaken town and upgrade his love life. The heck with sookie, she’s a dumba$$ and annoying.I’m over her BS. I just want eric and pam to live.

    • Redthang914 I’ve been thinking the very same thing ever since they gave Eric Hep V. Once that happened my focus shifted to hoping Eric is cured and simply survives by the end of the series and the heck with stupid Sookie. And I’m guessing lots of other Eric fans feel the same way. Surely this was deliberate on the part of the writers/showrunners to diffuse the disappointment and backlash they will get when Sookie ends up with Bill instead of Eric.

      Now if I can just stop worrying that Bucky will kill off Eric anyway for shock value – or for no other reason than just because he can – and to hell with all of the Eric fans that have kept this sinking ship of a show afloat for the last several seasons.

      Must think positive thoughts.

      • Isn’t it enough that sookie and bill will sleep together. Eric can never catch a break. If eric dies then bucky will be considered the most real couple (Anna and stephen) a$$ kisser of all.

        • China, Unfortunately Bucky is just a figurehead and is only doing whatever his boss, Alan Ballsack approves and AB has said since the very beginning that Sookie and Bill is the end game. So Bucky is just doing what he is told.

          Believe me I am not defending those a-holes, I’m just stating the facts. At this point, all of us will be thrilled if they heal Eric and let him live on. They better, otherwise like it or not since this is the end and they don’t care what we think. I believe the Eric fans can still do future damage to other shows that HBO does. So I personally don’t think they will kill Eric off.

  14. Don’t know if anyone’s interested but just read a article which Bucky gives that basically says they killed alcide for bill and sookie.
    I have never watched a show that does this to the main fanbase I’m starting to wish I never watched this show cause I know come the show finale it’s going to be depressing as hell mostly cause I stupidly still have hope it’s a bluff.

  15. Why in the world is Violet still alive in episode 8? What was so “relentless” about Bill’s marriage to Caroline? Wouldn’t it had made more sense to address this in previous seasons? Eric is gonna drink Sarah Newlin, then either he, Pam or Amber are gonna turn her vampire. We know that the love thing is about Bill and Sookie, not Hoyt and Jessica, although I suspect that Hoyt may be the one who kills Violet since she killed his mama.

  16. Theory: Violet is going to do something to either Wade or Adalyn, Andy will go nuts, and then he’ll go for Jessica…

    Thus Violet will have accomplished her revenge.

    And maybe Hoyt and Jason will go after her, and that will bring them back together.

    No idea what the Eric storyline will hold, at this point I don’t care to guess about any potential interaction he might have with sooky-Sookie. I just want him to get cured – and not turn into a human doing it, that’s just stupid

  17. I think we should all rebel and stop watching the show, and hold all hostage until the writers, get the ending right. It sure wouldn’t hurt, but all the filming has already been done. This show came on the scene, like gangbusters, but will go out with a dribble. Such a sad thing to see. A top rated show down graded to nothing more than fizzle. So sad. Why did the writers and producers do such a stupid sad thing to one of the best shows ever created?

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