JMFO: Dreading The Mourning


It has been a while since there has been a FANGPINION on the blog and right now is just a good time as any. It may or may not be the last one but just in case, we are going to make it a good one.


We have been on this journey, B Erika Evie and I for what feels like forever. We have laughed, cried and laughed some more right along with you, our faithful readers. We have also ranted and raved about this show and all to no avail, except to feel a wee bit better. Yet, we remained because we had to see it through to the end. Well, tonight, that end will come and it will probably fly right on by as if it were nothing special at all. Except, it was special or at least it used to be before it jumped the shark. Still, we could not walk away.

I thought I was fine, that I was actually okay with the end being near, until I saw a heartfelt tweet from Evie and the floodgates opened. It hit me and it hit me hard. Never again will we meet in ‘our staff room’ to map out the season’s reviews. Never again will we plan out special posts or talk about the upcoming new season. Never again, will we talk about the promotion posters or the little ‘drops of True Blood’ aka ‘teasers’ and who is available to post these things. Never again, will we wait for news from Comic-Con regarding True Blood and the panel.

Never again, will we have new Eric Northman goodies to gush about and I am in mourning for all that and I have dreaded it. That time is almost upon us all and I am going to miss doing all those things with my Viking Sister’s, B Erika and Evie. True Blood might have turned into a HOT MESS but it was our HOT MESS, something we dealt with together and loved together. So tonight let’s have a wee dram or two and have one last salute to True Blood and ourselves for staying #truetotheend as much as we could. It could have been so beautiful, if only, if only! Slàinte Mhath TRUBIES!



True blood for me was never just about the show… But about the bounds of friendship. When I first started watching, I never thought I’d jump into the fandom… But I did and have not regretted it one bit. I am a Proud Member of Team Eric and will be till the day I die. This fandom has brought me such joy over the past several years… As well as solace. I started the VW accounts on Twitter and Tumblr as a fun way to express my Eric love to the world (an off shoot from the @ssbookclub account). Then one day I got word one of my good friends was diagnosed with cancer. I started tell her about the ins and outs of the fandom to keep her entertained as she went through chemo. It worked for a bit, she laughed…. The weekend she started hospice care, I locked my self away with my computer and started the VW blog on word press as a way to channel my emotions. And I blogged. The week she passed away, I looked to you guys on twitter for a sense of normalcy and found the VW account had just been added to the Ultimate Truebie list by @truebloodhbo’s twitter account. It gave me the warm feeling I so needed. In typical me fashion, I carried on and gave my all to this fandom over the years. She would have loved hearing about California and SDCC. With the show making its final bow tonight, I find myself in a sea of memories cause In a way I’m saying goodbye to her all over again as well as saying good bye to Eric.

Talk about a double whammy.

As a fandom, we’ve had good times and bad. I prefer to focus on the good. You all have made me so happy to be a part of this extended family of ours. I will fully admit to crying over the past few days (hell, since SDCC) and have been quieter here then normal. But know that I love you all.

Tonight is inevitable and I will wake up Monday morning with a sense of loss. But I will raise my glass tomorrow night 3 times. To salute Erika, Evie, Nymerias, and all of you. To salute Eric and the cast and crew of True Blood. And to Colette, may she still be laughing at my antics.

Well, that was a verra hard thing to type but we wanted to let that out. If they are feeling up to it later, there may be another of this type of fangpinion on the way from Erika and Evie.

As per usual sound off below and I leave you with our Viking!


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I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these2 two (now three) blogs that is what I am doing. I love Game of Thrones, Supernatural,Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Outlander, Once Upon A Time, The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and many other shows. I am also a major hockey fan, especially my Detroit Red Wings! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.

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  1. Thank you ladies so much for all the hard work! I was so happy to find you after a horrible experience on another site. Never went back from then! Although I have already moved on to Outlander (looks like I’m not the only one) I will be watching tonight with the same feeling of helpless horror you feel when watching a car wreck happen in slo-mo. Nothing with stop it and you only can pray everyone will be ok. I finally watched all the episodes this season only to see Eric, Pam, Lafayette and Jason and how badly they would be written. Not quite as bad as I assumed, but pretty bad all the same. I think I am in the minority of people that hated the pandering that were the Eric/Jason and Eric/Ginger scenes. I hated them so much that I will never rewatch and skip over the images whenever I see them. UGH! I could easily go on and on about exploitation and slaps in the face and……..but won’t. My final hope is that the stink of this final, limp-dic* season doesn’t cling to anyone but the ones responsible for it. Sorry, but I can’t even write my feeling without resorting to inappropriate language and accusations. OH well, Thank you, thank you, thank you! Here’s to hoping we all survive tonight with TV’s intact and without feeling like a fool for getting sucked in………AGAIN! I will be visiting you all at the Outlander site but absolutely refuse to become as invested in a show ever again. The plan is to keep it casual because those books have been my loves my enitre adult life and I intend to just enjoy seeing them brought to life. I will never get burned again!

