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We are now just down to 2… 2 episodes in the final True Blood season. I am sure the “Almost Home” will spark quite a bit of conversation. But I will hold off as it is Nymerias’ turn at the recap helm.

In the mean time, take a glimpse of next weeks episode “Love is to Die”.


I had to watch it twice to make sure I saw what I think I saw.

Sound off below!


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Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

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  1. I think I saw what you thought you saw too!! Interesting!!

  2. whoever opened the door in the white dress did not look like sookie when I paused. as for that final bit, sigh. Stupid writers giving us happy moments only to rip our hearts out later……..

  3. I had to watch it more than twice. Maybe there is some hope left?!!!!

  4. They (the writers) love to throw us a bone don’t they? As much as it brings a smile to my face to see Sooeric, I know it won’t last.

  5. The girl in the white dress looks like Bridget… HOWEVER… I did see Eric fly away with Sookie in front of Bellefleur’s!!! ❤

  6. I had to watch it twice too and I sadly have to agree. They’re throwing us a bone and then they’re going to pull the rug right out from under us.

  7. Oh my god they can’t be so mean to just make us feel hope and then crush us. I really hope That Bill dies and sookie realize that she loves truly and deeply Eric. Maybe I’m just dreaming.

  8. Why Pam has silver in her neck? I hope they don’t make Eric choose between Pam and Sookie. Well this is what I think maybe Eric has to choose between them and he chooses Pam but then he goes and turn Sookie into a vampire, its just one crazy thought. But all my theories about the show always been wrong.

    • that wouldn’t at all surprise me. All that Sylvie BS had to be for a reason other than to annoy the crap out of us

      • I thought at 1st that CH would be the funeral director at Sookie’s funeral. I think Billy’s digging them up after the funeral. I would luv to see shirtless Eric again.

        I think Billy boy referring Sarah by saying “Set her free” and Eric ends up killing her instead,but Mr. Gus gets pi** and decided to kill Pam if he’s going to. I hate to say it,I think Billy tells Sookie that Eric’s the 1 that truly luv her and have to use her ball of light to save Eric and Pam. So Sookie snaps Yazuka guys with her faery ball and offer her to save Eric. I think She dies and Billy boy begs Eric turns Sookie….

        I think this is where the confusion comes in after Eric turns her, I think she becomes wild and don’t known what’s going on she will be like amnesic Eric…. I have a funny feeling that she will wind up attacking Brigdeton at Beautfort’s. I believe Hoyt will get pi** and pull the gun on her,but Eric come to her rescue (because he senses his progeny). I think Eric tells her that he had no choice but had turns her to save her life and he have to release her,but she refuses and finally forgives him.

    • I thought so,too. It looks like in the preview when Billy’s looking at the graves. I believe he’s going to dig our favorite viking and Sookie up. I would luv to see Eric in full-frontal naked. 🙂

  9. I’m sorry…I don’t mean to sound all debbie downer, but I really can’t see the hope for eric/sookie. Is it the ride he gives her or because he says he comes for sookie? Thats not enough….Because she still desperately wants bill to get cured. That’s the reality of it. 😦

  10. I saw the preview like 3 more times and I think that Eric goes to convince Bill to drink from Sarah and that’s why he gives sookie a ride to go and see Bill’s cured. Now I am mad, I hope I’m wrong and Bill just die. Nooo please don’t convince him his not worth it. Now I’m getting too obsessed I’m going to sleep.

  11. Wow, watching it does feel a little like going back to the beginning… But I’m treading carefully here. And I don’t think that’s Brigette, though it took me a while to try to remember who she was!

  12. I know it all seems promising with Eric, but I am very Leary of what they were showing us tonite. Knowing AB and BB they probably will throw a monkey wrench into our hopes. Therefore, I am just waiting to see what happens and just happy that Eric is cured. Now I’ll be happy if he survives to the end.

