True Blood Promo: Episode 7.10 “Thank You”


This is it…the VERY LAST True Blood promo we’ll EVER see! If you haven’t watched tonight’s episode yet…this WILL contain spoilers!

Watch at your own risk!


Watch the promo for True Blood Episode 7.10 “Thank You” below!

Here…you need this as much as I do!

Stillwell, Charles

Well, we got to see Eric and Sookie fly away together…I just wish it had ended there. Glad SOMEONE got satisfied by this episode tonight (Ginger). Eric looked HOT too.

While Evie writes up the review for “Love Is To Die” – feel free to share your thoughts about this episode and the promo below.


125 comments on “True Blood Promo: Episode 7.10 “Thank You”

  1. Let’s just say that my head hurts from all the eyerolling that promo caused. If she’s gonna be turned then it’s so not fair to Eric and Pam because they’ll have to put up with her incessant whining and ‘Oh Beeeehl’ for the rest of eternity. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. (And yes I am so bitter)

    I was mighty proud of Eric this episode (the only episode of this season I’ve actually seen). If Beeehl were even a tiny fraction of what Eric is then I would say “Let him live!” Since he’s not… stake the bastard. (I mean Bill).

    BTW LOVED the look on Eric’s face after Ginger and Eric finished. I couldn’t stop laughing that entire scene. LOL

    • I am sooooooo disappointed!!! I had a little faith left and I would seriously love to kick Sookie in the face!!! Eric Northman basically declares his undying love for her and she’s like, “Yeah yeah BUT Beeehl…” F her… Really F her… Eric deserves to get what he wants and this just isn’t fair.

      • Actually, I hate to say it, but I gave up on Sookie the moment she dumped Eric back at the mansion after he got his memory back. If she really ‘loved’ Eric like she claimed, why could she NOT be with him when he got his memories back, when she constantly runs to Beeehl after all the shit he’s done to her?

        Absolutely. F her… she, in no way, deserves Eric. What I can’t abide is the way she’s treating Eric, the ungrateful little @#$%. I think Eric has know, for some time, that Sookie could never let her ‘first everything’ **cue eyeroll** go but he can’t help caring (again, why??)

        • Newsflash: Your “first love” is not your best love in most cases… So ridiculous… If they really didn’t want Eric & Sookie to end together, I wish they would stop teasing or at least make it where Eric doesn’t care… It’s breaking my heart that he cares. Wish he could end with a “true love.” 😦

          • And it just gets my goat that they are basing the entire ending on the Anna/Stephen ‘chemistry’ (talk about seeing what you want to see; if they have chemistry on-screen then I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell you). The whole ‘your first love is everything’ is the biggest crock of bull. Seriously, how many people even know what the heck happened to their ‘first love’ anyway? Very few people. And, as a result, Beeehl has drained any sort of self-respect from Sookie… and she’s stupid enough to allow it.

            I just hate to see what it’s doing to Eric… which is why he suggested having sex with Ginger. He’s trying to distract himself me thinks. (It didn’t take long).

        • Yeah coming to think of it, S4 where Sookie walked out on Eric because she suddenly remembered she loved Bill too, was where I lost faith in the show and writers, and Sookie. Still I thought the show is still going and they might redeem themselves. We know how that turned out for us though!

          Right now, I hate Sookie and Bill and I am sure I sound like an insolent child but I am so sick of them that I don’t even want to watch these two in other projects

  2. Eric really is the most redeeming quality of this show.. And jason has grown more than sookie all sookie has done is come across as a woman who always returns to the codependent relationship two toxic people they really are perfect for eachother sooooo glad eric did not come in her house!!!!

    • Eric wanted to go in and had the saddest look on his face!!! This is not fair! Eric deserves to get what he wants. Sookie is the DUMBEST character I have ever seen- just as Bill said- like a moth to a flame… It’s sickening!!!!

  3. I dont know i think eric realized how screwed up those two are yes hes hurting but hes at such a different place than they are he is finally going to be free!!!!

