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Eight episodes down and only two more to go and we have the 9th episodes clip for you.

Well, it still seems to be all about Bill! Do you need a pick me up after watching that? You are in luck then!



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  1. Of course it is still all about Beeeeeeel and his hu man ity … has been for the last two season since fucky took over. Disgusting. But Eric does look good 🙂 Fuck HBO for letting themselves be handled.

  2. It’s a shame that Sookie doesn’t realize if Bill really loved and wanted to be with her, he would take the cure. He’d probably rather be dead and reunited with his wife, yet she could have been with a man who loved her unconditionally. If I knew a woman like this in real life, I would punch some sense into her.

  3. If I ever have the misfortune to meet Brian Buckner or Allan Ball, I’ll forget my upbringing and spit on their faces. This one’s on them.

    Sookie is just a character who the writers play with. The writers just do they jobs and come up with episodes driven by what the show runners tell them they are aiming for.

    Even CH didn’t degrade the character Sookie to the point where she became a spineless blood slave to an abuser/parasite. I know CH did something like to Eric, but I have already ranted a lot about that and won’t revisit it again over here.

    But Allan Ball and Brian Buckner have gone too far now. What they keep showing on this shit-show is such an affront to the fairer race. They have portrayed women in the worst possible way and continue to justify this degrading and frankly insulting to womankind twisted story of theirs as a path to true love and about life coming full circle.

    Today, after watching this clip, I am feeling really depressed at what the protagonist of a popular and major show with millions of viewers, has been reduced to. I am taking it as a personal affront to my own self respect, because women should not be portrayed like this. Real heroic women are not like this.

    • Bravo! I could not have said it Any better

      • thanks for understanding what I was trying to say Nymeria 🙂 …This is why I keep returning to pour my heart out to y’all on this site…

      • Nymerias, you mentioned on another thread a Jamie/Claire/Outlander page? Can you share that with the rest of us?? I’d love to visit it (if you want others to see it). 🙂

        • Of course I want others to see it, especially fans of the series! Any of you ladies who have been so supportive are welcome.

          I may have started another site but would never abandon the whole lot here. It is still a work in progress but here is the link.

          • Thank you! I am really enjoying the series (though I want the next episode now!!). I’ll definitely go check it out. 🙂

          • I want the next episode like now too! Spread the word about the site! Stay tuned here as well. I know you will!

          • Ooh, thanks nymerias. I’ll be popping over to join my fellow outlander fans!

          • Great and I hope you spread the word and enjoy.

          • Hey I watched the first episode of Outlander and I loved it :)….Sadly I have not read the books but I am adding it to my ever growing list 🙂 I also noticed that people have some very strong views about this book. They either love it or they despise it. Is it kind of controversial?

          • Sakshi, it is not necessary to read the book series to enjoy the show but they are a marvelous read so please add it to your TBR list.

            There is one scene that some had a problem with and there are some other rather brutal scenes that trump the one people had a problem with because it was trivial after the brutal scene. I would say more but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone or hijack my own thread with a long Outlander comment lol

          • Nymerias, the thing that gets me is that people look at that scene with 21st century eyes; they don’t look at it with 18th century (the proper context). That happened back then and that’s why DG included it. People are so thin skinned nowadays that anything like that, in a book, is so ‘offending’ to them they want to ban it because it can promote ‘bad behavior’. After knowing the entire circumstances and the proper context the scene fit.

            I’m sorry but if somebody reads something in a HISTORICAL novel and it influences them to do bad behaviors there’s something wrong with that person to begin with. It’s not going to cause a whole bunch of people to start acting that way.

            Sorry but I have a pet peeve about stupidity like that.

          • No I agree with you. It has to be looked at from the time period it came from. Let’s face it, what men and woman want to willingly do to one another is worse. To each their own. People missed out on a good book because they could not let that go. Far worse happens later on in that book.

    • Yep, I completely agree and I don’t want to lose any respect for Anna, but I have to hope she doesn’t actually like what they’ve done to her character. Sookie is by far one of the worst lead female characters I have ever seen.

      • Oh that she is Tammy…and I just read a spoiler about the official summary of Ep10. It says “Sookie (Anna Paquin) weighs a future with and without Bill (Stephen Moyer)”. So if this happens in ep10, she is still at the crossroads where she was seven years ago, when she started her relationship with Bill.
        This is what Allan ans Buckner think constitutes as true love.

