The One Where… It wasn’t kind to rewind.


Sticks and stones could break my bones, but dragged out story lines doesn’t inspire me to spend money.  Especially when they drag down episodes during a final season. Really writers of the show, this is the last chance to make a decent impression on consumers to want to follow you to future projects. Maybe.

This past week we were “treated” to the 7th episode of the final season of True Blood entitled “May be for the Last Time”. Which is mightily prophetic now that I think on it… though not in the way the show runner and his team of merry writers intended. Cause it was just an episode, one that took an hour  of screen time but hardly advanced the story line of the characters most folks actually tune in to see. Yeah sure it was great to watch those few and far between moments where Alex was on the screen, to see the acting chops of Carrie Preston and Chris Bauer, the return to the TB screen of Jim (Hoyt), Marcia (Ludwig), Rutgar (Niall), Mike (Steve Newlin), and almost everything else. But this was the 4th to last episode EVER of a series and I was sort of hoping for it to have a beginning-middle-end like we had in episode 4 and 5 versus the filler we got.


Speaking of the “filler”, here is what happened.

  • Eric starts the episode of interrogating Amber (tied to the underside of the couch) with Pam and Gus (with his entourage) watching on. Amber shares Noomi (who is now a good person in her eyes) is the cure. Eric ends up staking her when he hallucinates she is Sarah. (Knowing folks with Hep C, this didn’t surprise me that his mind went there).  Eric and Gus make a deal to produce “Nu Blood”… the cure synthesized with Eric as their spokesvampire. Pam is not thrilled … or is she… about this plan. They head out the next sunset as Gus’s minions tracked Sarah down to the old Light of Day Institute where they will confront her… next week.
  • Andy and Holly are on the road to the wrong place trying to track their kids to just around OK City after a mourning Jessica offered to help track Adelyn. Since it made perfect sense for 2 teenagers to head there cause Wade’s Daddy has a place by a lake in them parts. Of course the kids are really with the unshrinking Violet, who has her own place in the area set up with her own sex room. Which she graciously offers them for their use. This screams psychotic plan in the works… that we won’t find out about till next episode since we last leave this storyline with Violet cuffing Adelyn to trigger her fear.
  • Sookie and Jessica are all hovering around Bill as the Hep V spreads quickly. They are waiting like the rest of us for him to die… though they are actually upset about it. Sookie calls in Dr Ludwig and Niall to try to save him… and maybe us from more flashbacks? Both are unsuccessful. Though I can’t help but agree with Niall when Sookie figured out he could have helped her avoid sharing the disease with Bill and he told her

    “I don’t like him for you.”

    While I agreed with his sentiments, it made no impression Sookie. Cause … you know what happened at the end of the episode. The pity sex that disgusted the world in a way that mirrored the moment from season 1. Forget the fact that her live in boyfriend died 2-3 days before. I mean, even if you didn’t love someone enough, you actually mourn that person for more than a couple of days. Its like, Alcide who?

  • Carrie Preston’s Arlene graduated to full-fledged TrueBloodism with a V fueled sex dream of her and Keith hooking up on the pool table. Arlene then played hostess to Hoyt and his new girlfriend since they have just arrived to start making arrangements for Maxine. Her heart to heart with Sam over drinks, and a slow dance with Keith rounded out her screen time this episode. Both moments were sweet and proves Carrie is worth her weight in gold.
  • Jason. Since they killed of Joe’s character and gave Alex’s Eric Hep V with black lines, they made sure this episode featured plenty of Jason shirtless. Which is how we find him vacuuming in his boxers when Arlene calls to tell Jason that Hoyt was back in town… and doesn’t know him. He rushes over to the bar to see Hoyt and meets (makes eyes at) Hoyt’s new girlfriend. It’s like they are really reverting everyone back to season 1 mannerisms. True Blood turned serious for a moment when Hoyt went to view his mama in the morgue. The girlfriend (whose name i can’t remember) asks Jason to go in to give Hoyt comfort as someone who knew his mama. Of course this moment is short-lived when horn dog Jason returned as the girlfriend joins in on the hug.
  • Hallucination Jason, of the shirtless football playing variety as well as the red plaid/blue jean wearing version, makes an appearance as Sarah/Noomi found her way to the old Light of Day Institute. He, along with hallucination Steve and hallucination Guru haunt Sarah while she is trying to hide as she wrestles between Christianity and Buddhism before choosing herself. She does believe she is the vampire messiah. But she is also hiding from Eric… who pulls up with the imitation Tokyo Drift formation posse and Pam…
  • Lala was regulated to digging for holes with Lettie Mae.
  • No one has heard from Willa in a few episodes.