  4. I just wish they would bring willa back

  5. Yes he looked sad but he realized he needed to leave thats what is important! She was as oblivious to who he really is as ever! but he Left that was good!!!

  6. I am coming to terms with this show not ending the way I think it should. Very sad to see Eric leaving Sookie and having sex with Ginger. I was too disappointed to laugh. Just glad that he at least will have a good ending with Pam. Could care less what Sookie and Bill do next week. Happy with the Hoyt & Jessica reunion

  7. Horrible. Just horrible. I knew it would end this way, but I had a tiny tiny little hope that she would smarten up and end up at least alone or with Sam. I would even welcome seal sex. UGH! “I’ve always loved you Bill Compton” So nauseating!

    • I know. It’s awful. I will say this: if they’re endgame was to try to get people to dislike/not respect Eric they are failing. And Alex is so on his game right now it’s awesome. Seriously, for me, the world stopped whenever he came on screen… and my lady bits quivered when he called out for Sookie outside Merlotte’s… I mean Belleflour’s. The power that exudes is something that Bill could never dream.

    • I would have taken Sam over Bill in the show any day. I like TB Sam. Basically any ending but Bill would have made her look less like a complete idiot!

  8. Yes but at least he has dignity! He does not behave like either of those two idiots even bill talks about sookie like shes an idiot: she always comes back, she wont love anyone else while im on the planet WTF?!?! Lord the worst female lead Ever! And eric recgnizes shes a goner he could never be w someone like her!

  9. I can’t hear the audio on my work computer but the images were enough to bring my lunch back up. True Love? WTF!?!?!?!? yes, I certainly hope my true love comes to town to kidnap me for a crazy vampire queen. and the only reason he doesn’t is because he ‘falls in love with me’. then cheats on me. almost rapes me. fang rapes me. tells me i’m shite. belittles me. etc then when the godlike blood leaves and he realises he has to be one of the little people again, THEN apparently grows a conscience…….

  10. My 2nd choice for her was Alcide and Bill was my LAST! Would rather she end alone than with Bill… Disgusting!!!

  11. Yep, so glad I didn’t watch, I really think Sookie’s brain had to be sucked by zombies when no one was looking. Eric is better off.

  12. Well from there you can tell the inheritance that Andy get is Bill’s house so i won’t comment on that any further if that was Sookie and Eric goodbye it really suck it was lacking a lot of emotion but i think it’s better that way, Will Sookie be turn? i don’t know, Will Bill become human? Please god no, Was that the last E/S scene? Probably, it left a bitter taste in my mouth, Will Eric defeat the Yakuza? totally

  13. Wow that was a funny interview w ginger lucky girl!!! It seems to me since they have built up the love story so much that he will be human and they will be together eric and pam will go off I really think they promised those two a happy ending

  14. It’s so funny how Bill keeps talking trash abour Sookie like he recognizes all the crappy things he’s done to her and she’s so dumb she keeps coming for more, and i think Eric understood how stupid she is for still wanting Bill when Bill does not even want her anymore

  15. I think the finale willl be so predictable no surprises there as i once thought

  16. Yes i agree it will be predictable well they have been giving it away all season

  17. Do you all know for sure she chooses Bill. Give me some hope for Eric please!!!

  18. honestly this is such such such a disappointment for me especially because I’ve read the books. In the books Sookie and Eric were together for most of them, they bonded, they even got married… we got none of this on the show and that’s such a disappointment. We only got to see Eric and Sookie together when he didn’t have his memories and that’s just such a cop out. The Bill/Sookie storyline makes no sense and it just makes me mad that the writers would just force something that hasn’t had any build up at all these past seasons. Eric and Sookie have had more moments and their chemistry is just unparalleled… couldn’t be happier that this show is finally ending

  19. Well I’ve never been a big Hoyt and Jessica fan but their parts of tonight’s episode were perfection. These characters have been given more respect in terms of tying up storylines than anyone on this show. I agree with you all that Sookie doesn’t deserve Eric. I think a lot of my feelings about Sookie stem from the fact that from the very beginning I have never liked Anna Paquin as an actress, Academy Award or not. I don’t know who I would’ve chosen to play Sookie and that’s neither here nor there now but I’m really amazed at how much she irritates me when she shows up on my TV screen. One more episode left and whether we end it feeling angry, sad or happy I just want to say how much I’ve enjoyed so much reading everyone’s comments and reviews and thank you to all of you who always post pics and interviews and other interesting things for the rest of us. I will miss this forum. You’re a great group of people.

