Alex in ‘The East’

Just Jared is reporting that our man Alex is in negotiation to star in ‘The East’ with Brit Marling.  If Alex does sign on, he will play the leader of a group who renegades against unethical company.  Shooting is scheduled for November. For more details Advertisements

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Alex takes a break from ‘Maisie’

While taking a break from filming his latest movie ‘Maisie’, Alex took stroll in NYC along with his co-star Jonanna Vanderham.  To see pics of Alex, click here:

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Straw Dog Drew Powell on Alex

What does Alex Straw Dog cast mate Drew Powel think of him?  Powell spoke to Blast Magazine and was quoted saying this…. “Alex hadn’t really blown up yet, but all of a sudden he’s everywhere. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.” To catch rest of the intereview, go to http://www.blastmagazine and follow the […]

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Anna Talks Exclusively to V Magazine

Anna Paquin is featured in the July issue of V Magazine! In it, she talks candidly about awkward love scenes, her theater background, and what she thinks when fans throw themselves at her husband and costar, Stephen. Here’s more: Anna on theater: “On stage you don’t have anything to hide behind. I have never felt […]

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Exclusive: Advanced Screening of True Blood Season 4

HBO GO® AND XFINITY PRESENT THE SEASON 4 ULTIMATE FAN EXPERIENCE TRUE BLOOD Fans Get a Sneak Peak of Episodes 1 & 2 HBO GO & Infinity have contacted us to let you know of this exclusive too good to pass up! They are hosting an advanced screening of the first 2 episodes this Sunday […]

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Neighborhood Feud Has Been Resolved!

Hey Eric & Sookie Lovers! 🙂 Good news! The neighborhood feud between Alan Ball and Quentin Tarantino has been resolved! It was reported right here a few weeks ago that Quentin Tarantino hired celebrity lawyers to resolve the ongoing saga with his neighbour Alan Ball and his very loud birds. Quentin claimed that the noise […]

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