Happy Birthday Alexander Skarsgard


It’s the morning after, and still too soon for any of us to really analyse what we actually think about the finale of True Blood. Initial reaction that I have seen across the internet is mainly one of disappointment about what could or should have been. As a fan who stayed true to the end, my emotions are all over the place this morning, but all I can say with clarity is there was not nearly enough of the Viking Vampire in episode 7.10 to satisfy us at the end. My good friend “B” will be taking her time to review and recap the events of “Thank you”, so please stick with us, we aren’t going anywhere just yet.


Right now I’m here to wish a very happy birthday to our main man, Alexander Skarsgard, who turns 38 years young today.

I also want to take his opportunity to thank him for 7 wonderful years with my favorite TV character of all time. Sure there will be other shows I love, and other characters I swoon over but the Viking Vampire will always be the special one for me. He is unmatched and will never be bettered, the perfect actor cast in the perfect role.

So Happy Birthday Mr Skarsgard and for all those unforgettable Eric Northman moments, thank you so very, very, very much!

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  1. I’m kind of blah about the ending.
    Almost everyone got what they wanted (except Bill fans).
    Eric and Pam are making money hand over fist with New Blood although I am extremely surprised Eric didn’t have the cure synthesized rather than marketing a band-aid. Sarah Newlin will eventually die unless one of them turns her. Would she still be the cure then?
    Sookie got her normal, boring life in a town full of bigots, a husband and a child on the way, just like she always wanted.
    Bill ended up as goo in a casket.
    I didn’t watch the last three seasons: I figured if the books kind of petered out after the fourth so would the show (both were my favorites, by far). Instead I enjoyed tweeting with everyone rather than waiting to watch it tonight.
    Could it have been better? Certainly. It could have also be a hell of a lot worse.
    Thanks to ESL for the wonderful recaps and opinions. I will continue following and reading since I in no way hold the actors responsible for what their characters did.
    Thank you to HBO for bringing us True Blood, and most especially putting Eric/Alex on our screens a few weeks each year and for NOT killing off my other favorite character next to Eric; Lafayette.
    And finally, and I’m loathe to say this considering how the books ended, thank you to Charlainne Harris for bringing us these wonderful characters in the first place.
    Happy Birthday Alexander, I hope it was as fun filled and steamy as my dreams are :D.

  2. A very Happy Birthday to Mr. Skarsgard!

    I’m also still processing the finale (I broke down and watched it online) and can’t quite put into words what is going on in my head and my heart so I’m going to mull a bit before weighing in.

    In the meantime, if anyone is looking for an alternate end, I completed my fictional Sookie & Eric fanfiction series and you can see how I wrote them here:


    I’ll shamelessly beg for a review too since I’ve got 1 more to make it to 100. 🙂

  3. Happy bday to the best!!!! :(:….

  4. Happy birthday Sheriff of Area 5, I still believe the show should have ended with you and Sookie together:)

  5. Happy Birthday Alexander!

    The finale was horribly boring… No evolution of Eric. He’s went 360 from Season 1-7 and ended up back on his throne- looking miserable in my opinion. Love her or hate her, Sookie meant a lot to Eric. Where was their last scene? Even if they didn’t end together, there should still be a strong bond there. Bill’s death was BORING… Anticlimactic and ridiculous. I’m thought- get it over with already! We watched Bill at his whiniest the last 6-8 episodes… Come on… I can say however that I am pleased she didn’t give up her light ball from him, that was a selfish thing to ask her to do to begin with. If Bill wanted to end it quickly- just walk out in the sun. These are only a few of my thoughts I’m having this morning.

    • I completely agree, Eric ending up looking bored and sad/numb on his throne wasnt satisfying at all for me… Its like the last 7 seasons didnt happen and all that growth took him nowhere but now he’s probably the richest vampire in the world…pft who cares.
      Bill asking Sookie to give up her light, I’m glad she said she couldnt do that for him… Funny, even as he is dying he still cant let her be who she is, at least Eric always supported her and told her to embrace who she is!

  6. Happy birthday my beautiful Viking Vampire! Oh… wait… he isn’t really a vamp? Well shoot. Now I’m jaded. **smirk**

    Happy birthday Alex. May your day be wonderful and surrounded by good friends.

  7. Happy birthday Alex!! Thanks for your potrayal of Eric Northman!! He will be always in my heart and honestly I hated what the writers did to Eric and Pam: they are making big money off of diseased vampires and off of Sarah( I know she’ s evil but still I don’t think she deserved that ending.).In others words Eric is a pimp and Pam became a “madam” like in her human days…Bill died a martyr cuz you know he was such a “good” vampire and Sookie got married to a bearded nameless man..WTH worst ending ever…

  8. First of all, I want to Thank you Evie for posting this fitting Birthday greeting for Alex. especially after that jumbled up mess of a finale last night. I really wish that Alex could/would read some of his sites so he could get his Birthday wishes from all of us, but at least we can throw it out there and hope he gets the “vibes” off of them.

    I too will wait for B’s summary of the finale before saying anything, still am digesting what I saw, but in the meantime, I’ll wish Alex a very Happy Birthday and wish him many, many more years of health and happiness to come.

  9. Beleive it or not I’m really fine with how TrueBlood ended.
    Eric Northman is still alive,and so is Pamela.
    Loved what happened to Sarah Newlin…she got what she deserved.
    Loved it when Sookie drove a stake thru William Thomas Compton’s heart,
    ending his life and his hold on her.
    Simply loved the wedding between Jessica Anne Hamby & Hoyt Fortenberry.
    Did love what Bill requested of Andy Bellefleur about the house and how he
    should watch over Jessica & Hoyt….this was touching.