  13. They are several possibilities and all are still feasible :
    – Bill dies
    – Bill is convinced to drink the cure and heals. He might convnce Eric once more that they should let Sookie go away from their darkness and let her live a happy human life without them.
    – The Japaneses find out that Eric and Pam breached the contract and want everybody who can spit the beans out, including Sookie, Bill and Jessica for that matter
    – Eric has once again to choose between Pam and Sookie, but Sookie uses her light to get them out …temporary relief but what in the long term ? In anycase, we all know now that grandpa Niall is watching over her all the time so we know for sure that no harm can ever get to her …
    – Eric has to make a new arrangement with the japaneses if he wants to save everyone for good …meaning he is going with them for good, leaving Fangtasia and Sookie …
    – Sookie uses her light one last time and looses her fairy gift for good. Now that she cannot hear thoughts anymore she can hook up with humans. We’re so happy for her ..
    Because being different is so wrong, right ??
    And now the best scenario ever :
    – Bill refuses to drink and dies. Eric finds out after a while that the cure has side effects, he can walk in the sun and is loosing his vampire’s abilities …becoming human.
    He can finally end up with Sookie, while Pam goes off with the japanese to promote the “New Blood” whithout telling them about the side effects …meaning, they could loose all their customers once every vampires turn humans again !!
    Well, we all know that won’t happend …nevertheless, it feels so good to write it down !
    Anna Paquin mentionned recently in an interview that it would not make any sense to have a film made after TB ends because everything will be settled for good.
    Whatever that means ….

    • Paquin keeps praising Harris’ Sookie/Sam ending. I think that’s a clue as to where Bucky went (maybe-spoilers/”spoilers” or no).

      • No way Sookie ends with Sam now …If I’m right Mrs. Harris was supposed to get a camo in the last TB season. I haven’t seen her so far …maybee they had to cut it off which would be a good thing considering they had to cut out so many good stuff already to make more screen time for Lettie Mae crap ….how lame was this storyline by the way ! Undigging a gun ….and regrets for not having shot her dad ! Really ? any basic fan would have come up with a better one in a minute … Arghhhh

  14. I hate to be another Debbie Downer (again), but I can’t shake this bad feeling I have about Eric’s ending on the show. I can’t help but think that this Mr.Gus Jr./Yakuza/Yakonomo (sp?) contract situation is BB’s way of recreating CH’s Freyda/Felipe/Ocella arranged marriage/sexual slavery contract in the books, and that it will be a failed attempt to character-assassinate Eric with Sookie/the audience. Plus, I think the Youtube guy seems to be more and more on the money. He correctly “predicted” something Hoyt did in tonight’s episode. I just need to be realistic, for my own sake. I feel nothing but negativity and ridicule toward the show. I accept it. Thanks for everything you do here, B and everyone at ESL. I’ll be around… 🙂

    • Okay, I get being negative, but you really need to stop thinking it’s going to end anything like the books. They’ve hardly taken anything from them before, I don’t see why they would now.

      • Yeah I agree. Even the endgame (if its what we think) is so far away from Bookland that there’s no way they’ll have anything to do with the book now. I’m just so glad I’m distracted by Outlander now that I don’t give two shakes about this show anymore (though I would like to know how it ends).

      • I don’t need to stop doing anything. 🙂 TB Mr. Gus Jr./Yakuza/Yakonomo, as it stands right now, feels like BOOK Freyda/Felipe/Ocella arranged marriage/sexual slavery contract TO ME. You and everyone else who disagrees with me are free to do what you like.

  15. Internet spoiler Miss Xoxo also said that we would see Eric naked one more time …and that it would make us very happy :0) If Sookie is making her goodbyes to all her former lovers …well, that would be better than nothing ….

    • They did the same thing last season and set him on fire, some people think all we care about is seeing him naked and that would make up for all the other crap.

      • Well, I care seeing Eric Northman naked …anytime :0))
        Of course I want him to have a safe landing at the end of the show … they won’t screw with us about it, trust me. DVD’s sales are at stake …he is the real star of the show, the producers are well aware of it, don’t you worrie too much. It might not be “our” favorite ending (although I’m not sure I love Sookie that much anymore at this stage, although they still have the best couple chemistry on set) but it will be an honourable one …

        • Naked Eric must be in ep.9 as she hasn’t seen ep.10. Interesting – if it makes people happy could be Sookie, Pam or even Ginger – the fandom is so divided about what they want – we don’t know what this particular person thinks would make people happy unfortunately.

          I really want to see Eric naked again before the end of the show – I am definitely that shallow! Alex might never play another adult role like this. I would be delighted if we got a finale scene of him getting out of the shower (no dialogue needed)as well. Enjoy it whilst we can, the holy ass will be gone soon!

          One thing is for sure I am recapping next week and if he’s naked you will see the gifs in my recap!!!!!

          • Well, I guess I care about more than just him being naked since that seems to be all these writers think we want. It sure as hell doesn’t make up for all the crap they’ve given us through the years.

