The one where Eric did good things for other people


(Pre recap disclaimer – I make no apologies for the amount of Eric Northman gifs I have used in this recap. It is my last one ever and he is the fictional love of my life!)


“Love is to die” – alternatively known as “FFS just get on and do it then you ridiculous and nauseating sour-puss!”

We begin the penultimate episode of True Blood right where we left off with Bill still determined not to take the antidote, and Sookie still determined to make him. Jessica has had enough and asks to be released, which she is. Eric is sorry for Sookie and she again makes use of his great big Viking shoulder to cry on (It’s just like the end of season 5 all over again). Because Eric is good like that. I was going to put in a gif of this, but nah…..

Post credits, and Jessica and Sookie arrive at Sam’s. He has gone to live in Chicago with Nicole, but at least left Sookie a note asking her to come and visit. Jessica and Sookie wander over to “Bellefleurs” where Arlene is trying to get back in business by organising a little get-together for the good folk on Bon Temps. Jess sees James and Lafayette and decides today is the day to make good, he is happy with his new love, and she is happy for them. Next Jess heads over to Hoyt’s and explains that they used to be together and she f*cked it up. Hoyt goes off with Jess, and Bridget calls the only other person in town she knows, Jason Stackhouse. Arlene tells Sookie that she is happy with Keith but they taking it slow, Sookie says something about not loving Alcide enough because of Bill, you can probably already feel my vibe about this wasted episode? Yep, thought so.

Thankfully Eric soon re-appears, dressed in black leather, and could pretty much stand on the door-step all night and it would still be the most interesting part of the episode. He’s come to visit Bill, to ask him not to die as Sookie loves him. Because Eric is good like that. Because Eric can obviously now see that Sookie truly loves only Bill. Even the way Bill shuffles to answer the door pisses me off no end, but he manages to summon enough strength to let Eric in. The lesser man in the room is full of doom and gloom, about how vampires are bad for Sookie (that would be yourself then Bill?) and about how it is her light that attracts them, and how she always returns to him even though he lied and “almost raped” her. He wants to set her free so she can find happiness elsewhere. (Does anyone still remember when this show used to be fun?)

get over

Eric reluctantly agrees to talk to Sookie on Bill’s behalf, because this is what he has become, a go-between for the woman he loves and this lesser vampire. Because Eric is good like that.


After being called by Bridget, Jason ends up getting thumped by Hoyt, and then taken home by Bridget, who wants to show him how to not have sex. Who the f*ck is this girl anyway, that in the second-to-last episode ever she has more screen time than Lafayette? I’m sure she’s very nice and all that, but the audience doesn’t know her and we just don’t care.

Eventually we get the anticipated dreaded Eric and Sookie scene. We need not have worried though because it’s not even about Eric or Sookie, it’s all about Bill. Of course it is. Eric wants Sookie to hear Bill’s explanation about why he would rather die than be with her. Because Eric is good like that. He offers her a lift home, and then he picks her up in his arms and (after 6 years of waiting) they fly.

I’m sorry but I just have to do this, even though it makes me sad.


You cannot help but notice that the only moment of happiness Sookie Stackhouse has in this entire episode is when she flew over Bon Temps in the arms of the Viking Vampire. How rubbish is that? If these writers think we might feel better that they shared this experience together then they are very wrong indeed. Moments like this make Sookie’s all-consuming love for Bill actually feel 1000 times worse.

When they arrive at her home, Sookie invites Eric in. Perhaps she wants him there so she has a big strong shoulder to cry on again when the love of her life manages to shuffle across from next door, or maybe it was done in case the writers need to have Eric enter her house in the finale. Anyway Mr Northman maintains his dignity and bids her goodnight. Because Eric is good like that.

He arrives back at Fangtasia, after having let’s face it, a pretty shitty night playing relationship counselor, and is not best pleased that Ginger wants to pick a fight about him not letting her know he is now cured of his Hep V. Which brings us to Eric and Ginger…………..

I apologize in advance to my best True Blood friend (you know who you are), and anyone else who did not appreciate this scene. I can understand why. But I actually liked it. It felt much less random than the Eric/Jason sex fantasy, as it actually did fit into the context of the episode as a whole. Eric spent most of the night doing good deeds for other people, he had acted as a go-between to his rival in love and the girl he lost to him. That takes a big f*cking man. He is at odds with himself and probably at odds with the entire world tonight. So this was his good deed for Ginger, he probably thought “why not?” Because Eric is good like that.


He even lets Ginger decide how and where this momentous occasion will take place. On his throne (of course). This scene was the only one in the entire episode that made me smile. I couldn’t help it, and mainly I was smiling because of Eric’s facial expressions and his ruffled hair.


From Eric taking her hand to her collapsing in an earth-shattering orgasm on the floor, Ginger’s ride on the Viking longboat lasted all of 1 minute and 32 seconds. Shame on you girl, I’m would have lasted at least 1 minute and 44. Of course this scene was a laugh at the expense of fan-girls like myself, but I feel woman enough to take it today!


