The One Where I Said Goodbye


And then there was none…

After 80 episodes, most of our TVs tuned to HBO for a Sunday night of True Blood for the last time. Which was a tough concept for me for a few reasons. Cause how do I say goodbye? I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the idea of Eric Northman in my life. It was midday Sunday when I realized I didn’t have to. Up until that moment, the weekend was pretty surreal for me. I mean, it was a trek down memory lane remembering the good, the bad… and down right hilarious moments of this fandom. People were popping up on Twitter that I hadn’t talked to in years. It was a virtual party. And for that I am thankful. Which is ironic and fitting since the final episode was title “Thank You”.

Was it the best episode? No. Was it the worst thing I’d ever seen? Nope, I still contend “Radioactive” is the worst episode of TV EVER… since I never got into Dexter and won’t watch the HIMYM series finale so I can’t really compare.

It wasn’t the love letter to fans I expected with episode title like “Thank You” to be. It was an episode that sorta kinda… ok not really… gave folks closure… ish?

And as much as I would love to write my final review by saying “Blah, blah, Eric Northman headbopping in the car after killing the Yakuza mafia, blah”….



But BuzzSugar beat me to the punch.

I will instead put on put on my thinking cap for the last time for what has been my summer escape for these past several years.

How do I start? Going into this episode I only had one requirement: Eric be happy. I didn’t care about anything else.


So with the episode started with Bill and Sookie talking, I was prepared to roll my eyes. Then I heard what they were saying…. Or what Bill was asking of Sookie. In his “infinite” “wisdom”, he was asking Sookie to kill him by using her light. Which would some how set her free from being vampire bait evermore… since using her light is a one time shot. Thus leaving her free to live, love, and have babies… since that is the only recipe for happiness apparently. My reaction was “Holy shit, those rumors we had been reading about might actually be true” and wincing in sympathy to Sookie as Bill tries to manipulate her again. . Which felt extremely akward to do…. Since I don’t think I can relate to her. Luckily I was distracted by the opening credits playing for the last time.

And I danced for the last time in the twitter stream…

After my dance interlude, I was quickly reminded of Fast and Furious with the Yakuza heading out to the Stackhouse homestead. Cueing up Mr Gus drinking (for FREE )in Fangtasia, with my first bit of Eric for the night. He’s had enough, tired of trusting and sharing… with Mr Gus. So he stages a hostile take over with the aide of Pam. The plan is to set Sarah Newlin free after giving her Pam’s blood for tracking purposes, kill Gus and crew, and take over the New Blood concept. Works like a charm. Sarah scampers to safety via the tunnel, Gus gets stuck in the tunnel thanks to a well timed fire from Eric.

Eric then flies at vamp speed… to Sookie’s house and stops the Yakuza henchmen before they get to her. Sookie, who was in bed in a very familiar T-shirt, hears a car speed off none the wiser to what happened or that ERIC SAVED HER again. Before I could wallow in the fact that he was able to save both her and Pam this time, unlike the 80s flashback to Sylvie, we were treated to the BEST THING SEEN IN THE EPISODE.

Good thing I liked it, cause that is the last time we see Eric on our screens till the end of the episode.

After Eric, the episode became even more predictable and dragged balls. Pam catches Sarah. Jessica and Hoyt get married… albeit the surprising part is how fast they capulated to Bill’s request since he wants to see his “daughter” married before he dies. Hoyt and Jason make up. A flashback, but this one had Gran so it was ok. Bill bequeaths Andy his estate since he’s a human decendant (no mention of Portia… but hey, she is only a woman) before Andy preforms the ceremony. Who knew any civil servant could preform a ceremony, but since it wasn’t legal it doesn’t matter? Any who… during the ceremony Sookie hears Bills thoughts on how he wants her to get married and have a life and blah, blah, blah. Well it convinces her to grant his request to for her to kill him… or at least set it in motion. I was turning cartwheels in the twitter stream by this point waiting for something to happen. But as night fell on Bon Temps, something did happen. Bill met Sookie in the cemetery at nightfall. She had made arangments to have his grave unearthed so he could be buried with his human family. Blah blah, he gets in the grave, blah, Sookie gets her light ready… and not uses it. Sookie finally acknowledges that her faeness is a part of her. Since he wanted to die, Sookie creates a stake and climbs in to stake him. She couldn’t follow through yet again, so Billiam helped push it into his heart. Why he couldn’t do it HIMSELF in the first place, who knows. But dead is dead… and he is most certainly dead and Sookie walks off into the night, with the screen fading to black.