    • Oh! I thought I was the only one. I was never happy with Anna as Sookie; I think the girl who played Hadley is a better fit, or even Melissa Rauch, who played Summer in S3 (who is now on TBBT). They fit the character, looks wise, and they certainly give off more of a naive, virginal girl who meets vamps wide eyed and innocently, than Anna ever did. Anna can’t pull off innocent or naive. Anna never fit the Sookie requirements for me.

      • Exactly! She can’t do it!! Geez, I was even thinking tonight that the actress who was playing Hoyt’s girlfriend from Alaska would’ve made a better Sookie!

        • I thought the same thing. Bridgette is a great character and the actress is really good. I could have totally seen her as Sookie. I never thought Anna was a good actress – always felt like she was just reading lines and not putting any thought into them at all.

          I don’t like Hoyt’s growth as a character – where he started off sweet and gentle, now he is kind of full of himself. It really bothered me, although I am glad that Jessica’s character is finally happy again.

  20. Ugh!! That promo was nauseating!!

    Best line of the night was Eric “Get over yourself Bill”

    Cant believe they actually had Bill say Sookie wouldnt love anyone as long as he was on this earth… Vomit!!

  21. So I’m guessing eric finally moved on and sookie is still an ignorant fool? I’m shocked, shocked I tell you (sarcasm). I bet Billy fans are really enjoying this BS. From all your comments I’m now 1000% glad I’m not paying to watch real husband and wife all over each other. Undeniably boring, repetitive, and crapy writing. But I’m guessing they want to capitalize on it. Because if it weren’t for true blood, ana and stephen would have never met…now its time to rub in on our faces. So I’m pissed that throughout every season, sookie and eric scenes were a freaking waste of my time.

  22. I’ve been prepared now for a long time that we will never get the ES ending that we all want and deserve and thats mainly bc we will never see the scene where Sookie wears her white dress and walks into Fangtasia 😥

    • i meant to say and i’m pissed b/c we will never see the scene where Sookie wears her white dress and walks into Fangtasia 😥

      • Leelala I’m with you when Eric said ” to me you are always be that girl who walk into my bar the one in the white dress” or something like that. But that was so beautiful the way he said it and I thought this was going to be part of the new season. That at last they were going to reunite in a scene that she is entering fangtasia in a white dress, but sadly its just going to be in my mind.

        • Maybe if Mark Hudis stayed around as show runner we would have gotten that ending we wanted as he was the one running things when they wrote it.. But he got kicked to the curb and we just get kicked in the face! 😦

  23. Can someone please tell me what just happened? I thought last week’s episode was weak but I don’t even know what to say about this one. It was just so all over the place. Sookie smiling when she saw Eric and even inviting him in just seemed off. This whole true love/true death thing seems so over the top. When the love of your life is dying, you don’t look excited when you see an old love or friend. What a waste of great characters Gran, Godric, Niall. Poor Sam, what was that about? Bill wanted to die because he was tired of it all and missed his family, this I want to die to set her free bullshit was just too over the top. It’s as if the writers wrote three different endings and then mixed them all together. Piss poor writing. I’ve always been team Eric but I feel like Juan, my gardener, could have written a better Sookie/Bill ending than this.

  24. Wow second last episode… seriously except Jessica and Hoyt that was another underwhelming and disappointing episode. I have a feeling that was also the last we see Sookie and Eric together. Ridiculous I am so over this shit she really makes me so angry. True love? I’m scared to watch next week.

  25. hey guys 🙂 …. I finally got over my addiction and didn’t watch today 😀 …Yeah congratulate me ‘coz I know it didn’t go good for those of us that did!