          • I love Ginger but I hope it’s not her….Sookie – would be nice to have one last time and with ‘real Eric’..but there is no way they would go there…Pam, it’s like incest really…so I am not sure if I am looking forward to any Eric sex scenes at this point…but naked, just getting out of shower shower thing..bring it on 🙂

          • Evie-Just hazarding a guess (if that’s alright): Eric has one more dream/fantasy about Sookie (or vice versa)? A dream/fantasy involving his nudity?

    • Andrea, Probably he will get naked when he’s going to turn Sookie. I remembered he became shirtless when he turned Willa last season. 😀

      • He’s not going to turn Sookie, I don’t know why everyone still thinks she’s going to be a vampire. There has been no indication of that, it’s just rumors.

      • Yeah ! A girl can dream …although I don’t think Sookie would be willing to let him turn her !! On the other hand, Ginger would totally deserve to become a vampire …she has earn it. So this might still happend.
        I hope that Eric is not flying away from Bellefleur’s with Sookie in his arms to rescue a suicidal Bill in the cemetery or to trade her in against Pam hold captive by the japaneses in Fangtasia … this preview was really confusing to say the least.
        Anyway, we’ll get to see Eric naked one last time, whatever the circumstances we should just enjoy it … and make our own goodbyes ;P

        • I am hoping Ginger dreaming it.

          I would hate to see Eric betrays Sookie like that. 😦

          Unless Mr. Gus or Billy forces Eric to turn Sookie.

          • At this point Shelli, I say “Ginger, get your freak on!” Eric sexing it up with her is not a betrayal to Sookie. She doesn’t even want him and has made it pointedly clear with statements like “I guess I loved Eric in my own way” and crawling back into bed with her diseased abuser not even a week after Alcide’s death. I was a hard core Eric/Sookie shipper and have 3 completed fanfictions to prove it but now…Sookie deserves everything she gets and it ain’t Eric Northman!

          • Yeah, how exactly would that be betraying Sookie? She definitely doesn’t give a damn about him, so he can be with whoever he wants. It’s not like she gave him much thought when she was sleeping with Alcide or Bill, and with Ginger we know it would be nothing but sex. I still doubt he would ever go there, but I’m sure it has been a while for him.

          • I personally wouldn’t be offended if Eric and Ginger had sex. However, if Bucky went there, I don’t want to see it. There is NOTHING interesting/sexy about that potential hookup to me. I feel like it would be played for cheap laughs at Ginger’s expense and to make Eric look bad. No thanks.

  16. One thing is for certain: TB Sookie has zero morals and will sleep with anyone with or without a pulse. 😂😂 it has been 2-3 show-days since Alcide died. She slept with Bill and it is looking like she will sleep with Eric again. She even drove Alcide’s truck to check on the cure. Wow. At this point, if Eric has to choose between Pam or Sookie, I am cheering for Pam. She would die for him and I am all for them hooking up instead of fickle-Sookie/Eric at this point. Also, I am pretty sure the white dress girl is Hoyt’s gf and it was Jess knocking at the door.

    • I agree, he better as hell choose Pam if it comes to that. Sookie doesn’t deserve anything from him.

    • I don’t think she’s going to sleep with eric. It’s too little to late. The viking deserves better and cannot be discarded like alcede, sam, warlow, etc. Etc. The tramp should stay in her place and go sleep with whoever the f*k she wants.Just leave eric alone!!

  17. Hate this…not getting excited..Bill is not drinking Blood because he wants to protect Sookie by meeting true death and setting her free that way (hence his speech to Eric and God I hope his wish comes true). Eric will also let her go (Skarsgrad’s comment now makes sense, he realises that he is not the best guy for her)
    Yakuza will capture Pam and probably blackmail Eric to end everybody who knew about NuBlood or Pam dies…maybe Eric will die for Pam but I hope he will come up with a plan.
    Love seeing Eric flying Sookie though 🙂 hope he is flying her home and they’ll have a nice parting scene

  18. I have always wanted them to show Eric flying off with Sookie, I just wish they could have done it under better circumstances! Still I will enjoy the moment.

    I think Eric’s dilemma may be that he is with Sookie and he has to leave – the lady who has seen this episode said on IMDb that his dilemma is to do with Sookie but she is not in danger – so I’m guessing he is with her but has to leave to save Pam from Mr Gus (how many times now this season have they used Pam’s life against Eric???). Alternatively he could leave as he agreed with Bill that he would not get involved in Sookie’s life again? But I think the Pam in danger is more likely. The Gods are just conspiring against Sooric (or the writers of course) and they are so f*cking cruel to torture us this close to the end when they could have set him up with someone else!