But wait, there is more…

As in a time jump to 1 year later, where we find Eric and Pam filming a cheesy over the top infomercial for “New Blood”. I know not everyone liked it, but I found it hysterical watching an excellent actor like Alex be convincingly bad. But before I could enjoy the fact that Alex was having fun being bad, we had another time jump 3 years later. In this scene Eric and Pam, as partners in New Blood are either ringing the opening or closing bell for the stock market in honor of their very successful venture. Which is weird since these types of events happen during daylight hours. But this is True Blood, so who knows anymore. But this leads us to yet another time jump to Thanksgiving Day a few months down the road. All this jumping is making me tired. But this looks to be the last time jump as we find Sookie is married and pregnant with a random dude, Jason married to Bridgette with 3 kids (one of whom looks way older then 3 years old, so maybe they adopted?), and everyone arriving at the Stackhouse farmhouse for Thanksgiving celebration. Including Sam and Nicole with their kids… out of left field. When the sun sets, we find Eric on the throne (a la season 3 video footage) at Fangtasia and Pam not to far away in the basement managing the Sarah business of letting vampires pay to drink directly from her. Sarah, who has lost her mind, is being visited by ghost of husband past Steve Newlin. He taunts her with “It’s Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for Sarah”. To which she replied with “Nothing”, the last word on the show history. Visually the show ends with pretty much everyone Sookie knows at her out door table … except Eric and Pam.

Willa has a seat at her table, Reverand Daniels and Lettie Mae has a seat at her table…. the very quiet (this episode) Lafayette and James were at her table. But not Eric or Pam.

In a tweet after the show Sunday night, Stephen Moyer speculated

moyer tweet

Which makes me slightly uncomfortable since I had the same thought.

And that is all they wrote.

After watching the first time, I was ok for the moment. My requirement for this episode was that Eric needed to be happy… but after thinking about it, I am not sure how with going back to the routine of Fangtasia after the success of New Blood. Especially since since they used some of the season 3 footage of him on the throne with Yvetta dancing for him. There is to much of a mystery. Much like the mystery behind who is Sookie’s husband, Mr No Name. It was a cop out way to end the shipper wars. Buckner wanted to honor the writers who was partial to which ever suitor they wrote for over the years by not picking anyone. Plus any potential blowback on offending the other suitor fans. So it was much easier to offend everyone. Who knew? Maybe the fans who actually have been around the whole series?

The one thing from the final moments of True Blood that was not a mystery was what was happening to Sarah Newlin. This may or may not surprise you, but i have no sympathy for her for one reason only. Genecide. She had committed genocide. Not just of the Vampires with Hep V, but of all the humans who were killed by the Vampires. So as far as I’m concerned, this is Supe justice.  And speaking of justice, Bryan Buckner should loose any sense of credibility in Hollywood for how he handled the show creatively. He is obviously more comfortable with portraying male/female relationships in a traditional setting then a male/male or female/female ones. For a show that started off 7 years ago as a show that embraced everyone no matter who they loved, goes off the air spouting traditional values of marriage and babies… maybe he tried to make nice to those who he offended with the “republicunt” comment? *shrugs*

As an episode, it was a whole bunch of nothing. It didn’t excite me as much as being with the fandom online for one last hurrah. So to you guys, I raise my glass one more time.


These past few years have been awesome and thank you for your support and taking us into your hearts. You truly rocked my world.

As for True Blood, how do I say good bye? I’ll find out next Sunday when it hits home that there is no more.

Cause whether you loved it or hated it, True Blood has made a mark on all our lives since we keep talking about it.


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Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

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  1. Great review, the episode wasn’t great but considering how things started for Eric he finished well… Lots of inconsistencies and Bill Compton was an asshole ’till the end…. so glad he died…. I feel more sympathy for Joffrey Baratheon and Viserys Targaryen… LOL… Sarah Newlin deserved that ending….

  2. A more fitting ending for Sarah: round up as many Hep-V vamps as you can find and toss her into the middle of the room with them. Inform them that she’s the reason they are so sick then tell them she’s the cure. Watch as they kill each other trying to be the first one to get to her, then kill her because they no longer have the restraint to stop themselves. Two birds, one stone.
    Eric and Fangtasia: I’m thinking that he stays close because he knows Sookie and knows she WILL end up in trouble again at some point so he stays in order to save her once again. He still loves her and he loves her enough to let her live her life the way she wants and stays away out of respect for that decision.

  3. I think the show got two things right the true death of bill Compton and sookie accepting her faeness and that’s it.
    So we just watched a show that started because the female lead could not have a lover whoses thoughts she could hear and she ends up with somebody whoses thoughts she can hear seems like a waste of time to me.
    What was the point in killing alcide if she ended up with that?
    It’s strange that a show which gloried in being controversial would chicken out a the last minute.
    I’m just going to pretended the show ended in season 4.

  4. Thank you B for your inal commentary on his once iconic series. Before this season started all I wanted was for Eric and Pam to be successful and happy. I did not want Sookie to end up with Bill at the end. Everything I wanted happened so therefore I am pleased that I didn’t stroke out at the end.

    I know BB the writers and AB didn’t realize the strength in numbers of Alex’s followers until what they did to him at the end of season 6. So they almost overdid Eric this season by making us think Eric is going to die with hep V to have him get healed etc. etc.