        The thing about weak people like Sookie is that they never manage to beat the rut that constricts them.

        • It just goes to show you how weak the forerunners are… and make me everso glad I’m not their significant other. If they can treat somebody they write out on paper like that…. eesh.

    • Yep. I agree 1000%. And I realize that it’s a job but I wouldn’t be so gung-ho about pushing a show that does this to their lead female character. JMO of course.

  4. First thank you for that great pic of my favorite vampire! Second Sookie let go of Bill and let him die! Sorry but he needs to go! Hoping now that Sookie doesn’t end up with Bill or Eric and the show ends with her and Jason sticking in BT alone and wondering how dumb they were to lose the people who loved them. Really the writers made her as stupid as Jason this time. At least Jason is a cute dum wit lol. I try not to read the spoliers but I am weak and still hanging on a thread that at least Eric gets a HEA

  5. Yup, that ol’ Dumbshit Sookie, as my Momma would say, “A day late and a dollar short”. Too bad she didn’t realize that sooner. I mean now that she blew Eric off too. She is just a stupid………………censored…………… I hope that she spends the rest of her long life alone and she becomes an old maid and she reflects on how her life could have been better. I don’t know. I just want Eric to finish the season alive and far away from Bon Temps and that will be a fine end for me!!

  6. You wouldn’t be in this position Sookie if you had just given Eric a chance after the amnesia. Just sayin’.

  7. To much about bill is getting on my f*king nerves..but I’m curious as to what arlene means when she tells sookie “well something tells me u don’t have to.” Is this the hint of bill becoming human or perhaps sookie becoming a vampire? Or am I just reading to much into this.

  8. I can’t stomach any more Beehl, so I’ll just ask.

    Nymerias, not sure what you ladies plan to do with this site once TB is finally put out of it’s misery, but have any of you been turned onto Vikings? The first 2 seasons were PHENOMINAL and the 3rd is poised to be even better. The actor who plays Ragnar is almost as gorgeous as Alex (those eyes!) and the main female lead, Lagertha, is the complete, polar opposite of Sookie, beautiful and BAD ASS! All the main characters are based on a real person in Viking lore. Also, Alex’s brother Gustav is awesome as Floki which would tie into our love for our Viking. Please consider it. You’ve done such an awesome job with the shittiest material, it makes me giddy thinking what you could do with a great show. Just a humble request.

  9. I’m sooooo happy this is all ending. I’ve grown to actively dislike the female lead character which is quite sad. I’m also sick of hearing about Bill who is abusive to Sookie and needs to die! I’ll watch till the end, but not expecting a great outcome. Bill as a human……….yuck!

  10. I really hope Arlene talks some sense into Sookie let Billy Boy dies.

    Arlene tried to save Terry from killing,but it didn’t help and he died anyway. (I am sorry, I known some you guys are Terry fans)

  11. It seems they (the powers that be) have Sookie pegged as a dumb, backwoods, country bumpkin who’s sole purpose in life is to be her abusers whipping post. And that is what we get. To bad they don’t wouldn’t know a strong women if one came up and punched them in the balls. She was abused by her uncle, maybe she can’t be happy unless she is being abused. Totally sickening!

  12. ugh………..want ERIC! lol nuff said lol

  13. ffs…do we really have to sit through another ‘Sookie breaking Eric’s heart’ scenes … enough is enough …This clip comes just before Eric finds Sookie at the Bar..I guess they have a little chat and he flies her home, she will invite him in and they will have another heartbreaking talk – he would look at her adoringly and she will be lovely and kind to him but will say that she would not want to hurt him ever as, well she is not over Bill yet… what’s new Sookie…this will be like that terrible couch scene and the one where she resends his invitation … can I just hope for no interruption by Bill (based on some screen shots he is lurking around).
    I wonder if Eric has his talk with Bill before or after guess before ( Sookieprobably asks him to try to convince Bill to take the blood after Fangtasia so he goes to find her after).
    God I am dreading the next episode

  14. Its the best for eric shes a country bumpkin hes a sophisticated man what is he going to do w her except visit her in BT? Willa has apparently disappeared but i think she would do well w eric shes more at his level sook and bill really do deserve each other they are awful I want eric to be the one to say ‘see ya’ in a nice way but nevertheless be the one to walk away he deserves it after putting up w her rejections

    • It really made no sense for them to the fans to Will a, have her get turned androgen she walks off into the moonlight. We will most likely only see one more glimpse of her, if even that. Not that I care to see her again as she was just one more thing that makes Eric appear heartless.

