The One Where….

……I could not think of a title, simply because I was not inspired to do so. I have a confession to make and I am sure it won’t surprise any of you at all. I did NOT watch episode 7 of this show last week, I am quite alright with this fact. There was a time when that would have made me feel like I was missing out in something great. I was bothered by the fact that I was not bothered, I was once again numb. I am comfortably numb, once again.


Since this could very well be my last solo review on a True Blood episode, I am going ‘no-holds’ barred and just tell it like it is. I think every writer has that True Blood dart board at their house and with either a beer,a glass of wine or a Scotch in hand, they play a quick game of ‘what shall we write’ for this final season. Then,nice and tipsy from their preferred drink, they phone it in.

Do you know who benefits from this kind of writing/story? NO ONE!!! We are all getting cheated here. The writer’s could have chosen, from the beginning of this final season,all the way to the end, to go out with a BANG! They could have something huge planned but I have seen no evidence of it.

Where do I begin? Well, normally the beginning is the best course of action but seeing as how Eric is the main good thing about this, I will save that beginning for last.


Violet- All I can say is Ding Dong, the wicked bitch is dead. I saw no point to her character at all, she simply more filler to add to an already over-extended cast. The only good thing about this scene was Hoyt, ever the White Knight. I think Jessica had an orgasm. Will they or won’t they? Doubtful, True Blood always go the opposite of what they show you and they expect you to get it!

Sam- Where was he? I mean, he is only the mayor of the God forsaken town! Will he stay or will he go now? He missed out on seeing Hoyt too! Oh well, True Blood doesn’t care, why should I?

Tara, La La,and the Reverend They all hopped aboard the V train and took a ride to the past. What’s that? Why, you ask? Well, because the ‘something important’ Tara just had to share with her mother was that she was a good mother! I thought this was going to be some more pertinent to the current storyline but I really should have known better. I would have liked it better if this had been done while she was still alive. We already knew what Tara and her family had been through before and Lettie Mae was still a crappy mom. Basically, it was all just filler and a waste of the talent that is Nelsan and company.


I have had about all I can take from this character. He is not interesting, entertaining and definitely not a man I would take home to meet the family. The powers that be decided they were going to address some burning issues that felt a little too late for me. Why did Queen Sophie-Ann want with Sookie? We knew the answer to this long ago and I am more than a little passed that they chose to reveal it now and in such a Bill loving/fleshquaking way.

It seems QSA knew Mab was going to take all the half-fae back to the fairy realm for breeding and wanted Sookie for the same reason so she could have multiple ‘sunshine(s)’ in a pretty blonde bottle. We worked that out long ago so my question is why not reveal it shortly after (say season 4 or 5) Sookie found out about the Rat Reveal? This would have been the time to drop the bomb that Bill knew all along why the Queen wanted Sookie and that he knew what she was all along. It could have been so Goode but that ball was dropped.

He told her that he did not know why the Queen wanted her but he knew too much about her faeness for that to be true. It discounts their whole relationship as it was built on a lie and once again Sookie brushed it under the rug. He also admitted that he was a monster that did all kinds of terrible things to humans but she changed him and blah blah blah! That carp came straight out of the Bill lovers handbook and the writer’s went with it. Let me say this, if there was to be a season 8, would Bill have admitted to any of that? No, he would have carried on with his lies. If he was not on his deathbed, I don’t think Sookie could or should be so understanding. As I said, too late, this reveal is. It means nothing now.


Eric Northman, despite all the sloppy, lazy writing of late is still the best character on this show. As soon as he steps into any scenes, he immediately steals the show. I don’t speak for every fan but I bet every fan of this site will agree with me. Alex always delivers his lines to perfection and every line is said in true Eric fashion.