    I agree with you about them trying not to offend most viewers even trying to make Bill more palatable to us (to his regulation Team Bill fans he was always a saint…Bleck…) and giving him an honorable death. The only thing I find offensive is that they made Sookie help kill him. I mean couldn’t he have just let Bill go into his coffin and just wait for the Sun?? This and several other things including Jessica and Hoyt’s wedding are other examples. The final was too rushed and was all jumbled up as usual and spent too much time on Bridgette and none on Laffy and James.

    As I’ve since read Sookies’ unknown husband was better being a mystery and more known as “Everyman” which made sense to me kind of……… Like the last three years my expectations of TB has been lowered so the end didn’t bother me and my wishes were fulfilled.

    I will miss you and your brillant wit, writing and wisdom along with all the other admins of this site. I hope all of you will still stick around for us a bit longer and maybe convert this sit to an Alex site so all of us can continue our friendships and discussions.

  5. Thankful for this:
    1- so glad Sookie kept her faeness (I actually cheered when she refused Bill)
    2- so glad Bill is dead (I cheered then too, when I was such it wasn’t a trick)
    3- Eric still saving Sookie
    That’s about it.

    Really pissed about this:
    1- no S/E resolution of any kind, no phone call, no nothing. (Although I too thought Eric was in the woods or off on a trip to London and couldn’t get a flight, he’ll be there next yr.
    2- the stupid reasoning of Bill re: Anything to do with Sookie or Jessica or Eric(kudos to the writers for not writing anything in 3 seasons that made any sense)
    3- the rushed wedding no one in the world wanted to see, except Bill and Brian Buckner
    4- Lettie Mae- name one fan who cares!
    5- Sookie’s no name husband
    6- Bill messed up Sookie’s dress
    7- Pam still acting like a teenage brat.

    I will give them this much, the final scene was lovely, if only Eric and Pam had been included (and no blank husband with good arms) and I loved the song. I would begrudging accept the husband if Eric and Pam were there.
    It could have had a half way decent ending had anyone other than a bunch of morons been writing.
    Also, they really shut down any spoilers. I was so convinced that Bill was going to turn human (due to the YouTube guy)that I expected him in human form , at every turn even after he was goo! I think the final credits were running when I was finally sure he wasn’t coming back!

    RIP True Blood, long live Fanfiction!

  6. Thank You B. Couldn’t have said it any better. 🙂

  7. I was very sad when you came out of True Blood. Brian could not do what you were doing. True Blood is lost. 65 minutes of torture, Bill dies does not die … He could die of something faster. Okay. Eric and Sookie would hardly be together and not know why. He was the true good guy in the series, more reliable than Bill. They were the best couple. You were totally right. I really hope you in another series. HBO or not. And I hope you can do your job to the end. Thank you.

    • Well, I think when Alan Ball came out of True Blood, the show is over. But Brian could not do better.

  8. Great final review B!

    With the exception of Eric’s joyride, the whole finale left me feeling like I wasted 7 years of my life for nothing.

    Sure, Eric survived but in the end, he still looked sad thanks to the season 3 stock footage. Why couldn’t they use season 1 long hair-bad ass-on-the-throne footage? That would’ve been better. Plus, once again, Sookie had no idea he saved her life.

    Lafayette, a fan favorite since season 1, got no lines and a brief glimpse at the Thanksgiving table but Bridgette, who no one care about, got ample screen time. This harkens back to my constant complaint about new/peripheral characters getting more screen time than established ones. The problem became glaringly obvious in Season 3 and it was never resolved.

    Bill and his manipulation was far from heroic. If he truly wanted to go out honorably, he wouldn’t have guilted Jess into a finale-time eating-wedding or Sookie into murder. He’d have told them he loved them then met the son, like Godric. But nooooooo, not only can’t he do the deed himself, he expects Sookie to use up all her faeness because other vamps will always seek out her light or whatever gobbledy-gook he was spewing. I’m glad Sookie used her last remaining brain cell to deny that request but here’s where the show really pissed me off and it was the same with the books…


    We’ve been told since the very beginning Sookie can’t have a normal relationship because of her telepathy. She kept her faeness and thereby her telepathy but somehow, after 7 long and mostly torturous years, suddenly, it’s no longer an issue. BULLSHIT! If they wanted to give Sookie babies, they should have kept Alcide around. It would’ve been a stretch to believe they could make it last, BECAUSE OF HER TELEPATHY, but it would’ve been more believable than the Dexter stand in. If they weren’t going to have Sookie end up with a supe, she should have been alone and HAPPY to be on her own, independent. But what do you expect from a bunch of
    uninspired, misogynistic writers?!

    The only thing I can thank CH for is the creation of Eric Northman. I thank TB for showcasing him, in their own convoluted way and I thank the heavens for Alexander Skarsgard and his amazing talent for bringing him to life. TB is dead but Eric Northman will live forever!