  19. Reblogged this on Iluvfangs and commented:
    I thought the same thing. I had to rewind and proceed in slow motion to make sure my mind was not playing tricks on me!!!!!

  20. Had to slow motion the promo to make sure my eyes were seeing! I agree Evie I love reading fics that have them flying together and thought I would Never see it! I agree that they are against us fans. When Stephen said in an interview that there is something to please every fandom I wish it was more one sided the Sooric one!!!!

  21. Sookie is doing her suitor farewell tour. She banged Alcide, then Bill

  22. Sookie is doing her suitor farewell tour. She banged Alcide, then Bill next up to the batters box is Eric

  23. So Lettie Mae was bought back to the show and had all that screen time so that we could find out that Tara had a chance to shoot her abusive Dad but didn’t. I knew that would be a dumb story. So they have in their own minds redeemed Lettie Mae so no doubt Bill is next after this last episode.All season they have tried to convince me/us hat Bill is actually a really nice guy with all the flashbacks ignoring the evidence of seasons past.

    Sookie rightly asked Bill about the deal with QSA and surprise surprise we are back to season 1 and them discussing his humaniteh – AGAIN!! Why did’t she ask him why he blew up the TB factories causing vampires to kill God knows how many humans? There is a whole bucket list of other things she could have asked him too but of course she didn’t. I’ve no idea who she will end up with but from the promo it looks like Eric is back as an option. Do you Eric lovers really want that to happen. After her attitude to him I would doubt you would really want them together. Personally, as I’ve said before she doesn’t deserve him or Sam. She and Bill deserve each other not because they love each other but because they don’t deserve anything better.

    • Nope, I don’t want her with Eric anymore, I wish he would tell her where she can go. If she has sex with him again and still chooses Bill, I will be very pissed. I’m sure it wasn’t their intention, but the writers are really making us hate her this season.

  24. Ok so now I’m confused I just watched sookie and bill in bed talking (not at all pleasant)
    Bill was saying somthing about thinking he still had his heart but realised there’s just darkness.
    Now is it just me or does that sound like him saying he thought he loved her but has realised he doesn’t?.
    It also would have been nice to see sookie happy that Eric is cured not just happy that he has found a cure.

    • Which just shows even more how much she cares about him, it’s a bunch of bullshit. She seems to forget that Bill called her abomination and said he never really loved her, that their whole relationship was based on lies. As I have said before, she has the worst case of amnesia that I’ve ever seen.

  25. Sookie doesnt give a rats ass for eric u guys forget it!!! Everything shes done this season proves that i wish they would stop giving him scenes w her ughhh! I felt bad when he came to bills to let her know he was ok…..she didnt even care or worry one bit if he was alive or not! I want him to walk away i loved what he said to gus at famgtasia when sookie walked in thats what she deservesfrom him!

  26. Come on people, its just a show. Sookie and Eric, do belong together, but if her choice is Bill, we have to live with it. That is if he is cured. If not, who knows whats going to happen? We have to live and like it, no matter who it is. It could also be a surprise ending where, Sookie ends up with neither of them.

  27. “Love is to Die.” THEN DIE ALREADY BILL!!!!!!!!!

  28. If you have read the books, Sookie was with several men in them, and I haven’t read them all yet.

  29. Eric might just be transporting Sookie from point A to point B without any significance and the TB people thought it would be a good teaser for the Eric Northman fans.

    Pam might be getting punished because fucking Sookie brought Bill and Jess to Fangtasia to get Bill cured. Eric might get in a pickle over it and the Yakuza might demand him to hand over Sookie in return for Pam. That might be the caught in a lie dilemma he faces in E9. I just hope they don’t make it a repeat of S3 with him handing over Sookie again and then Sookie slapping him and storming off to high heaven when she finds out, or worse using her fairy ball on him.

    However, Sookie slapping Bill was good. I hoped she could zap him or something too.

    • If she zapped Bill with a fairy light maybe he would explode in a pile of goo? We can only hope 😂

      • He would turn human and have babies with her, this truly restoring his humiteh…

        So over this Sookie/Eric teasing… Even her inviting him inside has me screaming “don’t do it! Run away, run fast, run far!”

