Episode 9 Spoiler Hints


TV Line and TVGuide have both given True Blood fans a few more hints about what to expect in the penultimate episode of the show.


Firstly TVGuide:

With only two episodes to go, there are a lot of narrative threads to tie up, including the issue of Bill’s mortality. I will only say this: At least one original cast member will say goodbye for good this week. In possibly related news, a longstanding love triangle will be resolved and you’ll see one of the show’s weirdest — and funniest — sex scenes between a long-unrequited pair.

And TVLine:

Question: Any intel about Arlene and Keith from True Blood? They are adorable together and I can’t get enough of them. —Lily
Ausiello: Not everyone will get a happy ending on True Blood, Lily, but I think it’s safe to say that Arlene and Keith will be among the lucky few. Though we’re not going to get another pool table scene, this Sunday’s episode does show the effect Arlene’s relationship with Keith is having on her. (Spoiler Alert: She’s a very happy woman.)

Question: Anything juicy on the remaining episodes of True Blood‘s final season? —Bookworm
Ausiello: “Juicy,” eh, Bookworm? How about one of the most highly anticipated sex scenes in True Blood history finally coming to fruition? Is that “juicy” enough for ya?

OK, for what it’s worth here is what I think…..

Jason/Jessica/Hoyt will be tied up – Jessica & Hoyt will reunite.

Sam will leave Bon Temps with Nicole.

Bill’s “mortality” question will probably run into the finale and he will become human and the scene will be insufferable.

Eric & Ginger will get it on.

I wouldn’t exactly call Eric & Ginger “highly anticipated” but if done in the right way and with plenty of fun , it could be very, very good. Highly anticipated would be the love scene we all really want but it now seems we are out of time and are never going to get.

Anyway, here is a glimpse of Ginger seemingly about to get her man. With all the crap-ness that I fear is coming in the finale, all I can say about this is GO GINGER! At least she is a woman of immaculate taste!



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22 comments on “Episode 9 Spoiler Hints

  1. I can only hope the “love scene” with Ginger is all in her head. Ick.

  2. I fear Jason will be the one who will die. Too much foreshadowing with Sarah hallucinating dead men, except for Jason who looked so different in her visions. It would be devastating for Sookie… Pam is near death according to the Italian site so let’s just hope she and Eric will make it out of LA alive.
    I think Eric will glamour Ginger into believing they had sex. The juicy bit probably is James’ full frontal – I do believe these writers do have a completely different view on what we “highly anticipate”…..

  3. Thanks for the info…

    I agree with peanutbutterbopper.. I hope the Eric/Ginger sex scene is her dream. I cant imagine a funny or weird sex scene with Eric involved unless its in her head…

    I have to say i’m not 100% sold that the triangle getting wrapped up is Hoyt/Jess/Jason.. Maybe b/c when i hear ‘long standing triangle’ I think Eric/Sookie/Bill.. Hopefully Eric says adios to Sookie at the end of the episode? but having said that, we do see Hoyt punch Jason so its probable.

    I also think Sam could be the one who leaves, but what a shitty way for his character to go out… Just leaving town, i dont know it just seems lazy..

    They better wrap up Lala’s story in a glorious way. He deserves happiness!!

  4. Oh dear…highly anticipated sex scene is Eric and Ginger ..I hope they will do it right – I feel for Ginger and she deserves it, ha, ha… I would rather that he leaves her Fangtasia and give her some real credit for her loyalty..but then again a night with Eric Northman is the only credit that I would be asking for…
    I am more worried about love triangle getting resolved…we’ll see last Eric/Sookie scene ;( now, I really hope it will be done in a nice way so I can go back and watch this show again when I feel like it.
    That youtube spoiler will be right – boring Bill will become human again…I just hope he dies at the end somehow…wishful thinking

  5. I never anticipated Eric and Ginger having sex. Never ever wanted it.

  6. Everyone just assumes it’s Ginger, but she wasn’t mentioned by name. I can’t think of anyone else it could be, but I have to believe Eric would never go there. It’s just too disturbing to even contemplate, and he has to know he’ll never get rid of her if that’s the case. But if that does happen, it’s one scene of his I won’t be watching.

  7. I was really hoping the Ginger scene was just for Mr Gus sake. Proof that Eric has a lot of fangbangers. Ginger gives a lap dance because Eric needs to show how wanted he is lol. But now I hope it is a dream. Maybe a Eric gives her his blood to heal her. And it is Gingers sex dream. The death I hope is not Eric but I have a feeling the show is setting us up for a stand off using Pam again. Ugh no Sooric in TB land. I will keep reading fanfic

  8. I hope Ginger gets something. If a sex scene between Eric and Ginger happens, it might be funny and fun if handled properly. However I think the idea mentioned above of Eric leaving her Fangtasia is a great idea too. Eric and Pam can’t deny how loyal Ginger has been to them, even if she is a bit of an airhead sometimes (likely due to a shit ton of glamouring).