And that’s all she wrote. I went in to this episode with my eyes wide open… and was neither impressed nor depressed from it, just kept waiting for something meaningful to happen. The episode, it just “was”…

One final note, season 1 was many years and screen time ago. While the writers felt that resurrecting season 1 “would bring the magic back”,  most of the viewing public who are still watching aren’t going to forget the details of the seasons in-between then and now.

Just remember, it is not always kind to rewind… it could loose you more then you expect.



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Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

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  1. Niall, the omniscient observer with sound advice and solid wisdom, basically gets shooed away because petulant Sookie threw a tantrum fit for a tween.

    She really should’ve listened to the old coot.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. The only story that I felt was worth watching was Arlene’s, and Niall seemed more like the faeries we met in the books with his vague explanation of the advice he gave Sookie. Why they waste so much time on useless characters like Violet, Adilyn, Wade, etc…it makes no sense. I know that these writers don’t honestly think that they’re gonna get any meaningful work with True Blood in their portfolios. Even if they don’t care about TB because they were gonna get paid either way, they should have at the very least, thought about their future careers as story tellers.

  3. Great post!

    The only scenes that did it for me besides Eric and Pam were from Jason.. Even when he was taunting Noomi, I finally felt interested in Jasons character again b/c lets face it, Violet made his story unbearable…
    I must give a shout out to Arlene, her scenes were finally interesting, and isnt Keith a sweetheart?! liked their little slow dance…
    And I have to say i had a chuckle when Sookie had her little tantrum and applauded Niall for sitting back and watching Bills demise… Even if it didnt have any effect on Sookie other than push her into diseased sex, nice one Niall…
    Last note, funny how Eric refused diseased sex but Bill was all for it.. (vomit) case closed.

  4. Sounds like I don’t need to watch, great review B! Some things are just better left in the past, no need to rehash. There truly is no character growth at all.

  5. See, I will forget this show and these writers once it ends. Hell, I already have, a good writer is someone like Joss Whedon. Sure, I will admit the man is pure evil at times, but I have followed mostly every single one of his projects since Buffy ended and have not regretted it for the most part. These people will hardly be a blip on my radar.

  6. Just curious regarding everyone’s thoughts on the rumor mill surrounding the last 3 episodes. There is a set extra that claims to have been around during filming and posted a spoiler of the last 3 episodes. I won’t go into detail, as there is no way to verify if any of what they said is accurate or not. But I will say this much, I hope and pray this source is wrong because I will not be a happy camper if this comes to pass. So basically should we be wary?

    • I would guess it’s all true.

    • Ummm… I’ve read them. My opinion is to be wary no matter what. Cause all bets are off when there is no tomorrow to work toward in a show or a book.

      • Ugh… I have a pit in my stomach now. Not only do we have to go out of this season knowing this is it for TB, but now we might have to endure the worst possible outcomes for certain characters too. Throws hands up in the air in disgust. Sigh….

    • If it is true (which it is looking more and more likely)then it is a cop out and a nasty way for the show to go out! I don’t like my vampire mythology messed with to that degree! Bill should have met the True Death 5 times over already so it won’t surprise me any it it happens.

      • Bill has multiple personality disorder and I don’t like any of them. They should have just named the series The “Beehl” Show and been done with it. Wouldn’t have invested 7 years watching had I known this nonsense would come to pass.

        • I stopped watching this season because I knew it would be an epic train wreck, it sucks to be right sometimes. Nothing they do would surprise me anymore.