  15. I understood this scene clip so differently from you guys. Sookie is asking Arlene on how she easily let go of the people she loved, and asked herself if she really ever let go of Bill, and how unfair it was to Alcide. It seems like she’s trying to move on from Bill, and she doesn’t want to be unfair with anyone else, so she needs to resolve and let go completely, hopefully this means she might finally let go of Bill and finally give Eric a chance? Because this episode, it says Bill Alienates Sookie, and it’ll be a mostly Eric and Sookie centered episode.

    • I would love to believe that, I really would, but history has shown that I cannot. It appears that way but who knows what we will actually get. I won’t get my hopes up.

    • Hmmm well…Sadly to me, it didn’t look like she was going to move on from Bill. She will remain squatting over that steamy smelly pile of shit and she will love and cry on it! Because apparently there is something about first love that none of us Eric groupies understand (insert sarcasm).

      And Because show Sookie is not fanfiction Sookie!

    • I really hope so. I’m really nervous that Eric and Sookie have to break for real,because Alex said is true. I’m worry that he have to let go Sookie,because he already putted Sookie in a great danger by Mr. Gus. 😦

  16. So I came up with a twisted strategy to get motivated about writing my Eric/Sookie romances. I started reading TB S7 reviews and recaps, not closing down windows as soon as I caught that the writer was a Bill enthusiast. My point is to get angry and feel something for my futureless couple. Anger gets me going…So there…

    I am not writing here to share my stupid ways with you guys, but I just found THE MOST truly hilarious delusional piece of written shit that I have EVER read about Bill Worshiping and I just had to share. So one Billusional person says –

    “Bill greeting true death and refusing the cure was emotional and put him in vein of Godric meeting the sun.”

    My anger accumulation is not going good! 😀

    • Ok, then I’m gonna get pissed off FOR you! How DARE they speak Bill’s name in the same sentence as Godric’s?!? And how DARE they compare the two?!?


      **screams and hurls computer across the room**

      I’m a ginger and, like Bruce Banner, ‘You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.’

      I’m not angry; I’m royally PISSED OFF.

      • Errrr…sorry Snarkland that you got worked up because of what I found and wrote 😦 …. I guess something wrong with me or this particular comparison just broke me or something but first I stared at it for one minute and then i started laughing till my voice was ringing around my empty house in a very eerie way!

        But yes, this sentence would make you want to strangle the person who wrote it. I’ll strangle him happily but first I’ll laugh in his face and pity him for being the fool he is. Or she. Whoever.

        • So far what I’m reading is rather… excellent. Thank GOD there seems to be many, many more of us that see what Beeehl is like but I’m not done reading as I kind of stopped here and did a head tilt (if you are a fan of ‘House MD’…I miss that show desperately…and you know anything about House’s pet rat, Steve, he had a very notorious head tilt. If you don’t know it… never mind. 🙂 ). This is the part I’m stopped at:

          [Sidbar: I was told (yes, told, not asked, mind you, by some Anonymous dickhole on another site, that I can’t use Sookie’s abuse as reasoning for her absorption in all things Bill, because – wait for it! – the writers don’t verbally acknowledge anything that happened to her as abuse, and therefore, IT DIDN’T HAPPEN!

          The writers don’t acknowledge Sookie as being an abuse victim, therefore the abuse didn’t happen?

          The first thought that came to me (ala Sookieism) was: Sweet Baby Jesus I hope Anonymous Dickhole isn’t a psychiatrist. They’d be telling all their patients that their abuse didn’t happen because nobody talked about it. **eyeroll**

    • Okay, they did not just compare that piece of shit to Godric. That just shows even more how completely delusional those people are, they must lead pretty sad lives.

      • Yeah…pretty much!
        It’s like calling Frodo a Gollum because they both were ring bearers and Frodo refused to throw the ring down Mount Doom in the last scene because the struggle got too much for him.

        However….. Scratch that! Even Gollum had some good moments. Bill? None!

        • Guys I think Buckner will end the show like rip-off of Star Wars: the Return of Jedi with everybody’s around by campfire and ghosts of beloved 1s shown up.

          Don’t get mad at me, I would see Godric and Nora there.

  17. Question: what’s with the title of this next episode anyway? Is that a song title? (I hate song titles as titles BTW. I always have.) Or does that make me sound just really, REALLY pissy?? I don’t care anymore; this show has such bad juju.