    Anywhooo….I’ll watch the good scenes later (forward forward ‘Eric tells Bill to get over himself’ forward forward and all)

    So anyone else other than me who got to think everything Jess and Hoyt put each other through in the past when they got together to make googly eyes at each other again?

    • Don’t go past Eric and Ginger. Seriously, such funny stuff. And Tara Buck was hysterical. I was seriously bored out of my skull with the episode (except for Eric scenes) but I really perked up with that scene.

  26. Disgusting. These writers are pure shit when it comes to bill and sookie. I’m sick of hearing his name, reading his name and typing his name! What a joke. What a vile sick joke. I haven’t been more disappointed in a show in forever. WASTE of talent and our time. After all these years of Eric/sookie we get THIS????? Bullshit.
    And that trailer was aweful. Bill and sookie shit show.

  27. This is my first post in this forum. This is a little off-topic, however, I just wanted to thank the moderators for a wonderful website and their creative episode reviews. I am disappointed that true blood is ending this way. I have no idea where the writers get their ideas from but this season is almost as bad as reading the last book the the southern vampire series ( in which I then took all 12 books and sold them to the library)

    I don’t think I will watch the last episode ( I have stopped watching true blood since season 4). I do hope Eric is alive at the end. I am not a huge fan of the eric/pam pairing but prefer their marker-childe relationship in season 1.

    Part of me still foolishly hopes for eric and sookie but I know that is not going to happen. 😦


    • Thank you Rach!
      We have had a blast running this place 🙂

      I think Eric will still be around at the end, most likely he will go off somewhere with Pam. I’m not sure if it will be romantic (I hope not) or just BFF.

  28. I really can’t believe what I’ve watched this season. How can a whole group of writers think it’s acceptable to make Sookie so stupid or how can they not see what they’ve done, why would they not care? How can they justify putting her in this abusive relationship, by Bills own admission, feeding her Bills blood at every turn, and then pawn it off as some great love story! I just don’t get it. And it actually infuriates me. I shouldn’t get this upset over fictional characters !
    Our misery is almost over, but the fact that actual professional writers can write this crap and actually put it on HBO is something I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to accept.

    • I’m completely with you. I will never understand why they thought making Sookie a complete moron would fly. And people are wondering why women crave television shows with strong women? They’re tired of repeatedly getting Sookies. I know I am.

    • I’m with you! Every monday morning when I watch the clips I’m on here fuming over it, even though I know it is all fiction. But it just bugs me so much to see a female character let herself be weak and manipulated.

      At least we have Pam and Tara even had a few kick ass moments through the entire show. I always loved when Tara does her ‘power scream’ and kicked Bill out of the back of that van when he almost drains/rapes Sookie. It is literally one of the best GIFs ever.

      • Don’t forget that even Arlene is becoming better and better with each episode and she was the last person I expected to grow as a character.
        Tara kicking Bill out has to be one of my favorite TB moments and it brings back some good memories. Remember a time on the show when Bill was not a saint or a hero?

  29. Absolutely agree. ^^^^
    And yea, I actually have to tell myself to relax, because l too, find myself FUMING over these awful story lines. WHY Did they do this? Gross. Sookie doesn’t give a shit about Eric. Rot billy.

  30. And what the hell even happened with alcide??? ( not that I care) but she doesn’t give two shits about anyone anymore!!! What happened to my favorite show????

    • Valerie, Alcide was killed early on in this season. And to those who think, first love never works, your wrong. I married mine and we had, 32 yrs. together before he passed with cancer. I don’t like the way our beloved, True Blood, is ending either. I haven’t finished reading all of the books yet, so will someone tell me who ends up with who, in them. I would really appreciate it. True Blood, really has been, one hell of a ride though. Just got really bad writers for this, the last season.

      • I think she meant how easily Sookie forgot about Alcide, but we know he was just rebound. Yes, first loves may work sometimes, but not always. What Sookie and Bill had can’t even be called love in my opinion, so that’s why it will never make sense to me. As for the books, Sookie ends up with Sam and Eric is basically a sex slave for 200 years for some vampire bitch. I wouldn’t bother reading the rest if I were you, it’s just another waste of time.

