What’s A Quopic of the Day?

Eric & Sookie Lovers Fansite & Forum
features the Quopic of the Day exclusively to this site!

What’s a quopic you’re wondering?
It’s a combination of TWO words: Quotes & Pictures!

Every day we will post a picture and/or quote of Eric and/or Sookie,
as well as Alexander and/or Anna,
from the show, the books and interviews!
Please share what you think, feel,
(in Alex’s case–how much you’re drooling)
anything at all about what that picture or quote means to you!

Simple right?

We hope you like this time-waster we have come up with to help us through
until Charlaine Harris’ next book comes out
and the next season of True Blood begins again!

Come on out and join in the fun!

You MUST be a member in order to participate in the forum, but this will be featured on the main site as well.
Anyone who is an Eric & Sookie Lover is welcome to join.
Participation is not a must, but would be appreciated.

2 comments on “What’s A Quopic of the Day?

  1. […] starting the Quopic of the Day next week! What’s a Quopic? We have the answer to that right here!  We have a lot of great Eric and Sookie scenes, quotes and pics to treasure and this is one of […]

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