    • I agree with you all though this show is known for breaking its own rules that is the one I never thought they would break.
      The rule of sookie never being able to have a lover whoses thoughts she can hear is fundermental to the show its what drew her to bill.
      What the hell was the point of the story.

  9. Fantastic final review. Your witty recaps of all the episodes are going to be missed. I guess after Charlaine Harris and True Blood have all ended, we have only fanfiction to keep Eric and Sookie together.

    • Fairy(@Fairy_Blood):
      If you want to read a wonderful fanfiction go to http://www.thewriterscoffeeshop,com
      Look for a writer named Morgaine Swann..
      She wrote six stories,but there are three that must be read in order.
      They are: 1.The Understanding 2She’s Coming Home 3.LATE!!!

      The last is 114 chapters and growing….she’s working on 115
      with no last chapter in sight!!!

  10. the scene with Eric bobbing his head in the car is definitely the best part of the episode, hands down. Though, Bill finally meeting the true death is a close second. I definitely agree that if the writers were so hell bent on having Sookie get married and have children, then they shouldn’t have killed off Alcide. Leaving her with a random and faceless guy at the end is a cop out. But it’s much better than having her end up with Sam and even better than having her end up with Bill.

    What I will say though, is that I feel like they still left it open-ended for Eric and Sookie. Not only did they never show them saying goodbye to each other, but Eric is also nearby. Unlike the books, he’s not under contract for 200 years in Oklahoma… so I guess for us E/S fans, that’s something. It’s certainly more than what CH gave us..

    • Also, something else the writers failed to address was how Sookie was going to be protected… She still has her light (at least she had the sense not to let it go) and who she is, isn’t a secret to the supe world. So can she actually live a normal life?

  11. Thanks for your review and for all the posts you and the other ladies have given us all these years. I have had my often strong disagreements over the books/show at times but I have thoroughly enjoyed the site all this time.

    The best part of the finale was Eric killing off the Yakuza – the rest of the show was garbage. As regards the wedding, am I really supposed to believe that Hoyt would marry Jessica when he doesn’t remember them being a couple? How much screen time was used up for the wedding preparations and the wedding itself. A theme of this season has been time spent on absurd story ines most obviously Lettie Mae/Tara.

    So Sookie can suddenly and for no obvious reason read Bill’s thoughts – convenient. I guess as the show is ending the writers thought they could go there and forget the mythology they themselves created – just like they did when Jessica was released by Bill in Season 3 but apparently didn’t really.

    While I was watching the damn classical melancholic music was playing in the background reminding me that I am supposed to be on the verge at the prospect of Bill dying. As someone here has already said Eric lovers would have been best to stop watching the show the second he got his memory back before Sookie uttered the immortal words “I can’t help it, I love him too. Eric asked her a question right away that she never answered. “How is that possible?”

    So Bill was as self-indulgent as he always has been in the show and we were back in “you are my miracle” mode. Sookie staked him but not with the venom and hatred I was hoping she would summon a very long time ago. She ends up pregnant but we don’t get to see the Dad. Season 7 was a complete capitulation by the writers. I am not a shipper of anyone on the show but logic said that Eric would step in and make her realize what a stupid bitch she’s been all this time but the writers were never going to go there.

    I just want to say that I think Willa was totally wasted as a character she had something Sookie never has – a personality but she hardly featured once released by Eric. She should have been introduced to the show and been given her own story arc. I’d have enjoyed that a lot more than many others on the show.

    Overall I can’t say it was worth watching True Blood. I wanted to see a strong independent gorgeous heroine who didn’t take shit from anyone and watch her struggle with heaung the unwanted thoughts of others.but that was not to be. I can remember anxiously waiting for the newest episode of True Blood but that began to fade fast once I realized she wasn’t absolutely furious with Bill for allowing her to be kicked nearly to death. Most of all it is really a shame that we are all so down and not just because a lot of you wanted an Eric/Sookie hookup but because we watched a great show descend into ridicule and go out without any merit and our heroine with no growth whatsoever and actually thoroughly disliked – by me at least.

