Alexander Skarsgard hopes fans will be happy with Eric’s True Blood ending


Alexander Skarsgard has finally been talking to the media over the last day or so, combining his publicity work for “The Giver” with a last chance to talk about “True Blood”.

Firstly he has spoken to

As the end of True Blood approaches, Skarsgard admits he already feels nostalgic for the HBO series.

“I remember shooting my last scene with Kristin Bauer [van Straten, who plays Pam],” he says. “I knew that it was going to be very emotional, I knew that it was going to be difficult, but I had no idea how hard that would hit me the second they yelled cut on our last take together.”

He adds: “In that moment, we just looked at each other and burst out crying.”

And also to

Let’s talk about True Blood. That dream sequence between Eric and Jason got people very excited. Can you tease anything about their romantic-sexual futures as the final episodes approach? The people need to know.

I can’t say much about the plot, but that was a very memorable scene. Ryan [Kwanten] is so funny. It was a very tough night for me — I couldn’t stop laughing. He’s a hilarious guy. But we knew that scene was coming. We shot that scene where he drinks my blood in season six. There wasn’t a real plan to follow through, but then when we shot it, it was strangely sensual, and Ryan and I just looked at each other after shooting that scene last year like, “We’re definitely going to see that dream sequence.” Sure enough, a couple months later we got the script, and there it was.

What was your reaction when you saw how the series ends?

I’ve been really happy with this whole season. To me, that’s Eric at his best, when he’s got one clear objective: revenge. When he’s that focused and determined, it’s so much fun to play that and hopefully watch as well. The fact that I’ve gotten to work with Kristin Bauer [van Straten] so much this season — I always miss her when we shoot seasons and we don’t get to work that much. It’s been great finishing this series side by side with Kristin. I really liked how we leave Eric at the end of this show. I’m very happy with it. Hopefully fans will be as well.


So at the very least it sounds like our Viking Vampire is going to get  a happy ending when the finale airs on August 24th. Whatever that happens to be (and it sounds like Pam will be by his side as we all expected), if Alex is happy then Eric must be happy, and if Eric is happy then hopefully the majority of Eric fans will have something to smile about too 🙂

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40 comments on “Alexander Skarsgard hopes fans will be happy with Eric’s True Blood ending

  1. Well, he has that right, this final season has definitely been Eric at his best. If he is happy, then I should be as well. I doubt I will be okay with anything else that happens in the show but Eric has been my focus for various while now and really all that matters to me.

  2. Glad he seems to be happy with his ending and doesn’t seem to feel like his character got done over.
    Can’t tell if that is good news for us though.

  3. I’m glad someone’s happy. **grumbles and grabs pictures of Jamie Frasier. “You won’t let me down, will you honey??”**


  4. Awww Kirsten and Alex cried at the end 😦 That’s so cute!

  5. Im glad he liked it (i dont know that he would say otherwise though lol) i think we all know that things could have been much better but it is what it is… Lets just hope eric walks away w pam (and i wish willa would come too) be happy i am hoping bill dies than i will be glad i dont care what sookie does the only ending i would hate would be bill human and he and sookie together

  6. Thank you Evie for giving us this update of Alexs’ latest interview. It may make me feel a bit better to know that (even tho, he might of had to say it) he is happy with how his character turned out at the end. If Eric is “alive” (undead) and happy at the end, then so will I…

    I’ve had it up to my eyebrows with all the Eric/Sookie crap. I hope its’ true that he tells her hes’ not the guy for her and leaves her high and dry. Shes’ such a twit in this show, she doesn’t deserve him in any way, shape or form.

    It was sad to hear that he and Kristin took it so emotionally on their last scene together. I know they have been close and who knows if and when they might get a chance to work together again. Alex being an actor it doesn’t surprise me that hes’ emotional and cried. Thats’ what makes him such a great, expressive actor (sigh, which more men could be in touch with their emotional side,,,).

    Anyway, I hope that we, being Alex/Eric fans will be happy with the ending too.

  7. I’m too invested in E/S ship to be happy with anything less, sorry. 😦 Not down with a B/S ending at all, no matter if Eric is happy or not.

  8. I actually think this is his worst season, but it’s pretty much that for everyone. Still, he kicks ass at everything he does and I really hope we are at least happy with Eric’s ending.

  9. I will miss Eric too much!!!!

  10. At least it isn’t he get burn up.

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    Re blogging so that I can come back and read ASkars thoughts.
    Maybe I will watch s7.