Yes, this post is a tribute of sorts to Eric who has been one, if not the best thing to come out of the hot mess that True Blood has become. I found myself laughing at the cocky way he was protecting Sookie from Gus by stating that she was just a ‘fangbanger’ that he once Fucked and how she could not get enough. He never lets his emotions get the best of him and betray him, for the most part anyway. I would like to think that I would have stumbled upon the amazing actor Alexander Skarsgard without the aid of this show but I will never know the answer for it. The truth is I have to give kudos to this show for introducing us to his talent. I have my cast favorites as does every fan and mine are Eric, Pam, Lafayette Andy and Jason. I like the other characters but much less as they never got under my skin.

I wish I had more to say about a show that once had me so glamoured that I would go through withdrawals when it was on hiatus until the next summer. I really do wish I could feel the same excitement I used to feel. With that being said, I hope it does go out with a BANG and gives me the feels again. I will just leave you with a few Eric gifs, one thing certain to give you the feels!

I am feeling a bit emotional about this post as it is my last solo review. ESL has becomes big part of my life and I am glad we are not going anywhere just yet. I am so thankful to the great friends that I have made in B, Erika and Evie and for all the love our followers have showed us. I love you all!


About Nymerias

I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these2 two (now three) blogs that is what I am doing. I love Game of Thrones, Supernatural,Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Outlander, Once Upon A Time, The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and many other shows. I am also a major hockey fan, especially my Detroit Red Wings! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.

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  1. Nymerias:
    We are going to miss your solo reviews lady….
    But don’t worry we will still keep in touch via Facebook
    Just because the show is ending so doesn’t mean that all of us will stop talking
    about our most favourite Viking Vampire, Eric Northman.
    And his lady love Sookie Stackhouse.

    Yes,I’m so glad that Hoyt saved the day & Jessica….and the others.
    If you ask me Violet was more of a bitch than Lorena was….if that could be beleived?
    Lorena was desperate to hold on to Bill Compton…
    Violet was both desperate and sex starved…a dangerous combination.

    Hoyt & Jessica will reunite…and Jason will end up with Bridgette.
    Glad that Tara found true peace.

    So suprised that Bill actually told Sookie about what Queen Mab wanted to do
    with her….was also shocked when Bill refused to drink Sarah Newlin’s blood.
    He’s resigned to the fact that he will die.

    Eric will be there for Sookie when Bill passes and he will cure her and he will
    take her away….so that they could be together forever.

  2. Just like I don’t want Sookie with Eric anymore, I no longer want Hoyt with Jessica. He’s too good for her, she’s another one who will always be Bill’s bitch, but at least she has more of an excuse than Sookie does. I think Hoyt will get his memories back, but I kind of hope he doesn’t. He’s better without them, and if Jason does end up sleeping with his girlfriend, I will lose any respect I had left for him. Just because his sister hasn’t grown up, I have to hope he at least has a little. Although, hooking up with Violet didn’t show any growth, I’m glad the crazy bitch is dead.

  3. As most of this season, the best moments are courtesy of Eric Northman. I’m glad Violet is gone, she was another pointless character.
    The glamouring scene was fun but I’ve reach a point where I can’t tolerate Sookie near Eric, she’s toxic and she should die with her precious Beehl.

  4. First of all Nymerias Thank you for all the years of your work on this site to inform, share and befriend so many of us followers. I sure hope you guys don’t abandon us as soon as the show ends at least for a little while at least. After saying this, I will say that your observations of this last episode is spot on. I totally agree.

    No, Sookie and Eric will not be together in the end, I do believe that Bill will be cured in the 11th hour and after Sookie giving Eric false hope once again, will go running back to that deceitful Bill. I have read that the stupid writers of this show are throwing in another time jump in the last episode ala season 6. (They couldn’t think of an original plot if they tried, definitely see that they are tired of this show now.) So I think that is how they are going to gloss over the loose ends that they “forget” to tie up.