      • I think Billy will become human,but he ends up dying from Leukemia or heart attack 5 years later that unite with everybody.

  30. I think it really sucked when Sookie saw that Eric was cured and all she could think about was curing Bill. She didn’t seem to care that Eric was well again. Then she proceeded to put Eric and Pam in danger when she went to Fangtasia not once, but twice. She knowingly put them in danger (especially after reading Mr. Gus’ thoughts) but she went anyway to get the cure for Bill, who didn’t even want it. Maybe she should have asked dumbass Bill if he would take the cure before she put everyone else’s safety at risk. Oh yeah, I forgot….this is Sookie I’m talking about.

    And maybe Bill should have thought about how bad he (and Eric) are for Sookie and how he is darkness, blah, blah, before he boinked her. I guess this was a revelation that came to him only after they had sex but before….not so much. And PS watching him and Sookie together is just gross.

    And now I’m afraid that it is Sookie’s thoughtless shenanigans that put Pam under silver in the Episode 9 preview and that both Eric and Pam could be in deep trouble because of her. I can’t imagine why else they have Pam silvered.

    A few seasons ago I would have LOVED seeing Eric say I’m here for Sookie and fly off with her. But I think maybe he is just taking her somewhere that they can talk in peace and quiet and he can tell her he cares about her but it’s not meant to be. Duh….that poor guy has been in love with her for so long and all she has done is break his heart.

    Bill may get cured, not cured, turn human, not human. I really don’t care as long as he croaks by the finale. Maybe Sookie will end up with his baby or some stupid nonsense. But I don’t see Sookie and Eric as endgame and she doesn’t deserve him at this point.

    As long as the viking is standing tall at 10pm on August 24th I’m good. 🙂

    • As I mentioned earlier, Sookie’s brains were sucked out by an unknown zombie invader so… she can’t really help the fact that she’s a complete, raving moron now. (No, wait, was it BUCKY and ABALL that are the zombies?! I do believe they are…)

      Ugh. I have come to loathe this show. It’s too bad TPTB aren’t reading fanfiction; they could learn a thing or two.

  31. OMG i just so some spoilers pictures where Ginger is doing a lap dance to Eric on the throne, i just hope he does not have sex with her

    • That may be the only way to shut her up, and he did make that promise to her last season that they would sleep together. It figures that would be the one thing the writers wouldn’t forget if they do go there, I just hope nothing is really shown because I just can’t see him with Ginger at all.

  32. Hey guys, You could check the EW site, there’s a Kate Barrow’s interview (she’s the 1 wrote the dreadful S6 finale,but she wrote this ep) and they talked about last night ep. I found something’s very interesting in the interview.

    When they talked about Jason/Jessica/Hoyt relationship, She said the some fans thought the couples ends up until the very end,but they won’t get the HEAs in the finale. Like Jason was talking to Jessica in the car that they will be always be,but they aren’t meant to be for each other and always be there as friends in last night ep (I haven’t watch it,but I did read about it) after Hoyt and Jason saved them (Jessica, Adilyn, and Holly’s son Wade) from Violet…..When Kate and interviewer talked about the bar scene where Jason and Hoyt talking about Jessica and her maker (yuck), it’s Jason’s way by letting Jessica go to be with Hoyt.

    I would imagine Billy Boy giving his “precious” Sookie up to be with Eric like Jason did with Jessica.

    Kate Barrow also talked that nightmare you guys just saw where Billy fantasized Sookie and him having demonspawns (No thank you). She said it’s a What if it should end that way. It made me thought their “little sick dream” when the were on the run from Eric and Russell. She said they will might not to ends up 2gether in the finale,but we will see that douchbag again in the finale….Probably he will end up like Caspar the Annoying ghost)

    I like the interview. I think Kate’s only writer who gave us a positive note so far than the other True Blood

    I don’t think there’ll be HEA for Sicko Billy and Sookie,either. I have a funny feeling those rumors (that Tammy mentioned) about Sookie’s being turn will might be true. I thought Jason could be the 1 to be turn instead Sookie,but I heard the writers wanted to make Jason stays as human and a family guy. (I known some you guys believe they are going that route with Sookie)….Now it makes me believe the writers are actually going for a route to make Sookie a vamp by the end of the series,because the poster was hinting it in the beginning of the season and Buckner mentioned that Something will change Sookie forever at the end of the series. A lot of people feared that it’s Billy who will turn her,but I believe it’s Eric (I known in deep my heart that it’s him). I would rather to see Eric becomes human and have babies with Sookie,but I wouldn’t mind Sookie becoming a vamp at the end of the series.