  12. The Sylvie/Pam scene in the beginning of the season keeps running in my head. Assuming that Gus puts Eric in the same position with Sookie/Pam, wouldn’t it be possible that Eric chooses Pam again, and then they kill Sookie… but then Eric turns her so that she’s not dead, dead? For whatever reason I feel like this could be a possibility. But this is assuming that the Sylvie/Pam scene was more than just the Japanese showing how powerful they are

    • I believe that Mr Gus will have Pam and he threatens to kill her if Eric doesn’t tell him where Sookie is. I presume he found out Sookie knows about the cure and wants to silence her. I don’t think we will find out Eric’s choice until the finale, but it isn’t really much of a choice as Pam will die if he doesn’t comply. It will be the 3rd time this season they have used Pam to get Eric to do what they want. It sucks the writers keep putting Eric in these impossible situations!

      • I just can’t imagine the writers being awful enough to actually have Pam meet the true death. Which makes me feel like either Pam gets saved from Gus without Eric having to choose between her or Sookie, or that it will be another Sylvie/Pam situation. And if that happens, I really feel like it will end with Sookie being turned. I guess we’ll see what happens? I was never a big fan of the idea of turning Sookie, but now I’m finding that I do like the idea if it’s done right–to save her

    • SPOILERS FOR 7×9 (don’t read if you haven’t watched it yet)

      I feel like that theory might just come true next week since in today’s episode Eric had to choose between Pam and Sookie. He chose Pam again, and that’s pretty much how the episode ended. I can’t see him just letting them kill Sookie though, he’d do whatever he could to save her even if he shows up at the last minute in order to turn her.

      Bill is weak and right now appears to be the only one around to help Sookie, so I feel he would get killed during the fight. I mean, he’s already choosing to die for her, so why not take a stake/wooden bullet? Also, Eric can enter her house because she invited him in when he dropped her off, so at some point he’ll be in her house during the finale.

      I just want Bill to FINALLY die and to get the Eric/Sookie ending that was denied to us in the novels 😦

  13. Guys, after reading all your comments above, you have to remember that first they’d have to cure Sookie of Hep V, or she’d be “reborn” vampire with the Black Veins and also would re-infect Eric too. Then, what, they both die a horrible death?????

    I sure hope Pam isn’t the original cast member who is suppose to die this episode tho. Eric really would go crazy then regardless.

    • I don’t think anyone important is going to die. I think that the spoiler was misleading–it said that an original cast member would say goodbye to Bon Temps and I think that is just referring to Sam leaving to be with Nicole.

      As for the Hep V, I think that since Eric is cured, that he can’t get Hep V again so if he does turn Sookie, he’ll replace all her blood with his so she wouldn’t have Hep V after she was turned

      • I agree about the original cast member leaving – it will be Sam leaving Bon Temps.

        I don’t think Sookie will be turned, but you never know. Pam is definitely still alive in the finale, she and Eric are together at Fangtasia, and I don’t think Alex would be happy with an ending where Pam dies. Eric has to go for saving Pam, as Sookie is not in immediate danger. Mr Gus still has to go and get her, which gives Eric or someone else the chance to get there first. (I guess it depends if it is night or day).

        They may use Sookie being a Hep V carrier as an excuse to keep her away from vampires at the end, maybe humans can’t be cured?

        I just don’t think this is going to end well for Eric and Sookie. I think he will see that he belongs with Pam. I think Alex will be happy with that ending as Pam was Eric’s original partner on the show. I hope I’m wrong, but as Sookie & Eric are going to have some kind of “talk” earlier in this episode any way, they could already have said their goodbyes. I don’t know, I’d love to think there will be an exciting twist at the end but with these writers I don’t really see it. I’m preparing for disappointment with Eric & Sookie, but at least hopefully Eric will have a more suitable ending than he did in that awful book!

        • yeah I held on to hope for Sookie and Eric but, after watching episode 9. I don’t know I mean that had his character fuck Ginger for crying out loud. EWWWW…. so gross just like the whole Bill and Sookie sex scene. I wished we get a great ending with Eric and Sookie but Idk. They keep teasting by showing little snip nits of Eric and Sookie then , it’s all bout how Bill and Sookie are true love. …I know thing for sure there a wedding in the future that a little that Anna Paquin let slip.

          • I’m with you- I’ve held out hope and I’m so so sad! IMO Eric has loved Sookie unselfishly and this is too sad 😦 I hate this… I don’t want to see Bill and Sookie end! 😦 😦 Not fair!!!! They truly don’t care what fans want.

  14. I don’t care about Sookie, but Pam better not die. I have to hope Alex doesn’t think fans would be happy about that, I didn’t get a vibe from this interview that either of them dies.

