Skars-A-Thon: What Maisie Knew


Those of us who are still coming to terms with the fact that Eric Northman has left us for good, are consoling ourselves by spending time watching some of Alexander Skarsgard’s other starring roles. My personal favorite is What Maisie Knew


The What: Based on Henry James novella of the same name What Maisie Knew revolves around six-year-old Maisie ( Onata Aprile), who is caught in the middle of a custody battle between her mother , a rock star, and her father. The story is told from Maisie’s point of view.

The Who: Alex plays Lincoln, the local bar-tender Maisie’s mother marries in order to score points with the courts, and who forms a deep bond with Maisie.

“Susanna hooks up with a scorching-hot slacker barman, played by Alexander Skarsgård. An army of lady-fans will swoon at his stepdad-in-shining-armour routine. A touching, heartbreaking film”. (Time out)


The Why: Because it’s a gorgeous little movie, simple as that really. Lincoln is about as far from Eric Northman as you can get, but yes I would definitely still marry him. Add to the mix a great central performance by Onata, at times your heart will break for her, but there is also plenty of sweetness on display to make you smile. Ovaries have been known to explode at the sight of Onata and Alex bonding together on (and off) screen. It’s a gem of a movie that is worthy of repeat viewing.

“This accomplished film is closer to Kramer vs Kramer or middle-period Woody Allen than it is to James. But that is no bad place to be”. (


Anyone else love this movie as much as I do?

If you haven’t seen it yet, it is available on DVD and, in some countries, on Netflix.



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9 comments on “Skars-A-Thon: What Maisie Knew

  1. This is definitely my favorite of his movies. Little Onata is amazing and her scenes with Alex just tug at your heart. Love this movie!

  2. It’s also available through Amazon Prime for $2.00. Fantastic movie & should be required watching for parents going through custody battles. Outstanding performances by Onata & ASkars!

  3. Love this movie, it’s definitely my favorite of his.

  4. After watching WMK about a zillion (well, maybe not that many…LOL) times, I do believe that Alex is playing Lincoln closer to his own RL personality in MHO. It is a very touching story but really it is simply what happens in RL as well.

    I truly enjoy all of Alexs’ films. Out of his newest films my favorite is The East, I myself, feel that it is one of his most believable characters. That film was fantastic. Although I think all of Alexs’ work is beyond the norm of others, as to date he has picked many different characters to portray. I am so looking forward to Tarzan, as I have always said that Alex belongs in an action/adventure film and I think Tarzan should really be his breakout film into the general public. His appeal is very similar to what Elvis Presley had in his day. Women of all ages from the very young to the Grandmas all swoon over him as soon as they discover him.

    I am proud to say someday that I was following his career from the beginning and watched him come into his own stardom.

  5. Fantastic movie. Alex was so sweet and sensitive. Onata was adorable.

  6. What Maise Knew has been on my Netflix watch list since it first began streaming. I love this movie and yes. I have been known to ovulate while watching Alex’s performance. LOL!

  7. I think this is my favorite movie. He was FANTASTIC! I so do miss him!

  8. One of his best films…just wonderful.Loved Onata too!

  9. Love this film too. Relate to it. Love Alex’s and Onata’s performances in particular. Have it on DVD as well.

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