Press Release for Episode 9


SpoilerTV have released a short synopsis of True Blood’s penultimate episode today.

I don’t like it, but as I don’t like anything today I won’t make too many comments just yet!

Episode #79: “Love Is to Die”
Debut: SUNDAY, AUG. 17 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT)

Sookie (Anna Paquin) retreats in confusion. Sam (Sam Trammell) makes a choice. Jason (Ryan Kwanten) exercises uncharacteristic restraint, while Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) faces a dilemma after being caught in a lie.

Written by Brian Buckner; directed by Howard Deutch.

It’s also worth re-posting an earlier (unofficial) synopsis for this episode.

E9Love Is to Die- Bill alienates Sookie; Hoyt remembers the past; Eric faces a dilemma.

I think I’ll just post a nice hot picture of fangy Eric (about to sink his fangs into Sarah Newlin?) and be done for today.



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43 comments on “Press Release for Episode 9

  1. Eric gets caught in a lie… I smell a retcon.

    My guess is that they’re going to try and say Eric lied about the Rattray’s. Saint Bill never allowed two psychos to beat her, blah, blah, blah.

    • I was thinking that it’s about Mr. Gus or Sarah but who knows. At this point it could be anything.

    • I was trying to think what Eric might lie about, but then someone said it doesn’t saying who is lying, just that Eric is caught in it, but it may be someone else’s lie. Still no clue who or what! I guess Eric maybe is caught between 2 people and doesn’t know whether to come clean with what he knows?

      • I think you could be right,Evie.

        I thought at 1st. I believe he’s being lie to…. I think it could Yazuka company is lying to him. I can’t trust Yazuka begun with when they killed Eric’s girlfriend Sylvie. I have a feeling Pam known something about Sarah has a cure or Sookie(I think she worrys that he will become human if he gets close to Sookie) ,but she didn’t tell Eric about it….I would hate to see the viking getting the betray include people he cares about the most. 😦

  2. You know, I’m with Evie on this one. It seems that now since its’ the end of the show, and everyone is cranked up that Dumbshit (Sookie) got it on with Bill, that they (Bucky and crew) are assassinating Erics’ character once again. It doesn’t necessarily mean that, it could be about a number of non-related Dumbshits’ problems and something Eric got caught up in or lied to someone else even to maybe Pam. We will just have to wait until episode 9 to find out.

    I mean the ride is almost up only 3 more to go and I am getting sadder as the days go by, but I still have season 4 to play over everytime I want to see a tenderhearted Eric making a fool out of himself over Dumbshit.

    • Yep. I smell character assassination! Anything to make Beehl look heroice to Dumbshit (I like that name, btw. I was going with “Southern-fried moron,” but it’s a little long).

  3. Oh ha ha. More crap. What a shocker!

    Thanks for sharing Evie. I seriously feel for you guys who have to write about this stuff here. And y’all are awesome 🙂

  4. Theory: I think Eric gets caught in a lie is related to Bill alienates Sookie/Sookie retreats in confusion, so we already saw in the sdcc a scene where Bill and Erci talk, and then another scene where Eric and Sookie talk, so maybe Bill is alienating Sookie by telling her he doesn’t love her or something like that while he tells Eric he is setting her free, and then when Eric talks to Sookie he faces the dilemma of telling her what Bill told him, i hope is that and no the retcon of Eric cause i’m ok with Eric not being with Sookie cause she is super dumb but Erics cares for her so at least they should end up in good terms

  5. Ugh! I have been traveling and have not seen these last 2 episodes. From the bits I am seeing online my TV is probably safer that way. I am guessing it will be best just to forget this show on e I get home rather than bother catching up?

  6. As long as Pam and Eric walk away smelling like roses and awesome, I’ll be happy. The promise of that is the only thing keeping me paying attention.

  7. I think Yazuka’s lying to Eric and their motive reveals to making faery blood into a product for True Blood….I am pretty much believe Billy’s on their sceme from the beginning when Nan recuited him to queen. I think Billy;s using Sookie getting to find faeries…I think this’ll explain why Sookie becomes confusion when Billy telling her that Jason just becomes vamp and he got effected with Hep V (she didn’t believe it at 1st),but Jason shown up unexpectly with black veins on his chest.

    I also think Violet’s working with Billy to keep the eye on Jason,because he don’t want Sookie’s brother meddling his plan. But I think he will pi** at Violet for turning Jason into a vamp and so he punishes her by injecting her progeny with Hep V. He will end up using Jason as an threat to let Sookie to lure him in the faeryland.

