True Blood Episode 7.08 “Almost Home” Promo


By now you’ve probably watched True Blood Episode 7.07 “May Be The Last Time” (and puked repeatedly)…and if you haven’t watched it yet…count yourself lucky!

Let’s see what’s going to happen next week in the promo for True Blood Episode 7.08 “Almost Home”!

WARNING: If you don’t want to know – don’t watch below!


Watch the “Almost Home” promo below!

Does it look like Eric’s Hep V veins are gone? Check it out in the screencap below.


Thanks to Barbara over at for the pic!

It’s B’s turn to write the episode review for this week…and she has a hard one to write too! While we’re waiting for her thoughts…feel free to share your thoughts about tonight’s episode and this promo below.

I’ll start with this pukefest…Violet is crazy. Sookie is stupid. Eric is a perfect pick as spokesperson for New Blood. And DIE BILL DIE!




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  1. Sounds like another fun episode, so glad I missed it.

  2. Oh God i needed a barf bag for that last scene i would be more surprise if Bill and Sookie end up together than if they don’t cause all this damn flashbacks must have a point other than Bill being a nice guy

  3. Uhg! We’re going to have to endure post-coitel as well? Spare me. I mean really SPARE ME THIS!!

  4. I couldn’t even spell “Ugh” correctly I’m so disgusted!

    • And coitus… Don’t worry my friend; in the same boat, you and I.

      And it’s sinking 😦 …

      But yeah, hope this means that the Viking is back to normal?

      I reckon bill will save the say

  5. Thanks Goodness, I watched The Last Ship instead. I hope that dumba** Sookie get what’s coming for her. I haven’t seen the 2nite’s ep,but I had seen pics and they made wanna to vomit when I saw Sookie’s in bed with that sicko billy. 😦 I wonders the flashbacks about Billy turns out to be her great-great-great uncle who stole her to Warlow and she didn’t known she’s sleeping with her damn relative.

    I knew Eric’ll be the new spokesperson for True Blood,because I known the final scene could be the commical for the new true blood and CH as a director. I think he will bail out on them after he drains Sarah. I think I known Eric’s options are…..a.) Don’t kill Sarah and be the spokesperson….b.) Kill Sarah and Save Sookie from getting turn by Billy….If the writers kills our favorite viking, Sookie will force become Billy’s new pet for her rest of her life.

    I wonders they will cut the CH scene out if Eric turns it down as a spokesperson to save Sookie. :/ Probably CH won’t be happy. Lol

  6. You know what???? It’s just the same oil’ shit only a different season. I’m tired of them sticking in all the meaningless filler crap and letting more opportune scenes go. They are right in saying that they are mirroring season 1 especially Sookie(better known as dumb shit) running in a white nightgown to go screw Billy Black Veins. I don’t get all the crapola Bill flashbacks, I wonder if the jerks who write the show will even bother to clue us in. I was surprised that Dr. Ludwig wasn’t as cool as she was in the past.

    Because of all the filler, there wasn’t enough Eric this week, although a solid hour of him wouldn’t be enough in my book.

    Only three more to go…….

    • yup about the fillers…especially the teen sex part and Violet’s sex toys.

      Best/Worst?most baffing part of the flashbacks was that the whole episode Billy black veins (love the name by the way) was mooning over his first love wife and in the end he was fucking Sookie. It wasn’t even sexy, what with the paunch that he could not suck in because he was on top and all.

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  8. yeah I can already see that Bill is doing something stupid as sookie closes the door to his house again. Go Figure! what a waste of time. GO PAM AND ERIC! GET ERIC CURED!!!!!!!!!

  9. REALLY glad I stopped watching after DEA Spoilergate. Best TV watching/not watching TV decision I ever made! Bill and Sookie are Chris Brown and Rihanna. Thanks, Erika.

  10. Wow, they managed to make Bill/Sookie sex even more disgusting than usual. Kudos, I did not think that was possible.

  11. That was the most puke inducing episode ever. This is what they meant by returning to the roots of the show in season 1? I didn’t think Sookie could pine even more than she already has – wrong again. Another fucking pointless Bill flashback. Sookie’s mad dash across the cemetery, the sex in front of the fire with that same music playing. I live in Ireland which is just as well because if I met Brian Buckner or Alan Ball I’d be tempted to do physical damage to them. I want this show to end so bad. Each episode is worse than the last with every Bill/Sookie scene I have to endure. I actually hate Sookie now as well. Aside from Eric’s search for Sarah all the other stories are dull and uninspiring and just plain boring. Even if Bill dies – Sookie’s gag inducing grief will be too much. If he lives it’ll be a million times worse whehter they end up together or not. This episode was seriously fucking bad.