    Loved the flash fowards…Especially the one that showed everyone gathering at
    Sookie’s house…and Sookie 8 month’s along with a baby.
    Now who did she marry? We never saw his face…only heard his voice?
    Someone suggested that this scene took place at a cast dinner that happened
    after the show wrapped??
    Could it have been Stephen Moyer with a full beard??
    We’ve never seen him with one?

    Loved how Jason & Bridgette had 2 daughters & a son…He’s happy.

    Eric Northman will forever be a part of Sookie’s life…
    They’re still friends…and she knows if she ever needs him he’s there for her.

    I didn’t need to see Charlaine Harris in her little cameo.


    • Hey Marlene, I’m really hoping that some of those talented fan fiction writers can give us a little after-story. Eric is back in Shreveport at the end (let’s just forget for a minute that it was crap season 3 footage), he and Sookie aren’t so far away…….

      • Ooooo… there’s an idea. They left it open for some after show fanfics.

        • snarkland78:
          Read what I told Evie…you’ll thank me….I’ve read the last story over 40 times!!

      • Evie:
        Go to this website…www.thewriterscoffeeshop.com
        Then look for the name Morgaine Swann.
        She has written the definative Eric Northman/Sookie Stackhouse story..

        Infact she wrote 6 stories…but thee of them must be read in order!
        1. The Understanding. 2.She’s coming home 3. LATE!!!
        The last story is now 114 chapters and growing…
        And she has no intention of stopping their story!!!

        Morgaine should have written for HBO…
        She got the feel for their story….
        read them and you’d better have tissues handy!!!

        • Oh! I know The Understanding. I think it’s on Fanfic. It’s very good.

          • Snarkland78:
            Morgaine Swann wrote 6 stories.
            The Understanding, She’s Coming Home & Late. are the best.
            Fan-Fiction.com took down Late due to content…Don’t ask why.
            You can find it and her others at: http://www.thewriterscoffeeshop.com

            Go there because Morgaine told me she’s working on chapter 115…
            And will be adding more chapters to the story…she has no intention
            of stopping Eric & Sookie’s story…..

  10. Happy Birthday Alexander,wishing you the happieest wishes.
    Only wish great things for you.
    You deserve all of your dreams to come true.

    Thank you so much for giving us Eric Northman.

  11. Happy Birthday Alexander!!!! Boy oh boy if I was 20 years younger!!!!!!!!!

    • Marlene, I kinda agree with you about how it ended, I did read some of Steves’ tweets and someone asked who the mystery man that Sookie married was, and Steve said that it was just one of the stunt guys (who know maybe even his) that happened to be working on the set that day, they just pulled him in to give Sookie a hug and sit down. Which I thought a bit strange.

      Luvvamps, I chucked when I read your greeting to Alex, cause I’d have to be 30 years younger….LOL….I know its’ nice that us older gals (cougars and me, I’m so old, they call us snow leopards…LOL) can dream too. There maybe snow on the roof but theres’ a fire in the furnance, thats’ for sure. LOL….

      I know that since the show ended pretty much how I wished it would end, Eric and Pam back at Fangtasia and successful with New Blood and Bill dead, it pretty much ended the way I wanted it to. Except still too many questions about Sookie herself.

      I’ll talk more later when the subject and summary is posted.

      • I’m the perfect age for him, now I just need to meet him before he meets another pretty young blonde…lol!

      • redthang914:
        Found out that the guy playing Sookie’s husband in those last scenes was a
        crew member…”we picked him for his arm’s”
        I’m 60, and have never had such a crush on a star who could be my son…
        I would have liked to seen a scene between Sookie & Eric after Bill’s death.

        Eric telling her that he’d always be watching her…like he promised Naill.
        The Finale left us with lots of fodder for a film about what happend after
        William Thomas Compton died….

  12. Reblogged this on Wandering But Not Lost and commented:
    Just want to echo the sentiment here! A very happy birthday to one of my all-time favorite actors, Alexander Skarsgard!! Thank you, thank you for playing to absolute perfection a character that will forever have a piece of my heart, True Blood’s beautiful, badass Viking vamp, Eric Northman. Eric was always the very best part of True Blood, and this Viking-lover is forever grateful. You are a class act and a truly gifted actor. I wish you all the best in whatever comes next! All our love!

  13. Reblogged this on Eric Eric Eric and commented:
    I may have hated the last season of the show (from what I read, because I honestly didn’t watch it yet), but my love for Alexander Skarsgard as Eric never faded. Happy birthday, ASkars!

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    We will always miss you Eric. Always.

  15. First of all I have to say that they really suprised me with Bill “Meeting the True Death”. I’m happy that Eric and Pam are still around safe and sound.
    It’s a pity that they didn’t make use of all the potential the series would have had.
    That’s all I really can and will say.

  16. Quick check in. 🙂 I haven’t watched it and I never will, but I know what happened. What I like: Boring Rapist Beel died-died for reals this time, no take-backs. Sookie killed her precious rapist Beel. Sookie made a conscious decision to keep her fairy powers. Eric, Pam, Lafayette, and Jason survived. After that, I don’t care. You blew it, HBO.

    On the off chance that he sees this (he won’t ’cause he shies away from social media): Happy Belated Birthday, Alex! Looking forward to Diary of a Teenage Girl, Hidden, and Tarzan.

    Hope everyone is well. 🙂 Looking forward to the recap. Closure. Support group. 🙂

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