    Eric will shown up and warn Sookie about Yakuza making faery blood into the new Blood,but she don’t believe and she think the faery blood’s only way to cure Hep V. So she tells him that Jason is a vamp and sick, she runs off to find the cure with Billy. Eric ending up telling her that there’s a cure (it reveals the cure in his blood after he killed Sarah) beside faery blood,but Billy lies to her that he’s here to take her away. Eric flew away.

    Billy lures Sookie into a trap that by the faery queen Mab,it reveals that Billy is actually Niall’s son (Niall warns her about) and stole her out to help faeries to destroys the world.

    About the faeries’ going to sacrifice Sookie to open the gateway, Eric shown up and starts to killing faeries one by one. While Eric struggling with his life, Billy decides to free Sookie from chains (I think he means “it’s time to set her free) and Billy says bye then turns into dust when Mab snaps. Sookie ends up stabbing her with the dagger (which was use for the sacrifice)… But the townspeople and Hep-V vamps (but now they are cured with all thanks to Eric) shown up and gets on the action. Yazuka comes in with Pam and joins in on the fight. Niall shown up and confront Mab. After the battle is over, Niall starts shut the gateway that no faeries should enter. Niall tells Sookie to go to Eric and that he’s the vamp who truly luv her. Sookie rushes toward Eric,but it’s too late and she saw Pam was crying over Eric’s burnt body. Sookie walks his burnt body and kneels down,slit her hand with the faery knife to let Eric to feed on her. But it isn’t working,she bent her on his chest and starts crying. Suddleny she hears the heartbeat and he starts to burst out of his burnt shell: the newly reborn human Eric merges (as naked). So the stackhouse siblings and his daughter gathers around him for a group hug.

    Guys, do you like my theory?

  8. Evie-thanks for sharing the info with us. I’m so burnt out on the show, even more than I already was, after the YouTube potential-spoilers person and the Comic-Con weeks ahead trailer that I can’t find the energy to get super-worked-up about it anymore. I’m resigned. Thanks for all that you and the other lovely ladies do to keep us informed and entertained (and consoled 🙂 ). Take care. 🙂

  9. I really wanted to throw up last Sunday….when I saw Sookie run from her house
    in a short white nightgown and into Bill’s arms.
    They tried to recreate the episode where Sookie & Bill made love for the first time.
    After Gran passed away.

  10. Great the one episode I was looking forward to bill alienating sookie now she’s just confused when isn’t she confused?.

  11. I just read something on the TV Guide website where Anna Camp basically gives away at least part of Sarah’s/New-Me’s story in episode 8 THAT HASN’T EVEN AIRED YET. Plus, at Comic-Con, Ms. Camp said that she feels that Sarah ultimately “gets what she deserves.” I can overlook the Comic-Con comment, since technically it’s cryptic-enough, but outright giving away a major plot point about your character before it even airs? Riley Smith (Vampire Keith) has also had loose lips in some of his recent interviews. I thought actors were supposed to be cryptic (or cryptic-enough) and not give away plot points before the project is released. More weirdness, to me, anyway.

      • Sakshi-I won’t repeat what Anna Camp said because it is VERY spoilerific. Camp’s comments are in a TV Guide article (which, IIRC, talked about other shows as well) by Natalie Abrams posted earlier today. Hope that helps. 🙂

        Maureen-I agree that I didn’t think actors were allowed to do that. Those pesky contracts and all… 🙂

        tammy-I agree as well that it seems like these people just don’t care anymore, with it being the final season (and the show going SO off the rails). Too bad, but I guess it’s par for the course.

        • I read what Anna Camp said in TVGuide and I pretty much thought that Sarah believes she is going to die (all that hallucinating about death coming for her) so I don’t think that is too much of a spoiler. She obviously does have the antidote card to play but can’t be 100% convinced it will save her. Sarah does like to be dramatic LOL so will be hoping for a grand death scene, she doesn’t know yet they plan to keep her alive as the cure, which I think they manage to do as I think it is her who is tied up in the Fangtasia basement? I also think Sarah’s fate will end up truly being a fate worse than death!

          • Evie-thanks for your response. 🙂 When I was talking Anna Camp and spoiler, I was referring to Anna revealing how Sarah/New-Me deals in the short term with being found, her cliffhanger from last ep going into this week’s. JMO, of course, but I felt she was very specific/spoilerific about what Sarah does in that immediate situation. Not criticizing Anna, of course, but if it were me, I would have been more vague and not outright said what Sarah does in the next ep before it even airs. Plus, I would think the actors’ contracts with HBO would legally prevent them from spilling too much (not that this is a MAJOR plot point, but still…). In the interest of fairness, though, I’m not watching the eps (not even Alex’s stuff the last two eps), so there are definitely nuances that I might be missing. As long as Bucky doesn’t use Sarah to character-assassinate Eric and Pam, I’m good. Take care. 🙂

  12. Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette) did the same thing in a recent interview. I was stunned that he gave away how things turn out for Lafayette. I didn’t think the actors were allowed to do that.