  12. Thank you for a great final recap! Most of all thank you all for your hard work all these years. I checked out of this fandom and this show at the beginning of the season after I realized it had slid into a disjointed, nonsensical mess and seemed to be just out to piss off about 80% of it’s fanbase. It was nice not caring too much and it left me able to catch the episodes when I could and watch with half a care. Turned out to be a great thing as this show limped to the finish line. Talk about big hat-no cattle! This season was about as much fun as erectile disfunction. You know…your anticipating a big night, set the mood, light the candles, put on the lingerie, music and set the mood and just when you start to get grooving…..poof-no go! Sookie was really seeing into the shows future when she uttered this line. I’ve spent the last two days digesting that finale, reading reviews and interviews (please somebody stick a sock in Buckner’s mouth) and finally feel like I can add my final two cents. This last season sucked dirty balls! There were moments but it was so jarringly disjointed the whole thing felt like a crazy patchwork quilt of stories that didn’t even fit together quite right. And “sloppy”, the word Buckner himself used to explain away his lack of Sookie/Eric interaction. Sloppy was forcing Sookie and Bill who were the deadest of dead horses already. Sloppy was dragging out the death of Bill until I found myself wandering away from my TV during most of the episodes any time he was on screen thinking “just die already and lets get this show on the road”. Sloppy was shoving Jessica and Hoyt together out of nowhere so Bill could die knowing that his progeny was “spoken for”. I could write a hundred essays on everything wrong with that right there. Sloppy was having to use footage of Eric from FOUR SEASONS AGO because you clearly didn’t have a solid plan while you had him on set. Sloppy was having Eric realize at the end of the 1000th hour of faux drama that he is in fact a 1000 year old VIKING BAD ASS and dispatch the big bads in an instant. Sloppy was giving enormous amounts of screen time to the 4th and 5th string players, mostly newbies we have no investment in. I guess you get my drift here. Its all about the sloppy and I do thank Buckner for the opening in my theme. I couldn’t be more disappointed if I tried. So I guess that about sums it up. Hope they aren’t planning a big take on the DVD boxed sets I see them beginning to peddle for $250.00! That needed to be bolded and all caps but can’t do it with numbers 🙂 I did belly laugh out loud when I saw the ad first hawking those. Anyway, it has been fun coming here to commiserate, rant, laugh and be far more entertained than I ever was actually watching this show since season 4, episode 8! For the record, yes I am a staunch Eric/Sookie shipper but could have easily stayed invested and bought and enjoyed a story that didn’t end with them together if it had been well told AND NOT SO GOD DAMNED SLOPPY, HAMFISTED, BORING AND SILLY! Peecan, signing out.

  13. Thank you for the recap and BIG thank you to all of you running this site – I really enjoyed coming here and reading everybody’s posts and sharing our Viking love. It’s all over now and I wish I can get rid of the bitter taste in my mouth when I think about this show and 7 years of faithful watching. One thing is for sure, I don’t think I will ever get invested so much in characters and fandoms in the future as I got so burnt by both the books and now the show. I really didn’t think that the show will end so badly.
    I always thought no matter what I will always have Eric to look back on as I loved his character but guess what..they managed to destroy Eric as well at the end. I cannot tell you how much I hated this finale. Yes Bill died, Sookie kept her powers and Eric survived what more did I want … as Peecan said it was so sloppy…so, so badly written and lazy with 0 consideration for was an insult to all fans (even Bill lovers must be devastated and not to talk about Jessica’s – she was spoken for, ha,ha). What hurts me the most is what they did to our beloved Eric…there is no way and I mean no way that Eric that we love would be following and profiting from Gus’ business plan especially considering what happened to Nora and to his own suffering with HepV. I cannot see this sudden money making motivation … Eric was wealthy enough and I just don’t get this sudden greed ..where did that come from?? I though that Eric’s character had some development since S1 and everything that happened to him – he fell in love and had his heart broken, lost his maker, revenged his family, became a maker for 2. time etc. etc. – but they gave us S3 snap shot at the end…that just shows you how much they cared (and no they cannot blame it on AS availability
    So you know what…this is how I interpret the end from now on…
    – Eric&Pams product is a the actual cure…they didn’t go for Gus’ version but created their own Nyblood somewhere in Stockholm. It provides nourishment as well antibodies for HepV
    – Sarah is pimped out to the wealthy vamps for a while as a punishment but also until the vaccine is developed from her blood for both vamps and humans.. .then Eric will either end her himself or send her over to the new Vamp authority or human tribunal..whatever.
    -Eric is still in Fangtasia because he is Sookie’s secret protector – she has no idea…I agree with SM comment that it would have been nice to see him somewhere in the trees watching over
    -few years later Sookie and her faceless husband hit the rough patch…she is sick of hearing his thoughts and things simply don’t work out between them…she is fairy after all she gets bored with ordinary life…one night she decides to put on her white dress and visit her old friend who owns the night club….the end

    Hugs to all and big thanks again for all these years.