(If anyone is interested we also discovered that Eric is now immune to Hep V)

Eric steps over Ginger and goes to look for Pam, whose only contribution to the episode so far is to decide Sarah Newlin needs to go back to blonde. These little Pam moments have often been comic relief gold, but Pam isn’t just comic relief any more, we are being led to believe that she is the best option as a life partner for the best man on the show. And here we go again as the Yakuza have captured her (I think that is 3 times now this season?) and are using her against Eric to get their way. I have vague recollections of a newly-vamped Tara beheading a vampire sheriff with a sword and generally kicking a little bit of butt, yet Pam is always the damsel in distress. Why? She’s over 100 years old now, she could take at least some of them out surely? I want a strong woman for Eric – where’s a Vampire Lagertha when you need her?

Anyway Eric has to tell Mr Gus where Sookie lives or Pam will get staked. Even the most die-hard Sooric fan knows Eric has no option, he is not going to watch Pam die right in front of him. Although this man has spent the entire episode trying his best to bring peace or happiness to others, and over the course of the last 6 years he has proved to be a man who can love more deeply than any other on the show, Pam is currently the only person in the whole world that he is remotely close to, and that for me is incredibly sad. He needs Pam because he has no one else. Don’t  get me started with how the writers have treated Willa Burrell – did anyone see her there? Sitting at the table in “Bellefleurs” with the rest of the Bon Temps townsfolk? If you blinked you will have missed her as the second progeny of Viking Vampire God Eric Northman may have been born into greatness, but she has ended up as no more than a glorified extra.

So as we prepare for the final True Blood showdown, Bill shuffles his whiney ass over to Sookie’s place. No doubt he will be there in earnest when the bad guys show up.

There have been a lot of crazy things happen over the last 7 seasons, but the craziest and most unrealistic of all is that Eric Northman seems destined to play second (or third or fourth) fiddle to Bill Compton in the eyes of the female protagonist. What’s the point of making 99% of your audience fall in love with a character and crave for him to be “the one” if you are not going to give them the pay off in the end? Eric F*cking Northman is NOT a second choice!




(Thank you to everyone who has taken the time and effort to read my incoherent ramblings over the last few years. May your Viking Vampire dreams always be a good as the ones Sookie Stackhouse used to have!) (Amazing gifs by trueblooddiaries, askarsswedishmeatballs, supagirl, mametupa, icemft, switchbladekiller, sikanapanele – all on tumblr)


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  1. Thank you for that first GIF. Eric, standing there in the shadows, leaning all bad-ass, makes my lady bits quiver with excitement. It was the most excitement I had all episode (though the ‘Get over yourself Bill’ is a close second). Remember when episodes weren’t boring? Eric and Pam were wonderful but there just wasn’t enough of them to lift this otherwise dull as dishwater show, excluding the ‘oh Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehl save yourself’ crap.

    And yes, I LOVED the Eric/Ginger scene. I do believe somebody else was right: they ddn’t actually have sex, did they? He touched her and she orgasmed. Actually, that’s rather disappointing though, I must say, quite understandable as well. I don’t now how long I’d last with Eric. LOL

    **goes up to top of page, sees Eric standing there… ok, lady bits a’quiverin’….**

    • I’m glad to make someone smile today – that top gif was a last minute addition as I needed a picture for the top. He is very becoming in the moonlight 🙂 His ruffled hair at the end of the Ginger scene also did strange things to me.

      I am going to miss him like crazy after next week!

      • I know! I’m gonna miss him too. (And I’m REALLY gonna miss the hip pop he has goin’ on there. The things that man can do with his body.. whew).

        And yes you did make me smile. Thank you Evie. 🙂

  2. In general the episode was boring, too much time used on irrelevant storylines. The Ginger/Eric scene was fun but at the same time it was lame. Eric deserves much more… Sookie deserves to die with her precious Beehl.

  3. Okay, that scene actually looks funny now, but didn’t they say we were going to see Eric naked one more time before this season was over? It looks to me like his clothes stayed on, so maybe they were referring to something else. I’m not even going to comment on the fuckery that is Sookie Stackhouse, I’m more convinced than ever that Eric is better off without her. She wants to have a miserable life with Bill, someone who isn’t even willing to stay alive for her, then so be it. The idiots deserve each other.

    • Yes, he was completely clothed. In fact, I don’t even think he unzipped (though she may have for him). He took off her panties, touched her… and went into some sort of orgasmic shock. But it was the look, the LOOK, on Eric’s face that nearly had me rolling off the couch. And when I read the interview Tara Buck gave about Alex and his reaction when they got their script (almost giddy like a schoolboy), it made me laugh even more.

      • I mean SHE went into some sort of orgasmic shock. 🙂

        • I’ve met Tara Buck before and all I asked her was if her throat ever hurts from all the screaming she’s done, but now I want to meet her again just to ask about that scene…lol!

      • I rewatched this scene after reading an article with Tara Buck, because I thought the same thing, he just touched her. But she mentions Ginger lasting about 3 thrusts and being done. When I rewatched she does unzip his jeans, the sound if there as she reaches down. So she does get to have sex with Eric finally…. just for about 30 seconds haha.

  4. Agree with everything written above.
    Will NEVER understand what there reasons or whatever pathetic disgusting excuse they have for not making Eric the one for sookie. Doesn’t she see at ALL? Of course not. She used to be one if my favorite characters on a show, she’s selfish as they come. And damn you billy boy. Your a fake. Lier. Pathetic Whitney miserable vamp, drop dead!!! I don’t even want to watch the last episode. I will wish until the last second Eric is with sookie, but right now. She is so lost. She needs to really be alone. They are lazy writers .