          • I don’t mean this to sound too “twilight” (yuck), but are there any solid polls with numbers for Team Eric vs Team Bill? It is just a huge guess on my part, but based on what I have seen over the years I would have to wager that Team Eric is in the lead by a huge margin. Which, if this is the case, makes me even angrier for what the writers have done to the show and our beloved Viking.

          • Every poll I’ve seen has Eric kicking Bill’s ass, he will always have more fans, that’s why I will never understand the writers need to try and make Bill look better. It just doesn’t work.

    • Could you please point me to this spoiler? I want to know!

  7. Can any of you gorgeous peeps point me to these sorta spoilers? Thanks. I love me some, it prepares me for what I have to skip when I do the rewatch. I am Zen to everything Bill-related by now. ‘Cause no one, not even AB, can remove what comes up on screen when Eric is there — talk about stopping an avalanche with a shovel … LOLs. =)

  8. At least we all will have each other when it’s all done but the crying!
    Great review B, thanks.

  9. So…it means bill fans will mostly jump for joy in the end. Sad this sh*t is stuck with the same old storyline. Sookie and bill…sookie and bill…etc.etc. This “may be the last time” is just rephrasing it “you all fell for it. Bill will actually be alive and well.” I hope no one watches anything ball sack and bucky write in the near future. They can’t be creative and work with what they have. They are always adding characters that don’t make sense and are obviously just ffillers.i hope a lot of people realize it.

  10. B, I so agree with your summary of this episode. Once again these writers are beating a dead horse… By now you’d think we’d be use to their crappy style of this Blaise writing of theirs. I really wish dumbshit would have listened to her Grandfather instead of throwing a hissy fit because even he knows that they aren’t right for each other.

    Once again they have wasted another season and especially this last season with crappy fillers once again. I am still hoping that Eric gets cured and survives and tells dumbshit that they aren’t made to be together and he walks out of Bon Temps and never looks back. Three more episodes for these writers to redeem themselves.

  11. I’m still hoping the disease-ridden guilt sex was all a blood induced dream…
    Otherwise I agree with everything said 🙂

  12. On the subject of mourning, in season 1 Sookie ran across the cemetery to screw Bill on the night following Gran’s funeral – she didn’t even wait 2/3 days. Maybe after meeting Bill even her supposedly beloved Gran wasn’t that beloved after all. That theme continued with Alcide. She doesn’t seem to give a fuck about anyone anymore – unless it’s Bill. You’re right about this episode not advancing the story because as with other episodes this final season nothing happened. Sookie mooned over Bill and moaned at Niall because he didn’t share her opinion of him. What to do then? Of course, run across the cemetery as in season 1 to bang Bill’s undeserving brains out.

    The writers and Sookie have forgotten or glossed over all of Bill’s very long list of transgressions. This worship of Bill that Sookie has (knowing what she does) is seriously wrong and seriously disturbing. I have long thought that the writers are trying to show us that no matter how horrific a persons deeds are that love conquers all and has no limits. If that is their intent they have failed dismally and made their female lead look like a mindless, ignorant starry eyed moron. I know her book counterpart had the decency to wait a decent time to give her virginity even if it was to Bill. He was a peice of shit but has nothing on TB Bill who should NEVER have been given the prominence in the show that he got.

    The show is already dead – after Sookie forgave Bill for letting her nearly die, the show began it’s descent into the TV vault of shows that very few people will mourn. I know I won’t

  13. Well, looks like we may just have to prepare ourselves for the inevitable “make Eric look like a complete schmuck whilst trying to do the right thing” storyline… And teamed with the spoilers…

    God Sookie doesn’t deserve Eric or anyone. If she’s so hell bent on sticking with the whole first love thing, then let her without anyone else having to suffer for it…

    • I refuse to call Beehl her first “love”. Lets call it what it really was… The first time she got banged. There was never any love there – Bill is a jerk and a psychopath 🙂

      • Exactly, when you think about it, she barely even knew him at all when they got together. Sookie was just relieved to finally have silence in her head, she probably would have banged any vampire who walked in Merlottes, he just happened to get there first and before any real feelings could have developed on their own, he let her get beat up and was forcing his blood down her throat. Oh, yes, we all should have a first love like that.