  14. Thanks for review B and for everything you have done in this years,,,What can I say ? Everything has been said here by you and by others here,I’m so disappointed I knew this season would be a train wreck so I watched all Eric/Pam clips on Youtube without too much devotion..I watched knowing that the writers didn’t have any continuity at all;.some scenes were funny (the flashbacks with Ginger) some were so OOC for Eric but never I thought BB would have destroyed Eric’s and Pam’s characters in this way (maybe some influence by CH, who knows) Just like Maya wrote above here, after Nora’s death and his experience with Hep-V Eric would never be such a greedy capitalist making big money off of diseased vampires and being an enslaver “pimping” Sarah?s blood! Pam in her human days hated being a “madam” so hard that she made Eric turn her, now after one hundred years she fine with this! So fucking unbelievable !! CH in her last interview, said that she enjoyed the Season’s Finale!! Well of course she did! She gave the same ending in her final books!! As for Bill I don’t know where to start I’m so glad he died but did Bill have to ask Sookie to do it for him?! What a fucking asshole… that’s some emotional abuse, didn’t Sookie suffered enough? As for Sookie in these past two seasons she ‘s not recognizable anymore…I’m happy that the writers didn’t put her back with Eric! She was so fickle and Bill obsessed that it’s better that way Eric deserved better…but I just can’t get these two lines out of my head: In S2 E9 during thier first blood bond dream Eric said to Sookie :” This is the beginning” Now BB the beginning of what? Of nothing?Of wasted opportunities for Eric and Sookie being really together without a witch’s curse? The other line that will continue to bother me for a long time is “We will be one” In that famous cubby scene Eric and Sookie started a blood bond that was dropped and never picked up! Doesn’t a blood bond have more power over a blood tie? (Bill had a blood tie) Yes dear BB you really know how to end a show! You killed off characters cuz you didn’t know what to do with them ( Tara, Alcide..) You introduced characters in the last minute that nobody cared about ( Bridget) I wonder what is Bridget doing for a living now!? I don’t think a microbiologist have many jobs opprtunities in BT but maybe she’s a proud southern housewife now? Gosh Jasons kids grew up to fast…must be the fae heritage in his blood..Haha Let’s not talk about Andy ! Really Andy being the one to marry Jessica, the one that killed your daughters in that house If It’s okay for you It okay for everybody…Arlene was a complete surprise! Who would have thought she ‘d hook up with a vamp!? Lala ,like last year, didn’t have a line on this awful final ?! Maybe some day I will look at this show with different eyes but now I’m so pissed that can’t see straight!Thank you ladies once again for all the posts you have shared and I really had fun with this beautiful site..Hugs and Kisses.Take care everybody

  15. I’m not sure where to start. I just wanted to check in. 🙂

    Thanks for your review, B. I didn’t watch the finale. I’ll never watch it. I even stopped watching Alex’s scenes after ep.7×05. When I stop watching something with Alexander Skarsgard, one of my favorite actors, in it, that’s when I know it’s really bad (and I-sort of-tolerated the movie 13 for Alex, so it’s bad). I was a very casual Dexter observer but never a diehard fan (I skipped many more episodes than I actually saw). I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. I never watched HIMYM and after their finale, I have no intention of starting. I’m currently watching Masters of Sex and Ray Donovan and, so far, I feel like I can trust those shows. They’re both only in their second seasons. Although…Ray Donovan just lost their showrunner, so I’ll be side-eyeing that show next season. 🙂 Anyway…

    Bucky took the story that Alan Ball established (and Alan Ball’s handpicked showrunner successor/longtime colleague Mark Hudis seemed to be continuing) and changed it completely to suit someone else’s agenda. I’m convinced those someones are Charlaine Harris and two actors. I wish everyone the best, but I am done with Bucky, Harris, those two actors, and the writing staff of the last 1.5 seasons of True Blood as a paying consumer. I don’t trust any of them to deliver the goods on what they establish in their work. Show me who you are, I believe you. I know there are people here who disagree with me on this and I’m very much okay with that. These are my personal beliefs, and again I thank everyone at ESL for providing the space for all of us to share our beliefs/opinions/former speculations, etc.

    Yes, apparently marriage to any random sperm donor and babies, babies, babies is the only possible route to happiness, especially for a measly GIRL. OF COURSE Bucky would show the audience that Eric saved Sookie’s life AGAIN and the 1950s doormat would never know about it. Of course. So glad I didn’t watch. Others have pointed out the hypocrisy of Bill wanting to kill himself to supposedly “free” Stepford Sookie to marry a random sperm donor and become a baby-making machine. Supposedly Sookie is a Special Snowflake who Bill decided can’t be with a vampire (who cares what Sookie wants?), yet Bill guilt-trips his own vampire “daughter” Jessica into a shotgun marriage to her human new-old lover Hoyt, a man who has essentially known Jessica for A DAY (Why didn’t Sookie undo Jessica’s glamour of Hoyt? Sookie undid Eric’s glamour of Alcide.), a man who JUST broke up with his other girlfriend (“Microbiologist” Sookie-lookalike Whatserface Egg Donor). All because Bill never got the chance to walk his human daughter down the aisle. Yes, the same human daughter whom Bill visited on her death bed when she was dying of cancer, the same human daughter who, when she realized her long-lost father was a vampire, begged him to turn her into a vampire too, but he refused because he “hated” being a vampire. Yet he tortured her with his presence (not to mention, as someone else pointed out, he didn’t have to turn her, he could have healed her cancer with his vampire blood). Way to literally keep rewriting established canon, Bucky. Hope the paycheck is worth it.