  12. Well, at least we can’t say they’ve been leading us on. They have always been up front about how things would go since the very beginning, everything was basically shown in the recent trailer, so nothing should be a surprise. All you can do is not watch, I don’t see the point if you just know it’s going to piss you off. Not even watching for Eric is worth it at this point, especially since you can just see his scenes online after the episode airs.

  13. Please can sombody tell me Is their any chance that the sex between bill and sookie is a blood dream?

    • Sorry, I’m pretty sure it was real.

      • Bess-I agree with Tammy. Sookie really did screw her rapist. And, according to Craig Chester (the writer of the episode in which Sookie screwed her rapist again), it wasn’t a pity screw: Sookie and her rapist really, really lurve each other. Sorry. 😦

        • I am so beyond discussed-ed!!! When she see’s Eric and tells him he can’t die on her, then forgets all about him. But with Beehlllll she acts like her whole world is going to end without him. Please just be done already. I’m so tired of being disappointed by this show. Just put a fork in it. It’s done!!!!!

        • If you ask me they forgot somthing very important with sookie and that’s if we had wanted to see season one sookie and bill we would watch season one.
          I would love to know how sleeping with him was nessacery to the story and why does he need this long drawn out goodbye Tara didn’t get one?.

          • luvvamps and Bess-I agree with both of you completely, again. Sookie offers fake warmth to Eric but doesn’t lift a finger to try to help him. She acts like she’s in grief over Alcide for five minutes (Alcide, who conveniently died indirectly because of her) even though she admitted to her rapist/confidante that she didn’t love Alcide as much as he loved her (I don’t like Alcide, but his fans got jerked around too). She barely sheds a tear over her childhood BFF Tara’s True Death (Tara, who took a fatal bullet to save her life, who she helped turn into a vampire without her consent) before carrying on like Tara never existed. But her precious rapist accidentally gets an apparently-fatal disease from her, and she’s aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall about finding a miracle for HIM, and when that doesn’t work for this second, hey, let’s give him a pity-screw that the writer insists is not a pity-screw but rather Twu Wuv for both parties. Yeah, sorry to be Debbie Downer again, but just getting it off my chest/burning it out so I’ll never think about it again when it’s finally put out of its misery in three weeks. 🙂

          • I forgot Jessica, because I don’t like her (lol). I read (but didn’t watch) where Sookie bullied Jessica who had an eating disorder because Jessica supposedly felt guilty about murdering Andy’s daughters (but Andy got over it six months later and Jessica’s supposed guilt was bringing HIM down, so, hey, bygones). Sookie supposedly needed Jessica to take down the H-vamps, so who cares what Jessica is supposedly going through? Narrative shenanigans or no, I’m tired, SO tired. Oh, well. 🙂

          • Ok so sookie has her grandfather (can’t remember how many greats) tell her bill is not good for her and she doesn’t think maybe I should listen to him.
            Granted he has only been in her life a short time but this guy is six thousand years old has seen everything and every personality type yet she doesn’t think hey maybe I should at least listen to this guy.

  14. I equate what they are doing with Sookie/Bill, and really the entire TB World, as trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. If you are hell bound to get that square peg into that round hole, you’ll eventually get out a hammer and beat the damn thing in. Not only does that break the peg but it screws up the hole for later.

    THIS is what’s been going on for six seasons now. And now, in this final season, we get The Hammer: because they couldn’t make it fit/work for six seasons so their last (and final) option is the hammer to force it to work. Not only is it destroying the peg (the characters, the potential storylines themselves) but it’s now permanently messing up the hole (the potential for a decent resolution of all 7 seasons).

    This Sookeh/Beeehl screw fest at the end of the episode (I didn’t see it… I even forgot it was on last night until this morning and heard about the ending of the episode) is TPTB trying to make something that seemed to work (despite the fact that the S1 scene they completely copied gave me the creeps when I saw it way back then) to try it again… even though it DIDN’T work.