      • Oh you are lucky you haven’t read the books yet. Trust me, not worth your time! The most you maybe can read and still not hate CH is till book 10. But 11,12,13 are serious trips down the rabbit hole where even the writer has completely lost her touch and starts the destruction of Eric.

  31. Hang on, just to clarify something because I’ve not yet watched the episode: Sookie invites Eric in, but he says no?

    Please let that be so, at least he walked away from her!

    • yeah she says you can come in if you want and he looked pained/sad but turned to her and said goodnight ms stackhouse.

      • Thanks hon xox

        It’s a testament to the character and the actor’s ability that in that moment, we believe he’s not only doing the “right” thing, but sells to us his strength to follow through, even though he wants the opposite – go Alex!

        On another note, I don’t think Sookie will get turned: I think she’s walking to the grave with every intention of spending every last second with him. Maybe he too will actually follow through on his “it’s time to let her go” quest… Maybe she might use her light at the very last second…

        Oh boy…

        • your welcome 🙂

          and i completely agree, Alex really has done an incredible job with Eric.. he will be one of the only things to miss about this show.

          You know I think you could be right and I am really dreading this last episode to be honest :/

  32. damn it errr……..i wanted sookie and eric 😦 wah!

  33. I am so sick of Beehl and Sookie! They deserve each other. I loved the Eric and Ginger scene! Haha. I am loving every Eric scene. Alexander looks even more gorgeous lately and his acting is awesome.I have said this before, but will repeat it again. I really don’t understand why HBO and Charlaine Harris are so anti-Eric. He steals the show in the books and on the show, yet they toss him aside. It makes no sense to me. I would not have watched the show or read the books if not for him. Hopefully he will have a happy ending. One more week to go.

    • And if Charlaine Harris was so anti-Eric from the very beginning of her series, why did she write him the way she did, only to go pull the 180 at the end of the books? You don’t treat your characters, and your readers, like that.

      It’s not HBO; it’s Alan Ball. Because Anna and Stephen got together IRL it MUST mean (in his reasoning) that it’s the ‘true love’ of Sookie and Bill that brought them together so… Sookie and Bill MUST be True Love. Right?? **eye roll** For some reason AB has a major thing for Bill (or perhaps just Stephen?) so he changed everything to reflect this, dragging good characters (like Eric) through shit for no good reason.

      • Yet Eric still always came out on top, so they were obviously doing something wrong.

      • Snarkland that is most confusing to me as well. Eric was always my favorite but I could have understood if CH wanted something else for Sookie, she always made it clear Sookie wanted the sun and children. But if that was the path? Why make Eric her main love interest for so many books? I just don’t get it. Then randomly throw Sam into things? If Sam had been written in earlier, maybe book 8 and slowly became more involved in her life, I would have been ok with it. But it just made no sense at all when she was with Eric for so long and seemingly in love with him.

        Really depressing the show never explored the real relationship she had with Eric in the books.

        • IMO: it shows just how truly bad Charlaine Harris can be as a writer. If you have a series (and I write for my own leisure) you plan out exactly what you want your characters to be like and, especially, who you want them to be with (or not), friends or more. While she might not have anticipated the book series to go as long as it does, it also proves that she’s not quite as creative as she needs to be.

          She probably got pressure to write more but, if she wasn’t contracted to, she should’ve just said no. This is HER world; she needs to protect the integrity of her books. I don’t know how this works of course. I would venture to say she was looking at the $$$ in the end, which was probably why she sold the soul of TB to HBO. Sad really.

    • Did he admit all that to sookie when they were in bed together?

  34. I didn’t watch tonight either!! I’m with all of you 100%!
    😠 can somebody put a link for a good TB fan fic finale??
    Mr. & Mrs. Northman please???? I want to change the
    Sour taste in my mouth!!

