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A bit of a shameless promotion here as the Skarsgard Fans website now has a new admin (cough*me).

After begging and harassing the wonderful site owner, Barbara, I have been approved to humbly help out over there. It’s a very strange (and strangely quiet) time in Skars-land right now. Alexander’s regular TV gig is over and he’s not an actor who actively courts the celebrity lifestyle, so the fandom is rather in limbo. But Skarsgard Fans has been running successfully since January 2009 and we intend to carry on regardless, and hopefully over the coming years to continue to provide fans with all the latest updates and news.

I will be endeavouring to be completely professional and grown-up in all my posting over there as the site is known to a certain person’s management team. Whether I can keep this up long-term, especially when the first shirtless photos of Tarzan finally appear, remains to be seen, but I can at least start out with good, clean intentions!

We will also be posting news about the other members of the talented Skarsgard family, including Gustaf and Bill, and following how some of our other Bon Temps favorites are getting on after True Blood.

As I mentioned previously, it’s a quiet time right now and without True Blood some fans will understandably drift away to find new heart-throbs, but we do still await 3 unreleased movies in which Alexander has a starring role, and hopefully new projects to look forward to next year. So please feel free to call over and check us out from time to time, and keep us in mind for a visit when something new and exciting happens in Skars-land as hopefully we’ll have all the ridiculously good-looking angles covered.

I’ll be tweeting links to our posts at ENL

And finally anyone who knows me knows that I never miss the opportunity to end a post with a  smoking hot picture, so that’s what ‘ll do!

Happy Skars-gazing!


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14 comments on “Shameless Promotion – “Skarsgard Fans”

  1. Thanks for sharing this with us Evie! I am waiting anxiously for any new photo or,interview of Alexander! At this moent it seems that Alexander is staying in Stockholm with family and friends! Didn’t he want to go searching for an appartment in NY ? Maybe he’ll come back soon right!? Anyway I’m looking forward to see Hidden and Diary of a teenager to be released ! Congratulations for the new promotion.Take care

    • I’m really looking forward to DOATG, even though he’s going to be an unsympathetic character in it. 🙂 I just hope he gets some time to be able to help promote these projects!

  2. Well Evie, Jackie69 beat me to the punch so to speak, I was just going to say it was sooo good to see those few pics of Alex at home in Stockholm relaxing with his family and friends. After the busy year that he just got out of he sure deserves a nice R&R at home. Hopefully, he will be returning to the States soon so that we’ll get more current pics of him soon. I am at least happy to know he is safe and happy right now and I am not wondering where he is.

    I hope that besides following the young Skarsgards you do include Stellan too, after all, without him none of his children would be here and in the acting business. Besides, my first crush was on him and then I found Alex and the rest is history…….

    Thanks for keeping Alex and the rest of the Skarsgard men in the forefront. I am not, as I am sure not the only true fan out there and I will not forget Alex, his Dad or brothers even if they aren’t in front of the public all the time. I am willing to wait to see a quality performance from a more than gorgeous Skarsgard…………. I am sure you will do a great job of keeping us informed.

    • I think you & me are very alike 🙂 If there’s a Skarsgard in it, then I’m generally interested. Stellan is going to be playing the lead role in a new BBC crime drama here in the UK next year, so fingers crossed it gets sold overseas too. BBC dramas usually do really well 🙂

  3. Aw thank you so much for the shout out and even a bigger thank you for helping out with the site! It’s been amazing posting news and photos and supporting Alex since 2009! Yes definitely a drought on new photos but a few have surfaced this week. thanks again!!

    • My pleasure 🙂 It’s definitely something positive for me to focus on as I try to come to terms with life on-line post-True Blood! Hopefully we’ll have something exciting to post about next year!

  4. Awesome! Your brilliant blend of fangurling snark mixed with honest opinions is always worth reading and I’m sure they’re lucky to have you. Enjoy what I’m thinking is the “calm before the ASkars storm”, and congrats! 😀

    • Thank you – I hope too that it is the calm before a Askars Storm. If Warner Bros think they have a winner with Tarzan then there should be a blaze of publicity in 2016, fingers crossed that it turns out to be a good movie, then he should get some more big roles 🙂

  5. Oh thank you and thank god for the picture 🙂 … I was typing up some really depressing email and this got me distracted enough to smile again 🙂

    • Glad you like it 🙂 It’s nice to hear from people again. It’s sad we have all had nothing to talk about recently. A picture of Skars will just have to keep doing the job.

  6. Evie:
    I’m so in LOVE wtith the photo of Alexander!!!
    And I know that my Master Eric Northman Lives…..

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