    Unfortunately they’ve now completely run out of any creative, and let me say PRACTICAL, ways of getting that peg in (meaning an outcome that could possibly work in ANYBODY’S favor) so get ready for The Hammer… and the desolation of any proper ending/farewell for the characters, especially the halfway decent ones (though, to be honest, Eric is the only one that fits that for me. Even Pam is now officially on my nerves list… which is still better than my s**t list). Unfortunately Sookeh is right at the top of that list with Bill. Because of Sookeh’s stupidity there ain’t no hope for her anymore.

    But I think it shows, also, the lack of respect TPTB have for their main character by making her a complete moron. While I HATED the last few SVM books, at least Book!Sookie wasn’t a moron.

  15. So, I rushed home from work to watch the second showing and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Sookie is so unbelievably dumb!!!!!! I so don’t want to believe that this is what the writers and BB are really doing to this story.

  16. Bess I doubt it, usually you can tell by the way they film it.

    I watched the usual Eric clips online. What the heck is poor Eric wearing? LOL, he has on goth pants from the Newlin’s closet. That made me chuckle. I must admit I disliked him killing Sarah’s sister. It seems unlike Eric… he usually has a plan and sticks to it. I don’t feel Eric would lose his temper like that when he knows he needs to find Sarah. Oh well, still love him and Pam!

    I made the big mistake of watching the Bill and Sookie scene online, it was like a terrible car crash you can’t look away from… so I clicked it. It was so painful to watch…. Sookie is so dumb it is beyond belief.

    I even asked one of my friends who still watches the show what she thought of this season. Keep in mind this person used to be the #1 Bill/Sookie fan. Even she thinks Sookie is insanely stupid and has not grown at all throughout all of these seasons. Also she even admitted to liking Eric’s character now, when before she hated his guts. I feel like that shows a lot right there. Someone who was a die hard Bill/Sookie fan is now neutral towards the couple, likes the character she hated and also hates the main female character.

    It just shows how developing a character and giving them layers to peel back each season really helps. I think that’s why everyone loves Eric, there’s so much to learn about him. Meanwhile Bill is so flat and boring.

    And can I say the chemistry between Bill and Sookie was like ZERO? I might dislike the pairing but even watching the scene and taking my own feelings out of it… it was awkward and lacked any sort of passion. I didn’t feel like ‘oh my god, he is dying and loves her, this is their last chance to be together’ at all…meanwhile Pam just looks at Eric and I can see all these emotions being displayed between two best friends.

    I’m probably biased though hehe.

    • There has never been any chemistry or passion between those two, that’s why I can’t believe the writers think that’s what true love looks like. They are just too blinded by their real life romance to see anything else.

    • smanfan, I’ve ALWAYS felt there was absolutely no chemistry between Bill and Sookie. In fact, if I hadn’t known it, I never would’ve been able to tell they were married IRL. No offense to Anna but she doesn’t seem to have much chemistry with ANYBODY; she seemed to have the most with both Alex and Rob, the guy who played Warlow.

      You can’t blame Stephen though; Stephen has amazing chemistry with Alex. No matter how much I HATE Beeeell, I LOVED the short-lived bromance between Eric and Beeell.

      And I do agree with Tammy: Alan Ball REALLY got distracted by the real life romance between Stephen and Anna. And that makes for a TERRIBLE show forerunner because, if you can’t separate fact from fiction… you’re useless. JMO of course.

      • Yep, and in my opinion, if a couple is together in real life, they pretty much have no chemistry on screen. It’s like watching a home video of what really goes on in their bedroom, who wants to see that?

      • Just joking here, but their love making scene without expressions and passion did show a very real side being married 😀 😀 (think tired stressed out return to home after hours of work, cooking dinner, washing utensils and going to bed and then having sex) … Some days it is what it is…

        • haha sakshi I love this comment, so true. Sometimes it’s not hot and passionate… unfortunately they were supposed to be in this moment and majorly lacked it.

        • LOL! I agree! Unfortunately it’s their job to at least look like they’re enjoying it. Sorry, you guys DIDN’T earn your paychecks here.

    • If that’s the case then she makes me sick (which is something I have never said about any character even the ones I’ve hated).
      If you took away everything bill has done to sookie and the people she loved he still tried to kill off his entire race by bombing the true blood factory’s leaving them no choice when it comes to feeding (even a complete Moron would know humans wouldn’t stand for that).
      So when you think about it in that universe technically he is a war criminal .