    • Awww thanks Peecan! I don’t blame you for wanting to keep it causal at all but I hope you at least can be whisked back in time with the rest of us, that does not take a full investment.

      I did not care too much about the Ginger/Eric stuff but a promise is a promise. I thought it would have been more comical.

      As for the Jason/Eric dream, it was a case of a little too six months later late to be vamp blood induced for me. It was filler and nothing more.

      Tonight will be so bittersweet for a lot of us. I will be missing the little things, laughing at La La, Jason and loving Eric’s smart arse comments. I will miss working with my sisters on a daily basis. Of course, the readers of this awesome site!

  2. Thank you Nymerias that was beautifully spoken, although since we are Vikings, I did take a “wee” bit of offense to the Highlander references. I know a lot of you have already moved on, but some of us have not and have to mourn the loss of our Viking before ever thinking of that other show as a ship. I do watch it too, but I cannot compare Jamie to Eric at all as they are two different men altogether. Which is all fine and good, but the way I look at it, this is a page about True Blood and not Outlander.

    For that I will say, Skol to my Viking brothers and sisters when I raise my glass this evening and for True Blood I have no words left since you so aptly did it for me above.

    With “verra” Sincere regards,
    Gina Burrell aka redthing914

    • I think you took my Highlander references too seriously and much too offensively. I have not moved on from my Viking, if I had I would not still be here. This is the second time you have called me out on the moving on business. If you could not tell from my feelings and B’s which you totally ignored, we are emotional and have not taken it lightly.

      You are not the only one mourning the loss of the Viking on Sunday’s so I suggest you take a chill pill please.

      I did not mention Jamie or Outlander at all in my part of the post, it was all about my Viking Sister’s so I resent your comments. You brought it up not me.I am hurt and insulted that you would take this opportunity to slag me off.

      I have not moved on but forward. I will always be an Alex Eric fan but I will not stop my life for them either by not enjoying another show. Why do you care what I do anyway?

      You owe me and especially B an apology for your little tirade. Actually, I don’t give a carp if you apologize to me but you owe B one, who poured out her heart with something verra personal and you ignored it to type a crappy response to me. Newsflash, I was not the only one who was in on this post. From the mouth of Eric Northam, Get over yourself!

      • Nymerias, I reread what I wrote and I don’t think I came across that abusive as you claim. I did Thank you for your commentary but I did call you out on using a Scottish toast to toast our Viking, thats’ why I said “Skol”. I don’t know how I offended B, maybe cause I used “verra” in quotes???? But since EVERYONE’s very emotional today. I will give my heartfelt apologies to both you and B, as I didn’t really think I came across as severely as you took it.

        Am I touchy today? You betcha!!! I like all of you here have been watching faithfully through thick, thin and all the “shark jumping” for the run of the series and I guess I’ve taken it just a bit to hard.

        Once again, I apologize to both you, B and anyone else I might have offended with my references to the Outlander series.

        • I thank you for your apology but need to clear up a few things.

          1. I don’t need to explain myself to you or anyone else why I put certain phrases or toasts in MY post. However, I will. I did not know the Viking toast but even if I did, am I not allowed to post what I see fit? I think I am.

          2. Read your post again, it was full of disdain and accusations about people moving on when you are not ready too. Perfectly within your right to do so as it is in others to move on.

          3. Pertaining to B’s part of the post, you offended her by choosing to ignore something she agonized over posting to ‘call me out’. Which was uncalled for.

          4. You called me out on more than just my Scottish salute, but also on talking about Outlander when it us a True Blood site. So please read your post again. I found your use of my Highland quotes mocking and did nit appreciate it.

          5. We are all testy and emotional but this show is coming to an end and moving on does occur. I watch many shows beyond TB and some excite more than others. Just because we watch other shows does not diminish the love of another. I watch at least 10 different shows but have only blogged about 2 of them.

          Once again, thank you for the apology.