    • I agree with you Valerie i will also wish until the last second that Eric and Sookie end up together what can I say I’m delusional but they are my only true couple. I hate what the writers have done to Sookie, its like they want us to hate her. I’m been disappointed with the series since season 5 I hope the end its not that dissapointing.

      • Same here I think I still want it to happen because I can’t see him that happy with anybody else.
        I lost all faith in sookie when she dated alcide it seems odd that sookie wouldn’t even go to alcides funeral.

  5. Thanks for the re-cap. Per usual I’m sure its 100 times more interesting than being tortured with the real life episode. I don’t know if I agree that Eric is 2nd fiddle or 3rd or 4th to Bill though. I’m proud of him for taking himself out of the running which makes him an even bigger man than Bill. Heck, all Bill ever does is whine and behave like an arsehole. To be honest even though I haven’t seen any episodes from this season I haven’t wanted Eric with Sookie for a long time. Sorry I know this is the worst place to admit this but he’s simply better than her and so out of her league. If Sookie is content with Bill and all of his billshit then I wish them both well and bid adieu. Now when can we get an Eric and Pam spinoff?

    • No worries, most of us in here don’t want her with Eric anymore. I am so on board with an Eric/Pam spin-off. I’ve said that should happen for a while now.

    • Yep agreed. I think a lot of us don’t want her with Eric anymore. This episode proved once again how much better he is than her. He is far more loyal and caring than Sookie could ever dream of being. She can have fun with Bill, the whine bag who is always searching for his ‘fate’ or someone to lead him. YUCK.

  6. Thanks for the recap – you made me feel so much better about this crap episode.
    Our Viking is all I care about and thank God we don’t have to worry about his survival or enslavement any more (I trust AS comments about Eric’s fate). I just hope him and Pam will resolve Hep V cure issue and make it available for everybody (wouldn’t like them to end up as greedy capitalists).
    Ginger scene was priceless but I still think Ginger deserves more and I hope Eric and Pam leave her Fangtasia.
    Lets hope Eric gets good amount of screen time – fingers x – so we enjoy our Viking one last time.

  7. Tnx for you accurate words girl!!! Eric is #1 choice!!!

  8. Although I didn’t watch the show last night, I got quite a lot of spoilers from all around. First of all Evie, thanks for the review (must’v been tough). I actually I liked the idea of the Eric and Ginger scene fun fuck scene. And by God I understand her 1.33 minute orgasm 😀 😉

    Eric’s expression in the gif is priceless. Everything Eric does is priceless. He even removed the fairy vagina temptation for himself and hooked her up with the biggest looser he knew. If only he weren’t looking so sad, I’d say they could have put in a smirk or two and an eye roll for good measure and lo and behold we’d have had out beloved bad ass snarky ol’ sheriff Eric back 🙂

    Now I just want the show to end so that we can’t be played with and fucked over again.

    • Hi sakshi Chopra I am a fan of your stories in fan fiction I love your work, I can see that you are clearly disappointed with the character of sookie but I hope you finish your stories.

      • Hey Katherine 🙂 … Thank you so much for the praise and support. Yes I am disappointed with the show right now but I didn’t watch it this Sunday for the sake of my sanity and for the sake of my stories (that I eventually become to angry to write after watching TB). So I am at a better place right now and just as I respond to snark/rants on this delightful site, I am writing a chapters on the side for The Grave and HAHHOP. I hope to finish some because I don’t have shit to do at work (wow finger crossed) and post today. Sorry to keep you waiting 😦 I am just too emotional for my own good!

        • What’s your name on Are you on

        • I know the feeling of disappointment. It’s been a long time since we found out about the book’s ending, and I am still pissed about it. I had to give up on True Blood, too, just for my state of mind. It makes me SO ANGRY what Charlaine did, what Alan Ball and company decided to do…… I just can’t watch it. Eric Northman is one of the greatest vampire characters written, resonates with so many people, yet his maker and the TB folks wasted the potential. It’s sad.

    • His messy hair and ‘Ginger, are you gonna be ok?’ had me laughing. Best scene of the episode!

  9. Okay im probaly being dumb but How exactly does bill meeting the true death help protect sookie from other vampires?.
    Arent Fairies are the most desirable creatures to vampires? we don’t know how hep v reacts to a fairy it’s possible she can cure herself or Niall could do it.
    So he’s going to leave the supposed love of his life in the greatest danger she’s ever faced that’s real nice of him.
    It was good to see him actually admit what he has done to sookie i think that’s the first time he has said it.
    Also on a sidenote has alcide been buried yet?.

    • Yeah, makes so much sense, doesn’t it? It’s nice that Bill realizes how shitty he’s been, it’s just a shame she doesn’t. I think they just skipped over Alcide entirely, did he even have a funeral?

      • Sookie realizes all the shit but she finds it in her big ass heart to forgive the douch becasue he is dying and all! gags…

        Poor Alcide! He didn’t have a funeral but he had wake party (which Laffy threw) where his girlfriend flapped and skipped over to Beeehl!

        • Well that says alot about alcide doesn’t it not dead five minutes and she’s making eyes at scumbag bill.