    I am still watching but in full resignation that this is it, the show is no longer exciting to me either and it was time for it to end. It was time for Alex to spread his wings and fly away onto bigger and better things than this show even tho it did do what it was suppose to do for his career and getting him a fan following. My wish for Alex is that he gets to whatever point in his career that makes him happy which I hope is being an A-list movie star and if not, thats’ OK too.

    Two more episodes and we are out of our misery so to speak. Its’ like a trainwreck, you don’t want to watch but you can’t take you eyes off of it…………..

    • No worries, I don’t think we are going anywhere right away! I just live to see Eric and I am good!

    • P.S. Don’t make us cry…. lol

      • redthang has more-or-less said my feelings. I lurked for quite a while before I joined in. Obviously I don’t like what the show became, but I ❤ ESL. I also thank you (and Erika, Evie, B, and everyone) for this site and for joining in the conversation. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the review Nymerias….

    I loved Eric’s maniacal devilish laugh at the end of his curing scene :)…I did a laugh and a fist pump right along with him!

    Sookie is a bitch and I won’t talk about her

    Lala, if that was his last scene, deserved better than that. And so not only did TB forgive Bill the abuser, they also forgave Lettie Mae the child abuser and what’s more, Tara was the one that apologized. Way to go!

    Sine filler Sam was not there in this one, I am sure he will turn up I the next one for more stuff that noone’s really interested in. When is Maxine’s funeral anyway? Why hold on to the body for so long? Oh well!

    They cos have shown more Kieth but since he was caste only as a fler then that’s what we’ll get.

    Hoyt could have been less of an asshole when Bridget brought up wanting to have kids, in front of Jason no less. And how the fuck could an officer of law just take her to a crime scene of a dangerous kidnapping by a vampire?

    I got really traumatized by that hot rod dildo!

    Just an angry thought but Eric or someone could found stupid Sookie with Sarah in his basement and tied her right along for the corporation to synthesize and pull a profit on fairy blood too.

    • Remember Sakshi that Sookies’ blood is tainted with Hep V, so at this point until they can clear it (probably with St. Sarah/Noomie’s blood…YUCK!!) Shes’ no good to the vamps either right now.

      • And there goes Bill’s supply, we know he was only really with her for her blood, but now he has no use for it.

      • Oh with the stuff she’s been doing, she is not good for any one right now.

        • Sakshi-I think Sam will be in the next one with his “big” decision about whether to stay in BT or leave to be with Nicole and their baby. Yeah, I’m on pins and needles waiting to hear the outcome of that one too. 🙂

          Right there with you about Bill the Abuser and Lettie Mae the Abuser both getting a complete pass from Bucky for their abuse, and from their respective victims Sookie and Tara, no less, too. Hey, if someone was “good” once upon a time, and they “became” bad down the road, it doesn’t matter, because they used to be “good.” Hitler loved dogs, so he must have been “good” too. Bygones!! 🙂

          Hoyt became an a-hole again because Bucky is going to force a “girlfriend swap”: Jessica “goes” to Hoyt and Whatserface Consolation Prize Breeding Stock “goes” to Jason.

          Bill can’t take Sookie’s blood now, but he could take her sex and guilt. 😦

  6. Oh Nymerias! How I will miss your recap posts, and how you manage to put into words exactly what I’m sure we are all feeling!

    I’ve said this before, but I too agree with you in the fact that I’m upset that I’m NOT upset at this being the final season, and that (with 7 episodes down) I still don’t get that feeling of MOFO I used to when I knew an episode aired and I hadn’t watched it (mainly due to time differences: US Sunday night = Aus Monday arvo and all…).

    You also brought up a very interesting point: if Bill wasn’t on his deathbed, would he have confessed to actually knowing more about QSA’s intentions with Sookie? We may never know, but what we do know (and history tells us this), is that regardless of this, Sookie will always go back to “her first love” *insert feelings of nausea here*

    Thank you again Nymerias, for everything as well as being part of a team that gives people like me a safe harbour to weather the storm! xox

  7. I say when the show is done, you guys should just turn this site into an Alex fanpage or something, so we can always have a place to go to keep up with his career.