      • Yep, agreed. I don’t think Bill is suddenly a ‘new person’, that is a bunch of bull. He did some evil stuff and should be paying the price. He is the real cause of everyone’s issues this season along with Sarah Newlin.

    • I guess they would feel awkward…because now only are they together in real life…now the writers want them to be together in the show. This is pushing it to far. Like my friend said, keep their personal relationship out of the show. It only shows how obsessed they are. Total amateur writing.

      • Maybe HBO/BB are forcing Sookie/Rapist because of their production deal with AP/SM? I’m not the only one asking questions. 🙂

    • OMG, I was talking with one of my friends (who is the same re: Bill and Sookie), and she literally jumped on me, then started saying how she’s glad Sookie has hep V coz now there’s a possibility that she’ll die…

      Had to share that 🙂

  17. K, from what I’ve been reading in all the coments this has got to be one of the most sick a $$ f*tarded episode ever. Am I right? Because thank goodness I’m not paying to watch this sh*t. Btw, it sounds like season 1. Sookie screwed bill right after her grandmother died.. am I right? Now alcede just died and it seems like that relationship never happened…… Sorry for the typos

    • Yep, pretty much, if they wanted to go back to the beginning, they’re really accomplishing that. All it does is show how little Sookie has grown as she seems to get dumber with every season.

  18. so i think there’s something to be said about all the flashbacks Bill has been getting. I’m not exactly sure what they mean… but a part of me that’s still hopeful for a Sookie/Eric ending/a Bill finally fucking dying ending thinks that all these flashbacks might convince Bill that it’s either his time to die because he’s had a fulfilled life with a wife and children.. or that because he’s had such a fulfilling life with a wife and children, that he wants Sookie to have that and not be with a vampire (even though he’ll live)… Either way, I’d be more than happy to see him out of the picture

    • THat would be the selfless thing to do, putting the supposed woman you love first, but Bill has proven he only cares about himself, so I don’t see it happening.

      • Honestly, i’m really hoping someone will point out to Sookie that she’s probably into Bill cause she’s had his blood again! seriously, someone get her the reality check she needs before this show is over. It just sucks to be disappointed by the end of the book series with Sookie never leaving Bon Temps or accomplishing much of anything when she was more than capable.. not to mention the BS that was Eric’s whole character and how their relationship ended in that book. But now this?! Insanity.

        • Won’t do any good, she’s already had the realization that it’s most likely the blood that made her fall for Bill in the first place, yet she keeps taking it and continues to act stupid. There is sadly no hope for her.

          • They keep falling back to the fact that he was her first… everything, it seems like. (Beehl must be a zombie too because he was the one to suck the brains right out of her head).

            Let’s be real: the majority of people don’t ever see their true loves when they get older so why, in the same of Sam Merlotte, do TPTB think this is a plausible excuse for her to stay with Queen Beehl? I mean, really. It’s insulting and, once again, shows just how much they seem to hate their lead character.

  19. That last scene was pretty disgusting i can’t believe they think we would enjoy that i wanna say did you guys notice how they did not show Bill’s but i think Mr Moyer is a little out of shape and so they didn’t want to show it, honestly i think Anna and Stephen must get so annoyed by the obsession of the writters with them, they are a real life couple they don’t need to pretend to have sex onscreen to make us believe they are in love. I can say that i really like them both in real life even though i hate Bill and Sookie right now cause i do know how to separate fiction from reality unlike TB writers. Just like i love Alex and Eric. Maybe you are gonna hate me for saying this but i think Bill was likable as a human and i tolerate him a little more when he is far from Sookie they make each other worst

  20. Ok so I will stick to the parts I like about the episode and it is a short list –
    1. Grandpa Niall not approving of Bill and not helping Sookie and wasting her time by showing her more Bill flashbacks with his wife.
    2. Dr Ludwig in a hummer
    3. Dr Ludwig beating a hasty retreat from Bill’s, when she hears Niall is Sookie’s ancestor.
    4. Eric, although I hated that grey wash T-shirt, I still love him. They have ruined him in the show. And I still love him because in my mind, piss poor writers cannot ruin his awesomeness for me. I will just write Eric-centric fanfiction and right their wrongs. Sookie however, I am not touching with a 10 foot pole for now.

    Crack-Fest – Has Bill been wearing those shaper thingy’s under his button downs?