  35. Once again, my refusal to watch has been vindicated. So sick of the 1st love=true love thing, maybe because my first love was a lot like Sookie & Bill. He lied to me, cheated on me, multiple times. I even caught him in bed after the fact. He systematically dismantled my self esteem as I became “fat, ugly, stupid” and on the rare occasions I’d hang out with my girlfriends. “a whore.” We did the whole break up, make up for 5 years. 5 YEARS of insanity that only completely ended when one of my best girlfriends was murdered by her ex-husband. I realized if I stayed on that path, I could end up like her. Not one month later, I met my husband, on a blind date no less, and not once has he ever taken a cheap shot. Even when I legitimately got fat, he still tells me how beautiful I am. 21 years and I’m so happy I had the guts to choose “the nice guy” as my 1st love has spent the majority of his adult life in and out of prison. So F the writers! F the producers Ball & Bucky! F HBO! and F Bill & Sookie!

    • Oh My God! Thats quite a first love story there hippychick :(….While my first love was a lying cheating bastard too (who broke up with me because his mom said so), I can’t imagine what you must have gone through. Good for you girl, for having dumped his ass and moved on!

      But then we are real people, with real emotions and a real life. Alan and Bucky are just bringing their Bill Compton constipation fantasy fanfiction to TV and sadly we can’t do anything about it.

  36. Hi,
    I may be wrong, but if Eric has had sex with Ginger, then wont he get Hep V again? Cos, didn’t Ginger say she was diseased? OR, did she mean STI/STD?

  37. That was a ghastly promo. It was all about Bill and Sookie and their “journey”, blah blah. It’s pretty obvious that if he doesn’t die Bill will end up with Sookie and she’ll be so thrilled as if I give a fuck. She can have him. If they do a drastic turn around and put her with Eric it will make no sense whatsoever. Their last chance to put them together and make it vaguely credible was in episode 4 but that time is gone. Anyway she has been such a bitch to him for so long now that I’m stunned he even talks to her it seems very OOC to me that he would put up with that shit. Last week she was furious with her calling him a mofo – this week she’s no problem going into his arms for a hug in her grief. It’s total BS.

    I was thinking the other day on how I would sum up Bill in one word since the show began and the first thing that came into my head was “dull”, Bill is chronically dull. He seems to have one facial expression and no emotion whatsoever. What girl in her right mind would seriously be attracted to those qualities? I can understand why Bill would want to die though – let’s face it when you’ve stabbed everyone in the back that you could and betrayed as many as you can and then you’re God, there are no ambitions left to fulfill.

    I share the dissapointment of so many others that what was once my all time fav show turned into whatever this shit is. Deciding to make this show about Bill was a huge blunder. Add into that characters that don’t need to be there that I don’t care about and I’m out. After next week it’ll be done and I’ll actually be a little bit proud that I managed to struggle over the finish line and see it through as it goes out with less than a whimper. Such a shame it turned into something awful.

    • IMO the one facial expression is Stephen Moyer. I was never impressed with his acting and I, actually, refuse to watch him in other things. He kinda gives me the creeps. (JMO of course) Honestly this has nothing to do with the show; I just didn’t like him from the very beginning.

      • Because these writers are so predictable in their terrible writing – they keep doing this repeating history thing. So if you look at Jason’s scene with Jess in the car where they say something like – “I don’t know if it has a name, but let’s just call it a beautiful friendship”…I can see where the writers are going in this direction for Sookie and Eric too. Barf-o-rama!

    • Yes DULL pretty much sums Bill up. If only Alan and Bucky weren’t so dazzled by him!

  38. If this was Eric and Sookie’s last scene together it was such a let down. Just like that last book. What a big disappointment. I was expecting to be disappointed, but I was still hoping. It’s hard to describe how I feel, just a big disappointment.

  39. I have to admit I was happy that Bill finally admitted to all of the terrible things he has done to Sookie. He even seems to wonder why she keeps coming back after he has almost raped her and treated her like trash. So… at least he finally admitted to that and is not trying to keep up his fake ‘southern gentleman’ mask anymore. He’s still an ass but that earned him a couple points in my book this episode.