  14. I haven’t watched since season 4, thank heavens!
    Neither CH nor HBO have given Sookie time to mourn. It was maybe 3 days before she had sex with Bill post Gran’s passing. The only things I can remember her mourning is the ‘vampire crap’ and the loss of her Christianity.
    She’s killed how many people? She doesn’t get a chance to mourn any of them.
    She might have had a chance to mourn the loss of Eric, in the books, if he hadn’t set out to piss her off instead
    HBO, please just blow the whole bloody place up, with Sookie at ground zero (and Eric far, far, far, far away) and send the rest of the crew with her! At least end the show with a bang instead of a limp wrist and a headache.

  15. Well thanks B for your review! I only saw Eric’s clips on youtube and I don’t like how his storyline is evolving; I don’t like the idea of him becoming a spokesperson for a corporation that was the cause of Sylvie’s death !! It seems that the writers wanted to tell us that Eric is greedy-49% of a 3.5 billion company is a lot of money_ but isn’t Eric already wealthy ? Does he really need that? This is so OOC just hope Eric has other plans and he only playing along but who knows with this show.I liked Dr.Ludwig’s entrance: that was cool Driving a Hummer listening to loud rock music ;happy to see Naill back He did give good advice to Sookie But does she listen? Hell no,she acts like a teenager and runs over to Bill’s to have some pity sex with a white dress on BB are you fucking with us? I asked a dear friend of mine Katy (She’s a former Bill/Sookie shipper) what she thought about Bill/Sookie reunion; guess what she told me : She wanted to throw up, it was so disgusting and sheis still asking herself how she was capable to ship Bill!!
    On youtube on that peculiar scene I commented ” Please Sookie don’t do this to yourself don’t have sex with your ex abuser only because you feel guilty about his hep-v situation!” Five people replied to my comment saying that I was completely wrong Bill never abused Sookie, That Eric is the only one that abused her, fang-raped her with Russell tricked her to go find Godric knowing it was dangerous and tricked in sucking the bullets from his chest! I replied that yes Eric did all those things but what Bill did to Sookie was to long to list just go on tumblr and see all the “precious posts” of Bill.that people made to open somebody’s eyes….
    They replied that Sookie and Bill belonged together and they are “one”.Now that got me thinking I’m wondering what kind of relationships they had because to say Sookie/Bill is a true love,does that mean maybe these girls are victims too?!

    • It’s just a lot of delusional people, I wouldn’t pay attention to anything they say. It does name me wonder how sad their lives must be.

      • Make me wonder, I meant.

        • It is the classic abuser cycle – and really that is what he Is. Just because he talks like a Southern Gentleman, doesn’t make him one. If this show was to continue, and Sookie went back to Bill for good, I guarantee you that Bill would go right back into his abuser role.

          So I agree with what you said… Makes me wonder and worry for those floating around in delusional Camp Bill. Very very sad indeed!

          • Yep, I guess it’s a good thing they really didn’t put them together again until the final season because I guarantee if there was an 8th, no one would watch.

  16. I don’t know if anybody else has noticed but shouldn’t the guys who make tru blood be after bill since he blew their factory’s up?.
    Isn’t that a major plot hole this season if their after Sarah shouldn’t they be after bill?since you could argue hep v would never have spred as fast or infected that many.

    • You would think, but Bill can of course do no wrong. I’m tired of him getting away with everything. Sookie even knows he was responsible, but now that he’s dying, nothing else seems to matter. When will this moron realize that Bill dying would actually be better for everyone? There are just some people that aren’t worth saving, but she’ll always be stupid where he’s concerned.