        • What insults me (not to mention Alcide!) more about her flippant attitude is that they were friends before they started sleeping together. She was better friends with Alcide than she was with Bill… and she’s too busy moonin’ like a sick cow over Bill to acknowledge, even as a friend, that Alcide is dead. Hasn’t Sookie crowed about how ‘important’ her friends are to her, how much they ‘mean’ to her? What happened?

          • Bill and his blood is what happened.

          • Good point.

          • Sakshi Chopra beat me to the punch. Every time Sookie begins distancing herself from Beehl and growing half a brain, the writers find some way to ply his blood down her throat and Viola! She’s in lurve again. I wonder if there was a giant sign in the writers’ room that said “SOOKIE MUST BE REDUCED TO A STUPID, SUBMISSIVE DANGER WHORE OR YOU’RE ALL FIRED. SINCERELY, ALAN BALL.”

          • Right? Ugh…. sometimes I think the writers forget how smart their fans are. We remember all the mythology and rules built up over the years, we know how vampire blood affects a human. So when Sookie is downing Bill’s blood at the beginning of the last season, do they really think we are going to go ‘wow, they really are in love! it’s true love woo!’ …. Nope… we’re going to question it since once again… she had his blood right before falling into bed with him.

      • I was thinking since we are at the last episode at this point in time can sookie redeem herself or is it to late?.
        And if she can what would it take?.

        • Sookie redemption is not gonna happen. Cause –

          Point number one – I don’t think she can write a shitty book on being a fairy and a human and being sorry about it.

          Point number two – she hasn’t had a series long sequence of sepia colored dreams about prehistoric events!

          Point number three – she is not the kind of person who dies for anyone, even if it is for Billy. The max she can do is get turned to vampire and then too she can dump her maker’s ass in less than a New York second if the fancy takes her.


        • Nope, sadly there’s no hope for her.

  10. First I’ll answer Bess, of course Alcide hasn’t been mentioned since he died and his Daddy saw his body at the Morgue. I would assume (since the asshole writers who wrote this show have no continuity at all) that Alcides’ body was shipped back to where his family lived in MS. No they have never ever again mentioned what happened to him at all. Maybe in the finale?? But I surely doubt it!!

  11. Thanks for your review – I’m just going to wait till next week when this shambles is finished then I’ll rant. When this show ends I hope some of the actors will come out and sound off about how abysmal it became but I doubt they will.

  12. I will never, ever understand how Sookie could consider for one moment choosing pathetic, disgusting Bill over Eric. It makes NO sense after everything we have been shown in 7 seasons about both of these guys. It couldn’t be more obvious that Eric is the better choice for her. He is the better man, period. He always has been. It makes her look like a complete idiot and at this point I dislike her every bit as much as I dislike Bill.

    And I never want to read another comment from obsessed Bill fans who say Eric has always been selfish and only cares about himself. He is not selfish, he is selfless. He gave up the woman he loves with all his heart and furthermore did everything he could last night to help her and stupid Bill be together because he wants her to be happy. The look on his face after he took Sookie home just before he flew away broke my heart. He deserves so much better than that stupid bitch.

    Of course, it is all the fault of the “writers” (I use that term loosely). Do they really think any of their rubbish makes any sense? It’s insulting really. I hope at the very least Eric and Pam leave BonTemps behind and go off and have a happy eternity together.

    On a happier note, I did enjoy the Ginger/Eric scene. They were pretty funny. And it’s nice to see Jessica and Hoyt back together so that’s something…..I guess…

  13. Now I want to take a minute to Thank Evie for everything she writes for this page. I have appreciated everything you’ve done for all of us here at ESL. With that being said there is something I want to address that has been bothering me for awhile, I know its’ probably human nature and all but here goes: Let me make this clear its’ not really only this site there are other sites that I’m referring to here, but I get tired of hearing all the bellyaching about Sookie running to Bill (we all were told that that is the end game of this story since day 1 by BB himself). Then everyone is complaining (me included) that Eric is going to die of Help V, then when he is cured and out of danger. Everyone goes back to complaining about why Eric isn’t winding up with Sookie. One AS site even started throwing Eric under the bus by sayings well “since TB is almost over, I like Jamie on Outlanders better anyway, etc.” You know saying crap like that.

    To me that is only a fair weather fan(s) of Alex in general. I mean when I said that Alexs’ Eric Northman will be my favorite of all time Vampire for all time, I mean it!!! When I say that Alex Skarsgard is my favorite actor of all time and that I have a big crush on him I mean that too!!!!! I refuse to discard him (Eric or Alex) like some old shoe, and take up with another show to ship as hard. It is going to take me sometime to really get into crushing (if ever…) on another actor. I mean I like all these characters, i.e., The Vikings, Outlander, Sleepy Hollow etc. but am I joining their fan sites??? No, not now, its’ too soon….. True Blood isn’t even dead and cold and thats’ how his fair weather fans are???

    I am proud to be a true Eric Northman/Alex Skarsgard fan for the rest of my life!!!

    So sorry for the rant, but I just had to say it now. I am still reeling with the thought that next Sunday is the end of an Era.

    • Well said for me he made Eric the greatest vampire in tv history and I think for a long time his interpretation of the character has been the reason most of us watch. I truly hope he has a incredible career.
      I’m unfortenuly one of those who still rant about Eric and sookie because I sadly and stupidly believed that they were double bluffing us I guess not.