    Yes, no mention of Portia Bellefleur, whom Bill glamoured to be terrified of him and run away from him screaming (THAT was retconned by Bucky in s6). Andy officiating the wedding of the woman who murdered three of his children and tried to murder his one surviving child, in the house in which she committed the murders, the house he now owns, the house that he will be renting to the murderer/attempted murderer of his children and her new husband for $1 a month. Cute, Bucky. At least Sookie kept her fairy powers. Bucky said his initial plan was for her to get rid of them but he was “convinced” to let her keep them. Of course Bill couldn’t do a true “pulling a Godric” and wait for the sun. Or, gee, I don’t know, wait for his super-Sookie-fairy-enhanced Hep-V to do the trick and “pull a Nora?” No, he drags Sookie into it, and of course the doormat complies. I wish the episode had ended there, allowing the audience to interpret however we want. Instead of micromanaging the audience with “fifty” flash-forwards. That feels like After Dead to me.

    So, Special Snowflake Sookie can’t possibly end up with a vampire, but Hoyt, Lafayette, and even ARLENE can? Weird.

    I wonder if Alex knew what they were going to do to his character with that last time jump. Seems like that was a convenient “last-minute” decision to me. No last Sookie/Eric scene. No concrete closure for them. Of course. Eric’s fate is mysterious because no one in charge likes him. He became too popular a character, and Alex became too popular an actor. The character and the actor BUCKED the “rules.” They had to be “punished.” I agree that sticking Sookie at the last second with Anonymous Random Bearded Sperm Donor Human husband WAS a copout. I can’t believe I’m saying this, because I HATED Alcide, but I don’t understand why Bucky killed him off, since Bucky was just going the CH 1950s “barefoot” and pregnant wife route with Sookie anyway. Why not put Sookie with an established character to fill that role like Alcide, or, like I kept predicting, Sam (obviously there was book precedent there)? They told us for seven years to care about who Sookie ended up with, and then at the end of the story they tell us that it doesn’t matter who Sookie ended up with, all that matters is that we know that Sookie is “happy” and “living the life she wants to live.” More like living the life that BILL wants her to live, whether or not she actually wants for her own life what Bill said he wanted for her life. Arrogant.

    I very respectfully disagree with you about the Sarah Newlin thing. It doesn’t sit right with me. I can understand her getting some punishment, maybe Eric and Pam killing her, draining her blood, and using it to CURE sick vampires (not just treat them and then only cure the ones who can afford $100,000). Or, Pam taking up Sarah on her offer to turn her, and then “as your Maker, I command you”-ing her to keep giving up her healing blood to sick fellow vamps. What Bucky did to Sarah I found sadistic and sexist, and OOC for Eric especially (MAYBE Pam might have gone down this road A BIT, but I don’t think for years on end. Maybe a few days or weeks or even months, but NOT for the rest of Sarah’s life or anything.) Besides, the biggest villain of all, Bill Compton, gets a loving sendoff that takes up most of the gosh darn final episode, but of all the bad characters on the show, SARAH is the one who gets the worst, most prolonged, torturous punishment? Yeah, I’m not feeling it.

    I hope no one in Hollywood takes Brian Buckner seriously after he ruined True Blood.

    Thank you, B and everyone at ESL, for everything you have done over the years. I wish all of you happiness and fun with your future endeavors. Take care. 🙂 ❤

    • I agree with your entire assessment, Shinealite and like you, will actively avoid any future projects from Charlaine Harris, Alan Ball and Brian Buckner. I can’t fault the other writers because they were most likely coerced into decimating the show under penalty of pink slips and black lists.

      I won’t support Ana or Stephen either, not because of grudges, but because neither is a very good actor. Stephen destroyed the character of Captain Von Trapp in that horrid Sound of Music remake and the only movie I’ve ever seen where I liked Ana was Fly Away Home.

      As for Alex, I will support EVERYTHING he is a part of until my last dying breath. He is the real deal and I wish him nothing but success.

      • Thanks, hippychikfanfiction. 🙂 I didn’t mean to “go off,” but I did (lol). I guess I just needed to get it off my chest to move on. Maybe the writers WERE threatened career-wise; it’s interesting that the original writing staff, with the exception of Buckner, all “disappeared.” I hope someone talks someday. 🙂 I fully agree with your words about Alex. Take care.

  16. It occurred to me that they didn’t allow Eric or pam to find love.
    Every other character got to find somebody to spend the rest of their lives with someone but not them.
    I wonder what made them feel that those two didn’t deserve a romantic love?.
    Looking back on the last seven years of this show I have found it hypocritical it argued that love can be found in many forms yet in the end put her with a human.
    It argued it was nothing like the books yet put her with somebody at the last minute.
    The only thing we can be thankful for is they introduced to the world Alex and Kirsten.

    • I guess we’re supposed to infer that Eric and Pam are immortal “romantic” love. I don’t buy it (the writing didn’t convince me), but others do, so I guess they’re fine with it.