  17. I am on hols so not watching any of it at the moment (just checking in here is enough)…how terrible it all sounds…if spoilers are true I just cannot….and I also wish that there is no more sookie eric scenes..but it seems we have to endure more Bill is much better than Eric shit…if there is any mercy in the world we wont get erics bill/sookie approval..hope he tells her to go f herself and fly away…is that too much to ask…God I wish I was a Bill lover…ha, ha…

  18. Sunday’s episode made me want to toss my cookies!!!
    Didn’t need to see Sookie & Bill Compton have “Guilt sex”
    Sure they went back to Season 1 where Anna & Stephen had sex after Adele died.
    But let Bill Compton die the Final Death…

    Did like how Caroline & Bill met and the flashbacks shown.

  19. I’d rather endure a root canal without anesthesia than see BS diseased guilt sex. Thank God I got rid of HBO!

  20. So the person who posted the spoilers of season 7 has an update. He/she said that as far as the direction it’s going: eric will die by sacrificing himself to save a character’s life (it corrilates with his flashbacks) or he’ll become a celebrity.hoyt will kill violet to save Jessica and jason. Jason will not sleep with hoyt’s GF. Sarah Newlin will not die. And extensive flashbacks to season 1.

  21. I heard the double ending regarding Eric too. I guess the writers are becoming afraid of the backlash if the first ending were to come to pass. Just proves what a bunch of bumbling morons they really are. It’s their fault they took the characters in this direction in the first place They need to apologize and fix it right. Bucky should NEVER be allowed near a tv production again. What makes me really sick to my stomach is that so many of the actors stick up for Bucky. At least Joe had the courage to speak up about what a terrible job the writers did to his character and others. Well done Joe M!

    • I’m not sure Anna and Stephen have much choice, and Alex is filming on a warner bros film which, last I heard, owned HBO (well, they sell their DVDs anyways if I’m to believe my email). I think Kristin would be the only other ‘main’ actor with little to lose if she spoke up – and she already did say something suggesting that it was difficult to get on board with the writers when she spoke about protesting against the whole ‘Eric releasing Pam’ scene, and said that she was told to turn up to work or she won’t get paid…

      So I don’t believe that all’s good in the ‘wood… And I think those audience members who remember the show’s beginning are smart enough to draw that same conclusion.

      I just wish some of the magazine review critics had the same processing power, but alas, cheap thrills get them off… Or they’ve been paid off, or I don’t know…

    • Once you get killed off, the truth finally comes out. I would imagine now that the show is done, it might come out for a few others. I got the impression that Alex was a little bitter, too, I honestly don’t think he wanted to come back this season. I almost wish he didn’t.

  22. I don’t buy Sarah didn’t die from that youtube guy and also wrote that Sookie ends up with Billy and has children.

    Someone don’t buy this Youtube sh*t either. He/she believe that guy’s a totally fake,because the Youtube user mentioned the fans are going to see Violet’s flashback last week (how she get made). She/he believes Billy boy is going to die at the end,because she/he heard his daughter in the the finale. this someone think everybody will gather together after 5 years later to remember their luv ones (Laffy said) and Sookie will remember the good ol’ day with Sicko Billy.

    About Sarah, What explain why the Comic Con trailer shown Eric with the mouthful of blood then?!!!! Who’s sh*t in Eric’s blood? I believe he completely drains Sarah dry by tell from the trailer. I remembered the comment Shinealite read that Anna said Sarah finally got what she deserved.

    Oh man, It feels like I’m reading nonsense pokemon rumors all over again.

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking. But the Hoyt part makes sense. Also, if you see the clip from the upcoming episode, Sarah says “I’m going to die” uh, why give that away. But there is no doubt Bill and sookie will still be blah blah blah.

      • It sounds like annoying Billy Boy’s theory to me than a spoiler. I would to see Eric becomes human and have kids with Sookie instead.

        I pretty believe there’s 3 alternative endings for Eric. I think it have to do with killing Sarah or not killing Sarah. But in the comic con preview, I think it looks like he’s going for killing Sarah which break his deal with Yazuka guys. You known Yazuka guys won’t be happy that Eric lies to them about not killing Sarah like that. If he won’t kill Sarah, he will be spokesperson(I think CH scene for that ending). I think he will run off to Sookie,because there’s no place to hide. I don’t think they will kill him,because he runs off with the cure inside him and they probably drain him….I don’t blame he don’t want to be their produce or their spokesperson. Yazuka are greedy b**tards.