  13. Guys, I hasn’t post this earlier. I haven’t told you about it,but until now. posted

    The girl posted Tumblr on Facebook and she said you could out the comments. So I checked out the comments below. 1 of the comments caught my eyes. I think you guys already known about this,but I will tell you.

    Someone wrote that she read this Eric girl’s comment on Imbd(I known you guys might known about this) that she got tick off at Bucky and asked why he forcing Sookie to go that her abuser to live unhappily ever,but he told her have to keep her watching until the end,the answer left her speechless.

    She think Buckner is playing a trick. She believe he setted up the Billy luv Sookie toward the end to thrown everybody off,but he will shock everybody by killing Billy at the end.

    The person mentioned Steve said he left the week before they finished the final ep when Alex was around. I remembered that Steve said that Billy isn’t the right guy for Sookie either at Comic Con panel. (I think it’s damn writers’s ideas. I thought that they are making money off of them like some product).

    The person also mentioned that she believe they did alter endings for Eric,because they don’t want to spoil anyone.

  14. That’d actually be pretty cool if they did a whole series of alternate endings…

    Or it would have been if the original material was worthy of such treatment…

  15. I have a question. In one of her interviews, Anna Paquin talks about having to do some recent reshoots wearing the infamous white dress and joking that the dress no longer fit her after having twins. I remember seeing a promo at the start of the season with her holding the dress up to the mirror but I don’t remember seeing that in an episode yet. That white dress is very significant for only one vampire….Any theories on that?

    • Unfortunately I believe Anna was talking about episode 2 when there is a flashback to Sookie getting ready for Bill to take her to Fangtasia – sorry!

      • Anna talks about having to wear it and needing gear to hold it up. She wears that dress the night she meets Eric in season 1. He references it at the beginning of last season. I guess my dream ending would be Sookie going to Eric in that white dress. That would be MY version of going full circle from season 1. She has her moment with Bill again but this time around she chooses Eric.

  16. Last season when Eric saw Sookie leaving the entrance to the fairy realm, she was talking to herself and complaining why no one wants to just date her, they all want to spend eternity with her. Well my dream ending would be Sookie in her white dress opening the door for Eric. It would end with them going out on a real date. That would be the miracle in the ordinary.

    As for Anna’s weightloss… I KNOW.

  17. I’ve read spec that BB might try to make Eric look bad by having Eric take the deal with the Yakuza/Yakonomo, the corporation that murdered Eric’s retconned eleventh-hour beloved, Sylvie. Then, in that big scene with CH in the series finale, CH directs Eric in an ad for NuBlood with Pam on the set. Eric is cured of Hep-V and is a “vampire celebrity.” I, a long-time, loyal (former) audience member (who is still paying attention), am supposed to believe that Eric all of a sudden wants to be famous and wants a ton more money (even though he’s already rich). So much so that when he stumbles into another opportunity (because suddenly he’s too dumb to have and pursue ideas of his own; he’s just a pretty boy who gets girls killed because he refuses to stop having sex in the moonlight), he’d be willing to get “in bed” with the group that killed his loved one, bygones. Which I suppose is not that dissimilar to Andy giving a pass to Jessica, the person who murdered his children, or Sookie giving a pass (and sex and sometimes blood) to all of her abusers. I’m not surprised, just resigned. Getting it off my chest so I’ll never think about it again. I’ll always love the Eric Northman character, and I’ll never believe the eleventh-hour puppet strings. Thanks for the space for my mini-rant. Take care. 🙂

    • I thought about it,too,Shinealite.

      It could be 1 of possible endings if he didn’t kill Sarah Newlins. I think it have to do with Eric being cure. I wrote some theory about it.

      Probably they edited that CH out,because Eric bails out on that contract after he killed Sarah.

      I was thinking that “Eric caught in the Lie”. Maybe it have to do with that promise he made Pam about not killing Sarah. I think he was lying he’s not killing Sarah. Because Pam and Yazuka want her alive,but I think they will caught him in the act by killing Sarah (There’s go their deal go down the drain). I think he will run off with the cure to Sookie,because he is in big trouble and Yazuka guys are after him.

      I wonder CH wouldn’t be happy if they edits her scene. LOL

  18. No,he’s caught in a lie by the Yakuzi (sp?). I just hope he survives.

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