      Bucky IS a hypocrite. He put THREE supposedly happy human/vampire romantic relationships at that Thanksgiving table at the end: Hoyt/Jessica, Lafayette (who’s technically a medium/Brujo, but I guess Bucky forgot so that Lettie Mae could replace her alcohol addiction with a V addiction to contact Ghost Tara)/James 2.0, and even Arlene/Keith (and Arlene was well-established to hate vampires). Yet Sookie is a Special Snowflake who has to be with Sperm Donor Human Man, ANY Sperm Donor Human Man, and couldn’t also find happiness with a vampire? What’s the difference, Hoyt is a man so he’s fully capable of making his own decisions unlike a foolish woman? Lafayette is gay so he couldn’t possibly want children of his own, biologically or otherwise? Arlene is a measly woman, yes, but she’s “middle-aged” AND she’s already done her “womanly duty” by reproducing three times? Bucky IS Charlaine Harris all over again. Sadly, I predicted this more-or-less since DEA Spoilergate (I predicted Sam would be the forced “HEA”). Sorry, I’m “going off” again. 🙂

      I end with, I am also grateful that this show introduced me and so many others to Alex and Kristin (and Nelsan and Rutina and Ryan and so many other talents). Take care. 🙂

    • I think Eric and Pam ended up with each other and that was enough for them to be happy. Their love is beyond a romantic love, something humans can’t really describe. Just like Godric said to Eric all those years ago, a maker is ‘father, brother, son’… they’re literally everything to each other.

      With how Sookie was written in this show, I am okay with Eric and Pam ending up on their own and happy.

  17. Thanks for the great review. First off we need to understand that True Blood stopped being a show based on The Sookie Stackhouse Novels after the first season. Oh sure there was little things to remind us of “the books” here and there but, at season two, the show turned into a series based on the life and times of William Compton III. Alan Ballsack always had a hard on for Stephen Moyer and it showed in the way it was always centered on Bill. Hell even season four Eric and Sookie’s season Bill was always front and center. They should have stuck with the books and the show would have been so much better. Let Bill go to Peru like in the books, and let the other book characters shine . They did not need all the stupid made up story lines and casts of hundreds that went nowhere and just dragged the show down.
    Yes, the finale was a let down, but I really didn’t expect any thing else.

    • Agreed. I was hoping to see the vampire summit in Rhodes complete with riding a coffin down the side of an exploding pyramid building. I understand not wanting to write Sookie in every scene, but that didn’t mean they had to waste time with so much filler like the plot lines below.

      Did we really need Jason kidnapped and raped when A) We never heard from the hot shot people again and B) Jason didn’t turn into a half-were panther man like he did in the books. What was the point?

      Did we really need Arlene’s ghost baby story?

      or Terry’s smoke monster?

      The wolves were necessary for season 3 but afterwards, Alcide should’ve made guest appearances on an as needed basis. Yes, he was eye candy but that isn’t enough to waste screen time on plot lines that have nothing to do with the main story arc.

      Why did we even visit The Authority?! It was lame but not as lame as…

      BILLITH! and his band of Kotex Queens.


      The trip into a 1980’s Summer’s Eve commercial aka Fairy Land.

      The Mickens Clan.

      Lettie Mae and her V fueled visions. I’d have rather revisited Lafayette’s mama in the looney bin.

      I could go on, but you get my drift. The only good non-book things to come from the show were Godric (instead of Appius) as Eric’s maker, Jessica and Lafayette.

  18. Thanks again you guys for posting about the episodes! I loved following this blog this year. As far as the finale…. I am happy Eric and Pam were NOT at the Thanksgiving table. If Sookie wants a cookie-cutter, stereotypical southern woman’s life… then Eric and Pam will never fit into that picture. I think it would have been 100 times worse for the writers to place them there with Sookie and her friends.

    Eric represents the supernatural, the mysterious, the dangerous yet probably more exciting lifestyle. Being with him would mean a lot more risk but it would also mean freedom in ways Sookie probably never even dreamed of.

    However she chose the safer lifestyle that had always been expected of her by her small-minded Bon Temps pals. I should be mad about this, but at this point it is what I expect from TB and CH Sookie Stackhouse. She does not want to be independent and embrace her unique qualities. She wants to be the ‘same’ and just fit in. That is NOT the woman for Eric Northman, so I am glad she ended up with faceless man.

    So for one last time, go Eric and Pam, continue to kick ass eternally!

    Beyond the finale and looking at the series as a whole…. I will never understand why we wasted 7 years focusing on who Sookie will end up with, to end up deciding it was not important enough to show us! If they were trying to say it wasn’t important as Sookie being happy with herself… well then they should’ve left her single. That would have driven that point home. From what we saw she is still the type of girl who ‘needs a man’. YUCK.

    Also why did we waste all these years thinking she would eventually grow and accept herself for being different? That eventually she would embrace is as a strength? Nope instead we end with her still sort of neutral on the subject and not really knowing.

    Oh well… I am glad Bill is dead so he can’t bore the shit out of anyone anymore. I will always be happy I found Eric, Pam and Lafayette. Hell I even loved Terry minus the crap smoke ghost story line.

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