    If they want to show nudity, at least do us the favor of not showing paunchy nudity. The angle they showed of Bill and Sookie making hate/guilt/shit (it sure as hell wasnt making love), was the worst for Stephen. I don;t want to say anything bad about the actors who play the characters, but the camera angles can be worked better according to a person.

    • You would think Niall not approving would send a message to her. I’m trying to remember but I believe in the books Niall says to Sookie that the vampire really loves her… however he does not clarify if it is Bill or Eric. This would make me think it really was Eric who truly loved Sookie. I can’t remember if they ever clarified in the books?

      And you know if Niall told her to stay away from Eric she would do it in a heartbeat.

      Why? Because she really seems to enjoy being treated like trash and forced into the stereotypical role of a dependent woman.

      • No they did not clarify who Niall meant in the books. But they didn’t clarify a lot of shit that went down in the books too so thats that.

        Oh hell yes. If anyone said anything against Eric, Sookie would be the first to board the hate Eric train. Anyways, she didn’t bother about finding a cure for him though. So we would never know what Niall would have said about Eric. To think she dragged Eric to help with Arlene even when he has so limited time left, and then couldn’t once think of finding a cure for him.

        Thats the kind of friend she is people. And as far as being a lover is concerned, she sucks big time at that. She can pick you and then leave you hanging in a New York second and then whine about the unfairness of life in the next.

      • Yeah, you would think. All that crap about not wanting to be a kept woman is such bullshit, you know Bill would make her a trophy wife in an instant. She would never have a mind of her own again, but this girl obviously craves the misery. And no, I don’t believe that was ever addressed in the books.

    • At the end they sorta ruined Eric but, let’s face it, Eric’s the best thing on this whole damned show. If they didn’t have Eric… they would’ve lost a LOT of viewers back in S1. However, TrueBlood!Eric is a helluva lot better than Book!Eric. At least in the show I felt as if Eric genuinely loved Sookie; I certainly didn’t get that in the books.

      • Oh that would be because of Alex’s smoldering eye-fucks! The man can do some serious damage with just a look. So what chance did the other actors actually have?

        And this was a love story! In Generation Kill, he killed me even when all he was doing was cleaning up his rifle! Or looking seriously in his laptop!

        So I guess Alex was the only reason why TB Eric turned out to be as huge as he did! Even CH started hating him becasue people stopped listening to her lies and focused on Alex eyeing Sookie. On acting scales, what love could weigh more here?

        • Oh don’t get me started on CH. Just sayin’. If she wanted everybody to hate Eric so much she shouldn’t have written him the way she did because, doing what she did to Eric in the books… **smh**. Just goes to show you she didn’t know what the hell she was doing…. my guess was she was winging it. NOT a good strategy for a writer. But, then, I’ve always said she isn’t a good writer and I will never read anything else she writes again, especially after that craptastic ending for the books. If it wasn’t for Book!Sookie, and Book!Eric (up to a point), then I would’ve dumped the books a long time ago.

      • The books are what made me love Eric in the first place, I used to like him more than the show version and always saw his love for Sookie, but CH of course ruined that. Alex is the only reason I’ve stuck with the show for as long as I have.

  21. It’s quite unbelievable, isn’t it, when the hugging and playing with Sookie’s hair scene was more swoon-worthy than the last episode’s last scene? Oh well, not gonna be long now.

    • Yeah, it’s kind of sad, this isn’t the impression you want to leave in the final season of a show. A good show is one people still talk about ten years after it’s been off the air, this is one everyone will likely forget.

      • I couldn’t agree more, there is no positive legacy for this show.

        • It is sad. Personally I can’t wait for the show to be over so I never think about it again, other than, “Such wasted potential. HBO/BB/CH/whoever blew it.” Sad legacy. Oh, well. What can I do? Not my problem.

  22. Folks, I made a mistake and read a True Blood (official series FB page) posting about the Bill/Sookie ‘hookup’ (a mistake because they only PISSED ME OFF!! Seriously: how can you call the vamp who tricked you, raped you, then nearly drained you dry a ‘soul mate’? And those people are saying that ERIC is worse than Bill. Sorry.. I know, same ol’ argument but… oh this gets my blood boiling).