  8. Thanks Nymerias for this review and for all you have done in this site since 2009!! I only saw Eric’s scenes on youtube and I certainly believe that Sookie will put him and Pam in danger..I think shinealite’s speculation about Mr.Gus is true….Eric will find himself in a slavery/contract like in the books and it will be Sookie’s fault!! Eric will do anything to protect the ones he loves…So glad that Violet died ,Jessica and Jason remain only friends it’s better that way!! I have a gut feeling that Hoyt will the character that becomes a vampire:As for Tara I’m really disappointed what the writers did to her! She met the true death for that : to show her mother where she hid the gun ,the same gun Tara should have used to kill her abusive father! WTH and Tara tells Lettie Mae she was a good mom! OMFG!! As for Bill I hope he really dies it’s the only way for him to get redeemed,maybe he’ll kill himself! As for Sookie there’s not much to say..she doesn’t listen to Eric( as usual) she puts herself and others in danger( as usual)..Eric was so considerate to go and tell her the good news about his health and she seems happy for him but then she calls him a motherfucker when he can’t tell about the cure!! Honestly how Sookie is being potrayed in S6 and S7 I don’t want her near Eric! I fear for his freedom….

    • jackie69-Thanks for the shout-out. 🙂 I don’t want to be right about that, but I need to be prepared, And I need to “warn” others (lol).

      I think Hoyt might be the “main” character that is turned vampire too, and that he might be turned by Jessica. Other possibilities could be Lafayette by James 2.0 or Arlene by Keith. But, I think ultimately, Arlene wouldn’t be turned by her choice because of her keeeeds (she’s come a long way, but I don’t think she’s come THAT far 🙂 ), and Lala might seem too obvious since earlier in the series, he asked Eric/Pam/Chow to turn him. So, Hoyt it is.

      I was just thinking the other day, Arlene has become what I thought Sookie would organically become, and Sookie has become what I thought Arlene would organically become. Weird. 🙂

      Do not even get me started on the terrible treatment of one of my favorite characters, Tara. At least JM confirmed that Rutina got paid for the entire season. And, she just got cast in a movie, The Perfect Guy. It sounds really good. I wish the best for Rutina. 🙂 ❤

      • Hi Shinealite, I am glad you enjoyed the interview that I posted. 🙂

        I always thought it was Jason who get in the earlier in the seasons. I always would imagine him becomes Eric 2.0,because the writers are going for Book Sookie with Jason. In Kate Barnow’s interview, Jason’s getting tired to be a womanizer and want to started a family someday (probably with Bridgette). I also mentioned it before awhile back that I believes that the writers are planning do with his character. You said he would be a great dad, I totally agreed with you.

        I known you and the others think Sookie’s going to end up like Book Sookie,but I still convince by the preview that she’s going to get turn instead. I think the writers secretly plan this all along. Those hints in the poster and Buckner had mention there’s big change in Sookie at the very end of the series in the beginning of the series. A lot of people got fear that Billy’s the 1 who will turn her, I known deep down in my heart that it could be Eric who turns her.

        Probably She will end up running Fangtasa with Willa while Eric’s off to doing ads for NuBlood.

        No worry I think the deal with Mr. Gus didn’t last long,because Eric got his vamp powers back and Mr. Gus is human after all. You known, Humans didn’t last long.

  9. So I randomly have to say I like Gus. I find him very entertaining and amusing. How sad is it that I enjoy this random new character who is probably going to screw everyone over, more than most of the regular cast? I don’t even know who this actor is but his clothes and portrayal of Gus always make me chuckle in a good way.

    Tara and Lettie Mae…. what? I watched that and was like…. okay… why did her mother need to see that? It was a major stretch to try and morph that into Tara finding forgiveness for her mother’s mistakes. It would have been much better to just have Lettie Mae try to use V to connect with Tara so she could apologize for her mistakes. Tara never had anything to apologize for. She was a kid who was treated like trash by her own mother. Lettie Mae was the adult back then, she should have risen up to the challenge and taken care of her child. So nope… this did not make me feel bad for Lettie Mae.