        I don’t known Hoyt will kill Violet or not. I have a funny feeling that Hoyt will injury by Violet and Jason makes a deal with Violet to be her progeny to spare his friends’ lives. I can tell in the preview, he’s in a swallow grave and the summary says “Jason excises new uncharacteristic restraint”. I known, I don’t like the sound either. Something’s telling me that Jason’s going to get turn.

  23. Here’s the thing about Bill lovers – they are delusional. That is because Bill’s deeds were shown to all of us and they were not glossed over – starting with him screwing Lorena in a bed of blood – giving her the gift of a necklace of his victin. When asked why they were doing it “because we can”, was his response, let’s be clear – he wasn’t heeding his makers wishes. He loved every second of it. I could go on but we all know his other evil doings. Sookie knows enough to do what a sane woman would do. Stake him or run as fast as poss in the other direction but Bill lovers like the rest of us have seen everything he’s done. To defend and worship someone like that is as disturbing as Sookie’s fixation with him. This first love excuse of hers is bullshit. She claimed to love Eric – bullshit again. She chucked him as soon as he got his memory back and now he is just someone that she loved “in my own way”. Bill and Sookie make for an ugly and seriously unhealthy, disturbing combination.

    I would seriously love to know how AP feels about the lack of direction and growth of her character. I think what she says in public and what she actually thinks about it are 2 very different things.

    • I really hope so, because it would just be sad if she actually likes everything her character has done at this point. And I agree about Bill lovers, to see everything Bill has done and still stick up for him is just pretty pathetic. The writers haven’t hid anything from us, I will just never understand those people. They definitely live in a delusional world. Eric is so far from a saint and he has done a lot of shitty stuff, but if we’re talking about which one has done worse to Sookie, Bill would win hands down. I really have to wonder what show they’ve been watching all these years that we apparently weren’t.

    • At least eric stays true to his character. Bill has been hiding so many things from sookie. He becomes a scumbag then into this “hero/innocent” sh*t the writers come up with. Well they better make it up for this Kiss a$$ bill fantasy they’re in. Eric and pam deserve to live. Human or vampire, they both better come out of this smelling like roses. I’ll be cheering a HEA for bill/sookie if they both take their “chemistry” underground….permanently. Why should sookie risk her life to save bill…heck they both should die together before this season ends…Shakespeare style or some other way Ballsack and Bucky should dare to try. It’s a win-win. Billy fans will be happy and I hope most of us will too. JMO.

  24. Guys, I need your help.

    I found out on Beautfort Place that some girl named Miss xoxo saw last 2 eps and posted the spoilers on imbd 2day,but they have been blocked.

    Do you known anything about this? Let me known,ok?

    I hope those youtube rumor aren’t true.

  25. When you think about it was sookie sleeping with bill nessacery to the story?.
    I don’t know about you but I find it bizarre that in four seasons since (she found out about him) she has never wondered at what point was she no longer a job for his queen?.
    Isn’t it funny how in season one (can’t remember where) he says something about her not being able to be herself around human men when he is the last person she should be herself with.
    It’s baffling to think they have made this couple is end game when have you ever seen them profoundly connect not just physically but mentally and emotionally too?.

    • Nope, that’s why it will never make any sense to me.

    • I know…Can’t they just stay with sookie risking her life to save bill. That’s enough to show she cares a lot more than eric. Sleeping with bill is rubbing into our faces

      • Exactly I would have been fine if she had hugged him hell I would have been fine if she had kissed him (I would have still wanted to throw up a little) but I could have lived with it.
        Her sleeping with him just makes me wat to throw somthing at my laptop.
        Whatever happend to her promising godric she would look after Eric she could have at least mentioned him to Niall.