    Did you know there is a ‘Bill Compton Appreciation Society’ page on FB? AND they claimed, on the FB posting, that…

    “Alan Ball made Bill & Sookie soulmates from Season 1 Episode 1 ~ before Anna & Stephen were even engaged let alone married. He’s a book Bill & Sookie fan ~ as are a lot of other readers.”
    (Direct quote of theirs)

    So, by this train of thought, Alan Ball fundamentally changed the SVM into True Blood because it was just wrong that they didn’t get together so they need to get together in the show.

    So… doesn’t that mean that TB is really nothing but Alan Ball’s fanfiction?? I’ve been wasting time on Alan Ball’s fanfiction? That’s just… disgusting. Seriously. That’s wrong on so many levels. I knew that AB had a ‘vision’ but I had no idea it was like that.

    BTW I don’t agree with the ‘as are a lot of other readers’ part of their statement. Unfortunately there will be no arguing with them because they will get their way. So sad.

    • They shouldn’t say “Based on the Sookie novels” etc. Aside from character names it bears no resemblence. I’ll never forgive him for turning Sooke into a quivering bowl of jelly where scumface is concerned but even more for making it a show about Bill primarily.

      • Exactly. Why make the show about Bill when, let’s be honest, Bill is one of the most irritatingly BORING characters I’ve ever seen. And, whatever that Billith mess was (I’m beginning to think it was an attempt to make him stronger, and better, than he is capable of being), it made an already thoroughly unlikable character even more unlikable (if that is even possible). I read a ‘possible’ rumor that Sookie’s ‘antidote’ for Bill’s Hep-V could turn him back into a human. If that’s the case, and if that’s what Sookie wants, she can have him. I’ve had it with a show that seems to hate its main character so much they turn her into a raving moron.

        • Amen to that. They almost seem like they’re proud of turning a character with a spine and a brain to one that is witless and idolises a monster no matter what he does. I want TB to be over, my morbid curiosity to see just how bad it will end is my only reason for watching. I care nothing about Sookie and Bill is a non-entity to me. This show should have gone down as one of the greatest ever. Saying it is going out with a whimper is a gross understatement. It’s already dead.

          • You are so right! This show could have been great, It had the whole ball of wax, the story, the actors, and the people behind the scenes. It should have won awards. Instead we got made up bulishit. A true love story come to life bullshit. Balllsack thought he could turn it into the Stephen and Anna story and totally ruined it. He should have stayed with the books. Now it’s all done but the crying!

    • The Bill Compton Appreciation Society is nothing but a bunch of sad, pathetic people, they have to troll Eric sites because they know he’s better, whether they get what they want or not doesn’t change anything. It just shows that they’re just as delusional as the writers. I avoid that page like the plague, along with the main TB page. I unliked it in FB a while back.

      • There’s also a FB page called Bill Compton is Not a Hero, I much prefer that one.

        • Thanks Tammy! I looked that page up and I’ll have to like it. I knew I shouldn’t have started reading the True Blood FB posting but, sigh, I couldn’t stop myself. I must say though, there are a lot more people who think Sookie’s an idiot and want her to be either with Eric or nobody at all.

    • Oh I read somewhere that Eric fans just like mindless fucking and violence and do not understand Bill because Bill has depths they cannot imagine with Eric 😀 :D…. Although this comment should have incensed me, I died laughing.

      • OMGosh that is funny. Yeah, a 1,000 year-old vampire who saw his family murdered in front of him has no depth. **sarcasm** Yeah, a 1,000 year-old vampire who couldn’t stop his maker from meeting the sun… then cried broken tears…. has no depth. **sarcasm**

        Meanwhile, said ‘deep’ Beehll rapes, nearly drains, and deceives his Twue Wuwve. **sigh**

        **sarcasm** Actually, it’s because Eric didn’t have a Southern Drawl; if he drawled as he protected Sookie from her own stupidity Eric would be considered a hero in their book.

        AB did a crap job if he was trying to make Eric soulless… and a crap job if he was trying to make his precious Beeehll strong and mighty. Oh the irony. I love it.

        • Glad you liked it :)…I went trolling for TB S7 E7 reviews yesterday and had many laughs.

          Here’s another gem of delusionville — “Bill never raped Sookie. He just drank her blood and vampires are supposed to drink blood. SOokie went back to him afterwards because she understood this fact that Bill needed her ‘help’ at the time. Eric fans however, do not get this”

          😀 😀 😀

          • **rolls eyes**

            Oh to live in a dream world. I wonder what it’s like to not live in the real world? Thanks for sharing. I needed that.