    If Bill dies that would rock, but I doubt it will happen. Honestly he might as well die…. all he has ever shown on TB is how lost and unhappy he is as a vampire. When he is with Sookie he is just ‘playing house’ and trying to be human again. That will never happen. So he might as well just end his own misery rather than making us suffer through watching him sulk…. I mean, even Tara accepted it and became a more kickass vamp than him.

    If Jason steals Hoyt’s girlfriend again, I will be fine with him dying too. However I don’t think he will… I think this is his chance to show us in the final season that he has grown.

    Also Sookie…. ugh…. can you never listen to anyone? You are not brave you are just plain stupid. How many times has she gone against Eric or whoever just to get herself and them into trouble? The first trip to Fangtasia… fine… if it were switched around and Bill told her not to do something and she did this for Eric… I admit I would deal with it better. So fine, I give her that one trip.

    But to go back after Eric fake glamours her to save her life? These are the moments I want to slap her. It’s okay to risk Eric and Pam’s lives for Bill? And to simply satisfy her own curiosity? UGH.

    Then Bill… why does he go all the way there to decide… meh, nevermind, I want to die! He’s also risking Sookie, Jessica, Eric and Pam’s safety just so he can randomly decide the trip was not worth it?

    • Hey smamfan 🙂 I like Gus and his fake accent too. Atleast he is one of the few characters left that don’t make me wanna bang my head on the first flat surface available. Sookie was sooo unbelievably stupid in this episode. Hasn’t she had enough with getting Alcide killed this season? She wants Eric and Pam’s head too? Then what? Are there any males left in her life that she can get killed?

      • After Sookie gets Eric (and, by extension, Pam) killed, she can next set her sights on killing Sam (and, by extension, Nicole and the baby). 🙂 Fictional characters and all…

        Gus is played by Will Yun Lee. I think he’s a martial artist, so he might bust out some moves.

        Tara had NOTHING for which to apologize to her original abuser Lettie Mae. Tara was a victim of circumstance.

        Sookie…I give up. Hopeless. 😦

      • Right?! I can forgive the first stupid attempt at bravery, but then Eric and Gus make it 100% clear a lot more is going on and she still has to stick her nose where it doesn’t belong.

  10. U know if sookie does die and eric has to turn her shes infected so he may die as a sacrifice to save her dont know whythat possibility came to mind i fear bc of her machinations hes not out of hot water yet

  11. I am going to miss your review,Nymeria. I hope you guys comes with the different name for next time. I am glad you guys’ site are staying strong all these years.

    I just got back from watching that ep. I think it’s good ep, but I skipped out Laffy’s storyline and Billysh*t (you called it)…..I don’t like Mr. Gus at all,I don’t like he’s planning to use Eric as his own sceme. I hope Eric kills him and take over the company than being his spokes pet,because Eric got all his 1,000 vamp powers back and Mr. Gus’s human after all. You known,humans didn’t last long. At least Mr. Gus explained things to him about Queen Sophie Ann (before Sicko Billy boy killed her) wanted to make all that faerie’s blood into trublood….Billy boy also explained it to Sookie (I skipped their pillow talk,because I don’t want to see his disgusting black veined chest)….I really like Eric telling Sookie to get out for her own safely,but I don’t like Sookie’s making a scene while Eric tried to pretending glamor her. I really do like Alex’s expressions as Eric in that scene after he lets her known he is ok. Alex did an AMAZING job!!!! 🙂 …..At least, Eric and Sookie shut Sarah. That b**ch is freaking annoying when she keep talking Bubbas sh*t. I thought Sookie’s going to do something’s stupid like running off with Sarah to save her “beloved” douchbag. Well Eric and Pam did tried to deliver to them,but Sookie shown up with them. I like Jessica scared Sarah. I’m really glad Billy boy refused to drink Sarah. I really hope he dies.

