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It wouldn’t be right for us not to mark the final True Blood DVD releases coming next week, we’ve managed to hold on through everything else life in this fandom has thrown at us, and this will surely be the last time there will be anything new to report regarding our Viking Vampire God, Eric Northman.

Vanity Fair and EW have got in on the Blu-ray promotion by posting a couple of short clips from behind the scenes on the final days of the show. For someone like me who is still in denial about Eric having left us forever, they aren’t particularly enjoyable viewing but I guess in time I’ll find them nostalgic. And both briefly feature Alexander Skarsgard. Firstly there is “Tricks of the Trade”

And secondly a look at some of the final wraps. It’s cruelly ironic that Alex’s last scene on set was with Anna, a scene which ended with Eric and Sookie flying away together (pretty much how I would have loved the actual show to end).

I will be going down to my local store tomorrow to buy a DVD, but it won’t be True Blood, it will be the latest X Men movie (also out in the UK tomorrow), a thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours that I can’t wait to see again. True Blood season 7? Right now I can wait, I hope in time I can find something to love there, and it will feel strange for the first time ever that I don’t pick up the DVD on its release day, but as I’m still very unhappy with Eric’s ending (Brian Buckner completely ignoring 5 seasons of character development from Alan Ball to put Eric right back where he started), I’m not yet prepared to sit through it again.

If anyone is planning to add the final season to their DVD collection it is out in the UK tomorrow and in the US day after, along with the entire 7 Season Box Set.





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10 comments on “True Blood DVD Release & behind the scenes clips

  1. I saw the box set in a flyer this week and it made me sad. I briefly considered buying it but then I asked myself why and couldn’t come up with a good answer. I can’t believe that we won’t see Alex play Eric anymore and this kinda brought that home. I’ve been trying to ignore that fact and what they did to his character. It’s a sad day.

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    I haven’t bought TB DVD’s since S4 and I won’t buy the Final season ..that’s for sure…The Finale left with a bad bittertaste so I perfer reblogging this post and then when I think I can handle watching these scenes I’ll go and see them….Thanks for posting this EvieTake care

  3. Cute behind the scenes at their last moments but it isn’t enough to make me want to buy the dvds. I pretend the series ended with Bill exploding after he drank Lilliths’ blood except he didn’t reanimate and have the awful retcon of canon and the unbelievable attempts at redeeming Behl under Buckner or should I say F**kners’ reign.
    I bet Alex didn’t know that in fact his last scene onscreen in true Blood would be reused season footage from the 2nd season. I doubt he would have been pleased with it having Eric remain in the same place he’s always been on the throne bored in Fangtasia not forgetting essentially acting as a pimp with Pam as a madam for Sarah Newlins’ blood. It really annoyed me.
    To end comment on positive note how sweet is Kristen?! She got emotional all things TB and it’s clear that she loved it especially working with Alex. Also lol t the Tarzan yell at Alexs’ wrap!

  4. Thank you Evie for posting this. I am also one of the fans that is not in a hurry to buy season 7. In fact, I don’t own any of them since I feel that almost none of the seasons are worth the cost of owning with maybe the exception of a part of season 4 which the showrunner and producers still managed to mangle. The only reason I watched the show is like most others here, watching Alex as Eric Northman. I have invested in buying all of Alexs’ other movies and when I get lonesome and need to see him, I watch one of them.

    I did enjoy the clips I’ve seen online. Kristin all weepy was kind of sad, I just love her kind soul. When they showed Alex and then played the Tarzan yell I thought that was so cool, the smile on his face could of launched a thousand ships!!!!

    I am happier knowing that he is back in the States now, it was so quiet in his fandom with him being gone on a much deserved R&R trip home. I know the paps are a pain for him but at least we get a photo of him once and awhile. I hope his other two films are released this year (DOATG and Hidden). To help while away the time til the Tarzan release.

  5. I still haven’t purchased season six yet. My way of protesting the shitty made up bullshit that was not in the books that I read.

  6. Ladies:
    I’m awaiting the complete boxed set of TrueBlood….My husband knows about this
    and knows that I desire it for Christmas…..I told him about it the day the announcement
    of the boxed set came out!!!

  7. I never bought separate seasons….I Like full boxed sets of series.
    Blame the mess that was onscreen on Alan Ball….he was picked by
    Charlaine Harris to adapt the books to television.
    Only thing was Alan went and told the story the way he envisioned it……
    Not the way that Charlaine wrote the books…..

    Alan Ball gave us scenes/storylines we didn’t need…Hotshot, for example
    That was a major dissappointment….
    And the Maynad, her storyline was made from three lines in book 2?
    Only good thing that Alan Ball did was write Jessica Anne Hamby,
    The beautiful 17 year old who snuck out to go to a party….and ended
    up being William Thomas Compton’s “Daughter”….
    Even Charlaine had said she wished she had written Jessica!!!

    The last episodes were rushed,
    I hated what they did with Sookie…and Eric.
    Super glad that Bill Compton met the Final Death.

  8. The only reason I got any of the seasons at all is because my mom bought me the first season by mistake. I wanted Blood Ties and she got the shows confused, so figured I had to get the rest after that, but I didn’t get season 6 and have no intention of getting season 7. I didn’t even really watch that one.

  9. Reblogged this on Gwyns Hidey Hole and commented:
    I want to be able to find these clips when I want to eventually look at them.

    Thanks for putting the together ESL.

    I have S1-4 in a box set. Now I’m wondering if that is where I’ll stop. I’been holding off some s5 finished, to see how I felt about s6. ..

    Anyways. These should provide yummy Alex moments.

  10. Thanks for the notice but I stopped buying the DVDs after season 4 when everything went to shit. Never have I been so disappointed by not only an author, but by producers & writers clearly not giving a crap about the fans. I read somewhere Charlaine Harris made a bet with another author as to who could hurt their readers the most. My guess is she won hands down.

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