    Eric proved himself to be the least shallow, most caring character once again this episode. He cares about Sookie enough to go deal with high school relationship drama and be the ‘middle man’ for these two idiots. He even cares about Bill enough to at least make a real effort to help him. But once Bill says he just wants to be done Eric accepts that and even tries to help Sookie understand this. C’mon, could the guy be anymore amazing? Then he goes and finally gives Ginger her pity fuck! Well sorta… since she hilariously flops onto the floor in ecstasy within five seconds. Can’t blame the girl, he’s to die for lol.

    Sookie proved even more how much of an idiot she is this episode. She finally gets mad and slaps Bill, but because he just wants to be done with his life. WTF? Maybe she should have slapped him when he was obsessed with Lilith and his fake religion or when he tried to rape her or when she found out he lied to her from the beginning of their relationship???? Nope instead she picks the worst time ever and smacks the guy in the face repeatedly when he’s already down and just wants to give up on life…. until Eric has to physically stop her. Seriously…. what is she thinking? And I will never know why she would pick Bill over Eric… but I am happy she is not ending up with Eric now. When she chose to never give him a chance at the end of S4 it started the ‘Sookie is an idiot and a bitch’ thoughts for me. If the roles were reversed and she has amnesia and Eric chose to not be with her once she got her memories back, you know she would have accused him of raping her when she wasn’t herself and being extremely shallow for not wanting her anymore now that she was herself. She would have said he used her, which is what she did to him.

    Pam… poor girl is always getting chained up. I will be happy if the finale has Pam and Eric kicking ass and continuing to do so together for eternity. Ginger can even tag along and be a loyal pain in the butt for them. ❤

    • I’m with you on all points. I just… wow. I’m saddened by the low they sank Sookie to. And she did have much potential. Well, she can ride off into the sunset with her precious Beeehl. I’m just glad it’s nearly over with .

  40. Where is the evidence that Sookie ends up with Bill? Don’t just go by previews. Perhaps the writers will end it with Eric. You never know. Produce the proof because I haven’t seen any!!!

    • Even though I agree that Sookie doesn’t deserve Eric… I still wish them to end up together. Though as much as I’ve had this hope all season, the writers have been so adamant about the show ending with Sookie and Bill together… and that seems to be it. Yes the previews could be misleading, but I just don’t see how they would put her with Eric and make it believable (though this is what I want). I guess we’ll see what happens

    • Are you not watching the same show? The proof is in every episode.

    • You do have a point… I have thought the same thing before. I keep thinking- why do they keep showing Eric and IMO, his true love for Sookie? It has been a recurring theme through all the seasons. You can tell he truly loves her. I don’t have much faith in the writers though… I guess we will see. Hope that’s the case.

  41. First of all, I’m not going to beat a dead horse here after 73 previous comments above me. Just let me say that I’ve given up on Eric and Sookie together years ago, if you notice I only write about Eric as he is the only one I really care about on this show, as for the rest its’ ad nauseam to me………………….. I’m just happy that Eric is going to live and will still be with Pam where he belongs. A few short weeks ago everyone was worried that Eric was going to die from Hep V, now everyones bitching that hes’ not with Dumbshit. I’m just happy as Hell that hes’ still undead!!!! Long live our Viking!!!!!!

  42. Oh no…I was hoping that at least their last scene together would be you know..about them and not so much about Bill..It would be nice that Sookie showed some emotion towards Eric…really hate her now…Poor Eric..I wish they left it the way it was at the ep4…I am also pissed that Eric supports Bill’s argument
    This finale will be a crapfest. I don’t think Yakuza will make it to Sookie, after all Eric is 1000 old vamp. and they are only few humans…I am still amazed as to why Pam and Eric didn’t overpower them already..doesn’t make sense (this show is soooo bad). It looks like Eric and Pam will be doing something with Sarah. Hope all ends well.
    I think that Sookie will use her ball to end Bill..he may turn human but then just die as human (he will have a human funeral), Sookie will be fairy no more and we’ll have a time jump after which we’ll see her happily married to some random guy. I really don’t see Bill Sookie HEA..I mean it this show cannot be THAT bad.

