Stick with us – We’re not dead yet!


Apologies for the lack of activity on the blog over the past few days. We are still here, we promise! Logistically speaking this domain is bought and paid for until at least next summer, Eric & Sookie Lovers is not about to meet the true death any time soon.

The team here has obviously spent the last week in a state of complete trauma, trying to come to terms with the desperately sad loss of that greatest of all the southern gentleman vampires, Mr Bill Compton. For those of you who wish to share our pain, here is exclusive (and we feel wholly appropriate) footage of the E&SL staff grieving together in solemn remembrance of our dear sweet William. (I’m obviously the one on the right)


But although it pains us all we must move on, to a world without Bill Compton, a world in which Eric Northman is the only one of Sookie Stackhouse’s supernatural lovers left standing at the end. Alcide……DEAD, Warlow……DEAD, Bill……FINALLY DEAD.

I refuse to include beardy baby-making guy in my list. It’s too much of an insult to my 21st century womanhood to think that serious writers would end a show with the female lead having a baby with some random guy because it doesn’t matter who you choose as your life partner ladies, if you have kids, you’ll be fulfilled.

So Eric is back at Fangtasia, right where he first met the girl in the white dress, and the possibilities are endless, for both the writers of fan-fiction and our fan-girl dreams.

But where does that leave our little blog?

Well to be honest, we’re not quite sure. We know we want to keep blogging, and we know we would like all our regular visitors to stick with us. We don’t know exactly what we are going to blog about, and we don’t know how frequently we will post.


If anyone has any great ideas about what we can all talk about, please feel free to chime in and share them with us!

There are 2 things we can guarantee for sure:


The last couple of years in Bon Temps were disappointing and frustrating for the majority of fans. Now they can’t piss us off any more, we deserve to have some fun.



No, not that one, this one……….


So I guess basically what I’m trying (very poorly) to say is bear with us and stay with us.

I’ll leave you today with something beautiful and Swedish……


What? WHAT? Ok you try googling “beautiful and Swedish”.

I wonder what happens if I put in “breathtakingly beautiful and Swedish”……..


Something like that 🙂



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30 comments on “Stick with us – We’re not dead yet!

  1. Glad to see you guys will be sticking around for awhile! I am always happy to read about any ASkars updates regarding any of his work.

    I’d also love to see where Nelsan Ellis goes after this!

    Ooh, it’d be really awesome if you guys shared some of your favorite E/S fanfiction in the next few months, maybe some of the amazing fic writers will rewrite the ending for us.

    • Fan fiction is definitely something we have been talking about 🙂 And particularly the way Eric & Sookie’s story was left at the end of the show.

    • I agree…how about fan-written episodes. I have heard so many well-written and well thought stories throughout the years, I would love to be able to read some.

    • I agree, or maybe even a link to your favourite fan-fics?

      On a side note, I googled “breathtakingly beautiful and Swedish”, and didn’t get better results 😦

      I’m glad you guys are thinking of ways to stay with us, we don’t want you to leave!

  2. I’m with you all the way.

  3. That was awesome. I needed that. Thank you! Can’t wait to see what you have for us and I’m sooo happy this page will be around. 🙂

  4. OMG! The Tarzan pic with Alex is so yummy!!!!!!! Thank you!

  5. Glad your still here. Bring us any and all news you can regarding our Viking. Plus any fun and exciting things you want to share. 🙂

  6. Thanks for this cute post, loved the graphics you used Evie!!! I’m with saman fan too. You guys can do follow ups on the other cast mates once and awhile an see what they are doing too. I loved the idea about the fan fiction endings for the story the best. Right now I’m out of town on my IPad,so my typing is suffering, I’ll think about it over the next 5 days that I’m gone and see if I can come up with anything else.

    I sure wish that they’d come up with a promo pic of Alex in Tarzan, but I fear unless it’s pirated, it will be a loooong time before that happens

    Thanks again and I’ll write soon.

  7. Thanks. I love the breathtaking beautiful swede ! I watched the first season of Vikings yesterday just to get some sort of Viking/Skarsgard fix lol. It wasn’t the same! I would updates on the TB cast and other projects that Alex or Kristen. Still reading the fanfiction and eating up everyone’s alternative endings.

  8. Hmph! If you’re the one on the right, then I get Bradely Cooper. He is my celebrity boyfriend, well according to a quiz I took on BUZZFEED anyway. Don’t put much stock in those quizzes folks! *Singing ‘Girls just wanna have fun’!*

  9. You can talk about Masters of Sex on Showtime. It’s an awesome series. The writers and producers are women. I’m really going to miss talking bad about the horrible writers of True Blood , but let’s please keep talking about our favorite Nordic god! Anything Alex is fine with me.

  10. Love you all and this post is awesome. KY .

  11. How about a poll where we can vote for Sookie’s dumbest moments? God knows there are a lot. I know which one I consider the worst but you could draw up a shortlist and let us vote on it.

  12. Love you guys and I’ll be with you till the end!!

  13. Maybe you can post your favorite fanFic so we can all read/talk about it. There are so many… which one would you recommend?

  14. This blog made the last few season’s bearable. I’m here til the end!

  15. Glad to see you sticking around! I’ll be here till the very end…

  16. Glad you guys will continue…am not into fanfic but would love to hear Tb cast news espec AS. In mind mind Evie sookie will be soon divorced as the bearded guy turns out to be a mistake (he has an affair or just leave her unable to cope with her fairy side).. sook will stay a single mum (maybe her child will strog fairy genes) and more and more she will let her fairy side speak for her and one day she will put her white dress on and go to visit our good old club owner..maybe she needed protection…and then the sky is the limit…
    Keep on good work…will b checking in…

  17. Thanks for all the hard work over the years. Would love some fun after the abominable ending of TB! Sooooo glad it is over and I can move on. Have a look at the YouTube clip “Hitler doesn’t like the True Blood Finale”, I laughed so much.

  18. Glad to know you’ll still be around for a while to come. Got to get all my info and updates about Askars somewhere 🙂

  19. Evie/Ladies:
    Of course Eric Northman is not dead yet.
    Eric Northman has joined the pantheon of Immortal Vampire characters that
    we all know and love…Pamela has also joined him.
    Now as for his relationship with Sookie Stackhouse,Eric will always be
    in her life…he’s gone back to watching her for Naill Brigant just like he
    did before he met her in Season 1….

    I’m so happy that William Thomas Compton has finally met his Final Death.
    Loved Jessica & Hoyt marrying….

  20. All of the above. Never posted before…but would really miss this blog. Love all the ideas x

  21. Evie-glad you’re continuing on. 🙂 I’m all about supporting Alex’s projects, and whatever else you feel like doing.

  22. I love this website Im here as long as u are

  23. Big thank you to everyone who responded to the post above 🙂

    We’re still a bit in limbo but we are looking, and Erika is working on something for fan-fiction. Hope everyone has a terrific weekend!

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