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If you would like us to advertise for you, please contact us by using our form on the contact page or by replying to this post! Some examples are posted below to give you an idea of what we would do for you. The cost is FREE! All we ask is; you return the favor for us sometime in the future!

All of us in the True Blood/Southern Vampire Mysteries fan-base are members of a large, extended family. Let’s all stick together when one of our own needs some help!

Thank-you! 🙂

We have a special announcement to make!
On August 25, Alexander Skarsgard turned 34 years old! In honor of his birthday and requested by him, SkarsgardNews.comhas been given the honor to organize a charity event instead of giving him gifts for his special day!

SkarsgardNews.com has graciously contacted us for help. They would like us to let you know about their great charity event that they are organizing. With Alexander’s help, they have organized a charity auction to benefit Alex’s charity of choice, Amnesty International.

Amnesty International is a global organization dedicated to protecting people wherever justice, freedom, truth and dignity are denied. They investigate and expose abuses, educate and mobilize the public, and help transform societies to create a safer, more just world. Through Amnesty’s research and action, governments have been persuaded to stop human rights violations and change their laws and practices. Death sentences have been commuted. Torturers have been brought to justice and prisoners of conscience have been released. Public support of SkarsgardNew.com’s charity auction will help ensure that this important work continues.

The auctions will begin on August the 22nd and last for over 2 months. New items will be presented each week and will be sold before the next item is offered for bidding.
The next item up for bid…

Autographed DVDs of the Swedish movie, “To Kill A Child”, which Alex wrote and directed back in 2003. This DVD is very rare, since there’s very few of them that are in the English version and they will NOT be released in the US. To find out more information about the film, please visit Skarsgard News!

Photobucket Photobucket

Check in frequently and bid often!!

Click on this link: SkarsgardNews.com Auction Main Page — to find out more information, details and how to make a donation!
And now for the next item up for bid…
Click on this picture to access the bidding page!

We at Eric & Sookie Lovers, wish to thank
for letting us help them in their mission!
Together, we can make Alexander’s birthday wish come true!

Stephen Moyer, star of the hit series True Blood, donates t-shirt for charity.

Essex born actor Stephen Moyer, star of the HBO hit series True Blood created by Alan Ball, has lent his name to the “Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fund” founded by Brentwood Theatre in Essex. Mr. Moyer became patron of the theatre in 2007. Since then, numerous fans from all over the world have not only made generous donations to help pay for the necessary renovations to the theatre but their donations have helped send children to last year’s Christmas show.

The well-known Stephen Moyer fan group the “Billsbabes” united in the Stephen Moyer Webring, has teamed up with Stephen Moyer and Mark P. Reed, administrator of Brentwood Theatre, in the launch of the “Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fundraiser”.

Brentwood Theatre, a small community theatre and non-profit organization, plays a very important role in the cultural life of Brentwood and the surrounding area. Each year the theatre produces a Christmas show for the children and last year’s show “The Twits” was very successful thanks to generous donations of Stephen Moyer fans.

In support of the 2010 Christmas show “The Plotters of Cabbage Patch Corner”, the “Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fundraiser” offers fans the opportunity to buy a virtual brick with a personalized inscription, the bricks will be displayed on the “Stephen Moyer Fan Wall” on www.AllStephenMoyer.com. Everyone who donates has the chance to win merchandise signed by Stephen Moyer.

Stephen Moyer poses with his t-shirt that he has donated for the “Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fundraiser”

All donations made to Brentwood Theatre by fans of Stephen will be used toward the children’s Christmas show; to provide complimentary tickets and low-cost transportation for the children of surrounding schools that would otherwise be unable to attend and experience the thrill of live theatre.

Link to the special fundraiser page: Stephen Moyer Kids Theatre Fundraiser.
Link to the Stephen Moyer Fan Wall: www.allstephenmoyer.com.
Link to Brentwood Theatre: www.brentwood-theatre.org.

For more information about Brentwood Theatre please contact the administrator
Mark P. Reed at mark@brentwood-theatre.org.

For more information about the fundraiser please contact the Stephen Moyer Webring at info@allstephenmoyer.com.

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  1. I am not sure if you might know about this already, but at the Target store chain, they had the Signature Edition of the 3 True Blood characters: Bill, Sookie, and Eric on the front covers of the regular DVD and Blu-Ray DVD sets, which was released on Tuesday, May 31st. It is available only at the Target store chains and the quantities are limited. Unfortunately, I recently checked the website and they are sold out of all of them. They have a few Bill front covers left in the regular DVD sets. I guess you can check your local Target store (if you have a Target store in your area) to see if they might have any of the other sets left. Listed below is the http://www.target.com website link for these DVD items:

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