      • He’s actually my second favorite vampire, but nothing and no one would ever have me turn my back on him. One week after the finale airs, hell, even ten years from now, I will remain loyal to the Viking and Alex.

    • Hi Redthang, believe me when I say I went to all that rage and grieving just one year before you, when the last Charlaine Harris book of the Sookie’s stories came out. I felt betrayed by the author just as you did with the TB writers.

      It all comes down to one single thing they teach you in writting school : when you start a story, you have to write the end at the very beginning. It doesn’t matter where you go in between, as long as you know where you’re eventually heading.

      So for CH it was Sookie and Sam endgame since the first book focused on their relationship besides Bill. For the TV show, something else happend at the very beginiing : the actors playing Bill and Sookie started to date in real life, got married during the show and ended up taking over as the power couple on set, one of them even directing episodes while acting. So they were to be the endgame here.

      Alex Skarsgard superior acting was an accident, and so was Eric’s charismatic character in the books. They were both so good that they shadowed all the others, taking both writers (book and show) to paddle back in order to get on their original tracks again. But in both cases it didn’t play well ….did it ?

      I started to read the Outlander serie just after the last CH book desaster, it was recommanded by many TB fans on various sites and I have read 4 of them so far.
      I must say, I was very apprehensive to learn they where starting to turn this story into a TV show. I mean, after what had already happend with TB, was I going to put myself in this kind of distress again ? But I watch already the 2 first episodes and I must say that they are just perfect. So don’t waist too much time grieving over TB and go for it ….

      Alex is going to have a splendid and very long film career, you’ll be able to watch entire hours of him on big screen, acting with other great movie stars, in tons of good stories.
      And if you want to enjoy some extra time with Eric, turn to fanfiction there is good stuff there with the storylines you have been dreaming for ….

      • “Alex Skarsgard superior acting was an accident, and so was Eric’s charismatic character in the books. They were both so good that they shadowed all the others, taking both writers (book and show) to paddle back in order to get on their original tracks again. But in both cases it didn’t play well ….did it ?”

        This is what I think actually happened. I, myself, did not intend to watch True Blood until I saw a clip of Eric and Sookie in S3 I think. AS happened and so did the chemistry bet. AP and AS. It was one of those onscreen serendipity that came out of left field the writers did not know what to do about it. One of my actual Hollywood wishlists even before TB was an X-Men movie where AP reprises her Rogue and AS would be Gambit/Remy LeBeau. Alas, even that wish is not to be.

        Back to TB, I still haven’t watched the episode because I am waiting for the last one to drop before cursing to high heavens what the heck happened there, even though I know it will happen.

    • Don’t worry redthang, there are dedicated fans out there! I am one of them. I felt similar to you after reading the last book and am now going through it again with the last episode airing next week. However like you I won’t be jumping to another show or ship soon.

      I already see many of the blogs I follow on tumblr switching from Eric Northman to Outlander. I have never read Outlander and must admit I kind of have a negative feeling towards it now, because I feel like so many folks dropped Eric like a hot potato to move on to something else.

      I’m going to be blogging and writing fanfics about Eric Northman for years to come. He is my all time favorite fictional character. Before him I was a pretty big Wolverine fan but once I discovered Eric Northman my obsession rose to an entirely new level! However I still like Wolverine too and read fanfics featuring him years later… I guess for the folks who love them enough, the character will always matter to you and have a place in your heart.

      • I don’t think it’s about switching persay but more about wanting to feel excited about a show again, as a whole. For a long time, the only to love about True Blood was and is Eric Northman. I have two characters that I love with all my heart and will never let them go. Eric is and will always be my first with Jamie being pretty damn close. Actually, they are neck and neck. Eric is not a character that people will forget.

        So it is not the character people are trying to put behind them, it’s the travesty of the show from which his character hails. When I get on my Tumblr, I love seeing Eric all over my dash! True Blood not so much, with some character exceptions.

        So back to the beginning of this post, Outlander is about feeling excitement and getting the feels for a show again. I am glad I still have quality television to watch, SOA, Outlander, Sleepy Hollow, The Strain, TBBT, Scandal, Once Upon A Time.

        • SOA is awesome! I only got through the first three episodes of Sleepy Hollow then it seemed to get a little to much like ‘freak of the week’ each episode for me. I would like to give that one another try though, maybe marathon it on a rainy day and watch the first season. I probably didn’t give it enough of a chance!

        • I agree with you Nymerias ! You have one child, then another and another again and your love is not divided in smaller portions, it grows … So, we’ll always keep our dear Viking, but we’ll be able to open our heart to new characters who might earn our care and attention in the future. Jamie Fraser will definitively be one of them …

          The Outlander showrunners made a promise to the fanbase (25 millions readers world wide): they will not betray us. While on TB we are going to see a cameo of Charlaine Harris in the last episode …(Oh, you didn’t know ?) a writer who completely betrayed her fan basis !! Two very different ways to treat the audience …. and two excellent reasons to switch from HBO to STARZ.

      • I may have dropped Eric/Sookie and admit to moving on to another ship now that I love way more, but I will always be loyal to Eric no matter what.