    • I thought that too, but like all things, Eric’s actions give us a clue as to his character and how he’s survived the last thousand years: you don’t strike while the iron is hot, you wait until you can serve revenge the best possible way – freezing cold (and therefor not when everyone expects it).

      And that leads me to my additional thought: once Eric/Pam dispose of the yakuza, they’ll either a) take their place in the whole New Blood business and use Sarah the way she was intended to be used, or b) they’ll release her as the cure and then our blonde bombshells will go off into the sunset.

      And yeah, Eric is looking mighty fine these last few weeks, immunity seems to agree with him (and I guess Alex ain’t half bad either 😛 )

  43. Actually … this babble Sookie-Bill, as I expected … For the behavior of Stephen Moyer (Bill) from Season 5, after that Burning Series 4 (between Sookie and Eric), I already knew that Stephen pertimitir Sookie would not end with Erick. It’s a shame, because I expected a spectacular finish.

    After that new life for Erick, which I would imagine is less that Bill was going to die (not crowd favorite and has the charisma of Erick), which is the center line to end a series, for me .. . after Sex and The City, is the best and most entertaining on HBO.

    Sad and pathetic, Espetaculo could be better and it is not saved … but if Sookie ends up alone and vampire that stupid way to end a great series adult contemporary.

  44. Something else I picked up on, I think Pam drinks from Sarah so she too will have immunity, though I have no idea when she’ll get the time to do that jazzy hair-do we see her in a couple of seconds later 🙂

  45. This will have a twist at the end …. Bill turns Sookie into a vampire, Sookie hates him for doing this to her, she ask for help of Niall, who says he never liked Bill, Niall tells Eric to go to her and they end up together and happily ever !!

  46. Ladies? I’ve been reading all the comments, love you all and think the same. One thing that is bugging me about Pam, Eric and the Yakuza… How the hell did Gus find out that Sookie knew their secret? Did they tell us and I missed it?

  47. One thing we should be sure of….beehl better die. All this drama about him dying and not wanting the cure better be worthwhile. This has been such a drag. From what I’ve read he’s been bragging about meeting his true death for like…4 episodes? It almost feels like it’s been more than that. I hope it’s not like season 5. Warlow was such a hot and nice guy throughout that season…then before u know it, he becomes a bad guy and dies in the last episode. I would definitely pick warlow over beehl anytime of any day ;)..anyways, I hope these writers don’t pull another stunt and suddenly beehl is alive and well. This would be BS. A snooze freaking fest !

    • I guess I’m just someone who never saw the appeal of Warlow, he was always creepy in my opinion. I just saw him as Bill 2.0, and sadly, we know the original douche is not going to die.

      • He was creepy in a bad boy type of way, jmo. Beehl is just dull and not hot at all. I would always close my eyes when he would take off his shirt or whatever. He made me want to vomit, I guess it also adds up with sookie still wanting to sleep with the a $$ hole. Anyways, warlow was more masculine and I liked his accent…His style was way better than beehl…actually everyone else has a better style than beehl… I guess u can call me shallow or maybe it’s because I don’t like beehl at all *shrugs shoulders* Anyways, this is only if I had to choose between beehl and warllow.

        • I never found Warlow attractive at all, but I would still choose him over Bill. I would choose the dirt on the bottom of my shoe over Bill.

          • Lol, I would choose dirt too. You know… I actually like book sookie and beehl better. He knows how much he hurt sookie so he keeps his distance. Sookie also moves on and doesn’t think of bill as a lover anymore. TB just went way out of line. It doesn’t make sense!! I hope nobody watches Bucky and AB shows anymore.

          • I know I won’t – ever.

          • I sure as hell won’t. I didn’t mind book!Sookie much until the end, but at least she didn’t choose Bill again.

          • China-I will NEVER watch anything remotely associated with Brian Buckner again.

  48. Hahah Tammy devil! Yes I agree, the dirt is way better than ugly boring bill.

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