  15. interview. It’s very adorable. I am really happy he got along with Jeff Bridge and they got a lot of things in common. 🙂

    I have another theory,it sounds very interesting. I think Eric’ll turn Sookie,but it’ll turn out that Eric will become human instead (he will wake up in the morning after he had sex with Sookie)….Eric ends up to went back to Fangstastia, he ends up tells to Gus that Sarah’s blood starts slowing vamp into humans and it will effect his business if they sells NuBlood and every vamps will be blaming him for wipe-out the vamps race. But Gus ignores him and only care about the money….Eric want to challenge him with the fist fight. If Eric wins, he will force Gus call off the deal and leave Pam and him alone. If Gus wins, Gus want to force Pam to turn Eric back as his spokes pet and makes Pam to demand Eric to do whatever he says (Pam don’t like the idea)….Gus agrees to it and they enrages into a brutal battle. When Gus closes to finish him off, Eric ends up bit his throat off while he was laughing (like Rick from The Walking Dead)….He tells Pam that he don’t want to become a vamp again and he want to known how feel be human again. Then he hugs Pam and tells she’s the head of the company, he walks away.

    Sookie answers the door in the morning,but it’s Eric. She starts hug him and kiss him (she was worry about him), she surprises Eric is human and tells him Billy becomes human and dies last night (after he sacrifices his life to get Sookie away from the Yazuka guys). Eric realizes it’s Sookie’s blood that turns him human,not Sarah.

    Another six month later, they stole Gran’s house to Jason and (pregnant???) Bridget and starts new a life 2gether.

    I would see that happening that Sookie and Eric stole the house to Jason and Bridget at the end of the ep.

  16. I think Eric and Pam will find a way in the finale to get rid of Mr. Gus and HepV cure will be available to everybody (I really hope they do that rather than stay in some kind of agreement and make money out of it). Based on this interview I think the show will leave Eric and Pam in a good place. If it’s good enough for Skarsgård it’s good enough for me 🙂
    Eric and Sookie will have their final closure in the next ep. 😦 That will be triangle that will be resolved.

  17. I actually feel nervous to watch the new episode, I think ill wait and look up what happened after, I really want bill GONE. Why can’t sookie have a fricken epifany already and relize that Eric is the one. I still and will never understand how they could not let eric and sookie be together, or her even be more into him. Dumb billy boy.go away already.

  18. Aww bless! I found it strange that there hasn’t been more of a bru-ha-ha about the show ending (or maybe I’ve just not been looking hard enough, though I doubt it – I live for spoilers!)

    I take some comfort that a) Alex has finally said something about his feelings on the show ending outside the TB/HBO machine and b) he seems to think that fans would be happy about Eric’s ending – I don’t think he would say that unless there was an element of truth to it (the cheeky, sometimes literal man he is – bloodbag indeed!)

  19. Well that ep def gave us our closure ! Unbelievable how they completely retconned sooric so they simply never existed bill sookie deserve eachother bring it on!!! Dont care only worthy storyline is erics

    • This is the first episode of this season that I’ve actually watched and let me tell you, I was bored out of my skull… until Eric and Ginger. Then I couldn’t stop laughing!!

  20. Lol that was good!!! Eric really does get the best scenes

    • I know! And Alex is amazing in pulling off Eric; it’s a role he was born to play IMO.

      Interestingly enough, this is the one time I actually LIKED Bill (it’s just a temporary thing, trust me. I only like him because he’s trying to die. 🙂 ) He was the only one that made a lick of sense and Sookie sounds like a pathetic woman who, I swear, is setting back feminism 100 years. What it did, IMO, was the opposite of what they intended: they intend to show B/S (notice how their initials are really bs? Bull shit?? Yeah, there’s another hint) is true love and that true love is selfless, yada yada yada.

      It showed that ERIC was the true selfless one, to put up with a woman who treats him like everything he did for her didn’t matter… but yet to do what Eric did? HE’S the one that is truly selfless; Bill ‘dying’ to ‘save’ Sookie is not selfless; it’s SELFISH.

      BTW I LOVED the look on Eric’s face after Ginger was done, like, ‘Seriously? Was that it?” LOL

  21. I also loved when eric told bill to get over himself lolol

    • I know. I swear, Eric rocked this episode. Just goes to show our love for the Viking Vampire isn’t unjustified.

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  23. Well, I was mostly satisfied. Obviously an E/S ending would have been preferable, but with the way they wrote her treating him the last few seasons, and still had her fawning over Bill, that wasn’t good enough for his character.

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