    On the other hand, I did watch Jason/Violet storyline. I really like it played out like a horror movie with the torture chamber. I am a horror girl myself. I am glad Hoyt killed that psycho b**ch Violet (she finally got what she deserved)….But I don’t like Hoyt is being a totally a**hole to his finece Brigdette, I feels bad for her. I do like the chermisty between Jason and her….I don’t feels a connection between Jessica and Jason at all,but I am glad they remained as friend. I think she’s mess-up like Sookie in the way after she broke up with Hoyt,but they deserved each others (I am not referring sicko Billy boy and Sookie).

    I hope you guys sticks around longer. I always a Eric fan and your follower at heart. 🙂 🙂 🙂 ❤

  12. SPOILER ALERT (not really because there really isn’t any specific info but I’m putting that label on there anyway):

    This was on TV Line tonight…

    Question: Anything juicy on the remaining episodes of True Blood‘s final season? —Bookworm
    Ausiello: “Juicy,” eh, Bookworm? How about one of the most highly anticipated sex scenes in True Blood history finally coming to fruition? Is that “juicy” enough for ya?

    Who could this be do you think?

    • Is this about Eric and Ginger you think?? I mean, the pool of people who haven’t hooked up is actually quite small.

      • See my other response but I doubt he will actually have sex with her but vBulletin let her get her jollies somehow. It will at least be comical.

        • My guess is that if Ginger does have sex with Eric she’ll be screaming through it just like she screams through everything. I’m sorry but I can’t stand Ginger because of that damn scream. Makes my ears hurt just thinking about it.

          Then I wonder who it could be? Which hookup is so highly anticipated? I can’t imagine what… perhaps Maxine Fortenberry comes back and gives Sam a lap dance? Eww…. **my eyes, my eyes**

      • I don’t see how an Eric and Ginger sex scene would be highly anticipated by anyone, so I’m doubting it.

    • Well we saw Bill and Soookie get it on but I am going to say he was being snarky in that Ginger some part of Eric’s promise to her.

      • I never wanted it to begin with (lol). Eric is not a sex toy, and Ginger is a person with feelings too. I already feel nauseated. Besides, when are they going to have time to do this? Isn’t Eric supposed to be dealing with the Yakuza right now? Oh, well, why do I bother again? 🙂

    • Could they have shot an Eric Sookie shower sex scene (without the Narnia extras) ?

    • When I read that earlier, I immediately thought, Eric and Pam but I could be wrong…

  13. This show has gotten to be where I feel like Dark Helmet, Colonel Sanders and President Skroob during the countdown: you think you’re getting something really great (Eric/Sookie wise… or even just Eric wise) then TPTB shout JUST KIDDING!!

    • (And the explosion at the end is all of our hopes)

      BTW if I wasn’t supposed to post that I am sorry but I can’t edit!!

    • I love Spaceballs, fine with me that you posted it. I see it as being no big deal

    • I see your “Just Kidding,” Snarkland and raise you an “I’m surrounded by a$$holes” which is probably how Alex felt filming this season but is too much of a gentleman to say it. (someone help me imbed this if it didn’t work)

      A big thank you to Nymerias, B, Erika & Evie for suffering through this episode and the whole season for those of us who chose to avoid the nauseating unpleasantness.

      • **snort** Thank you!!

      • Like hippychikfanfiction I want to say thank you to Nymerias, B, Erika & Evie bringing the episodes to us and keep us posted. It’s so sad that TB got so unpleasant for so many of us – considering that once we all were hooked by this show. I’m still so disappointed by the show – that I even can’t watch the EN scenes on YouTube.
        I wish you lots of good spirits for the remaining episodes. Thx so much for all your work.