    • Yep, Lafayette would flutter his Chinese fan and say disdainfully – “Fuck This Shit!”

      • I do miss Lala, it’s sad that I haven’t been watching any of his scenes this season since he’s always been my favorite, but I just can’t get on board with the crappy story lines they keep giving him.

    • I can only say that I had no ideas for a catchy title so I just winged it and also LOL!

    • And I read your comment wrong, you meant the writers title for the episode, not the bloggers title for this post……lol! Dinna Fash, I am backing out of the room slowly and with my hands up! 😉

      • Yes I did mean the show writers of the episode (again, what’s with that anyway?). I was concerned I wrote something wrong! No worries now though. 🙂

  18. Do you folks think that Sookie is sticking with Bill, not out of love (because we’ve seen the way she’s looked at Eric; she does ‘love’ him though I seriously doubt she really knows what it means) but because she feels obligated to do it? Do you think she feels she doesn’t deserve Eric (which we know she doesn’t, not anymore) so, in order not to feel alone, she’s sticking with Captain Douche Bag?

    • No I think she believes she loves him. She loves Eric too, in her own way of course, but Beehl is her first and first lurve is special. Plus her first luuurve is dying and does not want to be saved. So in addition to luurve, she has fallen in pity with him too. Pity is a strong emotion for a person for whom self-deprecation is a way of life. She understands Bill who is again, a shining example of self-deprecation.

      Such a person can kinda sorta love a spitfire like Eric. Have an affair with him to pull herself out of a breakup. But she will never get back with Eric because Eric forces her to look at life the way she doesn’t want to and doesn’t know how to.

      With Bill, she can spend endless evenings talking about their mutual loss of humaniteh and their deep regrets of every mistake they made. Good Times….

      Silly depthless Eric is not regretful for his lost humaniteh and doesn’t feel regret for all the shit he’s done. He didn;t even stop to gather the pity of all and sundry when he got sick and was dying. What an inhuman un-feeling fella!

  19. Sakshi chopra, you have really good insight on sookie and the show! You seem like a smart lady! And damn. I want bill gone! And iv noticed Steven’s acting as billy boy has gone down hill, not that it was even good before ( never liked bill) but for some reason it’s gotten worse! Good! C’mon eric!!!!

    • Thanks Valerie 🙂 And about Bill, IKR! … I think a few issues with Bill also arise because of Steven’s wooden one expression face (aka the constipated look). Not to sound disrespectful to the actors, but do you think he got botox done on his face, which he though might make him look younger, but in the end it took all his expressions away?

      • I always think Alex is natural beauty. He always reminds me of Swedish verison of Benjamin Button. He always get cuter when he gets older. : D 😀 😀

        • He is isn’t he? Although I loved him younger too 🙂 … But Alex has those lucky genes that make him age gracefully. He has also always looked much younger than he actually is. He was perfect for the role of a vampire who won’t age and so is his pretty brother Bill (Hemlock Grove, although I don’t much like that series)

          • yes he truly is. He’s in close to 40s,but he looks like he is 30s for a handsome man like him. Probably his family came from a bloodline of Norse Gods. 🙂 I need to finish up Tarzan and the Jewel of Opal….I haven’t watch the new season of Hemlock Grove yet,but I don’t known about Viking. I was disappoint in Ragnar did to Lagertha in the season 1 finale.

          • This is actually a reply to Shelli re: Vikings. I HATED what ragnar did to lagertha at the end of S1, but LOVED how Lagertha delt with it right out of the gate in S2. She’s no shrinking-woe-is-me-violet and in my humble opinion, is the strongest female character, next to Arya Stark of Game of Thrones, on TV.

        • He is 37 right?

          Yes and Lagertha picked herself up and managed herself pretty well. I am really proud of that woman :)….

          • Yeah, he’s 37 and I think he looks so much better now than when he was younger.

          • yes,Tammy and Saski, Alex is totally hot for his age. I am glad he finally got the part of Tarzan.

            I heard on Wiki Ragnar ends up having a son born with no legs. I am glad he got what he deserved….I also like Daenys on Game of Thrones, she’s also strong female character and Michonne on The Walking Dead.

            Guys, What you think about Anna? Purple isn’t good for her and I would see her with a pixie cut like Katie Cuckoo from The Big Bang Theory. Unless the writers are making Sookie as a vampire verison of Lady Gaga at the end of the series.