        • Oh you’re welcome 🙂 After all what are your fellow depthless Eric fans for, if not to do some Bill bashing! 🙂

          • Oh, yes, it all makes perfect sense now; we’ve obviously been watching a completely different show all these years. I do have to wonder what delusional world they live in, it’s just sad. There are other ways to rape someone without it needing to be physical, I just can’t with these people.

  23. Idk friend (a Billy fanatic) says it’s to good to be true for bill to die especially for eric fans. She might be right. Do u guys remember the whole warllow crap from season 6. Everyone thought sookie would be a fairy bride until the end. So I’m guessing the person who posted the spoilers on youtube are true. Billy boy won’t die, he’ll be freaking human. Sick 😦

    • What the hell was the reason for Warlow anyway?! Seriously? Were they completely out of ideas? I take that back: they gave us Billith and Nora (sorry, I’m not a Nora fan) so Warlow had to tie into it? I have no freakin’ idea. One other big pet peeve of this show (and the books as well) that I have is the unnecessary cast of thousands. I always thought that CH kept adding characters because she didn’t have the creative capacity to actually develop the characters, and the show kept adding characters because, well, it didn’t know what the hell it was doing. Or… perhaps they gave us the cast(s) of thousands (remember all those new characters they’d introduce every season just to kill them off?) so that they would eventually become a group enslaved by the wonders of Beeehl and, since you need bodies to make that happen, they just gave us a bunch of no-reason characters? **sarcasm around ‘the wonders of Beeehl’**

      • Hey you what I think? Maybe when Eric is cured, they’ll get him and Sookie to fight over whether Eric will cure Bill with his blood or not. Then TB people would throw in not so subtle hints that Bill is the saint who saved everyone from sunlight but Eric is the cad who won’t heal the others, thereby kissing Saint Bill’s veiny fat ass! Maybe Eric’s dilemma is whether to heal Bill or not. 😀 😀

        • Yeah, that’s what I posted too about Eric’s “dilemma”, and I’ll even speculate that it might even have something to do with this “lie” he’s supposed to be caught up in…

          And as for the Beehl fans, okay, he might (and I’m using that term loosely) have some substance underneath all his masochistic tendencies, so if these individuals who say that Eric has no depth can see that, then they clearly need to get their eyes checked, and learn to differentiate between reality (Moyer/Paquin) and the reel (B/S)…

          Ahh, the perspicacity of selective logic!

      • It was all set up for bill to be the hero and the one who “cared” for sookie the most. The one that can redeem himself and be the good guy again. It was proven by writing a sh*ty book. Total BS story line. To tell you the truth Warlow would be my second choice of a HEA. But these writers made him a bad guy so Bill could still have a chance with dumba$$ sookie. The only thing I liked about that season was sookie stabbing bill….unfortunately that didn’t work since he was billith.

        • I saw Warlow as Bill 2.0, I couldn’t stand that guy, but it was really lazy writing. There was no point to him at all. And as I have said before, if they wanted Bill to be the good guy, they really didn’t do it right. He’ll always be seen as a huge douche to me.

    • I like to see the positive of Bill being human, it’ll be easier to kill him that way. As much as it pains me, Eric still cares for Sookie, so I think he would choose to save Bill just for that reason.

  24. I never watch the previews for upcoming episodes because Im always disappointed. I wished I would have for this past episode so I could have avoided the whole episode. Sookie makes me sick. While I love Eric & Sookie and want them together, I’m to the point with show Sookie that I don’t want her incredibly stupid self with Eric. I just don’t know how a woman could willingly sleep with her rapist. Its sick. I know its just a Tv show but these are characters a lot of people have fell in love with and these “paid writers ” are screwing everything up. Its insanity. I think if Sookie gets any stupider on the show I’m gonna just have to skip these last few episodes. I’m to the point with her & Bill that I hope Bill dies a hep v death & she drowns in his blood, nasty remains just to rid us of the idiocy that is “True Blood’s Sookie Stackhouse.”

    • If only that would happen, but you know according to the pathetic Bill lovers, he never raped her. Those people just make me even more sad that they’re buying into this shit, Sookie really does deserve Bill at this point if she’s going to continue being an idiot. I don’t know how anyone could respect a woman like that.

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