  14. Great review nymerias – you said everything I wanted to say.

    I wouldn’t be offended if Eric and Ginger had sex however they show it simply because a promise is a promise and it’s one that Eric made and God knows she deserves it for her loyalty to him and Pam for years.

  15. I totally agree with you that eric saves these pathetic eps

  16. Nymerias you pretty much summed up what we all feel about what this train wreck of a show is. However I will always hold a special place for for the Eric and Sookie I found,, at least in the first few books. I will watch the last two episodes. Now I have moved on to Jamie and Claire!

  17. Been mostly lurking for a good part of two years now and I never really posted but I guess the time is right to say a heartfelt thank you for the insights, Nymerias (et al). Sigh..I guess it’s really finally coming to a close. And in a way I’m glad given where this crazy train is headed and in another way it’s sad since I need my Eric/Alex fix (God give him a long and fruitful movie career, PLEASE!)

    Again, thanks – what a ride and a fun time.

  18. I’ve mostly lurked for the better part of two years so I guess I’d better get my thank yous in now, Nymerias (Et al.). This has been a cool place to giggle, hear theories and just plain get your rants on. It’s really all coming to a close – believe it or not – and in a way I’m glad given the destination of this crazy train (I don’t even like Sookie any longer and that’s a problem) and it’s sad too given that I need my Alex fix (All knowing Lord, PLEASE give him a long and fruitful career, thank you!).

    Again, thanks everyone for the insightful reviews and for sharing glimpses into yourselves. It’s been a fun time…now let’s take her home.

  19. Ladies:
    We don’t have to loose each other’s friendship…all you have to do is join the conversations on Facebook about the show…Just because it’s ending doesn’t
    mean that talk about the actors won’t stop….
    I’m already following Alexander Skarsgard’s career….there’s also a thread for
    Stephen Moyer/Anna Paquin….
    I’m on Facebook as Marlene Ferraro Emmett…

  20. Haven’t commented for ages but have followed ESL journey. Wanted to say thanks Nymerias for your endurance as an EL in the face of blatant incompetence on the part of the TB writers. Its gutting to see how this show has just sunk into mediocrity and taken a path that most fans loathe.

    Anyway well done on taking one for the Team, one more time. And can’t wait to hear about your Outlander site, I adore the books and am really happy with what we’ve seen so far of the TV series. Hope you’ll be letting us know where we can come and join the love-in for Jamie & Claire and friends.

    • Thank you, Chelle! B, Erika, Evie and I as well as our followers have been through the ringer, that is for sure. I will always ship Eric and Sookie deep down in my heart and it’s a shame we won’t get to see it. A part of me still hopes it will go out with a BANG! 2 more episodes and we will know if it will be a big bang or a small pop!

      • “2 more episodes and we will know if it will be a big bang or a small pop!”

        or lets face it, an embarrassing fart 😉

  21. Its tragic, it truly amazes me the gullibility of what I wanted at the beginning of this season. I think back to what I originally wanted Bill dead… Sookie going off with Eric and his little family for a HEA. I was dumb… Now I just want Eric and Pam to get out alive and leave her stupid *@! with her southern fried moron Bill.. I am so over it… I never saw this chemistry that supposedly the Producer of TB sees between Bill and Sookie. In fact I find the character Bill boring as wall paper paste drying in the sun. I think of the lost potential and get annoyed all over again you start watching these shows with normal expectations and by the end you have none at all and your so numb you dont realise it until someone else points out their completely empty of a reaction to whats happening on the show…. Then your like holy crap so am I. How sad is it that you go from wanting a good story to.. Eh well I guess it could have been much worse than it was.. But it is as bad as I imagined its been a travesty from the start of this season until now. The creative team and I say that praying the lord almighty doesnt strike me as I call them a creative team.. has pretty much given the TB fans the finger all season and I suspect that the last two episodes will continue this FU trend until the very last.. What a sad good bye to a show that was wonderful in the begining..

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