            Thanks for the Vikings spoilers. 🙂 🙂 🙂 How I keeps with you guys? Tumblr??? Facebook??? I have Facebook and Tumblr accounts. I wouldn’t mind to see them to me.

  20. Just saw this E&S fan video and it’s really fantastic..captures Eric perfectly and makes me feel really sad that the writers didn’t see what we saw with this couple.
    Hope this next episode doesn’t ruin it.

    • It’s sad seeing this video and wondering what if? Like what if Steven and Anna didn’t fall in love on set? Would that have let the story organically unfold, thereby leading to more Sookie & Eric or st least give them a fighting chance? Or would Alan Ball, in his blind love of all things Beehl, still have ruined a once great show that had such potential? The world will never know….

    • Ugh!!! Why can’t it just end this way!!! I have missed seeing them together for the last 3 seasons! 😦

  21. Awww that was a great vid!!! The chemistry bw those two characters and alex’ acting was so powerful those poor writers tasked w making bill the star had only one recourse to deal w such a powerful pull for the fans: and that was to deconstruct sooric completely ignore the relationship as if it never happened and take everything away from eric! And still it didnt work!!!!!

  22. Sakshi, YES perfect word for it- his fave is wooden! Steven just has that weird pout, duck fave wooden expression!!!! So bizzare.and yeah. The video says it all. They completely wasted wild chemistry and just a down right better route for the show. Ill NEVER get it.

    • Given the fact that Anna has absolutely NO on-screen chemistry with her hubby, right there, alone, makes me wonder what the heck the showrunners were thinking making Bill Sookie’s twue wuwve, ESPECIALLY if they are doing it because Anna/Stephen are married IRL. It’s like THEY, the show-runners, are taking the credit for them getting together because of their characters, and not because they had a connection on a real life basis.


      That’s such an immature, 12-year-old approach to it (I can’t help noticing that attitude parallel’s Twilight just a bit). Reinforces, to me, the fact that they can’t distinguish RL from make believe.


      Like I’ve said before, AB was/is (now through Bucky) using TB as his personal fanfic.

  23. Its incredible the difference in chemistry bw sooric and sook/bill shows that real life relaysh doesnt necessarily transfer to the screen…..i dont think the show runners and lead couple quite figured that out!

    • I was commenting above, about just this, just as you posted this! Yep. Stephen has better on-screen chemistry with everybody BUT his wife. His best on-screen chemistry is with Eric, and Anna had better on-screen chemistry with Rob K, the guy who played Warlow.

      • Snarkland,I still think HBO are making off of those couple Anna and Steve as some product. I think it sounds very sickening to me.

        • I honestly want to know the appeal of them. I have nothing against them but… huh? What makes them more appealing than other celeb couples?

          • Snarkland, Showtime did that with the real-life Jennifer and Micheal C. Hall. The writers tried to make Dexter involved around their marriage by putting Dexter and Deb in an incest relationship. Everybody known that didn’t end well.

          • Shelli. I could be wrong here but I thought Jennifer and Michael got divorced way before the ‘incest’ storyline? Plus, it’s not incest as Dexter and Debs are not biologically related to one another. I also hated that storyline and glad they dropped it.

  24. Ughh and I dont think its going to help their careers any sorry

    • Well, let’s be honest: nobody’s going to use TB as a measure of serious acting. The acting community is way too snobby; remember when TV was considered so second class that no ‘real’ movie star would be caught dead on it? Now… now TV has become bigger, more interesting, and better at making careers than movies have been.

  25. Bill and sookie are shit together. No chemistry. Boring as a rock couple. Waste of air time. Bad acting wheh there together. But apart- Anna and Alex have undeniable chemistry it’s off the charts! And there both blonde! They just look better and play off each other so much come on!!! I hope it fends well for them….. It better!

  26. i know it’s none of my business, but it would be a bit exhausting and dull to play a HEA with my husband on screen. Everyone knows we’re married in real life, Why drag it on screen too. It’s ridiculous and lousy writing. This shows they don’t have a creative mind. It’s like.. copy and paste. JMO.

    • Yep. Very lazy IMO. They don’t have a creative mind. Unfortunately that’s happening everywhere as more and more storylines are being recycled because nobody can seem to come up with a bankable (the key word there) original story. How convenient the excuse of ‘coming full circle’; means you don’t have to deal with the fallout of your screwed up storylines (yep, I mean you Bucky and AB!!)

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