Let’s Hear It For The Boys


It’s time to look at the boys from Bon Temps, an exceptionally talented bunch who probably made the material in the latter seasons of True Blood work a lot better than it should have done. Here’s where you can check them out next……..



Sam Trammell recently appeared in The Fault In Our Stars alongside Shailene Woodly. Next up for Sam is the drama The Aftermath, in which he plays a drug-addicted man who becomes obsessed with the idea of returning a necklace to his estranged wife for their anniversary. After that, he’s set to star in the new Amazon Prime original series Cocked, about a dysfunctional family that runs a gun manufacturing business. Meanwhile his 2013 psychological drama White Rabbit has now been picked up for US distribution.



It’s hard to imagine Ryan Kwanten as anything else but Jason Stackhouse, but he already has lots of new work on the way. Next up is the Sylvester Stallone vehicle Reach Me, about a group of people who are all influenced by a self-help book written by a mysterious former football coach, which comes out on October 24. After that, he’ll be in the crime drama Kidnapping Freddie Heineken, about the true story of the people who kidnapped the beer tycoon and received the largest ransom ever paid for a person, and the historical action-adventure Northman: A Viking Saga.



Joe Manganiello has also been busy. He has 2 movies Knights Of Cup, starring Christian Bale, and Tumbledown, about a young woman’s struggle to move on after the death of her husband, in post-production. And 4 more including Magic Mike XXL in pre-production.


chris 1

Chris Bauer has a role in the highly anticipated upcoming film from acclaimed director Brad Bird, Tomorrowland, which co-stars George Clooney, among other big names, and comes to theaters in the spring. He is currently filming the comedy Temps, about a temp employee at a ski slope who unexpectedly falls in love.



Nelsan Ellis recently appeared at Bobby Bryd in Get It On and has upcoming roles in a short film titled #Nausea… for Millennials, which is described as a look into the existential struggles of the millennial generation, and Bolden!, a film about iconic jazz cornet player Buddy Bolden.



I know Denis O’Hare left the show a couple of season ago but I love him. We have already seen him spread his wings in critically acclaimed projects such as The Normal Heart and Dallas Buyers Club and I can’t wait to see his latest American Horror Story turn in Season 4 Freak Show. Every moment that he and Jessica Lange share the screen is a great TV moment in my house.



I know I don’t really need to do this one, but I want to. Alexander Skarsgard has 2 finished movies waiting for release, Hidden (which Warner Bros seem to be sitting on, and if they  don’t see much of a market for may even sit on until Tarzan is out) and Diary Of A Teenage Girl based on a graphic novel and co-starring Kristen Wiig and Chris Meloni, which awaits a release date (hopefully soon).

He is currently in London filming Tarzan The Untamed his first multi-million dollar major motion picture headlining gig. He will play the title role, along side Samuel L Jackson, Christoph Waltz and Margot Robbie. Seriously is it July 2016 already?!?!



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10 comments on “Let’s Hear It For The Boys

  1. I hated the writers but miss all of the actors. Most especially our Viking, of course.

  2. Thanks for this post! I’m so happy to see all these new projects for these talented actors! Gook luck to all! Hopefully Hidden will come out soon cuz I already miss Alex! Take care everybody

  3. Lol at Ryan being in a viking adventure called Northman. The irony is not lost at all..
    No interest in another Magic Mike movie but Sams and Nelsans’ upcoming roles sound interesting and I love Denis in American Horror Story.
    I’m really looking forward to seeing Alex in his 1st major blockbuster even if it won’t feature the infamous loincloth!

  4. Wow Evie sounds like the boys are even busier than the girls!! (If that’s even possible). Thanks for catching us all up on what they are doing. I agree that either Warner Bros is going to do one of two things with Hidden, either release it a few months before Tarzan to get Alex back in the general publics eye (for his die hard fans like us, we will be still following him and his career very closely any way that we can) or as you stated, after as a follow up to Tarzan. Also can’t wait for DOATG to come out either. Hopefully in the not too distant future cause I totally agree July 2016 is still a long way off.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing! I’m glad our boys are using their talents and am so looking forward to everything they do. It did crack me up that Ryan is in Northman. 🙂

  6. Reblogged this on Orange You Glad and commented:
    Our True Blood Boys are showcasing their talents since Buckner squandered them..

  7. Awesome posts, I love the breakdown and the info of everyone’s current projects. Thank you so much for posting!

  8. Thanks for the update on our boys, Evie. 🙂

    I’ve always said I could see both Alex and Nelsan winning Oscars one day. I see Alex as a natural-born leading man who can also magnanimously be a team player, and Nelsan as a brilliant, vivid supporting player (not saying he can’t lead too; I just see him more as supporting at this time). I hope Ryan is able to someday shake the “ghost” of Jason. For some reason, I keep visualizing him headlining a long-running television series, not that dissimilar to fellow Aussie Simon Baker headlining The Mentalist. Denis is a genius actor, even if he publicly called Sookie with her Rapist “romantic” and Eric a “rolling stone” (my memory is long, Mr. O’Hare). I wish everyone well.

    I know he was (barely) on the last (unwatchable) season, but considering he had been on the show since s1, I feel the need to add that Todd Lowe (Terry) has been cast in a film (I can’t remember the name, too lazy/stressed to look it up). 🙂

    Thanks so much for posting the pic of Alex and his Tarzan co-star Samuel L. Jackson with that athlete whose name I also can’t remember (sorry, I don’t speak sports). 🙂 I feel like I’ve been waiting for Hidden “forever” (TWO YEARS…and counting). I’m also really looking forward to Diary of a Teenage Girl. I just saw Alex’s co-star Kristen Wiig with Bill Hader on Watch What Happens with Andy Cohen the other night. I hope Diary is released next year, especially if Hidden is delayed until 2016 to capitalize on Tarzan. In the meantime, hopefully we get to see Alex’s work in other projects sooner rather than later (maybe The Vanguard might happen in our lifetimes?). We can still enjoy his other films and Gen Kill. Yeah, that’s what I’m focusing on.

    Take care. 🙂

  9. I miss you guys a lot. I miss True Blood,but I miss you, guys, even more.

    You guys always are my favorite. I started to reading Tokyo Ghoul and I started fell in luv with the characters. It became my passion after True Blood,but I got screw over again by another author. He freaking killed off a main character and decided to end the series with freaking potholes.

    When I talked my theory on Tokyo Ghoul wiki, it reminds me of the good Ol’ day when we talked about our theories on True Blood. But on Tokyo Ghoul wiki, people got confused on my Frankstein theory on Kaneki (he’s the main character of the story) and they brings up damn jokes about him being a pokemon. :/.

    I am glad you guys aren’t like them. I thought to write a story for you guys,it’s about Sookie’s daughter who’s a cop and Eric teams up with her to solve cases. 🙂 Ask you guys if is there any stories like that.

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