  3. I loved the Eric/Ginger scene, it made the entire season for me. I didn’t care for the Eric/Jason scene, it didn’t fit and was just too late like you said. I will not be watching tonight, but I’ll just be glad when the train wreck is finally over. I will miss Eric, Pam, and Lafayette. That’s about it.

  4. Dear Nymerias, B, Evie & Erica,
    Thank you Ladies for all your hard work on this site. You’ve provided endless hours of entertainment and camaraderie as well as a safe place for me to shamelessly fly my Eric Northman Fang-girl flag. Since I’ve avoided this final season like the plague, it hasn’t quite sunk in yet that tonight is THE END. However, the show has been steadily going downhill since that awful episode in S4 when Sookie rejected newly restored Eric because of Beehl.

    I’m thankful for 1 thing only: True Blood opened my eyes to the beauty, kindness & talent of Alexander Skarsgard and I will support all his present and future projects. On the flip side, I will actively boycott anything associated with Alan Ball, Brian Buckner and Charlaine Harris and I’m still on the fence in regards to Ana Paquin & Stephen Moyer (and by extension, their production company). I know, sour grapes. But, I can’t help mourn the loss of what could’ve been if not for gigantic egos.

    • Have to agree with you hippychik as it regards Aiexander Skarsgard. I think he has an amazing career ahead of him. Being voted the sexiest man alive in Sweden 5 years in a row (or as he said on an interview show, 5 motherxxxxing years in a row) was certainly earned, but he was not well known in the US. He was the break out star of TB and the one who brought people back to the show even when the writing sunk to unexpected depths.

      This blog has been a source of entertainment and a place to vent our frustration.Thank you ladies for developing it and taking us on this journey.

    • Thank you hippy chick, for your kind words. It makes me feel much better. You ladies have been such a big part of our lives. We have laughed, probably cried and ranted together time and time again. Fandoms may end in TV LAND and we move on from them but we never forget it nor the friendships formed from that fandom. Thank you for joining us in that adventure and we will always have Eric!

  5. I bow to the hard work of all you ladies. I have come here often for news or to just vent. Now… now we make it through the day and know we have to carry on, not forgetting the Viking Vampire. He will always be in our hearts.

  6. What a morning: my head hurts from the lack of sleep I’ve had, and my heart hurts from reading and re-reading posts on this wonderful website.

    I realised when I was having my morning coffee, staring at the pre-dawn stars, that this show is my x-files from high school: I loved it, watched and watched it, bought everything I could, and tried desperately to connect with others who felt the same way (this was about 15 years ago, try to remember that back then the internet was a very different place). I was obsessed, and when it ended I told myself I would never again become so involved in a TV show or its fandom.

    And then True Blood, Eric, and this website came along, and it happened all over again!

    I can only really rehash what I’ve already repeatedly said, but thank you for starting this place, this wonderful, wonderful place. Thank you for your posts, and most of all, thank you for making a me feel that it’s alright to squee, obsess, rant and rave like I once did so many years ago.

  7. I think it is immensely sad that we never saw non amnesiac Eric with sookie.
    My mum who just started the show said this show has been a bit like a present you always wanted only to open it up and find nothing there which I think describes how we are all feeling.
    I’d like to wish good luck to whoever has the job of recapping this episode and all who are going to watch this last episode I think you are going to need it.

    • Thanks, I know I’ll need it

    • I agree Bess. All I wanted was to see Sookie give herself to the whole Eric just once. Whatever happened to “We will be one”? That, along with so many other potentially great story lines got burned on Saint Bill Compton’s alter.

      • I know I could have lived with a fantasy sequence of them together but no go.
        Looking back on the we will be one scenes its strange how they were filmed it implys something powerful and rare had occurred between them but it has never been addressed.

        • I agree that it would have been beautiful to see Sookie and non-amnesia Eric together. Oh, well. At least there’s fanfiction. 🙂

  8. Dear Nymerias, B, Erika, Evie and fellow Truebies.

    It’s been an honor sharing in the ups and downs of Bon Temps life with you over these last many years. As we walk that final mile with Eric tonight, regardless of the outcome, I will try to remember the good times and dream of what might have been. I don’t think that a show has ever affected me the way the TB has – it feels like a part of my extended family – and therefore so are all of you.

    As I shed a bloody tear, I remind us all of the immortal words of Jason Stackhouse “Let’s Do This”. And so we shall….

