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Dear Visitors & Members of Eric & Sookie Lovers,

Here is a brief, but detailed history about how Eric & Sookie Lovers came to be!

Myself, along with my staff (Luda Gal and tigerpaws) started up this site around September 2009. We had been thinking about it for a long time before that. You see, at the time, we had belonged to other forums that weren’t—let’s just say—Eric & Sookie lover friendly. We knew that there were fellow fans who felt the same way as us and who might be interested in finding a place to call home.

A place where we wouldn’t have to worry about being ostracized and ridiculed until we felt like we were losing our own minds. We didn’t and still don’t like having to defend our opinions or beliefs and thought it was better for our own sanity; if we had a place where we wouldn’t get into fights about the littlest of things and a difference of opinion when it comes to Eric & Sookie. Don’t get us wrong, we do like different opinions, but not those where a person thinks Eric & Sookie shouldn’t be the end game at the end of the series.

We wanted a place where we could laugh, reminisce, swoon, share and discuss everything; Eric & Sookie. We feel Eric & Sookie Lovers need a place to talk and find all the latest news, spoilers, drool over pictures, the books, the show, the actors; anything to do with their favorite couple and obsession.

Most importantly, we fell in love with Eric & Sookie when we read the books. How could you not? We love their love story and we love scenes in the books where Eric is mentioned or does something special in Sookie’s eyes. We think Charlaine Harris has created memorable characters, who made us fall in love with them.

I’ve created and maintained a number of fansites & forums in the past, so I knew exactly what it would take to create another one. Luda Gal (my valuable assistant and co-administrator), has worked with me in the past. I knew we worked well together as a team. I chose Tigerpaws, because she has a wealth of knowledge, contacts and smilies would help with running of this forum. I couldn’t have done any of this without the help of both of them! *hugs*

It took a lot of plotting and planning to get this site up off the ground. Artwork, design, and registering it are just a part of all that we had to do to get it to the point that it is today. We hope you like our efforts!

I think that’s about it…just wanted to let you know the history of how and why it came to be, so that you could have a better understanding of what this forum is all about.

Thank you very much for visiting our fansite and forum! We hope you enjoy your visit!


iamerika (ilovevampires on the forum)
Site Owner & Administrator

PS. If you would like to find out more about me, personally, feel free to check out my blog here: The Fanfiction Vixen! (It’s where I post my fanfics, etc. ;))

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