        • Eric for life! haha! I’ll always have a little corner of my mind getting feels or the fanfic Sooric stuff I read all the time. That’s the Sooric I still ship and love, not the TB one since Sookie is crazy.

  14. I just watched the Eric/Ginger scene because it was all I cared to see and oh my God, best thing ever. I laughed so hard, it was much needed at the moment.

  15. Ginger definitively is Eric’s biggest and oldest fan and I felt happy for her to finally be able to climax on his throne. After what … 10 years of preliminaries ?? …no wonder the girl came so quickly !!
    I would never have figured Eric as a couple counselor …and certainly not for Bill and Sookie !!!!
    Those writers are really getting quite creative towards the end… aren’t they ???
    There is only one word and it’s not even mine : REALLY ?
    Alexander Skarsgard is and will remain the star of this show for the vast majority of the audience. They can try and do whatever they want, they cannot erase our memory.

  16. Im sad and disappointed about this show they did exactly what the book writer did as well capitalize on eric until they couldnt anymore i will follow alex career but i have no desire to see these other two actors in anything and i will never see a show w these showrunners again…. Just like i will never read a ch book …. As a fan when i am done i am done!!

  17. Sometimes I think sookie is in love with the idea of bill and bill is in love with the idea of sookie.
    Bill has thought more of his late wife this season than of sookie.
    Bill has admited what he has done to her and in a round about way told her he never really loved her and that’s after having sex with her.
    When you think about it every love interest sookie has had (apart from Eric) has abused her in some way.
    Maybe that’s why sookie won’t let herself be happy with Eric.

  18. In a way they should go after sookie. Bill wants to die and sookie doesn’t want to let go. So my suggestion is for bill to try to save sookie but unfortunately it’s to late so sookie dies..then they shoot bill and they both basically end up together underground. It sounds so heartless, but that’s the only way for sookie to shut up and stop crying over bill.

  19. Evie,

    My Viking Sister, you saved your best review for your last!
    “Love is to die” – alternatively known as “FFS just get on and do it then you ridiculous and nauseating sour puss.

    Bill your all talk and always have been. I wish for once you would stick to your promise. I waited 6 years for a ‘Could I give you a lift home’ scene and we did not get to see it really and it had the stink of Bill all over it. Needless to say, she never saw Bon Temps like that before, so between the take off and the landing, my shipper heart broke wide open. I thought it was closed but I guess it was on a break. The writer’s missed out by not giving this pairing a fair shake.

    So as we prepare for the final True Blood showdown, Bill shuffles his whiney ass over to Sookie’s place. No doubt he will be there in earnest when the bad guys show up.

    Amen Evie where he will somehow find the strength to kick some Yakuza ass! Eric telling that he is now being immune to Hep V paves the way for Bill to get the cure so he can still feed on his favorite Sookie Snack! But Eric is just good like that!



  20. Well, I found a video that makes me sad (because it reminds us of how STUPID Sookie is now by letting him go) but yet I love at the same time. I don’t know if you’ve seen this fanvid but it’s just amazing. Why TPTB would choose BEEEHL over this Viking Vampire is a mystery for the ages I guess.

  21. Holy crap on a cracker!!! (Thank you Penny from TBBT): do you mean to tell me that there actually hasn’t been even the smallest mention/indication that Alcide is buried!?

    WTF? So much for Sookie trying to be a good Christian! I’ve seen better story lines where a recent widow asked her potential suitor for time because her mean-ass husband was just murdered. I’m sorry, but that’s just… Wow! Now I super, duper definitely do not want Eric with her.

    And I know someone posted this theory already, but I too believe that that’s exactly what the writers want us to feel too

    • And I swear to god when I started typing that comment, there were only 15 posts… Now there’s 56?!?!

      LOL, I’m so slow !

      Thank you Evie for your posts (and your predisposition for the visuals… LOVE THE GIFS!)

  22. What can I say that haven’t been said!? Loved how Eric was showed on this episode..Eric is a great vampire: he lets go of Sookie even if it hurts like hell so Sookie can finally love that douchebag of Bill! I hope Bill’s fans see this! I don’t think Bill would do the same if he was in the same situatioin! He still thinks that Sookie isn’t capable of loving nobody else if he walks the world!! What a fucking asshole! That speech about light and darkness was so lame…I just hope Bill really meets the true death! Remember the casting call for the finale regarding a husband for the lead actress..maybe Sookie will end up with some random human man..Who knows with this show..I just want Eric and Pam well and out of Louisiana at the end.They deserve to walk the world together…

    • Exactly! The heck with that lame a $$ town BonTrash. Eric and pam deserve better. Get out while u still can!.. eric shouldn’t have gone back. he could have avoided all this sookie/bill BS…but these writers are just like CH. They don’t like eric.

  23. Some one wrote something above that made me think, billy is still love with his dead wife, always has been and always will. That’s his true love and his children. Sookie doesn’t know that or understand, get with it!!! It’s NOT love, never has been. I still will never get over the fact what they wasted all these years. Chemistry. A better story arc. SO many possibilitys!!! Sookie you have turned more and more selfish and plain out rude. I used to like her snappy come backs and how she has a mouth on her, but now…. She’s just a jerk, if it’s not her way it’s no way. I am prepared for what will happen , but god damn- I don’t want it! I honestly really thought they would end up together. Damn you writers!!!! And what a waste of it all!!!!