    Forever True Blood…Forever Eric and Sookie Lovers. Love You All


  9. Nymerias and B (and, by extension, Erika and Evie)-I’m not sure where to start.

    First of all, B, I’m really sorry for the loss of your friend Colette.

    On a very different topic-I appreciate all of the hard work the four of you have put into this site. I started lurking here for info/entertainment/distraction in the summer of 2011 during s4. I didn’t start posting until late last year. The majority of my posts were VERY negative (and often long-winded) towards the show, but I always tried to be very respectful of everyone here. I haven’t posted much lately because I haven’t had much to say. I’ve barely seen Vikings and I haven’t seen any of Outlander yet, so I have nothing really to contribute to those conversations at this time.

    I will never spend one more penny on anything related to Charlaine Harris and Brian Buckner. I’m on the fence on Alan Ball at this second (not a popular opinion here, I understand). I’m leaning towards turning my back as a paying audience member on the work of Anna Paquin (painful for me, as I was a fan since the very beginning with The Piano and she is one of the main reasons I first gave TB a chance back in 2010) and Stephen Moyer (no offense to him personally and to his supporters, but not at all a difficult decision there).

    I am extremely grateful that this show was my gateway to actors/writers/people I respect, like Alexander Skarsgard, Kristin Bauer van Straten, Nelsan Ellis, Rutina Wesley, Ryan Kwanten, Nancy Oliver (who I was actually familiar with prior to TB thanks to Lars and the Real Girl), and Alexander Woo.

    Not being contrary for the sake of being contrary, just being honest: I liked the Jason/Eric dream (though I do agree that it was too late-it should have happened in the s6 finale-and it was filler), and I haven’t watched and have no interest in the Ginger/Eric scene. The Ginger/Eric scene feels to me like Bucky’s intentional middle finger to the Alex and Eric fans. I “flip the bird” right back at him by not watching it.

    I’ll torture myself by staying online throughout today to spoil the ending for myself (though I think I already know it-thanks, “no”), get over it, and move on. 🙂 I’ll be back here to read B’s review of the series finale.

    Again, thank you all, Nymerias, B, Erika, and Evie, for everything you have done here over the years. Nothing but the best of luck to you and warm wishes for all of your endeavors and in your personal lives. And Happy Birthday to Alexander Skarsgard. 🙂 ❤ Take care, everyone.

  10. Are you going to be here tomorrow? I hope you guys changes your name to your site,because you guys are big huge fans of Alex. I would hate to see you guys go. 😥

    I am going to miss you guys,you known. You guys changed my life since season 3 and you guys always been there for me. We had tough time together over these years.

    It’s really sad that the show’s ending with the bad note. Everybody’s here was hoping Eric and Sookie will winds up together,but the writers were so ignorence that they didn’t listen to the fan and making money off the couple Anna and Steve. I really hate how shows and books ends in the bad way….I known how you guys feels what CH did to you guys. You guys was thanking her with all your hearts but for nothing and she treated you guys like a piece of sh*t. I am glad you guys moved on from CH….I only read 2 of her books, “Dead to the World” and “Dead as the Doornail”. I also read the half of “All Together Dead”. But when I found out she ended with that mangy mutt Sam, I told myself that I decided to not read the books. I understand how you feels,guys….Alex’s only person who makes the show stand out from the books. He touched everybody’s hearts when he played Eric on the screen. He made everybody feels comfortable when we are watching True Blood. We’ll might never see him on t.v.,but we will catch him again on Facebook and there’s Tarzan. He will always be in our hearts. 😉

    Is anyway to contract you guys? Facebook??? Or Tumblr???….I need to catch up on Hemlock Groves and Vikings….I didn’t find Outlander interesting (sorry). I wasn’t into those type of books or those type of show. I am pretty much into Mangas (Japan Comics),but I luv to read Tarzan. Thank you,Guys, for getting into those Tarzan books. I am looking forward Alex’s Tarzan in 2016….Are You guys anime/manga fans? Do you have a The Walking Dead fansite? Or a Game of Thrones fansite?….I want to known how to contract you guys.

    I am going to miss you, guys, and the site. 😥 😥

  11. Thank u ladies i have enjoyed ur respectful site tremendously! I am also glad to aee i am not the only fan who will be boycotting future works by the people mentioned above i will cont to dollow alex career but thats it!

  12. I had a whole conversation earlier about how I was okay with it ending and I thought I meant it. I figured as long as there’s more Skars projects to look forward to (and the rest of the cast since I love them all) I’d be fine but then I read your heartfelt posts and it hit me.

