Episode 7 Clip – Eric & Pam


Hurrah! This week’s teaser clip for True Blood episode 7 “Maybe the last time” features Eric & Pam.

So it seems Eric is still determined to kill Sarah Newlin, but looking at the episode description for the following episode (8), there is hope that at least he “reconsiders” and will suck the antidote out of her first!



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25 comments on “Episode 7 Clip – Eric & Pam

  1. What have they done to Eric :(…They have brought him to the point where Pam has to tell him how to survive!

  2. They are really playing with our heads here. But I agree with Sakshi we now have to have Pam do the rational thinking as it seems Eric is incapable of it. We know he must change his mind tho, as he is in the last episode at least thats’ what they’ve led us to believe…

  3. No wonder he have a mouth full of blood in the preview. I believe he drained Sarah dry. I think he will do that both, killing her by draining her. It looks like he will take a big doses after he drained, but the side effects making signs that he’s becoming human…I don’t known.

  4. wow a whole 16 seconds :/
    Eric is just so hell bent on avenging Nora he’s not thinking straight. He literally doesnt care about himself, only his vengeance. Very unlike Eric but maybe the virus is effecting his mentality..

    • I doubt it, he wanted to get over with before he’s gone. I think that’s his final wish.

      • yeah but he now knows there is a cure which he didnt know before so he has yet to realise his survival is actually what Nora would have really wanted instead of him avenging her death… I hope Pam brings that up..

        • First it was Sylvie and now we’re back to Nora, the revenge thing only gets you so far, but that seems to be all they’ve made his character about lately.

          • I dont even acknowledge that Sylvie girl… Nora on the other hand I completely understand… 500 years with someone is huge and she went out in such a devastating way.. You are right though, revenge gets old and Nora would want him to survive above all else.. I’m positive he’ll change his tune..

  5. Well if he kills her maybe bill will die im down w that!!!!!

  6. Eric’s depressed. He clearly still mourns his human family after 1000 yrs. He still isn’t over the loss of Godric. Then he lost his identity but regained it and yet still remembered his love for Sookie but she stomped on that love so he lost Sookie. Then he found his sister and lost her. His business is lost. Any headway vampire’s made in society is gone. Eric’s depressed and is angry and doesn’t care if he lives or dies right now. He’s not thinking clearly.

    • This! But I’m confident that Pam (and if she fails, then Sookie) will be able to convince him to see logic again.

  7. Evie-Thanks for posting this clip. 🙂 As far as the retconning/rapist-apologist/bait-and-switch/con-artist writers-no comment.

  8. I think dilemma that he will show signs of him Becoming human after he drains Sarah. I wonders if vamps takes small dozes of vaccine and they are cure,but if a vamp takes big dozes, They become human????

  9. Eric doesn’t face the dilemma, that’s Sam. Eric has a change of heart regarding Sarah’s fate. I just can’t believe that Eric needs Pam to get him to see reason.

    Mind you, if you’re hell bent on revenge, then there’s little room for logic.

    But then again, that’s for normal people. Eric has had to have faced similar situations with the potential for dire consequences in his 1000 years…

    Doesn’t make sense!

    • Eric’s “dilemma” is in the brief synopsis for ep.9:
      “E9 Love Is to Die- Bill alienates Sookie; Hoyt remembers the past; Eric faces a dilemma”.

      I don’t think it will be about whether to kill Sarah or not, I think that decision will be in ep.8. We haven’t had the long descriptions from HBO yet for ep.9.

  10. Ok, I have a theory here…it’s way off, but anything is possible with this sh*ty show. Eric will give the antidote to bill since he’s “not an a$$hole anymore.” Eric says that he only cares about some vampires and sookie. Maybe he wants her to be happy and be with , …. (food is rising up my throat, cough, cough)….bill. He won’t get cured because of sookie’s grandpa. It’s too easy. So that’s why you see eric flying away from bill’s house and sookie is wearing bill’s robe.

    • I don’t known,China. I saw Sookie’s wearing different outfits in Eric’s scenes. The one scene where he convinces his luv for her, Sookie dressed up for a funeral or something. I think she came back from Alcide’s funeral, and I think it takes after the black robe scene….Beside I don’t think he will give the vaccine to Billy boy. When I saw his mouth’s full of blood in the preview, I think Eric drained the lifeforce out of Sarah to has nothing’s left of her.

      • Yea I saw his mouth full of blood…then why do these writer put us through torture for eric to see sookie again….2 times..WTF is the purpose?

  11. Theory: I reckon Sookie and Eric have their conversation, with her banging on about Bill. Without Sarah, the only other way to cure an infected vampire would be to either get rid of the disease, or get rid of the host: as hep V isn’t fatal to humans, I think Sookie might think about using her light to turn Bill human, and shares that plan with Eric. Eric’s dilemma could be if to tell her about Sarah being the antidote, or (because she’s such an idiot), let her proceed her own way, in which case he will then realise he’s not the one for her, and he can get the hell out of dodge…

    I know I said I was done speculating, but I couldn’t resist

  12. That my friends was truly nauseating!

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