    That would be funny that Billy boy becomes human,but his girlfriend runs with Eric to live a life as a vamp and let Billy stuck as being human with nobody. Lol 🙂

    • I forgot I wrote, I think she’s only good 1 who gave a position note than the other writers so far. I heard she wrote the serie finale. I really hope it won’t be worse than the last year’s finale she wrote.

      • Well since they are rehashing seasons past, I think Sookie is going to end up with no one. The scene from S4 with Gran in the cemetary comes to mind. Remember, Gran point blank told Sookie there’s nothing wrong with being alone. So Bill dies, Eric flies away (but watches over her from a distance), Sam is with his baby momma and Sookie is back slinging hash at Bellfleure’s. Almost the same as the book ends (all that time just to end up back at square 1) but without nauseating seal sex or Eric being sold into 200 years of sex slavery.

        • Yeah, except I think someone mentioned that Anna said in an interview that Sookie will be with someone in the end. I’m sure we all know who that is, I’m still not convinced Bill is going to die.

          • Tammy-I’M the person who mentioned that Anna said in an interview that Sookie does end up with someone at the end of the show. It might have been Comic-Con or Huffington Post. You could be right that it might be Bill; I could be right that it might be Sam. I’m not stopping anything. We’ll know in 12 days. 🙂

        • I know that the writers have proven to be incredibly stupid, especially given this past season… but I seriously hope that they wouldn’t be stupid enough to repeat the “I love them both and so I choose neither” BS from the end of S4. To end the show like that would be such a cop out. I would also hope that the writers would have noticed how much most people hated CH’s “back to square 1” ending that was beyond disappointing…

        • hippychikfanfiction-SM recently tweeted a pic of himself with Lois Smith (Gran), so Gran IS coming back for something. 🙂

  33. I’m not completely convinced that Bill is going to die… even though I would love nothing more than for that to happen. But I’m also not completely convinced that Bill will be with Sookie if he does live. I’m hoping that the promo isn’t total BS by the show to get us too excited, but I can’t help but have some hope that the last 2 episodes might salvage the show somewhat if Sookie finally comes to her senses. I think it’s highly possible that Sookie might be turned, just so that the writers can truly go completely off book, and it’s also possible that some of the rumors are true and one of the vampires will turn human. I think that given that Eric had Sarah’s blood, it might be him. Though I really hope that the writers don’t go the route of turning anyone human, it just would not make any sense. I would rather have Sookie be turned vampire and have Eric be the one to do it. All that is known for sure, is that there will be a “steamy” scene according to the director next week and if I’m honest, I’m hoping it will be Eric and Sookie. I guess we’ll see what happens next week

    • If they have Eric turn Sookie it will only give her another reason to hate him. I think it would be poetic justice if she becomes a vampire while Bill becomes human. I really don’t see that happening to Eric, nor would I want it to. As for the ‘steamy’ scene, I wouldn’t get too worked up over it. They said the same thing last season right before setting Eric on fire, did they really think we would care about seeing him naked after that? They really know nothing about what we want.

    • The steamy scene might be the Ginger lap sance to Eric i hope not

      • There would have to be a big reason why Eric, or anyone, would turn Sookie. I don’t think a vampire would just decide to do it. Maybe she’s in danger of dying, or maybe someone thinks that if she’s turned that her blood will let them walk in the sun… either way, if she is turned, there would have to be a very important reason why. At least, I would hope there would be

        • I don’t see a good enough reason, no one would be stupid enough to want to deal with her for all eternity. The only reason I would want her to get turned is to get staked right after.

      • I don’t see how that would even be remotely steamy, more like tacky. Ginger just lacks sex appeal in my opinion.

    • Hi, Shelli. 🙂 In this interview, Kate Barnow (aka “the human spell check”) claimed that this last episode was the first time Sookie pretended to be glamoured. As any longtime fan can remember, not true. In season five, Sookie pretended to be glamoured by Bill in the presence of Chancellor Kibwe and the rest of the people who were there from the Vampire Authority (while Eric was really glamouring Alcide to protect, but be disgusted by, Sookie) during the capture of Russell Edgington at the abandoned hospital. Oh, well. At least Barnow admitted that not everyone is thrilled about her and the other writers writing Sookie crawling back to her Rapist. Take care. 🙂

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