Episode 6.05



TITLE – “F*&k the pain away”

WRITER – Angela Robinson

DIRECTOR – Michael Ruscio

AIR DATE – JULY 14 2013



Casting Calls

[WES] Strong recurring (series regular next season; role begins Episode 506). Male, Mid to late 20s. Sexy, spiritually and emotionally deeper than any other vampires we’ve seen. Think cross between Jim Morrison and Gary Clark, Jr. with even more of a poet’s edge and an extremely well-toned body. He was made vampire in the 1970s. Wes is smart, compassionate, a good listener, a protector type and he can play the guitar. Face it, he is every woman’s dream but he doesn’t know it. He will be a part of a love triangle with Jason and another vampire. . Actor must be willing to show full rear nudity. Open to Caucasian and all ethnicities. CAST AS “JAMES” (Luke Grimes)





[SOMCHAI] A drop-dead gorgeous Thai woman who speaks Englishpassably well, she’s used as an incentive for vampires to engage in therapy…CO-STAR. CAST (Danielle Yu)


[BEN’S MOTHER AND FATHER] Via flashback. BEN’S MUM CAST (Cathryn De Prume)



[TEEN GIRL] She is an extremely attractive, wild 17 year-old girl with dark colored hair, a well-built body and know-it-all adolescent attitude that is busting at the seams (think: preacher’s daughter gone wild with a hint of naiveté). She has a rebellious spirit to say the least. She loves to have a good time, which includes tight clothes and chasing boys. SUBMIT LEGAL 18 TO PLAY 17. Possible nudity required.

[FINN] Male, 50, this male psychiatrist who speaks in a calm, even tone provides therapy to prisoners. He’s interested in learning what makes them tick…RECURRING GUEST STAR.

[JUSTIN] Male, mid – late 30s. An old Marine Corps buddy of Terry’s, he demands to know why Terry recently got in touch. Justin is surprised by an unusual request…GUEST STAR.

[JENNY] A werewolf hooker (and not the classy kind), she bluntly lays down the ground rules to a prospective client…TWO EPISODES – ROLE REQUIRES NUDITY – GUEST STAR.

[SMARMY GUARD] A lascivious, smug, and smarmy prison guard, he makes life miserable for one of the newest “white collar” prisoners…RECURRING.

[BIG DUDE] A customer at a low-rent truck stop bar, he doesn’t appreciate Alcide sniffing around…CO-STAR

[CAMP GUARD #1 AND #2] These guards treat their prisoners like dirt…POSSIBLE RECURRING.


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