        • The fact that I am supposed to feel bad/sad that Bill is dying is seriously insulting to my intelligence. Sookie encouraging Jessica to lie next to Bill made me puke as did all the teary eyed stuff she did for the rest of the episode. I have never believed in Bill and Sookie as a couple – Bill has no emotions in him and all Sookie cares about is Bill. I suppose if back stabbing and mass murder are good character traits then there may be more to Bill than I thought but if I were a woman Bills character would do nothing for me. Also, there is zero chemistry between them.

          I don’t think Sookie is deserving of any of the other male leads on the show. She has been a bitch to Eric and Sam at one or more points in the show. She seems to forget that it was Sam who saved her ass not Bill. Then has the nerve to try and start something with him last season. He should have told her to fuck off. I wish Eric would tell it to her like it is and call her on all her hypocrisy where he is concerned. Compare the deeds of him and Bill on the evil scale and Bill wins every time. Try telling that to Sookie though – she has defended that piece of shit no matter what he does. I can only recall once that Bill said sorry to Sookie when he and Jessica defended Sookie from the werewolves from Jackson. The rest of the time Bill has used all his flowery bullshit on her and that’s been enough to have her put on her heavily tinted rose coloured glasses. She makes me sick!

          • Most people if they were sookie would be delighted bill is dying she is pining for a guy who let her best friend someone who was one of the few in childhood who supported her get raped and abused.
            It’s astounding that the showrunners and writers think we should be ok with them.
            Whatever bad happens to sookie now she brought it on her own shoulders by sleeping with bill.

        • She has to much amnesia to remember who Godrick is…’s a god named ric? Sookie has to much of bill sh*t in her mind. From the clips I’ve seen Sookie never cared where eric was until he went to go visit the a $$hole. So that Godric promise was just a strategy the writers used to give us hope for a sookie/eric romance. Now that’s 100% over and forgotten just like they did with alcede…alcede who?

          • So we’re supposed to believe a vampire whoses two to three nights away from meeting the true death yet can manage to have sex.
            He is up to somthing the sneaky you know what.

          • Sorry forgot something.
            That promise meant somthing to godric it helped give him peace and she doesn’t take it seriously that has to say something to her character.

  26. Bill is absolutely discusting. Everyone on here is 100% correct. This the first post iv written since last season because I wasn’t sure if I could watch. Does anyone know what happened to the thumbs up/down?? And ill say it again,like if said a million times…. Eric and sookie better be together in the end, how it should be!!!! Drop dead ( again) bill!!!!!! Just gross!

  27. Ok… down goes my optimism!! (One of you said you liked my optimism on MAYBE just MAYBE Sookie would end of with Eric and I thought she DEFINITELY wouldn’t end with Bill.) None the less… I have read a HORRIFIC spoiler that frankly pisses me off… How can they put 2 characters together like this HOW???? Why do they think that just because 2 people are together in real life means they need to be together on screen???? I swear I wish I would stop watching the show but might as well finish with only 3 episodes left… UGH! Do the writers/HBO support physical, emotional, and mental abuse???? If it ends the way I think it might, I will NOT be buying the seasons 2-7 of True Blood that I originally planned. (I already own Season 1.) While at first I wanted Sookie and Bill to be together in seasons 1-part of 3/4 … BEFORE we found out about Bill’s evil plan to trick her into loving him… I quickly jumped to Eric as I believe and have always believed he was the ONLY ONE who TRULY LOVED Sookie… remember he was the only one that never gave up on her after she went to “fairy world” when everyone else thought she was dead??? He has unselfishly loved her and gave her life/house back to her… and yet they have literally obliterated the character of Sookie, making me wonder how dumb can they write someone to be??? END OF RANT (for now)… thanks for listening.

  28. Wait… wait!! Could it be true?????? Bill is going to die??? Be still my heart!

  29. I may be wrong but I have always thought Bill would die in the end. I do know he filmed his last scene in his bedroom according to a Stephen Moyer tweet. I don’t know how TB ends. I know how I would like it to end, but I still hold my belief that Bill will die this season.

  30. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed!!!!!

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