  24. P.S. The show you guys were mentioning sounds interesting, outlanders? Iv never heard of it!! Ill have to look it up…. I miss eric northman already !

  25. Thank you for the review, Evie! Love it and the gifs! It pissed me off too when Bill shuffled his ass to the door. I am hoping he will spontaneously explode into a pile of goo all over Sookie’s floor when he gets there. There is still hope, but it is a small hope. I don’t think he will die fast enough for me. Loved the Ginger/Eric scene. So glad Eric declined to go inside Sookie’s house.

    These writers and CH have one thing in common: they suck at transitioning the characters to their end game and they both ignore (or even dislike) the best character CH will ever write, Eric Northman. He steals the show in the books and in TB. They both try to downplay him but it still backfires on them because he is such a strong character and Alex portrays him perfectly. All I can say is thank God for fan fiction!

  26. Did anyone pick up on the chemistry between Hoyt and Jessica? That was the most loving scene this entire season….probably in the last few seasons with the exception of scenes with Terry and Arlene. The Jason voice over made it even more special. When I compare it to this season’s “love” scene between Bill and Sookie, which looked like another day at the office for Anna and Stephen, Hoyt and Jessica hit it out of the park.

    I’ve given up on Eric and Sookie. I agree…I cannot stand her anymore and congrats writers of True Blood for making me feel this way after years of manipulation. I can’t wait for this to be over so that I can hopefully forget about it.

    Thank goodness for Outlander. Bye bye HBO….

  27. Love this review. As awful as Sookie is in tv series having read all the books and the major love between Eric and Sookie in them, it is just so gut wrenching that the TB writers couldn’t have ended the series with a reunion of Eric and Sookie after such a shitty disappointing end to the books as well. Even it it was just to please the fan base, after all we watch the series for the Viking. Robbed again.

    • I feel the same way. After the book ending, I felt like CH kicked me in the stomach. TB had a chance to fix it and give fans what we want, but it is not looking good so we are out of luck again. At this point though, I don’t even like Sookie. She wouldn’t know love if it jumped up and punched her in the face. It is the writers’ fault for not doing a good job getting to the end game. They had to cram it all in 10 episodes so it is a jumbled mess and Sookie is not even likeable at this point as she seems to go through men like kleenex lol

  28. I’m listening to ‘Fade into You’ from the Ginger and Eric sex scene on repeat, love that song. It’s pretty sad a scene that was meant to be a fun joke was the most touching scene throughout the entire episode to me. It felt like that was our goodbye to Fangtasia and all of the amazingness that is Eric Northman, Pam and Ginger running that bar in Shreveport… the place that always had a hint of mystery and danger. I love it even more now that we know the history with the video store and Ginger’s role. I hope someone writes a fanfic about the video store someday.

    Hoyt and Jessica was the only love story I can agree with. I am at least happy for them… and Lafayette.

    I agree with what others mentioned above. CH and the TB writers set out the plan of who Sookie would end up with in the first book/season for each. They did not expect the outpouring of dedicated fans for Eric Northman. His character stole the books and the show by a long shot. In each case the writer did not know how to handle this and refused to change their set path.

    To me… CH had an idea of how fans felt about Eric…. plus even she seemed to grow to love him as she wrote more of him into each book. You would think she would have changed her mind and made Eric the final for Sookie. If not… then at least write Sam in earlier so it makes sense and fans understand it. I’ve said this a million times now but I would have been fine with Sam (not happy but okay) if CH wrote it out properly. Sam randomly rushing into the last book and becoming so important to Sookie was confusing and made her character look bad. Then she made Eric look bad because his behavior sucked in the last book too. I remember flipping the final page of that book thinking WTF and having this huge wave of disappointment wash over me. It sucked, I was not happy with Eric or Sookie. I only liked Sam in the last book for god’s sake.

    The show… you would think they would know by fan’s reactions to the books that Eric had a huge following. So change the story to have him be the final or set it up properly so we at least like who Sookie ends up with. Have it make sense! The one good thing with the show is they kept Eric’s character true to himself it seems and I still love him in the end. He shines as the best character with the strongest set of morals and loyalty towards those he loves. I have no clue if that is intentional… but I’ll give them that much.

    Oh well… few can handle our viking and his gracious plenty!

  29. I watch/read for character growth.
    That’s what I enjoy.
    Hmmm, more importantly, Believable Character Growth. Not something jammed down my throat by a writer from nowhere.

    Love my Eric. I think the writers did him wrong, even if Mr Skarsgard have it everything.

    And Sookie? Only if you count the negative growth.

    Actually, I can’t think of any character that I feel good about their storyline and growth.

    Sigh. Oh well. Thanks for a great wrap up!

  30. Eric is immune to hep v now…bill will supposedly die in the final episode, probably saving sookie from the yakuza or at least defending her, sookie has hep v…I read somewhere in a spoiler that Niall refuses to heal sookie to keep her away from vamps but if Eric is immune…I’m just saying…we all know it probably won’t happen but that ride was great, sookie did look truly happy after Eric set her down and he admitted to her that she’s the only human he cares about…ahhh, the stuff fan fiction dreams are made of. Great summary of the episode and thanks for doing this great site.