    I’ll miss laughing, lamenting and just plain venting on this site. Thanks for everything…and thank you to everyone in the Sooric fandom. I hope you all keep rowing the Viking longship no matter how it ends tonight. ‘Cause I’m gonna need good fanfics to get me through. ❤

  13. I’m just sad and I’m gonna miss everyone and everything. Even little things that shouldn’t mean so much like, for example, when I’m mid-show and making a rant comment on Twitter about something Beeul or the writers or CH did and someone I don’t know from someplace I’ve never been retweets me or favourites my tweet because they know where I’m coming from while my sister and my daughter sitting beside me in the living room are thinking I’m nuts. (Yes I’m living in hostile territory on the homefront amongst the Beeul lovers. 😉 ) True Blood, ESPECIALLY Alexander Skarsgard and Eric Northman has forged such a connection through so many of us. Great actor, awesome character. We’ll all be together in spirit in about an hour seeing it through to the end.

  14. I don’t know if anybody else has seen it but there’s a cute little Alex vid where he basically says thank you.
    I’m finding I’m going to mourn the potential more than the show they could have been up their with Ross and Rachel, spike and buffy as a iconic tv couple.
    I’m like the rest of you I will never read a ch book and its going to take me along time for me to ever trust a show again.

    • Well, I’m hearing very good reviews about Banshee, Alan Ball’s new show.

      I don’t think anybody would offer me enough money to watch that show. Seriously.

      • I have watched Banshee….overall it’s just ok – I could take it or leave it. Alan Ball really doesn’t have any new tricks up his sleeve, so he just rehashes the same old stuff from his previous shows. I could draw parallels to characters and storylines…but won’t spoil it for you in case you do choose to watch it at some point in the future. It is no where near the masterpiece that is/was True Blood. Sometimes magic is only meant to happen once.

      • Banshee is OK but no good reason to leave True Blood at all ….Alan Ball had a finned tunned Ferrari when he left the show, and we were handed over to Buckner in Alcide’s truck to end with.

        • The show would have probably gone the same even if Alan Ball was still in charge. I have heard good things about Banshee, but have no intention of ever watching it.

  15. Ok. It’s 7 minutes to start time and I have to watch 5 minutes of Beyonce?!? She ain’t worth 5 seconds IMO. (I think I’m starting to get royally pissed off at what we are going to have to endure but I am watching this last episode only because it’s the last episode. No other reason.)

  16. That was so boring. Except for Eric.

  17. Yep i agree except for eric at least he lives on i would have liked willa to be with them mot in bontemps w those rejects

    • But at least we got what we wanted with Beeehl. But my gosh…. Sookie is the most selfish person. Why does SHE need to know why Beeehl wants to kill himself? Hmm?? What makes it HER right to know?? I’m just glad that Eric is content and not dead!!

  18. Thank you ladies for keeping this site fun and fresh, even if the show itself is going to the dogs. I will miss your reviews, and call me shallow, but I will miss new beautiful E&S icons most of all. =)

  19. Thank you for all your work! Too bad the writers totally missed out on the best storyline… Their loss. Thank you for having somewhere where we could all vent, swoon, laugh, and cry together 🙂

  20. I need a few moments to process this…at this point it feels too much like coming from a funeral. While I do have some initial reactions, I think it wise to let them simmer for a bit and comment later on the episode synopsis. Gotta put it all into “prescription” first … Lol 😉

  21. I was so delighted that Bill finally died. That was something at least. But the rest of the finale was kinda boring. While I was glad to see Jessica and Hoyt reunited, I thought they spend way too much time on them. Poor Lala and James were onscreen for just seconds as was Willa. I was happy of course to see that Eric and Pam survive. That was the most important thing to me.

    A silly thought occurred to me after the episode was over that Eric and Sookie could still get together many decades into the future. Bill is a goner. She is still a fairy and will age very slowly so she will no doubt outlive her new husband and still be youthful. Eric will still be his awesome self. So once she has had the normal human life she wanted and raised a family, etc. then who knows. But then again….if she is still as much of a jerk by then as she is right now then Eric is still better off without her, lol.

  22. Thank you guys so much for posting to this blog! I only just found you this year but I have enjoyed spending my last True Blood summer with you! I loved having a place to visit every Monday morning to see what others thought of the episode and to vent, or drool over our viking!