    If the sex scene is Ginger’s dream, I still look forward to it, because then it’s bound to be hilarious! And for her being infected, I was assuming she meant human-only STDs when she said that.

  9. From the pics I saw posted on Facebook, I believe that the “sex” scene is between Ginger and Eric, only its’ fully clothed and I also believe that Eric glamoured Ginger into thinking that they had sex and it really is only a kinda lap dance…….LOL

    I remember seeing Pam with Silver chains around her neck and I think Mr. Gus is using her to force Eric into keeping their agreement. I would hope that Sam leaves to be with Nicole and their baby.

    Other than that I really have no idea as to what else to speculate. I say let the Trainwreck continue………………

    • redthang914:
      Oh yes..I can so see Eric doing this to Ginger.
      She also doesn’t deserve to have the Viking’s sperm…..
      Hell I’d rather see a sex scene between Eric-Pamela ….and maybe Sookie?

  10. Some are speculating that there will be a death in this episode, but the description only says that an original cast member will say goodbye, so I’m assuming that it just means that Sam is leaving Bon Temps to be with Nicole.

    As for Ginger and Eric… I sincerely hope it’s a dream or that she’s glamoured to think it happened because the idea of them actually having sex is just crazy. I really hope that it’s not the “steamy” scene that the director was talking about. I don’t think the word steamy could ever describe that scenario, dream or no dream.

    The ending of a love triangle I think does refer to Jason/Jessica/Hoyt because I don’t see the writers finally putting an end to the Eric/Sookie/Bill one quite yet.

    • I don’t think Steamy scene involve with Ginger. I still believe Eric and Sookie’s shower scene that everybody’s waiting for three years.

      I’m hoping the lapdance scene will out to be Ginger’s dream.

      Probably Hoyt/Jessica/Jason will end in next ep,because I heard Hoyt will remember the past.

  11. wrong, just so wrong.

  12. I have no idea what ya’ll have against Ginger. She had been incredibly loyal to Eric and Pam for 15 years. She’s the reason they even have Fangtasia instead of that awful video store. And she totally deserves to fulfill her fantasy as Eric promised her last season. I hope Ginger gets everything she deserves.

    • That still doesn’t mean she’s not annoying and tacky, whether she’s loyal or not, I don’t need to see those two get it on. It’s just another excuse to get Eric naked.

  13. I am worry that it could be Eric and Sookie,because the dilemma….But I’m really hoping it will turn out to be Hoyt/Jason/Jessica instead.

  14. Back to bill’s humanateh *roll eyes* LAME! How many times must this be questioned? The A$$hole is going to be human. It f*king sucks! As for eric/sookie, that’s definitely out of the picture. So sad that even alex confirmed there will be no romance between eric/sookie :(. But it’s better that he told us, so we can come back to reality. This show is all about sookie/bill and it will F*king end as sookie/bill.

  15. When did Alex say there was no Eric/Sookie romance?? Was it in a interview and how long ago?? I want bill GONE!!!!

    • Valerie, It’s from a very old TV Guide magzine,but that interview took place before season 7 aired. The interview talked to Brian Buckner about most season’s about “Billy luv Sookie” cr*p, Sookie’s relationship with Alcide, the BBQ (that happened in season premire),but sh*ts we just saw.

      Alex also talked in the interview that Jason/Eric sex dream,but he also mentioned he isn’t the right guy for Sookie.

      It also got confusing that Buckner said there’s going to be a big change at the end of the series. We don’t known that Sookie will be normal or becomes a vamp at the end of the series.

      I think you should not read it. I think you would burn it,because it’s really horrible magazine.

  16. Haha thanks shelli!!! Yes I do remember hearing and reading about it a bit here, I’m still in utter shock that they wasted such chemistry between Eric and sookie on bill!!! Why couldn’t he just stayed evil and was the big bad instead of “pretending” to be a fricken saviour. Iv said it before a long time ago and ill say it again:: Anna and Alex have better chemistry than Anna and her own husband! The damn writers really wasted it!!! I know it’s bad, but i still have a little hope left for Eric/sookie!!!! I really want to read that article tho that you mentioned above! Drop dead bill!!

    • You very welcome,Valerie 🙂 🙂 🙂
      I feels bad for Alex what they did with Eric. I wish they makes Eric stays with Sookie and deals with Warlow than she f**ked with her parents’ murder, and let Billy deals with the politic stuff. Because Billy’s mess and he need to clean up his pig style,but Eric ends up cleaning up for him. Or I wish Billy need to tell Sookie about Nora’s dying, she should help with her and Eric at the camp.

      Me,too. I always think Eric and Sookie are destines together,because they got a lot of things. I really like how Alan Ball made Eric into Sookie’s male counterpart,because it feels like they are the same person. Alan made Eric shown his POV of the story than in the books….Alex finally got the part and he nailed it….I am glad Ball gave him the Eric part instead Billy. No actor would play a way better Eric than he did. 🙂

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