  31. Hiya!
    thx for your Review.
    Is it possible that I missed somehow that Eric is healed from HepV?
    Thx in advance.

    • Yes, Eric was cured last episode when he drank from Sarah Newlin/Noomi 😊

      • Thx a bunch :-).
        As I’m still so very much fed up with last season’s finale I decided to wait and see what will happen before I even start to watch this season.
        I’m very very happy that he is cured 🙂

  32. Just saw that TB FB page paid tribute to Sookie (I was thinking that she would be the last one as she is the main character right??) that means:
    a). this is as we always suspected totally True Bill show
    b). Bill will actually die in the finale (fingers x) so they pay tribute last
    c). all of the above

    • Look what you made me do! I took a walk to the Dark Side! (TB FB Page). 😉

      That was seriously depressing. And I made the mistake of reading some of the comments… though most of the people HATE Beeeeehl and want Sookeh dead. Beeehl followers seem to be thrilled with the whole Eric/Ginger thing.

      What’s sad is that ardent Beeehl/Sookeh followers think they’ve won because their ‘ship’ is sailing. IMO we’ve ALL LOST because, in their search for the perfect Beeeehl/Sookeh ending, they screwed up the show so much, and the writing got so bad, they couldn’t properly tell a story. Of course, being as dim as they are, they don’t see past that.

      • ha, ha. :)..I check it out all the time just to see reaction of the casual viewers and I try to block my eyes as soon as I see Bill C A Soc posts…so sad to see the amount of Sookie hate…the so called main female lead..damn you writers!

  33. I really dont think bill will die hes too important to the writers and the true love storyline (gag) no they will heal him for the HEA w sookie im sure! This was all a drama so bill could shine for his academy award moment the show runners want him to have

    • unfortunately i agree :/ as much as i want Bill to die leaving Sookie free to move on and walk into fangtasia in her white dress, its just not going to happen!

  34. Reblogged this on NerdyVampy and commented:
    JUST WHAT I THINK #EricNorthman

  35. Oh I would love her to walk in the bar with her white dress on…. This show really f’ed up. BIG time.

  36. Evie-thanks for a great review. 🙂 I don’t have much to say about the show. I don’t have much to say here that others haven’t said before me. I’m still here. I’m still reading comments, posts, recaps, etc. Thanks for all the great work you continue to do here. I’m sorry it wasn’t for a better show. I will always love the Eric Northman character (when he’s written in-character). I’ll continue to read great Eric/Sookie fanfic. I’ll continue to follow Alexander Skarsgard’s career. I wish everyone here nothing but the best. If I have more to say later, I will. If I don’t, I won’t. 🙂 Take care, everyone. 🙂 ❤

  37. A rundown of the best and worst TB villians, according to TV Line.

    They mentioned Billith, and Lillith (as both worst) but… no mention of BILL! They left the biggest d-bag off (pardon my abbreviated French).

  38. Sad really I’ve come to the conclusion that the Bucky’s and Ball’s and other creative forces behind these decisions on television shows that leave us the fans going WTH??!!!.. Are nothing more than finding a way to put their fantasies into play so they can vicariously have their own horn dog moments.. I seriously believe someone on TB has the serious hots for SM aka Bill and frankly its embarrassing. They have taken Sookie and turned her into an idiot because frankly speaking after what Bill did to her and how he treated her no one would want that toxic little dweeb in their life.. And lord knows the fans certainly didn’t want to see it. Its too bad I really liked this show once upon a time…Now I just want Eric and Pam out alive-ish and away from these twits.

  39. Its all we can hope for well may they enjoy the stroking of their own egos and hard ons bc many fans will not return to them or their writers

  40. TB Prediction tonight: after reading an interview with Deborah Woll, I do think Bill dies. I do not think Sookie ends with him. It may be a far stretch for her to end with Eric, but I do not think she ends with Bill. Unless Deborah was purposefully steering us in the wrong direction, this is how it sounds to me.

    • I read that interview with Deborah too and thought exactly the same thing, that doesn’t sound like a Bill/Sookie HEA. She could of course be misleading us. I noticed Stephen Moyer is going to be tweeting tonight after the episode – so that kind of makes me think Bill will get a good ending? I don’t know LOL I can’t think straight at all today so I’m not going to even try any more. I won’t give up hope until the final credits roll but then I guess even I am going to have to!

  41. Well, dying is a good ending for Bill because that’s what he wants, but even if that is the case, she still won’t end up with Eric. It will likely be some random human, or Sam comes back and she ends up with him. They did say something about another time jump. Frankly, I could care less who Sookie ends up with, just as long as Eric and Pam have a decent ending.

    • I doubt she’ll end up with Sam and I hope not.He deserves better. If they do a time jump it won’t work. They did it in the finale last year and I never believed in her and Aicide because of the lack of build up. Mind you Sookie didn’t believe in her and Alcide either by her own admission and the fact that within days of him dying she sprints to Bill to bang his worthless brains out. None of the endings they come up with will be plausible because the whole storyline of the show became absurd a very long time ago.

      • I don’t think she’ll end up with Sam, I hope things work out for him and he never comes back. I don’t believe we’ll be seeing him in the finale at all, no matter what happens, I’m sure the ending will suck just like the rest of this season.

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