    I am having a hard time focusing at work this morning which is probably ridiculous…. but I really do feel a sense of loss, knowing we will never again see Eric Northman each summer on our TV screens. I think about where my life was 7 years ago and how much has changed since then… it’s crazy to think how long Eric Northman has been a sweet escape from reality for me. It’s also crazy to think about the Eric Northman fanfic stories that have touched my life somehow, or the friends I’ve met through this fandom.

    Thank you for taking time to create this blog, I hope you guys keep posting for a bit longer, or maybe create an Alex Skarsgard page for us to all follow!

  23. I have only just watched it as I’m in the uk and I didn’t think I would cry at bills death but I did as much as I wanted him to die it hit me that it’s the end of true blood I’m so emotional haha loved erics scene in the car though that was hilarious it’s gonna leave a big gap in my heart not seeing eric northman on my screen but goodluck to him my all time favourite character from trueblood. Bit gutted that sookie didn’t end up with eric but I’m happy about everyone else’s endings

  24. Although I’m happy to read BILL FINALLY DIED!!. I presume the ending was a complete dud.

  25. Hey guys,
    Before I say anything else, I want to thank you ladies for your hard work over the years. It takes time and dedication to maintain a site like this, and I appreciate all of you. Now, let me apologize in advance for any offense anyone may take to what I’m about to say. I agree wholeheartedly with people’s decisions to boycott the writers, producers, and that woman who ruined the book ending in the future. However, I don’t understand the ire for Anna and Stephen. We all hated the stupid decisions Sookie made and the Beehl worship. But Anna and Stephen didn’t write that. They worked with what they were given. Stephen played that part with his heart. The fact that we hate Bill so much is at least partially his talent. Could a mediocre actor make us feel such disdain for his character? Anna, I think she’s just average, but I don’t hate her for what the writers and producers did. So, I’m sorry, I don’t get it. I’m with all of you in that Eric will always hold a special place in my heart, and I’m an Alex fan for life. But I don’t hear anyone bad-mouthing him for the lousy storylines he got stuck with. We shouldn’t be. Just because we hate the characters and/or the way they are written is no reason to blame the actors. If you have a problem with the way they played the part or just don’t like looking at their faces, OK. I can’t stand Anna Camp so I won’t actively try to see anything she does. I don’t care one way or the other about Anna and Stephen no matter how much I hated Sookie and Bill. I’m not going to boycott them if they do something interesting in the future. But that’s just me. I know we’re all emotional right now and I’m not trying to insult anyone. No matter how bad the writing, I loved True Blood. I have all the available seasons and will watch them again. Because there’s just something about it. And there’s Alex, always Alex. So, thank you again everyone for all of these years of camaraderie. Please don’t be offended by my opinions, OK?

    • Yes, I completely agree, you said everything I didn’t have the guts to. It pisses me off when people badmouth the actors just because they don’t like the character, Anna and Stephen did a damn good job with what they were given. Saying Anna is a bad actress is a load of crap, she does great in everything I’ve seen her in, she can’t be blamed for the bad writing of True Blood. And blaming them for the direction the show went in is ridiculous, they didn’t write it. All they did was fall in love, it’s not their fault that Alan Ball and Buckner took that to mean the characters belonged together.

    • I’m one to disagree on this one. Anna is a good actress, but she didn’t put as much heart and soul on this show. Regardless of what ur given, u have to make the best of it. She just wasn’t convincing for this role. Nelson did one heck of a job even though he wasn’t given much air time as well as alex. But i guess you do have a point. It all depends on what the writers decide what is right. Again, don’t get me wrong, Anna is a great actress in movies. JMO.

      • Well, I think it would have been hard to make that character likable no matter who played her, the writing was just so awful for Sookie. But as for everything else she’s done, I think she was really good. I loved her in the X-Men movies, hell, it was because of Anna that I even watched True Blood in the first place, but then I ended up sticking around for Alex.

  26. I joined the fans of TB mainly because of the strong female character Soolke. Anna Paquin was REALLY Sookie for the first 4 seasons …then she got other priorities in her life and from that moment (writing side storylines of no interest to cover her absence due to pregnancy and later Paquin getting involved in other filming projects) the show went downwards, I’m very sorry to say … and when Paquin eventually came back to TB, she seemed not as much involved and convincing in her role as before. Again, I’m sorry to say, but as an actor you make choices and you should be prepared to accept that the fans were disappointed at a certain point.
    I know i was … tremendously !!

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